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Gonzalez's C.D. Tenerife

Started on 9 March 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 24 April 2013 by Northwood
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Why Have I Chosen C.D. Tenerife?

First, I need a new challenge after my Norwich story success. I've seen that people like them and hopefully bring them back to the Liga BBVA, where they were a few years ago.

Who will be leading Tenerife to Glory?

I am someone who is in game and is still a player. He is a hero and icon for me, and he's Spanish. You would think I'd be ol' regular Pauker, but it's a different story now. I have decided to become 35-year-old Spanish legend Raul Gonzalez Blanco. I've made him as an international footballer, and I expect to take C.D. Tenerife to the top!


EDIT: First comment ;)
Good luck Jeremy :)
I'm looking forward to this, its something new and hopefully Raul will be the man to lead Tenerife to glory and make a name for himself
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Alvaro Cervera sacked by the Tenerife Board!

Experienced manager Alvaro Cervera has been sacked by the Tenerife chairman after just a month. After suffering relegation with Racing Santander, Cervera was employed by the board after he convinced him to get back to the Liga Adelante. But, the opposite happened, and the Tenerife based side suffered relegation and the rumors proved to be true, as the board had sacked Cervera by his performances of the previous season.

Cervera took over the Tenerife side after they suffered relegation to the Segunda Division "B".

There are several big rumours are circulating around online, but the most popular seems to be that Cervera was in a fight with the chairman, Miguel Angel Concepcion, and was immediately relieved of his duties.

C.D. Tenerife will now be looking for a new manager, with the favourites being their former manager, Pepe Mel, Javier Clemente and Jorge Campos, but it has been said that Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez has claimed interest in the job.

Pepe Mel "spits" at former employers

Pepe Mel had flown into Tenerife for contract talks with the Tenerife club, despite being on a contract with Betis. Apparently he told friends he was bored and restless with Betis , and wanted a new challenge, so contacted the Tenerife board about taking over.

Tenerife obviously jumped at the chance to have their former manager at the helm, although allegedly contract talks hit a snag when the chairman wanted a clause which prevented Mel from entering into contracts with a higher division club. This prompted to Pepe Mel being angry and kill all types of negotiations. Though, the Internet rumors are different.

It was said that Pepe Mel went to apply for Tenerife just for the fun of it and reject them with any type of offer they gave him. A close source said," Pepe Mel was extremely mad about him being sacked in the first match day against Barcelona a few years ago. He knew that the 6-0 defeat at the hands of Pep Guardiola was heavy, but felt it was unnecessary to leave him unemployed." The close source then added," Pepe Mel was disgusted by this and when he went to the board, he spitted at the successor of his former boss, Miguel Angel Concepcion."

The club's website quickly denied this, after they said," Pepe Mel wasn't the right man to take us higher and we will be looking to employ someone for the pre-season."
Did he by chance ever have Goran Popov in his team? :P ;)

Tenerife shocks Spain

C.D. Tenerife have shocked the Spanish football country by appointing Raul Gonzalez Blanco, instead of Javier Clemente, who they were in advanced talks with.

Clemente had flown into Tenerife for contract talks with the Spanish club and was highly "excited" for the deal to happen.

Tenerife obviously jumped at the chance to have the a former manager back at the club, but the former manager had to leave for personal reasons and asked the board to "hold on for a while". With a week into July, the Tenerife side couldn't wait anymore for Clemente, and negotiated a deal with Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez Blanco.

So with Clemente out of the window, and none of the other targets were willing to accept the pay-cut. Well, all but one. Raul Gonzalez jumped at the chance to manage a "former" Spanish giant. Raul Gonzalez, who doesn't have any experience manager wise, said that he had learned a thing or two from his various managers in Real Madrid and Schalke 04.
This is going to become a great story, especially if it as good as your Norwich City one. Good luck for the journey Pauker!
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Gonzalez’ First Press Conference

J – Journalist

RG – Raul Gonzalez

J- Welcome back to Spain Raul.

RG- Thank you, I hope to have a long and successful career here at Tenerife.

J- Let's get right into it Raul. What kind of transfers will you be doing?

RG- That's something that I need to discuss with the chairman, but I have some targets in mind.

J- What do you think are your targets for this season?

RG- I think this season we have to at least challenge for the league title, and have a good run in the Copa del Rey.

J- What do you think of the staff setup here?

RG- I’m going to be sincere with you here. It’s not great. I want to make the staff more foreign, with staff worldwide, but that won't be happening this season. The staff will be held here for at least another year, because Tenerife isn't attracting the type of staff I'd like here.

J- Do you think the squad needs much improvement?

RG- Not this season, but if we want to get back on track in the Liga BBVA, of course.

J- What kind of tactics will you be aiming for?

RG- I have some that many Real Madrid managers used during my time there. Perhaps a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 in the future, who knows.

J- What about the players here at Tenerife?

RG- Some of the transfers will involve players who are out of contracts, so most of them will stay, but if we want superstars, we have to sell some of our own.

J- Ok, thank you for your time.
Tenerife!! I had a save with them before, loved it. Good luck, will be following!
Tenerife for Champions' League!

Tenerife seal Crusat Loan Deal

C.D. Tenerife S.A.D. have completed the signing of aging left winger Albert Crusat on loan.

The 30-year-old has signed his loan contract with Tenerife and said that he was delighted to be playing under such a legend and idol. Crusat added,"Raul Gonzalez told me that I was going to be key here at Tenerife and all I want to do is play."

Tenerife manager Raul Gonzalez Blanco has said he is "delighted" with the signing, and firmly believes that Crusat will become a key player for Tenerife this season. Crusat's contract at Wigan ends on the summer of next year, and Gonzalez calmly said,"If he is willing to join us on a free on the summer it would be great and he would still be playing a key role in the team. It's all up to him." Gonzalez added,"The thing that most impressed me about Crusat was his incredible speed and pace to outrun other players, a quality that league lacks."

Crusat's deal is on loan and he can play in the Spanish Cup and can't be recalled by the English team. Plus, Tenerife won't be paying any monthly fees or wages.

Tenerife seal two free deals

C.D. Tenerife S.A.D. have completed the signing of former Levante centre-back Asier del Horno and former Ghana international Anthony Obodai.

The 31-year-old has signed a one-year contract with Tenerife and said that he was delighted to be playing under such a legend and idol. Asier del Horno said,"Raul Gonzalez told me that I was going to be key here at Tenerife, and I want to play as a first-team player, something that I wasn't allowed at Levante last season."

Tenerife manager Raul Gonzalez Blanco told the press he is "delighted" with the signing, and firmly believes that Del Horno will become a key player for Tenerife this season. Raul later said,"He's a great player, and during my career, I got to play against him." With a grin in his face, Raul added,"He is a tough cookie to crack."

On the other hand, Anthony Obodai signed a three year deal with Tenerife, meaning that he would stay until his 33rd birthday. Obodai told Marca,"It's great to play again in Europe. When I left RKC for Houston, it was a chance I took and it didn't pay off. I didn't get to play for 2 years and I when Raul phoned me, I didn't hestitate." The Ghana international was seen sight-seeing all over Tenerife.

Gonzalez' reaction was quite similar to Obodai's. He told AS," Obodai is a fantastic player and we lack a defensive midfielder. We first were looking at a Spanish youngster and we did offer him a contract, but we can't wait on him to accept or decline us. We acted quickly for Obodai and I think that we can make a profit in the future.

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