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[FM13]The Adriatic Adventure [Hajduk Split]

FM 13
Started on 12 May 2013 by tbendis
Latest Reply on 10 August 2015 by tbendis
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2014-10-03 11:50#195530 Cappy13 : I have just read through this whole story and I am now glued to this can't wait for the next update

Brilliant writing and storyline

Waiting for the next update, unfortunately, is hardly a spectator sport.

Thank you
Thank you one and all for making this into the story it is. An especially notable SOTM nomination that, as always, was a pleasant surprise. There were many, many times when I was concerned that I didn't have the audience, that I didn't have the readership, that I didn't have the time, nor the interest, in making this story into what it once was, and what it deserves to be. As long, and as difficult updates are to read, they are difficult to write, and receiving recognition for my efforts in bringing that plucky Croatian club to the world stage... it really means a lot to me.

So thank you, those who read my story, and those who pretend to have done it; like so many people have pretended that they've seen the Wire. It is a pleasure and a delight in writing for you all.
2014-10-03 20:21#195571 tbendis : There were many, many times when I was concerned that I didn't have the audience, that I didn't have the readership, that I didn't have the time, nor the interest, in making this story into what it once was, and what it deserves to be.

You've always had me <3
2014-10-06 05:24#195676 Akash :
2014-10-03 20:21#195571 tbendis : There were many, many times when I was concerned that I didn't have the audience, that I didn't have the readership, that I didn't have the time, nor the interest, in making this story into what it once was, and what it deserves to be.

You've always had me <3


No, really, I'm fine... Just... give me a minute...

*wipes eyes, removing the water of manliness that occasionally secreted from them*

Alright... where were we.

The flagship highway was closed from Ogulin down, as commuters were forced to negotiate alternative routes over the mountain passes of Velebit, as coastal regiments of the military protected the highway in danger of high winds, and heavy rainfall alerts. It had never been quite that bad as this season, but the rain in the mountains, according to the coastal city heads, were endangering travelers, and so, barricaded the most significant passages to the coast. Several parliamentary members attempted to make their way up North, but were spurned by the clearly military installations, and forced to turn around.

The governor of the Dubrovnik region - Mateo Barišić - the only person on the coast not associated with Timmy Bendiš's recent wave of election wins, was personally escorted by the military back to Split, to ensure his safe return, and to dissuade an attempt to cross the heavily under-maintained village roads that snaked up the mountainside.

However, while the torrential downpour continued, the Hajduk U19s continued to dominate Europe, as the world reknowned Schalke academy (Mesut Özil, Benedikt Höwedes) capitulated against the smashing Hajduk youngsters, who showed no mercy against one of the fancied sides of the competition. It was Goran Vukčević who picked up the man of the match. The 16 year old, one of the few Split-born starters on the youth team, picked up a hattrick, while Tschen-Sseu Heintz only scored two to claim the man of the match. Tomaš Fernandez, the Catalan, managed to pick up the final goal for Hajduk before Schalke managed to pick up a consolation goal. It wasn't enough for the Germans, who couldn't handle the marauding front line, and paid accordingly, dropping to second place in the group, but still managing a qualification as Vitesse and Dinamo Kiev drew.
What a win over Schalke! This officially means that the Croatian youth system is now better than German one right? ;)
2014-10-11 03:45#195934 Zap : What a win over Schalke! This officially means that the Croatian youth system is now better than German one right? ;)

Nah, just that my scouts were doing their job properly

It took thirteen seconds for Bendiš to wash the distress of losing to Betis and Juventus at home. Bojan Krkić trounced the Dalmatian club with a dashing performance, before Juventus managed to reverse the defeat that the Croatians punished them with in Torino.

And they needed this win. Lose at Sankt Jakobspark and face the first drop out that Hajduk has seen in almost a decade. In fact, face the first time Hajduk hasn't made the final in 7 years. They were fortunate at home, as Matko Kardum and Admir Lotinac played the ultimate advanced duo, but still only scored twice...

... thirteen seconds in, though, Pero Bašić danced inside the line, before curling a ball around the keeper and straight onto the corner, rattling both the crossbar and the post before ricocheting off back into open play, only for Tomi Kiš to fire wide. It was a sign of things to come.

The marauding 4-3-3 nabbed the ball at the back, and the former Dinamo Zagreb player, Vedran Ivić, proved a point, as, lightning quick, he passed the Swiss winger, and cut inside, before crossing all the way to Josip Bašić, the other full-back, who smashed the ball past the keeper only 5 minutes in.

Pero Bašić scored the second, before Matko Kardum made it three within twenty minutes.

And, while Basel kept trying to come back, every goal they scored after that was met with an immediate response. Heartbreaking, for the Swiss, and a brutal statement of intent from the imperious Bendiš on the touchline, who had never looked so cold, less forgiving than he had since he won the election.

This was not a Bendiš that was meant to be toyed with. This was not one that would accept a defeat in the final. This Bendiš wasn't going to lose.

Two great updates, and a big congratulations on SotM! I was swithering on who to choose, till I saw you'd been nominated - absolute no-brainer for me!

I look forward to every time I get an email of a new post in this thread!
"No, really, what, the actual fuck was that. Peši?, out, Ivan?i? out. Josip, take the damned captain's armband, but don't you dare fuck with me"

A morally dejected Teo Peši?, one of the highest valued midfielders in the world, walked out with one of the greatest up and comers, Nikica Ivan?i?, before throwing his shirt at the wall.


Bendiš was livid, far more furious than any of them had seen in years. The Croatian's disdain for Americans and 'soccer' was only matched by his hatred of northern politics. Born in San Francisco, he rarely disclosed said fact, and it was known only by a very select few people within the club's hierarchy. Most of his players assumed that he was born in Dubrovnik, where his father was born and raised, or in Zagreb, where his mother called home.

Alas, war does tricky things... so, for however briefly the Bendiš family had left the country, their son was born, before they returned to the Croatian capital, and then to the coast.

None of that did anything for Bendiš though, as, in Cameroon, he was very far away from any of these places, and they were, frankly, irrelevant.

Peši? turned, his face sullen, his pride shattered, before nodding at the man he probably respected most in the world, the man who turned away everything to sit in front of them at this very moment.

"The eleven of you are going to march right back onto that pitch, wearing the badge of the greatest team in the world, wearing the shirt that all of your family and friends are wearing right now, and you are going to show the fucking americans how the beautiful game is played. You will pass the ball, nab it off of them, and, honestly, do anything you God damned well please, so long as the ball makes it past their damned keeper more times than it goes past Hašib."

Silence followed... Bendiš turned, around, and concentrated on his notes, before he realized that no one had moved...


A few minutes later, Bendiš assumed his spot on the touchline, his tie off, one too many unbuttons undone on his shirt. His jacket drenched from the rain.

It took nine minutes.

"Vedran Ivi? crosses it in, Hajduk have been knocking on the door, no goal yet... Grocott outjumps Matko Kardum, and clears it to Sergio Luli? who...

... wow..."

From 38 meters, Luli? buried a goal into the top right corner. The keeper jumped for it, he guessed right, and everything... but there was no stopping the goal... it was just too much.

Two minutes later, Pero Baši? equalized. Then, three minutes later, it was Mili?, who toepoked it from close range. Matko Kardum scored Hajduk's fourth goal within 7 minutes in the 61st, before Josip Baši? curled one in from the right side.

It was the 65th minute. Hajduk had just scored 5 goals in 11 minutes, a feat not even 2014 Germany could match.

Kiš made it 6-2 before 15 minutes had past, before Hajduk finally calmed down. 6 goals in just over 15 minutes had silenced the American support. Silenced the stadium.

They thought it was over, that the agony of a ruthless Hajduk would stop, but Matko Kardum lived up to his 20 million euro price tag. The 19 year old got inside on a magnificent triple pass from Kiš, and Pero Baši? to score the 7th.

It was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest halves of football ever played, and it gives Hajduk the unprecedented second chance of being the first club to ever defend the World Club Championship title.

Whether Bendiš can lead them to it remains to be seen, as, instead of getting the easy way out, instead of getting an easier team... one that would roll over to the Dalmatians, they got Boca Juniors.
What a half! Brilliant result man, and another well-written update

My god what a 2nd half that was

Great updates as well
What an epic update. I could feel the rage emanating from my computer, so wonderfully was this written. Oh, and a decent half of football, too ;)

P.S. Some of us Americans aren't that bad, you know :(
tbendis's avatar Group tbendis
9 yearsEdited
For the first time in history, there is one team that is so comprehensively amazing that it may win every. single. competition available to them. At all levels of play. Fresh of their decimating win against Cibalia in the Croatian U19s cup semifinal, where Tchen-Sseu Heintz scored a magnificent, and wholly unnecessary hat-trick in a scoreline that wouldn't even be at place at a tennis court, Hamburg native, Alexander Müller, played the hero alongside Tomaš Fernandez in a victory that left the Catalans in tears.

Having defeated Porto and Bayern, whose youth academies are admired around the world, Bendiš sat at his provisional desk at La Masia smoking a cigarette, using a picture frame as an ashtray. The Barcelona academy had long since moved all of their training facilities to Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, and it had been something of a custom to allow foreign youth teams access to La Masia, at least for resting, rather then forcing them to use unsavory, and sometimes expensive, accommodations somewhere far from the stadium and in the city.

Bendiš was one of those men that commanded the respect of even Barcelona, and when they heard that he would be coming with the team, La Masia had been hastily prepared for the incoming U19s, and Bendiš for the headmaster's office.

There was only one photograph of an appropriate size for an ashtray that Bendiš found at his quick survey of the legendary academy. It was a small photograph, one with four men on it, three dressed in the old, classic Barça kit... before they became sellouts and started selling the club off to Qatar, piece by piece. One could make out the silhouette of Pep Guardiola, his autograph under the ashes.

It was different on the pitch though. Tomaš Fernandez, who many, many people who aren't Bendiš, regard as the eventual successor for Tomislav Kiš, in name and all, had come to his former academy. And, while Hajduk was strong, even he was smart enough to worry that Barcelona had all the advantages. This was a team that did not fall quickly or easily.

Bendiš, on the other hand, his disdain for the tiki-taka playing style well known, did not expect Barcelona to come flooding out of the gates. And he paid the price. One of the last great remnants of the infamous purge of the Barça academy, Adrìa, opened the scoring within 20 minutes, and then again within the half hour. Giving something that Bendiš had not experienced: being on the losing side. Porto had rolled over. Bayern had thrown itself off a cliff. But Barcelona was fighting. Something that Hajduk was not accustomed to.

The first half came and went, and Gordon Vukčević, someone Bendiš truly regards as the heir to Kiš, was hauled off in favor of Alexander Müller, the striker who finally put the Hajduk squad in gear. Fernández scored the first goal on the hour mark, giving Hajduk only thirty minutes to get back ground, before Barcelona struck again, on the 70th minute. A hard, cruel reminder that, while Hajduk were unstoppable at home, Catalunya was different.

Catalunya was Barcelona. Mes Que un Club.

But so was Hajduk, and Alex Müller showed why Bendiš had brought him from Bremen. A dazzling run down the left resulted in a quick shot on the 75th minute, giving back the belief to the Dalmatian club. There was no turning back now.

The clock wound down, and Hajduk were still grasping at straws. For all their late stage domination, they could not get that last goal... The 90th minute came and went, 91st, 92nd... But then there it was... down a goal, Dalibor Bošnjak, the 16 year old midfield wünderkind nabbed the ball off the attacking Spaniards, and lofted the ball forward... 93:05. Joel Pons was coming out to get it, but no, Tcehn-Sseu Heintz, the unfortunately named Alsatian, grabbed the ball right in front of him and passed the through ball to Müller, who, cutting in front of the unready keeper, placed the ball in the bottom right corner.

93:46. 3-3. Hajduk had, somehow, someway, equalized.

Bendiš silently approached the edge of his technical area, fire in his eyes. There was no bullshitting now. This was serious.

It took only 8 minutes of extra time for Tomáš Fernàndez to end it for Barcelona... After that, after Hajduk took lead, there was no taking it back. The final score was 4-3. Bendiš packed his bags, and hung the picture back on the wall.

Barcelona legends stared down from the wall, just removed from a desk, wiped clean from cigarette ashes. Their famous motivational quotation, "With effort and sacrifice, you can also make it. Just do it, it is worth it!" staring down at an empty room. Its hollow stare watching over what was once a legendary place... one that had been replaced by one of the greatest men the game had ever seen.

He flicked a cigarette out of the window of his Ferrari California, before flipping his sunglasses down over his eyes. Hajduk made the final, crushing the shoulders of giants beneath his heels.



Bottom of the table Šibenik visited Hajduk on a crisp Wednesday afternoon in Split, as they came to see if they could rescue their season with a winning cup run that would see them qualify for Europe.

Unfortunately, they came to Split... and realistically, that wasn't going to end well. So badly, in fact, that, at 2-0 up, Bendiš decided that it might be right time to blood a couple of his excellent youngsters in the U19s, and throw them on the pitch. Both Tchen-Sseu Heintz, whose first name is too ridiculous to print in absence of his last, and Gordon Vukčević appeared in the 67th minute, subbing Pero Bašić and Tomislav Kiš respectively. The Hajduk legends were given an ovation - Kiš later won the man of the match award with a goal and an assist - before applause was given to the two teenagers, as the crowd glimpsed them for the first time.

It only took 15 minutes. Heintz showed some exceptional class to dribble down the left flank while sipping a cup of tea (pinky up, of course), before dancing inside and cutting the ball to the opposite flank. Admir Lotinac, a consumate professional at the ripe old age of 21 (one who already has two CWC best player awards and three CL titles). The winger beared down on the keeper, and promptly fired a vicious shot right at him, prompting the bobble. Gordon Vukčević, like every good poacher, was right there, and, reeled towards the stands in celebration... scoring a goal on his début, with ten minutes to spare.

Bendiš watched, reminiscing a certain Croatian striker that scored with 10 minutes to spare on his international début against Andorra... He's now only one goal off the record.

Bendiš left the tunnel, gave his short press conference, and moved on. His assistant chased after him with a mobile phone... "sir, the Prime minister is on the line!"

"Oh, alright, what does he want now?

"Good fucking evening, what can I do for you now?"

The voice shook on the other end of the line, "Look, I don't know what you're doing, but here in the capital, we're honestly wondering why the army is still guarding the passes. It's been almost a month, it's hardly an argument that there's still a danger from flooding."

"Mr. Prime Minister, far be it from me to impinge on your almighty authority, but I have two points for you. One: we on the coast do not feel it necessary for the suits in the capital to dictate our concern for the safety for our citizens. And Two: You're the Prime Minister, surely you wouldn't insinuate that some lowly mayor on the coast has more control over the military than you do. Why don't you just call them and withdraw them yourself?"

"Mr. Bendiš, you know very well that I cannot simply call them a-and withdraw them myself. For some reason, the t-troops have decided that someone else is in charge, other than the highest office in the country, and my best, and frankly, only guess, is you"

"Well, if you're going to just point fingers at people, then, frankly, I don't have time for this. Military sounds like the Prime minister's problem, not the Mayor of Split's."

The Prime Minister spattered, "Fuck you Timmy, I know it's you. Stop fucking around..."

taking the insults perfectly in stride, Bendiš continued with a cheery tone, "Oh, Marko, I almost forgot... tell Anja to enjoy her first week back in school. I'm sure she'll enjoy it... where is she, the V. Gymnasium?" before he hung up.

He looked up at the sky, as snowflakes fell on his head. Winter had finally arrived in Split.
#ThrowbackSunday #tohellwiththesystem
Eleven years later....he is a monster!
Some lovely updates there, I hope you win everything with Hajduk AND the U19's, that would be incredible! Also, interesting to see that you've overpowered the Prime Minister for the military ;)

Oh, and Kiš...not bad.

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