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Huddersfield Town AFC - UTT

Started on 8 April 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 25 June 2013 by gambit84
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Brilliant work with Huddersfield James, but I want to see you go all the way with them! Stick with it, and win the Champions League! Up The Terriers!
Congrats son winning the league, well deserved.

I think if you were to leave for Man Utd, you would regret it. You have something good going here and it would be a shame if you were to leave the job without claiming the ultimate prize first. I hope you stay :)
Congrats for having won the league mate!

Well, if I can give you an advice, stay at Huddersfield! Definitely! You have built a great team and you have a lot more to bring to your team! :)
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Well done becoming league champ! You've come so far with Huddersfield and it would be sad to see you go & it looks like the fans (us) want you to stay!

On the other hand, I'd advise you to do what you feel is right. We want this story to continue more than anything so I'm sure we'd hate for you to choose a team that will make you bored. Go with you heart ;) Great Season
I think it would be a bigger challenge to stay and try to keep Huddersfield on top in England than to move to man untd. On good year does not make you immortal try to make yourself immortal :-p
This has got to be one of the most difficult decisions I have faced. I have the chance to take control of an illustrious, highly successful club (yes it pains me to admit that)and have the funds to build a team that could dominate world football for many seasons to come. As a Liverpool FC fan I should not even consider this job offer but it is just that tempting; it would definitely help me add the twist I have been looking for in one of my stories (ok, I have only done one other) in order to create more interest. However, simply being Huddersfield Town seems to have generated close to 10,000 views which I am beyond surprised about.

Rablador makes a great point that there is a lot of Manchester United stories around at the moment but surely there is a challenge involved in trying to make it stand out from the rest? Or is the competition too great with Kane's story notably a future SOTM contender.

The rest of you have suggested that what is missing from my trophy collection with The Terriers is the Champions League, quite possibly the most prestigious competition in world football. Last season we managed to get to the quarter finals in our first ever season in the competition. There is no reason why not, with investment in the team, we couldn't progress further in the competition and push for honours in European football and other competitions.

I think it is obvious there is still a lot of thinking to do...
Stay with Huddersfield!!
Congrats on 10,000 views :)

2013-06-04 14:44#108824 Arvind : Congrats on 10,000 views :)

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time out to read the story and commenting on my journey with Huddersfield Town. UTT!
C'mon man stay with Huddersfield! Stay with OUR local team! Be original their isn't a good Huddersfield story I can think of off the top of my head that is still being updated, u hav done amazingly, stay with Huddersield, at least win he champions league! And well done for 10k views! UTT!
Absolutely awesome stuff mate! The job offer is outrageous and with such a big transfer budget you can really make some changes to the Man Utd squad. I believe your story will continue being amazing regardless of which team you go to mate but in all honesty I would prefer to see you stay and win the Champions League. Only when you have won that maybe move on
Read it all since the part I left it and it's truly amazing. Wins against the top clubs and of course, the imminent BPL league win was amazing. As a Liverpool fan and as a follower of this story, I'd like you to stay, but nevertheless, I will still follow you, like I've always done. Keep up the great work and dedication James.
This is one of my favourite stories on here, Its been fantastic seeing a struggling Championship side, win promotion to the PL and then take over the Premier League and getting fantastic wins against teams and drawing against the Best Team In The World!!

The temptation to leave and join Manchester United is still lingering’ it is probably one of the toughest decisions I will have to make. But the temptation to try and win the Champions League with Huddersfield Town is also still in the back of my mind. I hope you will follow no matter what the decision. Thanks for reading.

Thank you for the kind words. The transfer budget really would allow me to get rid of some of the veteran players and bring in a whole new team, especially as I seem to have a good eye at the moment for quality players at low prices (Holtby and Sigurdsson). The temptation of the Champions League is ever present so I am sure I will be able to post an update soon on my decision. Thanks for reading.

I had been wondering where you had disappeared to. Other people seemed to be posting a first comment on my updates! Being an avid Liverpool FC fan will have an impact on my final decision, whatever that may be. Thanks for taking the time out to catch up with the story.

Well I am glad that you are enjoying the story and apologies for the lack of updates really. I am going to try and get some more written very soon. The FC Barcelona results will go down in the history of the club and I would love to replicate them again maybe. Thanks for reading.

Decision Time

It may appear that this decision has been easily made as I only just posted about it yesterday. However, I have not touched this save for the past week simply because I have wanted the story to catch up so I could get your input in what is a very difficult decision.


  • Transfer budget of £99 million
  • A greater quality of player
  • Able to attract a great quality of player
  • Improve my own status within the game


  • Yet to win the Champions League with Huddersfield Town
  • Already a lot of Manchester United stories around
  • I’m a Liverpool FC fan
  • A reasonable transfer budget of £34 million which could be increased with the changes I would make to playing personnel
It has taken me a long time to make this decision but after reading the comments you all posted, several times, I have decided to take the decision to stick with Huddersfield Town. The main reason being for this is that I have to agree with everyone that there is a lot of unfinished business. Last season was one of my proudest seasons as I had never expected we would achieve the honours that we did. I never thought I would be able capable of winning the Premier League with Huddersfield Town; never mind also getting positive results against FC Barcelona who on are still on their perch at the top of World Football. I have unfinished business which I am confident that I will actually be able to achieve in this coming season.

I will go into this season with the expectations of retaining the Premier League title and at least making it to the Champions League final with a chance of winning the competition in only our second season in the competition. UUT!

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