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Huddersfield Town AFC - UTT

Started on 8 April 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 25 June 2013 by gambit84
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FA Cup Semi Final Draw

Match Result

I will admit that this is a tough result to take. Sunderland currently sit at the top of the Championship and are having a fantastic season under Mick McCarthy. They brought the game to us and I made the fatal error of underestimating them; although, I had decided to play my strongest side but by the time it had got to extra time my players were knackered, especially the defenders. This game, that we should have won, has highlighted the need for me to spend the money on adding depth to what is already a pretty solid defence. My main three centre backs (Boyata, Wilson and Wallace) are still fairly young so the huge number of games that are playing is doing their experience and attributes some good but they are knackered and look like they have had enough for this season. Unfortunately there are still a few games to play and we need to make sure that we win every single one if we want to come away from this tough season with some silverware.

Champions League Quarter Final Draw

Manchester United vs Huddersfield Town

Huddersfield Town vs Manchester United

So it turns out that penalty shoot outs are not our forte. For a team like Huddersfield Town to have even made it into the Champions League is an achievement in itself. When you then add on the fact we progressed from a group that included FC Barcelona and we dismissed FC Schalke 04 and pushed Manchester United to a penalty shoot out, I say we did damn good. The club has really reaped the rewards from being in the tournament in terms of revenue (we have made a profit every month this season) and that the players have gained invaluable experience. Our exit from the competition will allow us to focus on the only competition remaining which is the Barclays Premier League. We are tangled in a two horse race for the championship; it is between ourselves and my beloved Liverpool FC. There is not many games remaining so we need all the points we can get.


A month of rather mixed fortunes. Things didn’t seem to want to go our way in both the FA Cup and Champions League and both competitions seemed to highlight the need for us to practise our penalty taking. In addition, I was worried that exiting from both competitions would damage our team’s morale and to be honest, it did. It has taken a lot of encouragement and persuasion from myself and assistant manager to get the team back to winning ways. I do feel that we were a bit hard done by by being given three away games to end what was already a very long and tough month. However, we have come out the other hand in pole positions. Thats right. Huddersfield Town are top of the league and are on course to win the Barclays Premier League title. I simply cannot believe that we are so close and I really do hope we don’t mess it up now.

League Position going into the last three games

Player of the Month – Danny Wilson

Tough luck against Man Utd but the league should make up for missing out on the CL Semis! Great work
What an unlucky month mate! Two penalties losses... But you are doing great in the league! Keep it up! :)
2013-06-03 00:44#108174 k1rups : Tough luck against Man Utd but the league should make up for missing out on the CL Semis! Great work

We really are in pole position to win the league and it would definitely make up for the exit from the Champions League. However, I hadn't expected to even get past the group stage of the Champions League so I am pretty impressed with what we have achieved in that competition. Thanks for reading.

2013-06-03 06:35#108210 gambit84 : What an unlucky month mate! Two penalties losses... But you are doing great in the league! Keep it up! :)

I couldn't believe the penalty loss against Sunderland. No offence to them but we really should be beating them within 90 minutes. It is a shame to have gone out of two competitions that were bringing in a lot of revenue but we still have the chance to win the league in only our second season in the competition. Thanks for reading.


This is the situation. We have played two of our last three remaining games of the season. It would have been ideal if we had beaten both Manchester City and Fulham as it would have meant we would have won the league. Instead a frustrating draw against Manchester City has meant that we need to simply win our last remaining game at home against Tottenham Hotspur. Liverpool FC on the other hand have an easier game away to Aston Villa. What I have decided to do is take a different approach to this vital game and that is to report on the games as they happen. I hope you enjoy.

Current League Position

Comes down to the final game of the season. Can Huddersfield lift the coveted Barclays Premier League trophy?! Great work James
2013-06-03 14:31#108342 k1rups : Comes down to the final game of the season. Can Huddersfield lift the coveted Barclays Premier League trophy?! Great work James

I can't believe that it has come down to the final game of the season; if we had managed to get a win against Manchester City we would have wrapped up the league game which meant this final one would have no significance. I really hope we can do it.

Thanks for reading K1rups.

Final Game of the Season

The Barclays Premier League season has come down to the final game. The league champions is either going to be Huddersfield Town or Liverpool FC. My side, Huddersfield Town, have to get a positive result against Tottenham Hotspur; we could mathematically get away with a draw but our goal difference is not on par with Liverpool FC’s so a win would be better for us. Liverpool FC are expected to get a comfortable win against Aston Villa so it is essential that I put my strongest team and they are made fully aware of the stakes. This final game of the season has the potential to go down in the history of both club’s. It could see Huddersfield Town become champions of the top division for the first time since the trio of league titles (1924-1926). It could also see Liverpool FC win the league for the first time since 1990. Both sets of players will surely put in 100% to this match as the stakes are so high.

Huddersfield Town have taken control of this title deciding match. Up until this point the game had involved very few chances with neither side taking control. However, Carlos Fierro who has been sensational since he joined The Terriers broke down the right wing and played a inch perfect into the Spurs box. The cross was met by the head of Mattia Destro and the ball rifled into the Spurs goal past a hapless Hugo Lloris. Both Fierro and Destro have been in great form all season and they have decided to combine together clinically when it matters the most.
Still no news from Villa Park as it still remains Aston Villa 0 – 0 Liverpool FC.

Jonjo Shelvey, who has been a rock in the Huddersfield Town midfield, has had to be stretchered off the field. The playmaker had just started to settle into the game and string a few passes together but a bad tackle has ended his game.
Jonjo Shelvey
Oliver Norwood

News is coming through from Villa Park where Luis Suarez has come up with a beauty of a goal which has added even more tension to the day. The match had so far been unexciting with very little to report on but the Uruguayan star has come up with the goods for his team and sent them into half time with a 1 nil lead.

Half Time Scores

Aston Villa 0 – 1 Liverpool FC
Huddersfield Town 1 – 0 Tottenham Hotspur
Oliver Norwood, the man who replaced Jonjo Shelvey in the first half, has come up with would could be a precious goal for Huddersfield Town. Tottenham Hotspur had gone on the offensive and pushed a lot of players forward. The ball broke to Norwood who ran the length of the field and he has crossed the ball into Destro. Destro has played the ball across the face of the Spurs goal and it was met by a fierce strike from Fierro. Hugo Lloris, in the Spurs goal, reacted brilliantly but there was nothing he could do about the follow up from Norwood. The score now stands Huddersfield Town 2 – 0 Tottenham Hotspur so at the moment the Barclays Premier League trophy is heading to Huddersfield.
Gylfi Sigurdssson
Dani Pacheco

80 minutes
Joe Ledley
Steven Defour
As it stands Liverpool FC are still leading over at Villa Park but that result is meaningless unless Spurs are able to do them a favour and find three goals in the remaining 10 minutes of the game. Steven Defour has been brought on as a pair of fresh legs in order to see out the remainder of the game. It is at this point that the Huddersfield Town manager would change his formation to a much more defensive approach but he seems to be holding this decision off. Could he live to regret that decision?

It looks like it is going to be an extremely nervous last few minutes here at The John Smith Stadium as it looks like the Huddersfield Town manager is regretting his decision to not change his formation. Mousa Dembele may have just done Liverpool FC a favour and started a spirited come back for his Spurs side. He has finished off with a lovely finessed shot past Asmir Begovic who was totally wrong footed.
The league table still has Huddersfield Town in pole position winning the league by 2 points but that will only remain the same if they can hold out for the last 8 minutes of normal time and whatever extra time the fourth official decides to add on.

I cannot believe that I am seeing. Nobody could have predicted what has just happened here at the John Smith Stadium. Tottenham Hotspur had managed to find a way back into the game but Huddersfield Town are not going to let this trophy slip out of their hands and have gone up the other end and scored from a corner. Paul Dixon, who is a lovely striker of the ball, has floated the ball across the face of the goal and it has been met by Mr. Consistency, Murracy Wallace the 22 year old to power the ball into the Spurs goal. This will surely see his side win the Barclays Premier League, won’t it?

Champions of England

The final whistle has gone at both the John Smith Stadium and Villa Park. Liverpool FC have managed to hold onto their 1 nil lead for the whole of the second half but it just doesn’t matter as Huddersfield Town have comprehensively beaten Tottenham Hotspur 3-1. This has meant that Huddersfield Town have been crowned the winners of the Barclays Premier League for the first time since it was the former 1st Division in 1926. It is surely an outstanding achievement to say that two seasons ago Huddersfield Town had just made it into the Championship and nobody could ever have predicted that they would be adding the Premier League trophy to their cabinet. Congratulations to The Terriers!

Well that was a bit different. I have never been too confident in writing reports on matches so I do hope that I managed to do it justice as it was tense for me to watch from start to beginning, as well as a bit boring in the first half. I have won quite a few things on Football Manager, but only really with big teams so for me to win the Premier League title with Huddersfield Town it is a very proud moment and it certainly ranks near the top, if not at the top, of my personal achievements.
Well done mate! Fantastic achievement and great update!
AWESOME, u won the prem! i loved the way yo set these final matches out! It looked really nice and i can't wait wait til next season! UTT!
2013-06-03 16:09#108389 OnTheBallCityNCFC : Well done mate! Fantastic achievement and great update!

Cheers! I couldn't quite believe it when it happened, it took a while to sink in. Thanks for reading and I am glad you enjoyed the change in update style.

2013-06-03 17:23#108435 HTAFC_bgol99 : AWESOME, u won the prem! i loved the way yo set these final matches out! It looked really nice and i can't wait wait til next season! UTT!

I am glad that you liked the change in update style for a one match only special but I felt it was fitting of the occasion. Thanks for reading but I wouldn't hold your breath for next important update is coming soon once readers have chance to catch up with the several recent updates.

Whenever I have played Football Manager I have rarely, if ever, played a save which has involved me leaving one club for another. I tend to stick with one club for two or three seasons and then start a brand new save with a totally different team and then repeat the same process over and over. This has at times led to me getting bored and wanting to move on.

Previously in this story I have been offered jobs at both Tottenham Hotspur and Everton; both offers were extremely tempting but they have both been declined. The result of this has ended up with me guided Huddersfield Town, my local team, to the Premier League title which is an achievement I am proud of.

I have always been interested in following stories that involved FMScouters leaving clubs for others in order to achieve more, Glenn T for example has left Aston Villa to pursue managing FC Bayern. It is a story that I have followed from the start and it is something that, if I emulate, I feel could enhance my story and make it more successful.

Hence this issue...

Any advice on this would be most welcome. I do have my own advantages and disadvantages that I can share but I feel the insight of fellow FMScouters could be very valuable.
In my honest opinion, there are too many Man Utd stories right now. Stay with Huddersfield.
I am envious of anyone who has ever been approached by another team for a job offer while under employ. Is there more you can accomplish at your old club? I think you stay. Do you want to enjoy the status and privilege of managing one of the world's premier clubs? You leave. I would be tempted to leave, definitely.

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