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Gonzalez's C.D. Tenerife

Started on 9 March 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 24 April 2013 by Northwood
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Nice results, Pauk. Nico was basically Michu in my save, scoring goals for fun. Keep it up :)
Great results, you wll be winning the CL in no time :)
Jer's avatar Group Jer
9 yearsEdited

Del Horno and Sarpong return from injuries

New signings Jeffrey Sarpong and Asier del Horno have returned from their injuries, as both players got injured around the same time. With both players injured for 3-4 weeks, the Tenerife based-club have fared well, winning all of the matches that they have played. Thanks to the form of Suso and Crusat, they don't have to rely heavily on another new signing, Francisco Yeste. The former Spanish international knows that he has been signed in order to be a key player and hopes that Raul will keep with his promise. In the other hand, the former Holland U21 player told the press," I know that Suso and Crusat are in great form, and I think that I can challenge them if I am given the chance."
Good to see your signings back in action, hope they play well!


None of the signings of Jeffrey Sarpong or Asier del Horno will line up against the Zamora match according to Tenerife manager Raul Gonzalez. The Real Madrid legend told the press in a pre-match interview," Neither of the players are ready to play even for fifteen minutes. Del Horno is the most fit of the two, but I don't want to risk him as I hold him high in regard." When asked of what Sarpong said of displacing Suso or Crusat, Raul quickly responded," Every player can displace if they perform good. Plus, Jeffrey was extremely unlucky to be injured at the start of the season so we will see. This also goes to the rest of the team and Del Horno."
Brilliant start to your story mate, I'm loving the format. :). Del Horno looks to quality and maybe he can break into the first team :) Great results, especially against the Madrid C team! Keep up the good work! :D

September: Picking up Steam Part 2

C.D. Tenerife 4-1 C.D. Marino – Second Division B1 16.9.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, Rodriguez, Tarantino, Llorente, Ros, Obodai, Suso, Nico, Crusat, Yeste.

Goals: Noah 22' Raul Llorente 50' Suso 53' Francisco Yeste 76' Guillem 83'

Injuries: None

Subs: 63' Inigo Ros Cristo Martin
63' Nico Guillem
77' Anthony Obodai Jorge Riveron

MOTM: Suso 8.4(C.D. Tenerife)

Zamora 1-2 C.D. Tenerife – Second Division B1 22.9.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, Rodriguez, Tarantino, Llorente, Ros, Medina, Suso, Nico, Crusat, Yeste.

Goals: Nico 17' Jorge Hernandez 37' Albert Crusat 67'

Injuries: Nico 33'

Bookings: 29' Sergio Garcia
59' Jorge Hernandez
60' Jorge Hernandez
76' Javier Tarantino
77' Cristo Martin
82' Chechu

Subs: 33' Nico Guillem
73' Francisco Yeste Cristo Martin
73' Suso Chechu

MOTM: Alberto Prada 7.3(Zamora)

C.D. Tenerife 1-0 RSD Alcala – Second Division B1 26.9.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, del Horno, Tarantino, Llorente, Obodai, Ros, Suso, Yeste, Crusat, Aridane.

Goals: Luismi Loro 27'

Subs: 45' Crusat Guillem
84' Javier Moyano Rodriguez
84' Inigo Ros Suso

MOTM: Joselu 8.3(RSD Alcala)

Sporting "B" 0-3 C.D. Tenerife – Second Division B1 29.9.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, del Horno, Tarantino, Llorente, Obodai, Ros, Sarpong, Suso, Crusat, Guillem.

Goals: Jeffrey Sarpong 19' Suso 28' Jeffrey Sarpong 41'.

Subs: 45' Suso Raul Llorente
70' Crusat Cristo Martin
70' Aridane Guillem

MOTM: Jeffrey Sarpong 8.8(C.D. Tenerife)

League Table

Raul's point of view

The fifth match of the and the second game of the season against C.D. Marino, one of our affiliates. With the team beating them via Copa del Rey, the other team itched for a win. Things didn't start great for us, as we started losing thanks to a goal of Noah. Over half-time, I talked to the team and calmly told them,"If you want to win this game, you have to show me another kind of game in the second half". The team seemed to be motivated and went up to the pitch. Then, it all changed. Llorente smashed the ball to the lower right corner and drew the match. Not long after, Suso scored a great goal outside the area by doing a scissor goal. We secured the match with a goal from Yeste, but that was not enough for Guillem who scored a goal 6 minutes later. Nonetheless, we visited Zamora for the sixth match in the month, or the fourth of the Spanish B1 league. The match started great for us, with Nico taking some touches of the ball and distributing it well, and took his chance when there was a gap and scored. Not long after, Nico tried to fake a pass and resulted in his injury. Striker Guillem was brought on in the striker role and Yeste falled back a little in Nico's position. With this injury, the team slowed down and Zamora took that chance. Drawing in half-time away and my team-talk was made harder. After the first 20 minutes of the second half, we scored thanks to a quick counter attack led by Crusat. The loanee scored the winner for us. In a fair match, Del Horno returned back on the starting line up and tied the MoTM with another defender. The game was won by Aridane, who was given a rare start after Luismi Loro was injured with Nico. With one game to go, we look good up top. Another great match by the team, who have only recorded wins in all the games in charge. With Jeffrey Sarpong given a chance after Yeste being exhausted, he took his chance like he said he would. Not only he played great, but converted two unlikely goal chances into goals. With this result, I'm solely on top and the second place team is five points behind us. The heroics of Sergio Aragoneses can't be dismissed as he has only conceded two times in 8 competitive matches.
Absolutely brilliant results mate :D Congrats on first place! :D

Giving the players the acknowledgement

I organized this meeting and press conference with the whole first-team squad to give the awards this players deserve.

Revelation of the Month
Why: This player was not in my list of plans. But, he just doesn't let me drop him. His performances have just been great and he has scored twice already.

Best Goalkeeper of the Month
Sergio Aragoneses
Why: He's the only GK that has played, but barely conceded in his first eight outings. With only two conceded, he'll barely concede this season.

Best Defender of the Month
Javier Tarantino
Why: This player has been a rock in the defense for me and will be next season as well. With Del Horno injured 3/4 of the month, he stepped up big time.

Best Midfielder of the Month
Inigo Ros
Why: The midfielder scored twice this month and pulled the strings in the midfield.

Best Attacking Midfielder
Albert Crusat
Why: The loan signing played great this month. In 8 appearances, he scored three times and assisted another two.

Best Striker
Francisco Yeste
Why: The free transfer recently is pulling the strings in the striker and attacking midfield role, but he scored more goals than any of the other three strikers

The Late Bloomers
Recently, both have taken this spot. Jeffrey Sarpong with his full game coming in handy and scoring twice. But, another player who played great in the last two matches was Asier del Horno who improved our inmense defense.

Jeffrey Sarpong

Asier del Horno

Tenerife Player of the Month
Why: The 27 year old attacking minded winger scored three and assisted three goals. The player has been great since he signed for Tenerife right before Gonzalez's reign and he has payed his faith to his manager. Not only did he score, but assisted and has hailed Raul as a manager of great carisma.
The FM Rookie's avatar Group The FM Rookie
9 yearsEdited
Good luck Jeremy :D
Six out of six. Impressive stuff.
Yay you're top :D and suso named potm looks a player
Good work, keep it up.
great story pauker becoming rapidly my favorite story :) keep it up

October: Spooking the League

Aviles 1-6 C.D. Tenerife – Second Division B1 06.10.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, Del Horno, Tarantino, Llorente, Ros, Obodai, Suso, Nico, Crusat, Yeste.

Goals: Naya 36' Francisco Yeste 56' Francisco Yeste 61' Albert Crusat 68' Francisco Yeste 73' Jeffrey Sarpong 82'

: Own Goals: Jeffrey 7'

Injuries: None

Subs: 73' Nico Jeffrey Sarpong
73' Obodai David Medina

MOTM: Francisco Yeste 9.6(C.D. Tenerife)

C.D. Tenerife 2-1 Real Oviedo – Second Division B1 22.9.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, Rodriguez, Tarantino, Llorente, Ros, Medina, Suso, Nico, Crusat, Aridane.

Goals: Aridane 21' Diego Cervero 34' Aridane 51'

Injuries: None

Subs: 71' Nico Jeffrey Sarpong
75' Inigo Ros David Medina

MOTM: Pepe Diaz 7.7(Real Oviedo)

C.D. Tenerife 3-1 Llagostera – Copa del Rey Third Round 17.10.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, del Horno, Tarantino, Llorente, Obodai, Nico, Suso, Sarpong, Crusat, Yeste.

Goals: Guillem 15’ Eloy 21’ Guillem 51’ Aridane 85’.

MOTM: Guillem 8.3(C.D. Tenerife)

Marino 0-3 C.D. Tenerife – Second Division B1 20.9.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, del Horno, Tarantino, Llorente, Obodai, Ros, Sarpong, Suso, Crusat, Guillem.

Goals: Aridane 7' Nico 77' Francisco Yeste 63'

MOTM: Aridane 9.2(C.D. Tenerife)

C.D. Tenerife 3-0 Getafe “B” – Second Division B1 29.10.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, del Horno, Tarantino, Llorente, Obodai, Ros, Suso, Nico, Crusat, Yeste.

Goals: Alberto 7' Francisco Yeste 77' Albert Crusat 82'

Subs: No subs used

MOTM: Asier Del Horno 8.3(C.D. Tenerife)

League Table

Copa del Rey Fourth Round

The draw has been selected that we shall play Real Madrid C.F. The round will be decided in two legs, the first one in the Helio Rodriguez Lopez stadium and the second one will be in the famous Santiago Bernabeu.

Raul's point of view

The first match is against Aviles was a tight one in the first half. Nonetheless, we beat them thanks to a hat-trick from Yeste. A goal from Crusat and Sarpong added to Jeffrey's sorrow as the Aviles defender scored an own goal. The match was great, especially for Yeste who communicated really good with Nico, Suso and Crusat. Another player who deserves to be named is Sarpong. He came on as a sub and made an instant impact grabbing three goals in as many appearances. The hard part is that both Suso and Crusat are playing extremely well and makes it hard to drop people. In our second match we hosted Real Oviedo, one of the best teams of this league. The Oviedo match was tough as the team didn't let me get through. I also decided to play Aridane up top, as Nico was tired. This payed off, as Aridane got both goals for us. I am hoping for a long cup run for us to show other teams that we aren't any push-overs. Though, Llagostera proved to be a challenge. The first half was a disaster for us, but we improved in the second half with two great goals. The next match was against Marino, another affiliate that loan players from us. The match wasn't as tough as I believed
and we won it 3-0. The highlight of the match was Aridane, who assisted and scored a goal for himself. The last match of the month was against Getafe "B" which is a great way to finish the month. We beat them duly with a 3-0 win which Yeste and Crusat on target. Stay tuned for the next update, that will contain the Copa del Rey First Leg against no other than Real Madrid

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