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[FM 13] The two manager brothers story...

The End!
Started on 5 April 2013 by gambit84
Latest Reply on 6 December 2013 by Rablador
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10 yearsEdited

Index of the Story

Final Chapter!

SEASON 4: UPDATED 2013-07-09

SEASON 3: LAST UPDATE 2013-06-25

SEASON 2: LAST UPDATE 2013-06-03

SEASON 1: LAST UPDATE 2013-05-07


Breaking News - 26/06/2012 - 11:00
An incredible news coming from Italy and Spain! Almost at the same time the Italian Serie A team A.C. Milan and the Segunda B1 (third Spanish division) team Real Oviedo S.A.D. announce their new managers! The outstanding fact is that they are two Italian brothers, Andrea and Stefano Gagliardo! The youngest one, Andrea (30), will be from today on the new manager of the Rossoneri, while Stefano (36) the one of Oviedo!

A.C. Milan president, Silvio Berlusconi, announces a press conference later on this afternoon with the new manager. We have no news about a possible press conference by the president of Oviedo, Toni Fidalgo, but we are waiting for news about that.
Good luck. its nice to see a different idea for a story :)
Thanks very much! ;)
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10 yearsEdited

Breaking News – 26/06/2012 – 17:30
The press conference organized by A.C. Milan to present the new coach is just finished and we report you some of the most important passage of the speech. The president of the team, Silvio Berlusconi, could not be at the meeting, so the CEO, Adriano Galliani, replaced him.

Adriano Galliani – “Welcome to everybody! I am very glad of presenting you our new manager, Mr. Andrea Gagliardo! Even if you are understandably surprised of our choice, President Berlusconi and me are very confident on the ideas and abilities of Andrea and we believe that he can start a new era with us!”

Gagliardo – “Well, welcome to everybody and thanks to Mr. Galliani to have introduced me and for his very kind words. As I am a supporter of A.C. Milan from my birth date, it is a dream for me to be here as the manager of the Rossoneri! […]

My idea is to continue with the renewal of A.C. Milan squad. For this reason, we will try to decrease the average age of the team by relying on young talented players to guarantee a wonderful future to the team. […]

All the players in the squad can have the possibility to prove me their abilities, but my idea is that something will change in the squad before the season start. […]

Our budget is quite limited, but we are going to do the best on the transfer market and some money may come from the sold players. […]

The season objective is to fight for the winning of Serie A, and for sure to achieve the possibility to play the Champions League next year. Regarding Champions League itself, we want to reach last 16 round, and then whatever more comes will be a great achievement.”
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10 yearsEdited
Good luck, this is a nice idea! I might even steal it... Well technincally it isn't stealing because I had that idea too
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Hello to all Real Oviedo fans! As you already know, from this morning we have a new manager, Mr. Stefano Gagliardo! After the signing of all the required papers, the new manager agreed on giving us a brief interview! And… Here it is!!! (I – Interviewer Daniel Casado Gonzalez, G – Mr. Gagliardo)

I – “Well, Mr. Gagliardo, now you can say that you are the new Real Oviedo manager!”
G – “Hi Daniel! Well, first of all I am Stefano, and not Mr. Gagliardo. Secondly, I am really excited of being the new manager of this wonderful team!”

I – “Your arrival has been a great surprise. This is your first coaching experience, what can you tell us about your projects for Real Oviedo?”
G – “Well… Dealing with a short-time planning, I am going to devote this first month to meet the players and to try to understand if there are some roles in which we may increase the power of our team. The objective for this season is to reach a first-half position in the league standings.”

I – “And what about the future?”
G – “Real Oviedo as a great history and I would like the team to come back to its splendor! In a middle-time plan, I would like to reach the promotion to Liga Adelante in 2-3 years, and then…”

I – “And then?”
G – “Well, dreams are free… Why not dreaming about the Liga?” (smiles)

I – “This words will for sure make the fan dreaming! You mentioned somehow the transfer window that is going to open in the next days. Regarding what you just said, what we have to expect from that?”
G – “Well, our budget is of course limited, we are a third division team, but I will try to do my best to improve my team!”

I – “What kind of players do you look for?”
G – “Well, as I just said, I am planning the future of Real Oviedo, so young talented players that may grow up in the team and allow us to reach great results in the next years. But I cannot tell you more, I have to meet the players before and then I will take a look at what the market propose.”

I – “Last question: you told me that you had a surprise for the supporters...”
G – “Yes, there will be a blog on this website in which I will personally update at least monthly the fans with all the important news of Real Oviedo! So that every one may have a look on everything happened during that period!”

I – “A wonderful idea! Thank you very much Stefano, and see you soon!”
G – “I would like to thank you Daniel for giving me the opportunity of presenting myself to the fans! See you soon... and Go Oviedo, Go!!!” (smiles)
2013-04-05 14:52#90118 LJO200 : Good luck, this is a nice idea! I might even steal it... Well technincally it isn't stealing because I had that idea too
Ahahah! Well, I will not report you for the stealing, I promise! ;)
A really nice idea so far..will be following ;)
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10 yearsEdited


Welcome to the first monthly report wanted by our manager, Mr. Andrea Gagliardo, to keep on touch the supporters of A.C. Milan with what happened during the season.

July is the first month of the summer transfer market and our new manager has given birth to an animated session!

Purchased players (6)
Raul Albiol (CB – 26) Real Madrid 8.25M
Lisandro Lopez (CB – 22) Arsenal de Sarandì 6.5M
Dario Marcuzzi (LB – 19) Carrarese 350K
Maxime Gonalons (DM – 23) Olympique Lyon 250K Loan (future price: 6.75M)
Leon Goretzka (M – 17) Bochum 2M
Donatello Martinelli (F – 19) Lecce 140K

Sold players (4)
Daniele Bonera (CB – 31) Udinese 1.5M
Didac Vilà (LB – 23) Fiorentina 3.3M
Sulley Muntari (DM – 27) Tottenham 9.75M
Mathieu Flamini (M - 27) Lokomotiv Moscow 8.5M

Loans (5)
Gabriel (PO - 19) Lumezzane 0K
Kevin Constant (LB - 25) Schalke 04 26K
Bakaye Traoré (M - 27) Lilla 30K
Bartosz Salamon (DM - 21) Vicenza16K
Kingsley Boateng (F - 18) Cittadella 0K

July is also the starting month of the season and the first friendly matches took place. Gagliardo shows off his 4-3-3 tactic with an offensive mood and the tendency of playing with fast and short passes. The start was good even not outstanding. Here is the summary of the results.

Friendly match - 21/07
MILAN – Milan Reserves 1-0

Friendly match - 28/07
Kaiserslautern – MILAN 0-2

Bye bye from staff!
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10 yearsEdited


Dear Real Oviedo supporters from all over the world, here is your new manager! I have decided to personally compile this monthly report for keeping all of you in touch with what is happening to your team!

This has been my first month in this wonderful city, and my first month devoted to my new team! After some days of work in studying the squad, I decided to perform some changes in it to make it more able to challenge for good positions in the league! As my aim is to build a team with a great future, I started looking for young talented players and I found three of them on the free transfer list: going from the young goalkeeper Albi Ahmetaj (18), to the right defender Anis Meziani (19), arriving to a talented left midfielder as Marlon Ganchozo (21). The fourth that I decided to add to the team, looking for another wing for my 4-4-2 tactics, has been the young Brazilian right midfielder Fabio Henrique, that I purchased for 0,3M from Guaranì. I ensure you that they will surprise you!

On the other hand, I decided to put an end to the loan of Josep Sene (AMC 20) from Real Madrid, as it would have not been useful to the team I have in mind, and to sell Carlos Madeira (F 22) for 1m to Arroyo, as it was not in my plans.

Now, I am waiting for starting my adventure on the pitch! In 2 days we will start the traning sessions to prepare the new season that, I am sure, will be a wonderful season for us!

Your manager,
Stefano Gagliardo.
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Gagliardo starts good on A.C. Milan’s bench! - 26/07/2012
A good start for the new manager of A.C. Milan, Andrea Gagliardo, that has watched his team wins against Chievo for 1-0, thanks to the goal scored by Robinho after 19’. A match that could have been complicated for Milan cause of the red card given to Raul Albiol after 1 minutes in the second half, but the team went on playing a good match and resisted until the end of the match, finished in 10 also by Chievo for the red card given to Hetemaj at 81’. A quite satisfied Gagliardo at the end of the match commented ”A good match, even if we could put an end to it in the first half scoring another goal. The match could be complicated by the red card of Raul, but we achieved an important win. It is always difficult to have a good start of the season when you change so much during summer, so we are very happy about what happened today.”
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Welcome to the second appointment with the staff of and the monthly reports of the Rossoneri’s season!
The summer transfer window is just ended, and this second month has been quite calm for our team. Mr. Gagliardo decided only to change one player, even if in a key role such as the goalkeeper one! Marco Amelia (31) has left the club joining Bologna in a 1,6M deal and has been substituted by the younger English goalkeeper Fraser Forster (24), that arrives from the Scottish team Celtic Glasgow for an amount that, comprehending some bonuses, arrives at 9,25M.

Going to what happened on the pitch, the last friendly matches took place with good results for our team!

Friendly Match - 01/08
Varese – MILAN 0-1

Friendly Tournament Semifinal - 04/08
MILAN – Furth 4-1
Robinho, Boateng, Balotelli, Yepes

Friendly Tournament Final - 05/08
MILAN – Wolverhampton 2-0
Balotelli, Albiol

Friendly Match - 08/08
Norimberga – MILAN 0-2
El Shaarawy, Pazzini (pen.)

Friendly Match - 11/08
Aston Villa – MILAN 1-1

Friendly Match - 17/08
MILAN – Juventus 1-0

So, the pre-season ends with 7 wins, 1 draw and no losses! And, above all, we have to mention the wonderful win on Juventus, that Milan fans enjoyed very much, evn if it was only a friendly match!
But not only friendly matches has taken place in this last month, also the first official match of the season is arrived. And Milan had a good start beating 1-0 Chievo Verona in San Siro, thanks to the goal of Robinho, in a match ended with one red card for each team (Albiol for Milan, Hetemaj for Chievo). Here it is the match table.

Day 1 - 26/08
MILAN – Chievo 1-0
Robinho 19'
Raul Albiol 46'
Perparim Hetemaj 81'

Then, let us hope that the season will go on as it started!
Bye bye from staff!
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10 yearsEdited


Dear Real Oviedo supporters from all over the world, I am here again to sum up what happened during these last 31 days, when not only the summer transfer window ended, but also the pre-season started and had its end yesterday!

Let me summarize at first what happened from the point of view of transfers. I decided to add two new young players to the team to plan the future of the team. The first to arrive has been the central Brazilian midfielder Lucas Mendes (20), that I purchased from San Paolo for 0M, hoping that he can become a great affair for our team! Then, I decided to join on free loan the central back Manu Herrera (20) from Real Betis B, putting on the contract a purchasing fee of 30m. In the last days I also decided to sell Dani Barrio (GK 25) to Toledo for 10m, as three goalkeepers were too many for our squad, and to give on free loan Efren Urrutia (CB 20) to Ponferradina B, hoping they could help him growing up during the season.

Then, let’s see what happened in the friendly matches of our pre-season. The 4-4-2 tactics I set up seemed to behave well in these friendlies, and we ended up with 5 wins in 5 matches.

Friendly Match - 10/08
REAL OVIEDO – Puente Castro 8-0
Diaz (3), Ganchozo (2), Cervero, Mantovani, Sol

Friendly Match - 14/08
Huracan Z - REAL OVIEDO 1-6
Cervero (3), Alegre, Manu Busto, Roldan (own.)

Friendly Match - 19/08
REAL OVIEDO – Lealtad 6-2
Diaz (2), Cervero, Simon, Fernandez, Sol

Friendly Match - 19/08
Cartagena - REAL OVIEDO 1-2
Diaz (2)

Friendly Match - 27/08
Malaga B - REAL OVIEDO 0-2
Cervero, Manu Busto

So, the pre-season was very good and we hope we are going to start the season in the same way! In two days there will be the match against Fuenlabrada, and we are working hard preparing us for giving you the first beautiful day of the season!

Bye guys!
Stefano Gagliardo.
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A stunning start for Real Oviedo! - 02/08/2012
After the good win of his younger brother on the bench of A.C. Milan last suanday, also the oldest of the Gagliardo's brothers, Stefano, started the season with a win. His team, Real Oviedo, playing on the Spanish Segunda Division B1, won with a stunning 3-0 on the pitch of Fuenlabrada, thanks to the goal of the striker Diego Cervero 8' after the beginning of the match, and the double of the other striker Manu Busto in the last minutes of the match (76' and 90'). A wonderful start for the new italian manager of the team, that at the end of the match commented for the local newspaper "I am very happy for this match, and proud of my players that plays a wonderful match! But this is only the first match of the season and we have a long way in front of us..."
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Welcome A.C.Milan fans to the third monthly report of the 2012/2013 season! The month has been opened by the Champions League draw of September, 1st, where our team found Dynamo Kyiv, Fenerbache and Celtic Glasgow.

Then, the national teams matches posticipate the second Serie A match to the 15th, when Milan found its first away difficulties with a 0-0 draw against Sampdoria (with Forster saving a penalty kicked by Eder), same result of the second away match against Bologna. Fortunately for the team, this trend has been interrupted first in Champions League, where A.C. Milan defeated Fenerbache on their own pitch thanks to a goal scored by Nigel de Jong, then on Torino's field in Serie A, with the same 1-0 result thanks to Stephan El Shaarawy. The unique home match of the month has seen Lazio visiting San Siro and losing 3-0 thanks to Gonalons, Pazzini and Robinho. Here it is the summary of the matches of the month.

Day 2 - 15/09
Sampdoria – MILAN 0-0

Day 1 - 19/09
Fenerbache - MILAN 0-1
de Jong 57'
Emre 63'

Day 3 - 23/09
MILAN - Lazio 3-0
Bojan 20'
Gonalons 24'
Pazzini 37'
Robinho 64'

Day 4 - 26/09
Bologna – MILAN 0-0

Day 5 - 29/09
Torino - MILAN 0-1
El Shaarawy 43'

These good scores let Milan end the month in the second place with 11 points, 2 points less than Juventus, with a record of 0 goals taken in 5 matches (6 counting the one in Champions League).

See you soon on, hoping for even better news next month!

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