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Remi Garde: Reclaiming The World - THIS STORY WILL NOT GO ANY FURTHER

Started on 14 May 2013 by k1rups
Latest Reply on 8 August 2013 by Louis O.
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Arvind: Haha thanks Arvind. Hopefully I can build to that Champions League win :p

Paddy: Cheers Paddy I've churned out a lot of updates lately :p the loss against City was tough but we have Champions League football so that makes up for it

Glenn: Thanks Glenn! I know that money was very useful though :p

OnTheBall: Haha you know all about him ;) hopefully he has a strong season to show I was right to buy him
Tom Ince! Love him! Although I've never used him in FM :P Hope he does well for you. Signing English players for a foreign side is always fun :)
2013-05-23 11:24#104128 Glenn T : Tom Ince! Love him! Although I've never used him in FM :P Hope he does well for you. Signing English players for a foreign side is always fun :)

Booo reached my daily thanks limit haha I've never used him either so hope he's a good signing! I wanted to spend more to get a left winger but didn't have the funds :(
Some good signings mate! Believe me: De Sciglio is great! He has been in my first eleven till the beginning of my career and he is doing great! :)
When i took control of england in my save, i put Tom straight into the starting eleven, he beasted it on the left wing. Great signing and good luck :)
Gambit: I bought de Sciglio when I was Bayern and he was quality. Maybe in a season or two I can buy him

Ziechael: I've never had experience with him so hope he's worth the money :p thanks mate

Press Conference

Journalist = JR
Alexandre Lacazette = AL

JR: Good afternoon Alex, thanks for taking the time out to join us. How are you feeling after your injury in preseason? Will you be ready for next week’s match against FC Metz in the Trophee des Champions?

AL: I’m feeling good, ready to go. I still think I need a few more days and that game might come a bit too soon for me but I will be ready after that to fire the goals in for this great club. FC Metz should be an easy win for the boys and I know I won’t be needed.

JR: You were on fire for Lyon last season despite playing some matches from the wing as well, finishing with 28 goals for the season. Do you think that was a one off or will you score even more?

AL: That was just the start of my goal scoring powers under the tutelage of Remi. The boss is a good man, he gives me lots of opportunities and I think he showed the world he has great ability as a manager. He’s the reason I played so well last season and I plan on repaying the faith by scoring more goals this season.

JR: That’s great to hear Alex. What do you think the goals are this season for Lyon? Will you focus on Europe this time?

AL: We can’t just focus on Europe. We won the league after many years and there is no way we will give that up again but we also want to be successful in Europe and we want to bring home the Champions League. I know this year it may not happen because we are a young group. I think the average age is only 22 this year, compared to 23 last year but these boys feel no pressure. We want to win as many things as we can.

JR: That is true! The squad this season is much younger and you could be considered to be a veteran, having played in the first team for a few years. Do the younger players come to you for advice? How do you think they will do this year?

AL: Haha I am no veteran. Those are players like Steedy and Remy. It has been good to work with young strikers such as Carlitos and T-Watt. They love to learn and have learnt quickly. Benzy is also picking things up quickly and for sure Carlos and Yassine will play a bigger part this season for us. Players like Will and Sammy (Umtiti) came in to the team as if they were experienced players and played like that. Nothing they did showed any inexperience or naivety. These guys will all step up another level and be the reason we bring more glory to this amazing club. With the gaffer in charge here we believe anything is possible and it is because of him that many of us are being selected for our national teams.

JR: You’re obviously very passionate and confident about the group of players you have. Good luck for the season ahead and we will follow you closely.


(Will be doing a new style of updates for matches now. Let me know if I should stick to this or go back to the old way)

Breitenrain 1 – 5 Olympique Lyonnais

Saturday 6th July 2013 – Friendly – Spitalacker, Bern – Att. 2,500

Lacazette (12,32,41)
Fierro (62)
Hughes (86)

Olympique Lyonnais 3 – 2 Anderlecht

Saturday 13th July 2013 – Friendly – Stade de Gerland, Lyon – Att. 17,362

Benzia (12,71)
Allione (40)

?eské Bud?jovice 0 – 4 Olympique Lyonnais

Saturday 20th July 2013 – Friendly – Stadion St?elecký ostrov,
?eské Bud?jovice – Att. 26,386

Fierro (23)
Watt (45+2, 66)
Umtiti (61)

Olympique Lyonnais FC 5 – 0 Metz

Saturday 27th July 2013 – Trophee des Champions – Stade de Gerland, Lyon – Att. 31,576

Grenier (5)
Allion (17,35)
Watt (pen 32, 81)

Kaizer Chiefs 1 – 9 Olympique Lyonnais

Saturday 3rd August 2013 – Friendly – Peter Mokaba Stadium – Att. 15,610

Grenier (32)
Fierro (42,79)
Watt (51,61,74,87)
Umtiti (54)
Allion (70)

Rojo (3)

A great preseason for the boys with loads of goals scored. The new signings are bedding in well and this has given me great confidence going in to the new season. Our first match is against newly promoted Guingamp and I expect us to do well.
The new style looks awesome. Is that a formation of you using three strikers? I might need that! Looks interesting.

And it seems you've changed the title as well. Brilliant. Looks nicer now :)
Great pre-season Krupesh! And nice formation: I was thinking about something like that for Milan next season... but with something different! Let's see... :P
Glenn: Thanks mate! I'm liking it too but there will be one more change in the new updates :p Yeah it varies 3-4-3 and 3-4-1-2 with an AMC. I have to give you the thanks for the title change mate :D

Gambit: Thanks dude. The formation is probably one I will vary alot between 3-4-3, 3-4-1-2 and 3-5-2

New Challenge

Training was over and we were heading in to the weekend match against Montpellier when there was a knock on my door. My now second choice keeper Remy Vercoutre walked in and said he wants to have a chat.

I motioned to the chair and he said this wont take long and chose to stand. I shrugged, I was tired and to be honest we both wanted to get out of here. And then he stung me.

“Mr Garde, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way and it has nothing to do with the new keeper you have bought in but I want to leave. I have achieved all I can here and want a new challenge.”

“But Remy we just won the league and are trying to make a name for ourselves in Europe. Do you really want to leave now?”

“To be honest, with such a young squad I don’t see how you will manage that and I don’t have much faith in you.”

Ouch, that stung. This guy, who has played for Lyon for years doesn’t have much faith in a man who just won the league back. What a t*wt. I wasn’t ready to let someone treat me like that and I told him fine, if that is what he wants, that is what he will get.

His value was €2.7 million and I put him up for sale for €5 million. He walked out and I told him that he was never needed again. After only 15 minutes my phone rang.

“Hello Catherine who is it?”

“Mr Garde, the chairman of Monaco is on the phone about a player transfer, I’m putting him through now.”

“Good evening Remi, I want to make this quick. I got a notice you put Vercoutre up for sale. We want him and we will pay the €5 million you want.”

I thought to myself these guys are absolute suckers; that much money for a below average keeper.

“Right well I am happy with that. He will be yours as soon as you want. Thank you and good night.”

I hung up and that was that. A quick, cool €5 million made in 10 minutes and now I had to find a replacement. A quick call to my scouts and they told me a keeper from Montpellier was transfer listed for €500,000. He was going to be back up to John so he just had to be half decent and he was from what I was told. Done deal and just like that a replacement keeper was in as well.

Fantastic update, what a twat Vercoutre is. Pity he had to leave after all those trophies won, though.
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11 yearsEdited

Match Updates August

Olympique Lyonnais 3 – 0 Guingamp

Saturday 10th August 2013 – Ligue 1 – Stade de Gerland, Lyon – Att. 30,293

Rojo (13)
Watt (pen 48)
Grenier (86)

Saint-Etienne 1 – 2 Olympique Lyonnais

Saturday 17th August 2013 – Ligue 1 – Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-Etienne – Att. 26,747

Allione (15)

Olympique Lyonnais 2 – 0 Valenciennes

Saturday 24th August 2013 – Ligue 1 – Stade de Gerland, Lyon – Att. 30,771


League Table

A decent month but a tough loss against our rivals Saint-Etienne meant the fans were not happy and to be honest neither was I. We beat them last season and they didn’t really improve this season and even though we went ahead we couldn’t capitalise and get the win. Lille are the only team to have won their first 3 games and they will be a force to reckon with but I know my boys. We will have a better month in September.
Not top? You disappoint me :P

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