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Ryker Jensen: The Dynasty Of Werder Bremen And Cameroon

Started on 11 May 2013 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 26 June 2013 by TheMS99
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BeanyUnited's avatar Group BeanyUnited
10 yearsEdited
Hi guys thanks for the continued support so far! But because I have intense revision to do ove the next 2-3 weeks I will not be updating this story until I have finished apart from a update I have nearly already done :)
Was really enjoying this story so far Beany, good luck in your exams and I hope you can keep it up when you return :D
Good luck with the exams, will be looking forward to reading more of this story :D
We can wait for the mighty RYKER JENSEN.
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10 yearsEdited

Final Few Months

I sat in my desk chair looking forward to the next two months! In the German Cup final and fighting just about for a Europa League spot! Both will be very difficult to acheive but we dream in a RYKER MIRACLE!


Well what can I say! I entered the league with a Europa League spot that at the beginning of the year literally no one would of think is possible but with the German Cup final approaching my players minds were set very firmly on that and we had a very dissapointing end to the season. With only three wins and one draw but four defeats meaning we picked up 10 points out of a possible 24 which is not good enough for any Ryker side!

CUP FINAL!!!!,54247.jpg

Black text= Martin Tyler

Red text= Gary Neville

Hello and welcome to a huge final here between Bundesliga champions ho got 82 points Borussia Dortmund against the team that finished in 9th spot managed by the eccentric Ryker Jensen, Werder Bremen! It will be great the atmosphere is crazy here tonight and several flares have been set off in each end so far!

Hi Martin! It is a honour to be here and such a huge match this wall be a match to remember for such a long time, it will be a cracker!

To right Gary and the Bremen fans are already going mental on our right handside they know they are heavy underdogs and they are going to do all they can to spur their team on pre-match who are warming up directly infront of them. Ryker on the other hand is running back and forth in front of the Werder Bremen fans being a 'cheerleader' and is whipping the fans into a frenzy!

Ryker must be so nervous right now! Possibly the biggest match of his career! He looks like he is loving it however!!!

Line Ups

Such very strong teams for both the sides! Werder Bremen and Dortmund are hanging up exactly how we expected them to do before this macth. It will be a very fast paced encounter and Bremen will have to keep Dortmund away from the wings if they are to restrict them!


Interview with Ryker

Hi Ryker glad you could join us how are you just ten minutes before the final?

Me: I am very good thanks Martin I can not wait for the match it will be a classic for us Bremen fans I promise you that!

So you telling us you WILL win no matter what??

Me: Yes I am as they say The Special One. I have performed miracles with Randers and Vestjaelland and I can perform more here today. I would love to chat for longer but my Mum is on the phone!

The match

00:00 AND WE ARE OFF!!!
Will be a cracker!

00:54 The ball falls kindly to Gotze. A cheeky little one-two with Bony he is through on goal he shoots! TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!! 1-0 DORTMUND!!


The ref has signalled to the linemen and the linemen has flagged for offside! I must say there is no way that was offisde Bremen are very lucky!

9:45 Andrada has the ball he is fould just outside the area Ekici sprints over to take the free-kick he will definantly take this............ He stands over the ball in a Ronaldo esque style!

This is going in Martin I promise you that!



23:23 Fletcher skips the ball past Sigali who takes him down!! IT'S A PENALTY!


Fletcher to take... He looks comfident. He runs up HE HITS THE BAR!!! IT REAMINS 1-0 WERDER BREMEN!!

WOW! In all my days training with Fletch he never missed a practice penalty! I am shocked...

Sorry to cut you off Gary but Bremen are on the break this is truly amazing stuff. Andrada to Fullkrug he shoots! AHHHH he hits the post and it is collected by the keeper.

29:00 Andrada is on the ball one-two with Akici Andrada is through he rounds the keeper! TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR! 2-0 BREMEN!!!


45:00 Half time here great stuff so far!

54:00 Gotze collects the ball from inside his own half. He skins Ekici with ease he rounds Trybull what a ball to Bony TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!! .... Wait no it has been disallowed again! Dortmund's coaching staff has actually ran onto the pitch to complain they are enraged! I can not see anything wrong with that what so ever!

Very odd call Bremen are lucky at the moment!

78:00 Gotze shoots! He hits the bar! It falls to Bony who has a open goal he shoots.... IT'S CLEARED OF THE LINE! TAKE A BOW ANDRADA WHO HAS TRACKED BACK THE LENGTH OF THE FIELD!

90:00 IT IS OVER!!!!! BREMEN WIN THE CUP RYKER HAS PULLED OFF ANOTHER MIRACLE HE FALLS DOWN TO HIS KNEES IN TEARS! HIS DREAM HAS FINALLY STARTED TO COME TRUE! He has to be comforted by his assisstant manager as Ryker cries. He pushes his number two away and sprints to the Bremen fans to celebrate with them...... Wait he has literally jumped into the crowd and the entire Weder Bremen team are joining him it is a mass party in the Bremen wnd! Gotze is on the floor in tears. Dortmund are shocked here today.

Man of the match: Reijnen. He was sensational at the back and prevented any good attack by Dortmund he deserves another trophy just for this performance!

Post-match interview

Ryker! Very, very well done here today you have done it!

Me: Thank you Gary it means a lot to hear that from you a am a huge fan! I DID! WE WON!

Ryker will you leave Bremen if a premier league club offer you a job as there is bound to be intrest now!

Me: Nooooooooo! I am planning to do a Sir Alex and do a class of 15' much like your class of 92' with Becks and Giggs. I am a huge United fan and we all look at that class so I dream of doing it myself! Anyway Gary I am off got a party to start!

Haha have fun!

Goal of the month

Ekici's free-kick in the final was a screamer from 25 yards out into the top corner so it is truly stunnig!

Man of the month

It has to be the goal keeper Mielitz who was a pure shot stopper on many occasions! Well done good sir!
Great update mate! Awesome win in the cup and you've secured European football! Go RYKER
Great cup win Ryker, haha Dortmund having 2 goals disallowed :))
caught up and I must say Ryker is a mixture of both sir alex and jose. and you can see that in your results. I am not concenred whether you do well in the first three seasons at werder bremen, cause Sir alex's famous united run didnt start till 3-4 seasons in properlly. but brilliant so far and I am intrigued to see if Ryker becomes an international boss soon.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
One more cup in the bag ;) Casual. Well Done

Big Round Up Of The Last Few Months

I entered the training the ground just a few days before the Bundesliga kicked off again! I could not wait the season was nearly apon us and the buzz around the city has reached maximum level. We were still only expected to fight for Europa League spots but we all felt we could do something special this season! And upset the odds.

Job Offers

Since my sensational German Cup win against BVB intrest surrounding me has risen hugely. I have so far this pre-season been offered the managerial role at; The Netherlands, FC Bayern Munich, FC Porto, Cameroon, Monaco and Napoli. But new club roles were out of the window since I had promised myself I would stay here at Werder Bremen until I have at least won on treble and succesfully replicated the class of 92' established by Sir Alex himself. I was here to emulate him and to do so I have to follow through with my jobs.

But that left me with a chance to still manage Holland and Cameroon. I considered both very carefully. How they ranked in the world, the average age of their squad, the type of players thye had and I made my decision. No one would of expected this but as of today Ryker Jensen is now the manager Cameroon.

Why them I hear you ask! Well because they are an ageing national side but have good youth coming through so this suits my style of managerial beleifs and they are ranked 12th in comparison to Holland in 35th......... So yes Cameroon are also a slight bit better than Holland!

Finances and Transfers

I was shocked early on as I was given an transfer budget of £100 million!! But with a catch in my contract I was told to buy lots of youngsters so I thought this was an ideal chance to buy many regens that add towards the class of 15' I am trying to build here at Werder Bremen.

But sadly I lost Ekici for a fee of £22 million to French giants PSG who splashed the cash again and sadly the hero of last season has been taken of my hands :(

But now a very sad state of affairs has ensued at Bremen. It turns out all the money I was given at the beginning of the season we did not have and now the board have been forced to take out a £52 million loan so I have taken it apon myself not to buy anyone else and keep the wages very tight so I do not lose any more money. The class of 15' is well truly on it's way but at what cost?

German Super Cup

Well I will not be able to do a very big commentry about this game against BVB but what I can say is..... BVB COULD OF WON THE CUP BUT THEY FUCKED IT UP VIVA DORTMUND!! We beat BVB 2-0 in a tight fought final and the first youngster I brought Majewski scored on his debut for Werder Bremen. Anohter cup for Ryker and his men!

Training Ground

I managed to persuade the board to upgrade the first team training facilities and it will be complete in one years time.

Pre-season fixtures

My expectations

I fully expect for us to get destroyed in Europe this year so don't hold out much hope for us but domestically we can suprise a few. I think we can challange for back to back German Cup wins and even challange for a Champions League place! It will be a fun year for us all :)

Thanks for following and continue to comment all feedback liked :)
Woah. That's a lot of dosh xD
Good luck with Cameroon Ryker!
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Can't get enough of this beany! Got a challenge now without funds and Ekici which should make for some interesting updates.
Rablador: Would be if I didn't have financial issues!

Louis: Cheers mate :)

KingPadster: Thanks alot mate! Will be hard

Woeful Two Months For Ryker Jensen

For now on since I am the manager of Bremen and Cameroon I will do each update in two halfs.

Werder Bremen

I answered the ringing phone in my office.

"Hello" I answered

"Hi Ryker it is Willi (chairmen for those that don't know this) I need to talk to you about the recent performances"

"Ok sir. Let me explain I know we have been bad but I think we are nearly there!" I was getting concerened about where this conversation was going.

"Ryker you don't understand! I called to tell you not to worry we understand that things haven't quite clicked but you are under no pressure. Got to go now Ryker speak to you soon"

I smiled as the phone was hung up at the other end. He was a great guy we have been playing awful but I was still under no pressure.

The League

A very, very poor couple of months. We are struggling to win anything and this has seen us pick up 7 points in 6 games which is embarrising, for the first time in Ryker's career he is struggling to get results! The sale of Ekici has really taken the wind out of the sails of Bremen. But the regens I play reguarly are doing well.

The German Cup

We entered the cup competition as defending champions and we were only expected to get to the quarter finals. We won our first round match in a convincing 3-0 manner so all is going well in the cup so far.

Europa League

We entered the Europa League with expectations of not even getting through the group stages. It was predicted we would come thrid place in this group.


We were truly awful this month and I need to make sure we improve.

Player Of The Month

The player of the month for these two months has been awarded to Florian Hartherz who has been a great right-back so far. He has assisted with three goals so far and defensively has been very assertive.

Goal Of The Month

This will be given to a youngster I brought this summer. He has been thrown into the starting 11 after the dissapointing signing of Ekici this youngster is Pedro Brito. He is 18 years old and has a 5* PA. But he has already performed well so far this season. His stoppage time equaliser agaisnt Hoffenheim was a beauty. He scored a 20 yard curling shot right into the top right corner to send the fans mental!


I arrived at the airport in Cameroon. All the players had came out to welcome me for the first time and I was shocked by how tall they were. Until I could figure out a very good tactic for this team I will playing long ball and use their pure height and strength to my advantage.

African Cup Of Nations Qualiifying

A easy month for us as we walked to two easy wins. The long ball tactic has made it very difficult for me concede but goal scoring hasn't really been flowing either. I may have to have a look at this.

Cameroon Player Of The Month

Leonard Kweuke was a a beast up front for me! He scored all three of the goals in the two games and was a machine in defense clearing to goals of the line.

Goal Of The Month

Well obviously it has to be Leonard Kweuke who scored all the goals. But his first of the three was the most impressive. A well worked team goal finished of with him slotting the ball in from just a few yards out.


A good two games and we have confirmed qualifaction to the African Cup of Nations!

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