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Remi Garde: Reclaiming The World - THIS STORY WILL NOT GO ANY FURTHER

Started on 14 May 2013 by k1rups
Latest Reply on 8 August 2013 by Louis O.
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2013-05-24 13:32#104501 Glenn T : Not top? You disappoint me :P

I'm disappointed too :( thanks for reading though haha :)

Injury Horror

I decided I should go out to training this morning and join in. I woke up feeling refreshed and in a good mood after our last match against Valenciennes. The boys were in a good mood and I wanted to take advantage of this and have a relaxed training session.

We played some keep ball games and had some shooting practice. I embarrassed myself immensely but I wanted to show the squad I wasn’t afraid to do that and I wanted to make them feel more comfortable with me around. I was lining up to take a shot at goal when I heard an agonising shout from behind that made me stop in my tracks. I was fearful, I didn’t want to turn around but I heard one of the coaches shout “REMI!!!”

I turned and ran towards a group huddled around a player. Just as I got closer a couple of the players moved out of the way and I could finally see who it was. Sammy Umtiti. He was on his side clutching his hamstring and I knew by the look on his face it wasn’t good. This kid was voted the Supporters Player of the Year at the end of last season at only 19. He was by all definitions a wonderkid and it didn’t look good. He was taken off in to the medical room and I headed to my office. I sat leaning back thinking about what we would need to do without Sammy and I looked at the list of defenders we had. I knew we would be okay but it is a great shame he will miss out on a vital 3 months.

3 months! :O

Well, at least you have no shortage of defenders. Let's hope Samuel comes back stronger :D
What a pity! Umtiti has been great your last season... Well, I know you will be able to manage this loss! :)
Damn. Top player, gone for 3 whole months. At least the epic new style of update will cheer Mr.Garde up ;)
3 months? Damn.

But I'm sure you'll will manage fine without him
Glenn: I know I'm gutted for him because I felt he would develop loads this season :(

Gambit: He was one of the best and most consistent players so it is a shame he is out :(

Louis: Top player is right :( hahaha the new update style is epic isn't it :p thanks mate

Mickzter: Thanks mate. I have a good set of defenders so hopefully we won't miss him too much
Ouch unlucky! Mate good luck :)
Tough break. I'm sure you can play well without him.
Beany: Thanks mate :)

TSO: Yeah so far I've been okay without him! Hope I can keep it up

Transfer Request rocks Les Gones

It’s the international break coming up and the end of the transfer window has just passed so I had a bit of time just to sort out some admin stuff as the majority of the squad were about to leave on international duty.


RG: Come in.

*A young face pops around the corner*

RG: Ahh Carlos how are you? Is everything okay?

CF: Hey boss. I’m good thanks but I have a problem. I asked to go on loan last season and you kept me here. I admit I got some game time toward the end of the season but I want to be playing regularly. I expected to go on loan this season but you’ve kept me here. I don’t want to have to do this but right now, with the way things have gone, I see my footballing future away from here and I want to request a transfer.

RG: Woah hold the phone Carlos. You just joined us a year ago and you know you will be in the first team soon but why are you so impatient? You’ve been playing this season because Alex and Yassine are injured but I have been impressed with you. I understand that you want first team football but that is no reason to request a transfer. I can tell you now I am rejecting that straight away but what I will do is send you on loan. Benzia and Lacazette are back in training and will be able to start instead of you. Wait here and I’ll get on the phone to the Director of Football to tell him to alert clubs you are available on loan.

CF: Hmmm you’re right boss I should have waited I know you only do things that are in our best interests. I just want to play.

*My phone rings and it’s the DoF*

RG: Right Carlos he got a very quick reply from Evian TG. They want you to be a key player and you will get game time there. What do you say?

CF: Sounds good to me. Thanks for sorting this out so quickly and understanding where I am coming from.

RG: Look I am not that happy with you right now. Go and use the international break to appreciate what you have here and when you’re at Evian don’t mess about. I expect to see you back as an improved player! If you can prove that to me then I will guarantee you a starting spot next season.
great update. it's annoying that he handed in a transfer request but hopefully the club can leave that behind and go on to successfully defend the title.
I kinda expected Remi to flare up and say "I'm not happy with you, you little twat" because a calm "Look I am not that happy with you right now" doesn't really seem that angry to me. Just me? :P

Stupid little Carlitos. But well, youngsters want to play, play and play.

Good luck to him at Evian.
Good thing you won't have to let him go then :)
I never like when people put transfer requests on me. Although, it's normally because they want to move on from a tiny club like Hajduk... or GOŠK... or something else small... (really the only thing I do), so I've gotten used to saying: "wait, the club will grow" and being able to keep them at the club"

Never had a backup request a transfer. Lots of loan requests... no transfers...

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