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Vinnie Jones: The Crazy Gang Returns!

Can AFC repeat their predecessors cup glory of '88
Started on 17 May 2013 by Jozef
Latest Reply on 24 June 2013 by Jozef
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Vinnie Jones, huh? :P Welcome back to the beautiful game!
ooooooooooh i knew it lol. Legend!!

If you hadnt i would have done this story at some point, good luck!!!!
Great idea man! this will be an very interesting read.
Dunno if anyone remembers but I was going to do an AFC Wimbledon story with Vinnie Jones. Haha.
2013-05-18 17:46#102331 Toon : Dunno if anyone remembers but I was going to do an AFC Wimbledon story with Vinnie Jones. Haha.

Nope. Noobody remembers ;)
Glenn T: thanks Glenn. It's much better than acting. :P

Royal Blue: I was suprised no one had thought of it before.

Toon: I didn't know that you had already thought of it.

CRistian00: Hopefully :)
Good luck with Vinnie Jones ;) I knew it after I saw the cast list for the film XD

Vinnie Jones' first press conference

Welcome back to the beautiful game Vinnie, now what is your aim with this AFC team?

Vinnie: I'm going to get them past MK Dons at least. When we achieve that we will set out to reach the Premier League.It may take a while but I'm here for the long term.

Now how are you going to approach this job?

Vinnie: We are in a professional business and that is how I'm going to deal with this whole thing in a professional manner.

Suprising, OK what kind of players are you looking to sign?

Vinnie: We are going to sign any player that is good enough for this side whether it be a loan deal or a permanent deal. There will be a lot of people coming on free's.

OK, anything you want to add Vinnie?

Vinnie: Yep- Everything I've just told you is a lie. Professionalism is a joke to hell with that. I'm here to f*** with some people.

Right we're gonna have to bleeb that out.
The end of that press conference made me laugh :P
Vinnie is awesome :P

Words of a wise man:

I'm here to f*** with some people.
Really liking this so far :)
Jozef's avatar Group Jozef
10 yearsEdited
k1rups: Yeah, it contradicted a lot of what he had just said. :))

GlennT: Isn't he just.

Louis O.: A very wise man. Not as wise as Dennis though :P

Blue: Thanks Blue
The Crazy has begun

AFC Wimbledon right back Jim Fenlon and Left winger Rashid Yussuff have had a training ground bust up which resulted in the destruction of all of Fenlon's clothes and the brakes on Yussuff's car. The incident happened after Jim Fenlon realised he had a flat tyre. He didn't have a spare. So what did he do? Well after growing up in a garage he just decided to take someone elses. Yussuff's car happened to be the nearest one and Fenlon just snatched it. When Rashid found out he went Berserk. A anonymous source (AFC midfielder Peter Sweeney) told Yussuff it was Fenlon. He then marched into the dressing room. Took every item of clothing at the training ground belonging to Fenlon.... and threw it all into the lawnmower destroying the clothes and the lawnmower. Fenlon seemed to forget that he was the one that caused this reaction and decided to take his revenge. He grabbed a dismantled goal post and smashed the brakes in. Yussuff did not know about this until he called the repair crew to out on a new tyre who told him that he could not drive like this. Yussuff's only option was to get the bus. Yussuff later said this " A professional football player on public transport, that's not right and that's the thing that makes the most angry out of everything. Therefore I still owe him some REVENGE.
I think Vinnie might have burst the original tyre ;)

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