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[FM13]The Adriatic Adventure [Hajduk Split]

FM 13
Started on 12 May 2013 by tbendis
Latest Reply on 10 August 2015 by tbendis
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Great result against PSV, Tom Kis saves the day again! Good luck against City and Milan! :)
Good to see people start filling up the place. Hopefully the Ultras bring the pyro lol
Tomi Kiš didn't score for the first time in nearly a month, and Hajduk paid the price. Granted, he assisted twice, but that isn't the point.

Really, it was Hajduk's loss. Both of their defensive midfielders were out: Antonio Mili? has been injured for nearly a month with a hernia, while Danko Ravni? had gotten suspended in Hajduk's 5-0 rout in the Croatian cup (idiot), so Hajduk were playing with scraps. But their super-attacking formation still got them 3 goals, and, while they did drop two points, they still have 25 points from 9. So the undefeated season is still well underway...
Bendiš, his girlfriend, his best friend, and his lovely girlfriend were all sitting in a café in Como, the morning of the match. They didn't really have anything else to do that week... it was October, it's not like the club has much business except for the league at that time. And Bendiš's good friend worked for the city... or maybe the city worked for him... regardless. Neither of the three of them were thrilled with the coffee, because, while Italians may make the best coffee, on average, Bendiš's café had recently been awarded the "best cup of coffee in Europe" award, and... well, after that, everything just seemed mundane.

It was a couple weeks after PSV lost in Milan, and City and Hajduk fought to a boring draw in Split. Not Hajduk's fault. Inexplicably, Manchester City decided to fight for a draw, rather than attack for a win. Hajduk nearly stole it under their English noses, but Joe Hart denied Kiš and Ljubi?i? twice apiece, as City rolled down the time.

Bendiš's Ferrari was parked right outside the café, next to his friend's extremely rare DB4 Zagato. He said it was a gift... but who was to tell where he got his money from. It wasn't family money, in any case. And, even in Como, the pair took in their fair share of jealous stares as people walked down the road. The girls got up and left. It was the lovely vacation for the four of them, as they'd been in Italy for 4 days now, ever since Hajduk beat local rivals, Split 7-1. Bendiš and his best friend took the Ferrari to Milan. The girls took the Aston. Bendiš and his friend wasn't in the mood to make an entrance in the 1 in 20 Zagato...

"Do you really think you can beat Milan in Milan?"

"-I don't know. Look, every year we beat someone. We did it last year, and the year before. I still don't know what to do."

Bendiš unfurled La Gazzetta dello Sport. A giant headline, "FORZA MILAN" was spread across the cover, with Zvonimir Boban's analysis on Bendiš's giant derby, and on the two manager's terms in charge. Allegri had been in charge for just a few years longer than Bendiš, and it was no secret that the two didn't care for each other. Bendiš was furious at Allegri for taking ?aktaš with not so much a warning, and Allegri... well, he had no respect for people he could control. Bendiš flipped through the next few pages. Boban had an uncharacteristically positive view of Bendiš in the Italian press... although, that's because he was Croatian. He still didn't care for Hajduk though. The former Dinamo man had spent 10 years in Milan, and had good fun doing it.

Galliani stopped by for his cup of coffee later. The Milan director was well known to have his coffee at this café, and he tipped his hat at the Hajduk manager. Most people in football respected Bendiš, and Galliani was one of them. It was the manager's that didn't like losing to him. As the match drew closer, the four Croatians drew together for lunch before heading off to the stadium.

And it was magnificent. San Siro was, and always is, a huge site. Naturally, all the Milan celebrities were there. Maldini had stayed in Milan, even though his son moved to Serie B. In the stands next to him, were, naturally, Baresi was there with him, as was the great Van Basten, who was currently unemployed.

And the press conferences showed true feelings for the managers. Allegri hated Bendiš. Bendiš, completely surprised by this fact, wondered why the hell that was true, before Allegri said he would be thrilled to defeat Hajduk, and this draw has "given me the opportunity to put that sleazy underdog in his place". To which Bendiš responded, "Sleazy underdog? I'm not the one who showed up at my café and laid 10 million euros on my table no questions asked. The bank called the police and they asked me if the mafia gave me money to throw the match. I've had to win ALL my matches just to keep the police off my back"

And although Allegri hated Bendiš, AC Milan didn't. In fact, the fans really didn't understand Allegri's hatred of everyone's "second-favorite club". So, five minutes in, Nigel de Jong held onto the ball just outside the box, before a rushing Antonio Mili? got to the ball, and, alone before Marco Amelia, he placed the ball into the corner. But Milan took it back, in the 49th minute of the 1st half (with no injuries to speak of) It seemed questionable. But, fine... it's Italy. ?aktaš assited Nocerino with the cross.

The second half seemed fine. Kiš was on something of a goal drought. Although he assisted an average of 2, maybe 3 goals a game, he hadn't scored in 4 matches. But he got it this time. He got a goal disallowed, before Pero Baši? flung a ball into the box for Kiš to take his chance from outside the box. Bendiš ran up the touchline and shouted at Allegri, "TAKE IT. TAKE IT YOU BITCH. TAKE IT LIKE A DIRTY, DIRTY GIRL" in a nasty Italian dialect, to which the crowd, although disappointed, laughed loudly.

Allegri couldn't take it back, and Bendiš, thrilled, was carried onto the pitch by the players. ?aktaš lead the AC Milan pack to congratulate Hajduk. Josip Elež won the man of the match.

After the match, everyone went home. Bendiš drove home with his girlfriend, and stopped by some relatives in Slovenia, where they were met with open arms. They discussed the match for a bit, before going upstairs to the extra room. They were standing on the balcony, looking at the alps, before Bendiš looked down at his girlfriend's eyes and said the magic words. She looked back up. "I love you too" before the two of them retired to the bedroom. It wasn't Paris, but it was hard to beat Bendiš on timing.


What a win! Brilliant stuff, Kiš comes up huge!

Also, a romantic bastard, aren't you :P
FORZA Hajduk.
tbendis's avatar Group tbendis
9 yearsEdited
Manchester City rolled over in Holland, while Hajduk went for it all after winning in Milan. It looked like they'd get it too. Pero Baši? floated an excellent cross to Ljubi?i? in the 18th minute, giving Hajduk the lead, and topping the group.

But Milan were Milan. They had the strength to hold on, and hold on they did. With Goran Blaževi? diving the wrong way, Mattia Destro made the most of a counter-attack, scoring in the 42nd minute. Poljud wasn't thrilled, but it was packed, and the atmosphere was amazing. Even with only 35 000 people, the stadium was the pinnacle of stadiums, and the crowd. Well, it didn't get any better than Split.

Under pressure, Antonio Nocerino got a straight red card on the hour, while PSV was destroying City 2-0. Bendiš saw the chance, and jumped at it, throwing lightning fast Ton?i Mujan and Goran Jozinovi? on. But Allegri saw that he was threatened and went ultra-defensive. 10 minutes passed, the 80th minute came and went, and just when Allegri thought he got away with 10 men in Split, Hajduk got it. With the last kick of the game, Jozinovi? floated a corner into the box. Josip Elež got a foot on it, and it rebounded to Mirko Oremuš. The winger chipped the ball up, getting it over the Milan keeper and over the line in the 94th minute.

Bendiš, already on the edge of his box, ran straight onto the pitch as the referee blew the final whistle. The crowd went absolutely bananas, and the team were eager to celebrate. The café didn't close that night, as the city celebrated the fact that their team are in the Champions League with a shout this season.

OTHER STORIES TO FOLLOW: The Danish Invasion of Inter
Brilliant win, you are just too damn good! Hajduk for life!

Also, thanks for mention :D
A first half penalty gave Hajduk the unexpected lead, as the Croatian club fought for glory in the final match of the group stages. Bendiš had already proved that it wasn't a fluke that he kept qualifying for the Knockout Rounds, when he did so with a game to spare. City was in the same boat. But nearly any result, except for a loss, would have given Hajduk their first top berth in years, and at least an extra 500 000 €.

Hajduk chose to field an entirely home-grown first XI. Erik Janža was injured, so he didn't make an appearance, while Mirnes Trifkovi? and Josip Tomaševi? were not first team. Meanwhile, Manchester City did nothing of the sort, fielding all sorts of foreign players...

For the penalty, Kiš - of course - stood up and panenka'd the shot past Joe Hart. He had been watching that one Euro video from 2012, when Pirlo had singlehandedly humiliated England. And, although Hart was a few years older, he was none the better at blocking penalties. Even before Kiš took the shot, Hart was diving right, and it was a simple task to take the lead.

Bendiš would've killed Kiš if he missed it over a Panenka though...

Even so, Hajduk walked into the dressing room at the half with a small lead, and, although City were dominating the midfield, they couldn't challenge Hajduk's defense. But that all changed. Nasri got to the ball outside the box, and the ball somehow floated past Blaževi? in the 60th. The time was winding down though. Hajduk look to have secured top spot. But, in the 90th, Holger Badstuber rose on a corner to head the ball into the net.

Bendiš looked on. A single tear collected at the corner of his eye, before he wiped it away. Perhaps just as well, because most of the biggest clubs in Europe had finished 2nd that season.

Hajduk, the Adriatic's pride and joy, go into negotiations to buy back their beloved stadium, as, after years and years of financial hardships, the club finally finds itself on sounder footing. Owned by the city since (at least) 2010, the 35 000 seat stadium is part of Bendiš's grand plan of hosting the Champions League. It also gives Bendiš the opportunity to work closer with his girlfriend, who manages the stadium's portfolio, among other details. The deal should be closed towards the end of the season, specifically on the 9th of July, 2018.
Get the Poljud back! :D Also, tough draw, Juventus is always strong, but maybe, just maybe you can sneak by this time!
"NO... NO, THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE..." - G. IACHINI 21.II.2018.g.
HAJDUK 3-2 JUVENTUS - M. OREMUŠ ('23, '31), T. TOPI? ('90)
Hajduk came off the Group stage with double wins against the Italian champions, AC Milan. It was improbable, but Hajduk managed to pull it off. The same AC Milan managed to beat Inter 4-0, but lost to Juventus 4-0 at Della Alpi not a week later.

But Juve were Juve. La Vecchia Signora beat out Chelsea to the top spot by a narrow, narrow margin. In fact... in the penultimate match, it looked like Chelsea was running away with it. Juve lost 5 easy points in the middle matches, even though they beat Chelsea in the opener at Stamford Bridge. But then, Chelsea came to Torino... and well...

Juve showed Di Matteo what's what...

Meanwhile, Split, Italy's worst enemy, were showing Allegri, who is having a massive 7 year run in charge of AC Milan, who's boss. Hint: it wasn't Allegri. Inexplicably though, Manchester City managed to grab the top spot. It was a sad moment for Hajduk, but, after the draw, they were remarkably pleased not to have drawn Porto. Even the Bianconeri was a pleasant alternative.

Hajduk had a great winter break though though. The match before Juve had two hattricks. Sure, it was against non-league opposition, but hell, go with what works. Juventus didn't have such luck. They went into the Hajduk match with a draw against Cesena. Sure, they beat Inter 3-1. But Bendiš rejected Inter. Since then, winning against Inter just wasn't the same anymore, even with Strammachoni back (even as a 2nd choice).

The Old Lady still walked onto the pitch at Poljud, confident in the face of the boisterous crowd. This was Hajduk, that was Juventus. The difference in class was obvious. Hajduk's only advantage? The fact that every player was willing to leave everything on the pitch.

And with that, Juventus scored. It took 8 minutes, the South Korean Son Hueng-Min danced inside the box, before smashing it past Goran Blaževi?. And with that, Poljud sunk in despair. The confetti that had become customary for the sold-out crowd had stopped being thrown from the stands. The smoke from the fireworks was gone, and, from the fans' point of view. So was the Champions League. They still loved the club. No other manager would bring a home-grown team so far. Hell, for, 3, 4 of the matches in the group stage, when Erik Janža was injured, 11 Hajduk born-and-raised players took the pitch. SIX were one club men. Still, they couldn't help being disappointed when the Korean midget strutted next to the few Italian fans that had taken the ferry from Ancona.

But Bendiš hadn't quite rolled over yet. It would be different if Ciro Immobile was fronting the attack. He would have been more scared. No, this was Hajduk's match, no matter the odds against (3 to 1). And Mirko Oremuš, literally a club legend, saw the fire in Bendiš's eyes and knew what he had to do.

The winger, the former #11, before he graciously gave that away to Ivan Džoni, took the ball from within his own half after a wild clearance from Antonio Mili?. But there was no Juventus defense. Well... there was, but it wasn't buffered by the midfield. So, with plenty of space, Oremuš dashed past Salvatore Bocchetti AND Giorgi Chiellini: two Italian defensive masters, and simply had to place the ball past Samir Handanovi? to equalize, which he did with all the flair in the world; chipping it over the rushing keeper. 1-1 in the 23rd

Oremuš was up it again after Mario Ljubi?i? hit the post, and Tomi Kiš got his shot blocked by Handanovi?. It looked like the attack was over, but Oremuš got to the rebound first, and blasted the ball into the top corner off the half hour. 2-1 for Hajduk. The stands ERUPTED into cheers. Bendiš fist-pumped the sky, and showed why, at 26, he is in his prime.

But, as quickly as it came, it left. Min scored once more in the 31st minute, to equalize at 2-2. It was a cheap goal, but it was still a goal, and Hajduk fans thought that they had lost the momentum.

But then no one scored. No one even came close for a long time. In fact, people were starting to sort of start getting ready to go when the 90th minute came along. Toni Topi?, who had replaced a dismal Tomi Kiš in the 71st got to the ball, and started dribbling. This 19 year old showed that it wasn't over until it was over, as Juventus' midfield already started looking scrappy. This was his chance. He sprayed the ball over to the wing, before Mirko Oremuš crossed the ball back into the center for Topi? to get a head over Chiellini and into the corner of Handanovi?'s net.

Silence, but only for a second, as Topi? realized what he had done. He raced, the full length of the pitch to the stands where Hajduk's biggest supporters were standing, and basked in their glory. Truly, this was the most fearsome ground in Europe, as Juventus learned the hard way, leaving Split with a 3-2 deficit.

For Bendiš, it was all smiles at the press conference. Perhaps he is good enough. Perhaps Bendiš can lead Hajduk to glory. Only time will tell.
Brilliant update, brilliant win. It's going to be a HELL of a match in Turin! Lets go Hajduk!! :)
I like your style of updates very easy to follow and a delight to read keep up the good work
I commented! :D
In his 300th game, Bendiš finally made it past the Round of 16. And, with the final whistle, it was Split, not Torino, that erupted into massive cheers. Bendiš deployed probably the most defensive formation that Hajduk can pull off, and it worked. Juventus had less than 10 shots, and Blaževi? only needed to block 4 of those. But, Hajduk were deadly in attack. Rare, but deadly.

It took only 40 minutes, before Mirko Oremuš dashed in on the right. Chiellini just wasn't fast enough, and Oremuš took the first goal. Juve needed 2 to win after that, but with Elež and Malo?a in the back? It wasn't happening, and, after another hour, Hajduk celebrated with his manager, throwing him up into the air as if they'd won it all.

If they keep playing like this though? They might just do that... Europe, and Camp Nou (final venue) beckon

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