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[FM 13] The two manager brothers story...

The End!
Started on 5 April 2013 by gambit84
Latest Reply on 6 December 2013 by Rablador
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gambit84's avatar Group gambit84
11 yearsEdited


Welcome back my dear Real Oviedo fans! Here is Stefano Gagliardo, the coach of yor team, writing you the usual monthly report of my first season on Oviedo's bench. It has been a wonderful season start! We ended the month with 6 wins in 6 matches in Segunda B1, to which we can add the win against Lucena in the 2nd stage of Copa del Rey! Our players have been amazing, dominating every opponent that come on our way! We need to thank in particular Manu Busto and Diego Cervero, who scored 10 and 8 goals respectively, but all the guys have been great in all the matches! Also those who played few matches during the month, as the ones who defeated Lucena in Copa del Rey. In the following, I sum up the results of the month.

Day 1 - 02/09
Fuenlabrada - REAL OVIEDO 0-3
Diego Cervero 8'
Manu Busto 76', 90'

Day 2 - 08/09
REAL OVIEDO - Atl. Madrid B 5-1
Diego Cervero 27', 31', 43'
Omar 44'
David Fernandez 50'
Lucas Mendes 84'

2nd Round - 12/09
Lucena - Real Oviedo 1-3 (overtime)
Fernando 22'
Chapi 56'
Javi Casares 94'
Xavi Moré 99'

Day 3 - 16/09
Marino - REAL OVIEDO 2-5
Diego Cervero 28', 44'
Titi 58'
Manu Busto 71', 75', 88'
Juanma 89'

Day 4 - 23/09
Leganes - REAL OVIEDO 0-1
Manu Busto 10'

Day 5 - 26/09
REAL OVIEDO - C.D. Marino 4-1
Diego Cervero 27' (pen.)
Herrero 51'
Diego Cervero 66'
Manu Busto 72', 91'

Day 6 - 30/09
REAL OVIEDO - Sanse 2-1
Manu Busto 45'
Mena 60'
Manu Busto 79'

Looking at the results, I could not be more proud of the guys for what they did! And thanks also to you, our fans, for supporting us every day and during every match!

Looking forward to see you! Best wishes,
Stefano Gagliardo.
gambit84's avatar Group gambit84
11 yearsEdited

Evaluating the Gagliardo's brother: the eldest beats the youngest! - 24/10/2012
Looking at what happened in these first months, we wish to give you our marks to the job of the two "manager brothers", as they are called now all over the world.

Stefano Gagliardo 10 (cum laude)
He acts carefully in the transfer window, reinforcing the team and adding young talented players. And the results are great! 11 wins in 11 matches, 1st position in Segunda B1 with 5 points more than Tenerife, 4th round to play in Copa del Rey against Levante. No one could be more confident on the job of the manager from Vado Ligure. Even if he flies low saying that "Our objective is to finish the league in a good position, do not speak about promotion!", Real Oviedo is hardly becoming a candidate to the promotion in Liga Adelante, thanks to the stunning performances of its two strikers, Diego Cervero and Manu Busto.

Andrea Gagliardo 7.5
He is the youngest and the one with the most difficult affair, the bench of A.C. Milan. But even if its away scores are not wonderful, his team conceded only 1 goal (a penalty) to the opponents in 9 matches and he is first in its Champions League group with 3 wins in 3 matches, and second in the Serie A with two points less than Juventus. If the team will grow up following his manager, and most of all Mario Balotelli and Stephan El Shaarawy will confirm the performances of the latest matches, we may see very good things!
Nice to see a different story. Would just like to say adding pictures adds color to the story. Brings people back :)
2013-04-16 13:15#92799 Inquisition : Nice to see a different story. Would just like to say adding pictures adds color to the story. Brings people back :)
I will try ;)
gambit84's avatar Group gambit84
11 yearsEdited


My dear Real Oviedo supporters, I am here again for summing up what happened the last month to our fantastic team!

I have no words to tell you how proud I am of our players! Yesterday was my 13th match and my 13th win! It is something really outstanding! Our captain Diego Cervero dragged us to these results with his 6 goals in the 6 matches he played this month, helped by all the other players of the team who played fantastically! I think that the most important result of the month has been the yesterday one: defeating 3-1 a Liga team such as Levante is wonderful!

Diego Cervero, Captain of Real Oviedo and top scorer of Segunda Division B1 with 14 goals

Here I report you the usual summing up of the results.

Day 7 - 07/10
Aviles - REAL OVIEDO 1-2
Diego Cervero 28'
Naya 49'(pen.)
Manu Busto 53'

Day 8 - 13/10
Salamanca - REAL OVIEDO 1-3
De Lucas 2'
Lucien Owona 13'
Diego Cervero 27', 45'

3rd round - 17/10
Llagostera - REAL OVIEDO 0-3
Manu Herrera 13'
Pepe Diaz 16'
Iker Alegre 69'

Day 9 - 21/10
REAL OVIEDO - Alcalà 6-0
Manu Busto 4'
Xavi Moré 14'
Manu Busto 21'
Diego Cervero 35'
Xavi Moré 74'
Diego Cervero 89'(pen.)

Day 10 - 28/10
REAL OVIEDO - Getafe B 1-0
Diego Cervero 72'(pen.)

4th round - 31/10
REAL OVIEDO - Levante 3-1
Hector Simon 11'
Lucien Owona 60'
Fran Sol 77'
Roger 85'

We ended the month in the 1st position in the league with 4 points more than Tenerife, and in two days we will play away right against the second in the league! I hope you will be a lot there to support us!

Looking forward to see you! Best wishes,
Stefano Gagliardo.
gambit84's avatar Group gambit84
11 yearsEdited


Dear A.C. Milan supporters, welcome back on for the usual summing up of the month just finished. It has been the perfect month for our team, with 5 wins on 5 played matches! The man of the month is Mario Balotelli, that with his 4 goals allows Milan to end the month in the second position in Serie A, 2 points less than Juventus, and in the first position of its group in the Champions League, with 3 wins in 3 matches.

Mario Balotelli (22) - Man of the Month - October 2012

Here is a summary of the results of the month.

Day 2 - 02/10
MILAN - Celtic 2-0
Robinho 6'
Massimo Ambrosini 67'
Kevin-Prince Boateng 90'+1

Day 6 - 20/10
MILAN - Fiorentina 3-0
Mario Balotelli 45'
Leon Goretzka 88'
Cristian Zaccardo 99'

Day 3 - 23/10
Dinamo Kyiv - MILAN 1-3
Mario Balotelli 2'
Taye Taiwo 15'
Artem Milievskyi 39'(pen.)
Lisandro Lopez 41'
Mattia De Sciglio 68'

Day 7 - 28/10
Palermo - MILAN 0-2
Mario Balotelli 3'
Aronica 47'
Bojan Krkic 57'

Day 8 - 31/10
MILAN - Parma 3-0
Kevin-Prince Boateng 53'
Mario Balotelli 61'
Stephan El Shaarawy 68'

The penalty of Artem Milievskyi in the match against Dynamo Kyiv has been the first goal taken by A.C. Milan in this season after 8 official matches, with the team's goal that still remains unbeaten in Serie A.
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11 yearsEdited


Welcome back my dear fans!
The words to describe what my players are doing are going to finish! Another perfect month in the Segunda B1, with 4 wins in 4 matches, started with the wonderful 4-2 win in Tenerife against the 2nd team in the league! Diego Cervero still remains the top scorer of the team, with 5 goals this month that let him arrive to 20 in the league. His goal against Caudal has also been his 100th goal with Real Oviedo! Apart from Diego, a particular mention this month goes to Lucien Owona who adds to his stunning defensive perfomances a sensational offensive phase, that let him score 2 fundamental goals against Tenerife!

Lucien Owona (21), man of the match against Tenerife with 2 decisive goals scored

In these last days arrived the first non-win of the team, in the match of Copa del Rey in Valencia against Levante, where we manage to achieve a 1-1 draw that let us pass the round and go to the last 16 against Malaga!

Day 11 - 03/11
Tenerife 2 - 4 REAL OVIEDO
Aridane 29'
Xavi Moré 40'
Lucien Owona 45'
Aridane 64'
Lucien Owona 71'
Diego Cervero 84'

Day 12 - 11/11
REAL OVIEDO 3 - 0 Guijuelo
Diego Cervero 8'
Manu Herrera 14'
Diego Cervero 45'

Day 13 - 18/11
Caudal 0 - 2 REAL OVIEDO
Borja Navarro 17'
Diego Cervero 76'(pen.)

Day 14 - 25/11
REAL OVIEDO 2 - 1 Rayo B
José Collado 54'
Diego Cervero 87', 90'(+2)

4th round - 28/11
Levante 1 - 1 REAL OVIEDO
Roger 28'
Pepe Diaz 45'(+2)

The month ended in the 1st place in the league with 42 points, 12 more than Tenerife... and we are waiting to play an amazing match against Malaga in Copa del Rey!

Looking forward to see you! Best wishes,
Stefano Gagliardo.
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11 yearsEdited


"Why not?!?" I said two days ago when Gianluca Di Marzio came into my office telling me "I think that your fans would appreciate if you will write next monthly report!"... And here I am!

Well, A.C. Milan's supporters, here it is Stefano Gagliardo, the manager of our beloved team. As you know, since I was a child I have been a supporter of A.C. Milan and you may understand my excitement on sitting these three months on Rossoneri's bench!

We entered this month with good expectations and we achieved our first objective in one week, ending up the home match against Dinamo Kyiv with a 1-1 draw that gave us the mathematical qualification to the last 16 of Champions League, with 2 matches to go. After the delay of the next Sunday match against Napoli, we found ourselves 2 points under Juventus and 1 match less than the Bianconeri. Then we prepared very well the match at Atleti Azzurri d'Italia against Atalanta, a very important one to stay close to our opponents. But we failed, obtaining only a 1-1 draw and we fall down 4 points less than Juve, taking the first goal in the league. In the middle of the week, the UCL away match against Fenerbache found the players absent-minded and we obtained only a 0-0 draw at Sukru Saracoglu.

A series of 3 draws was not encouraging, but our concentration came back for the following two matches against Genoa and Roma: we obtained a difficult 2-1 home win against Genoa on Sunday 25th, and due to the draw of the Bianconeri we went 2 point less than them; than we moved to Olimpico for a Thursday match and we achieved a wonderful 2-0 won thanks to the stunning performance of Mario (Balotelli), who scored 2 fundamental goals that, thanks to the defeat of Juventus, let us move to the first place!

Roma-Milan match moment

In the following you find the usual report of the matches we played during these weeks.

Day 9 - 04/11
Pescara 0 - 2 MILAN
Mbaye Niang 37'(pen.)
Antonio Nocerino 84'

Group Day 4 - 07/11
MILAN 1 - 1 Dinamo Kyiv
Riccardo Montolivo 22'
Taras Mykhalyk 82'

Day 10 - 17/11
Atalanta 1 - 1 MILAN
Igor Budan 5'
Stephan El Shaarawy 69'

Group Day 5 - 20/11
Fenerbache 0 - 0 MILAN

Day 11 - 25/11
MILAN 2 - 1 Genoa
El Shaarawy 15'
Pazzini 21'
Soderlund 89'

Day 12 - 29/11
Roma 0 - 2 MILAN
Mario Balotelli 14', 32'

The following week will be very hard, my dear fans, but also amazing for me! As a supporter of A.C. Milan, to sit on the Rossoneri's bench tomorrow for the derby and next Sunday at the Juventus Stadium for the match against Bianconeri will be really exciting! And I promise we will do our best to defeat both our historical opponents!

Best wishes,
Andrea Gagliardo.
Great story so far. I'm surprised I've never seen this before. Hope you continue this till it reaches legendary status :)
Really good story so far. I see Balotelli is a real beast for you.

Keep it up ;)
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Good story so far keep going!
2013-04-19 14:05#93231 Akash : Great story so far. I'm surprised I've never seen this before. Hope you continue this till it reaches legendary status :)
Well, in FM12 I managed to become a legend with Real Oviedo (15 Ligas and 8 Champions Leagues won), I hope this will happen again! ;)
2013-04-19 14:43#93234 Sonalexwild : Really good story so far. I see Balotelli is a real beast for you.

Keep it up ;)
After a bad start he started to score... I hope he will go on like that! ;)
2013-04-19 15:07#93250 MrJK : Good story so far keep going!
Thanks! :)
gambit84's avatar Group gambit84
11 yearsEdited


Welcome to all A.C. Milan fans to the December monthly report of and Merry Christmas to everybody! This month, after the usual summary of what happened on the pitch, we will have a look to the future transfer window, helped by the words of an expert.

The year ends with A.C. Milan in the first place of the league after 16 matches, with 38 points, 2 more than Juventus, being the only team of Serie A that did not lose any match. Statistics say also that the team has the best defense (7 goals taken) and the 2nd best attack (31 goals scored, 7 less than Napoli).

The month started with maybe the best and the most important win of Andrea Gagliardo on the bench of Milan till now: the 4-1 defeat of Inter in the derby! Man of the match the long-awaited ex-Nerazzurri player, Mario Balotelli, that scored 2 goals. An excited Andrea commented immediately after the match: "I can't believe on what my players did today! They played the perfect match, dominating a very good team as Inter for the whole time! I am really amazed! This is my most beautiful win till now on this bench!"
Mario Balotelli (22) and Stephan El Shaarawy (20) exultation after the derby's third goal.

Next in Serie A came another fundamental match, the one against Juventus at the Juventus Stadium! The fantastic penalty keep of Ben Forster after 8 minutes against the ex-Rossoneri, Andrea Pirlo, and the goal of Raul Albiol after 34 mins misleaded Milan’s supporters, disappointed after 68 mins by the goal of Mirko Vucinic: "For one hour we deserved the win, but then we switched off our minds and kept a goal that disappoints me and the team… But a draw at Juventus Stadium still remains a good result for us…" was the comment of Andrea in the post-match press-conference.

The next two serie A matches allows Milan to consolidate its first place in the league, thanks to the 1-1 home draw against Udinese and the great 4-2 win on Siena’s pitch. A special mention goes to Giampaolo Pazzini who scored 4 of the 5 goals in this two matches, with a stunning hat-trick against Siena.

In the other matches of the month, Milan easily won 1-0 against Celtic Glasgow in the last Champions League group match, consolidating the first place in the group.

Finally, the team deserves the qualification to the second round of Coppa Italia defeating 2-0 Catania.

Some days separate us from the next transfer window and we interviewed Gianluca Di Marzio, well-known expert of Sky and friend of our manager, Andrea Gagliardo, for having some news on the next moves of our team.
”Andrea shows to be happy about his players, but I think he has something different in his mind. Something is going to be moved both in the defense and in the attack of Milan. Looking at the defense, it is well-known his interest in Nicolas Nkoulou, that Olympique Marseille put on the transfer list. What scares Andrea is the price, that may be near 15M and, at this very time, Milan does not have enough money to try to achieve the player. Also because Andrea blocked almost two months ago two young African players, the Tunisian Tarek Trabelsi and the Cameroonian Ahmed Traorè. Both players are 19 and have French passport. The first is a left wing that can also play as a striker, the second is a center back and, in Andrea’s mind, will take the place of Mario Yepes, who is going to leave the team at the end of the year. Andrea is thinking about taking care by himself about the two players or sending them on loan to achieve experience, for example in a Serie B team. The two transfers required an amount of 1,75M. The rest of the budget seems to be addressed to the purchase of Stevan Jovetic: Andrea admires a lot the player that is not satisfied of the difficult situation of Fiorentina and is currently transfer listed. Milan and Fiorentina are close to end the transfer for an amount of about 13M plus some bonuses, 5M is the wage that should be earned by the player.”

Stevan Jovetic (23), who seems to be close to sign for A.C. Milan.

“Looking at possible exits, pay attention to the situation of Robinho: Andrea is not completely satisfied of the recent performances of the Brazilian forward and the arrival of Jovetic may convince him to sell Robinho away…”

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