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Vinnie Jones: The Crazy Gang Returns!

Can AFC repeat their predecessors cup glory of '88
Started on 17 May 2013 by Jozef
Latest Reply on 24 June 2013 by Jozef
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Louis: I think he might of :P

Toon: Thanks, there fun and will therefore be many to come.

Manishi Bhasin: Now onto the Npower League 2 and there was a real gem of a match this week between Morecambe and AFC Wimbledon. We had John Motson commentating on this one. Now sit back and enjoy!

Kick Off

2nd minute: Boulding has the ball in the Morecambe half. He runs towards the defense and they seem scared to tackle him as he comes ever closer. Haining finally dives into a tackle but Boulding jinks past him and is through. Boulding scores, 1-0 to AFC Wimbledon.

15th minute: Morecambe can break here as Ellison slips it through to Cullen and he's through. Mitchel-King can't keep up with him and from the angle he powers it into the far corner of the net. 1-1

19th minute: Bruna with the corner. Towards Parrish at the near post who out jumps everyone and it's in. Morecambe take the lead.

36th minute: Stewart with the ball out-wide, he smashes the ball across the 6-yard box and Cullen's by himself and nods it in. It's 3-1. AFC have some work to do now.

54th minute: Sweeney hits the ball towards Gary Alexander. He nods it into the path of Boulding who takes a heavy touch towards the by-line. Boulding fizzes it across the ground and it's in. Haining got the last touch making it an own goal. There was nothing he could do.

67th minute: Yussuff takes the ball on the right and gets to the by-line where he cuts the ball back towards BOULDING and AFC have pulled it back to 3-3. It took a deflection but AFC won't care, they're back on level terms.

70th minute: Sweeney takes the corner, and it goes towards the penalty spot. Boulding is there and he's gone down. PENALTY. AFC have the chance to make it 4-3. Alexander steps up. He smashes it into the corner of the net. Boche guessed the right way but couldn't reach it. AFC lead again.

73rd minute: Cullen is played down the left hand-side and crosses it towards the back post. Ellison heads it back across goal and McDonald taps it in. He was all by himself. 4-4 what a game and there is still a long time for a winner.

86th: Boulding gives it to Alexander who plays it through to Yussuff who runs with it, but he's been tackled, oh but he's still got it and he smashes it into the far corner. AFC lead it's 5-4 what a game. There's still time for Morecambe. Wow.

Final score: Morecambe 4-5 AFC Wimbledon
I like the football league show idea!
Great idea for the style of updates! And good god that match was madness! Great win though keep up the effort with this it's epic!
What A Match! Great comback too. :D Love the commentary style makes this really interesting to read :)
Seni: thanks, I think I'm gonna use it for all the important matches, cos there not gonna be shown on sky sports live are they.

k1rups:It was one hell of a match. I gave my players the hairdryer treatment at HT and it worked very well.

Rablador: thanks Rablador, I saw you shout MOTTY on the chat too while reading my story :P
AFC scrape victory after motorawy incident

AFC Wimbledon have beaten Dagenham and Redbridge 1-0. The only goal of the game came from midfielder Peter Sweeney after a cross from Jack Midson. It was a fairly eventless game with that being the only chance of the game. It was so boring that AFC manager Vinnie Jones was shown asleep on the bench. His assisstant had to wake him up at the final whistle. However this was not the highlight of AFC Wimbledon's day.

The game was delayed by an hour after AFC right back Jim Felon was injured on the way towards the ground. Only a few people saw the incident and we have found one of them:

Eyewitness: I was drivin down the motorway, a completely normal day. Then we see the AFC team bus and someone climbed upon it. My Wife said "I think he's naked". And he was. You think it couldn't get any worse. He started to dance around on top of the bus. So me and a few others started to hoot the hooligan. Well he turned round and looked at us. He then started to shake his willy in our general direction. Of course he was facing and the opposite dorection. Then it hit him, Literally. He didn't see the bridge and the combined height of him and the bus meant that it hit him on the head. He fell down to the ground and it's a miracle no one ran him over. That will teach the little F***er.

AFC have refused to comment on the incident. However they have given an official word of the health of Jim Fenlon. He will be out for a month with some spinal damage.
The result means that AFC go top of the table, however Oxford are close behind with a game in hand.
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2013-06-02 08:58#107845 The Special one :
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69th reply! Sorry, I had to.

And -____- was my response to your update, because that's the kind of response it deserves.
:)) Brilliant
2013-06-02 10:08#107873 Glenn T : :)) Brilliant

Thank you

AFC Wimbledon invest in youth facilities

Vinnie Jones has decided to spend the remaining transfer budget on improving the training ground's youth facilities. After only spending £9K in the transfer window AFC Wimbledon were looking for a way to spend the unused cash and with the transfer window closed they decided to invest in the future. It is said that Vinnie Jones' was the mastermind behind the decision. He reportedly wants to improve the size of the squad with young and bright players. It is said that Vinnie Jones had a good relationship with Jimmy Savile before his passing. So maybe........ You Know.
That doesn't appear to be in Wimbledon.
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What an epic versus Morecambe. Nice story too lol. Started reading it half an hour ago and I'm here for keeps

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