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Vinnie Jones: The Crazy Gang Returns!

Can AFC repeat their predecessors cup glory of '88
Started on 17 May 2013 by Jozef
Latest Reply on 24 June 2013 by Jozef
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Ryan: Knock!Knock!
Vinnie: Yeah come in what do you want?
Ryan Jones the PR guy slowly walked into the office he was trembling as he left the piece of paper on Vinnie's desk.
Ryan: Well you said you wanted to be involved with everything at this club, so I thought I would let you see the draft of our season Review: August
Vinnie: (sigh) Yeah thanks, I guess.

August Report

Northampton 1
: Akinfenwa : Carlisle, Guttridge
AFC Wimbledon 1
: Ajala : McLauglin, Alexander, Osano :Balkestein

AFC Wimbledon 1
Bradford 0

Fleetwood 0
AFC Wimbledon 3
Alexander(pen), Boulding, Alexander Hajrovic

Player of the month: Gary Alexander for his two goals against Fleetwood.

Do you like this style of results or should I keep trying other things?
I like this style of results. Very different to mine but, still very appealing to look at. Keep it up!
Love the name of the pr guy
Like how you set out your results! Something different and fresh good job :)
Nice new style TSO and some nice results to go with it :D
AFC kits are now on sale

AFC would like to apologise for the late release of their kits. They are late because manager Vinnie Jones dissaproved of them. We would show you the originals alongside the new ones but Vinnie fed them all into a wood chipper. So here are the official ones that the team will be wearing this year.

The blue kit is obviously the home kit. The Ajax look-a-like is the clubs away kit and the black kit is the 3rd kit. The goalkeepers will wear the green shirt.
Just realised that the last post was the 50th and that I also hit 1000 views, so thanks guys and hopefully Vinnie can have lots of success in the future.
The kits look pretty impressive, how could Vinnie every disapprove of them?!? A good set of results recently so keep up the good work. I will try and follow this story more closely from now on!
Jozef's avatar Group Jozef
10 yearsEdited

King's college car wreck

It's a miracle that no one was hurt after 5 AFC Wimbledon players drove a car into a training ground shed at 70 mph. The 5 players were caught red-handed by the AFC board members who picked the perfect day to film a days training at the King's college sports ground. The 5 players who ran from the wreck were captain Mat Mitchel-King, Peter Sweeney, Seb Brown, Yoann Folly and Rory Boulding. They were caught by other players who asked what was going on? After Jack Midson asked Seb Brown for the truth this is what he said.

" Some reserves player who I don't even know the name of was bragging to everyone about his new car. 400 Horse power this and Carbon Ceramic brakes that. Me and the others were getting annoyed with this idiot. So we decided to teach him a lesson. As we were allowed to leave a little earlier than the youth players we were in the dressing room by ourselves. That's when we found the little wankers car keys. So the 5 of us ran round the back of the changing rooms and into the car park. Peter(Sweeney) elected to drive. We really should have stopped him knowing that he's never driven a car in his life but oh well. Peter obviously lost control and went sliding into the shed. He's a crap driver. Maybe we should enter him in the World Touring Car championship, see what happens."

The video catches the whole scene including the horror on the kids face as his car went flying into a shed. However the best thing about the video is that a man walks out of the facilities and sees the wreckage. He bursts out laughing. Can you guess who that man was? Of course you have, it was crazy gang boss Vinnie Jones. He didn't seem to care that some his training equipment was ruined. In fact we asked him a quick question about the incident. His reply was " damn, I wish I'd seen it live". The club have decided not to put it up on youtube despite some players willing to see it go up on the world wide web.

Vinnie decided not to punish the 5 players, however the board have taken a different approach making the 5 pay for that lads new car. I have a feeling he won't talk about his new one as much.
Hahahahahah brilliant! :))
Vinnie Jones is brilliant. He doesn't care a jot.
Haha what an update! Every update has me laughing great work TSO

We used to be hard working people!!

After the training ground incident the BBC news team decided to talk to one of the players. As far as we can work out he is one of the nicest guys in football so we know that he would give us a honest opinion.

Hello Jack, how are you today?

Jack Midson: I'm good thank you and I appreciate you talking to me.

Now Jack why has all of this stuff happened?, first of all the burst tyre and now this car crash.

Jack Midson: I don't know why we've done this. I have no clue except this. If our manager was not Vinnie Jones this would not happen. It's Vinnie but he's done nothing to make us do it. His presence is enough to send people crazy. I mean before Vinnie came in we were honest, hard working people but that mentality has gone out the window now. It's just everything is seen as an opportunity for mischief.

Yes, well we've seen your teammates do these crazy things including the captain, but will you pull off any stupid stunts?

Jack Midson: hahaha, I don't know it really depends on the situation. I would like to think that I won't but after talking to Seb Brown about the car incident. He said he couldn't help himself. Before Vinnie Seb would not have done that. I fear that maybe that will be the case for me. IT'S THE SPIRIT OF THE CRAZY GANG.
Haha Vinnie's hypnotized them.
I like these little updates, they're great.

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