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Juventus F.C. - The Return Of Nedved

Started on 18 May 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 17 October 2013 by Walter
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Jer's avatar Group Jer
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Why Have I chosen Juventus F.C.?

I have chosen Juve because it's a team that I really do love and follow. Their type of football that they play is great and I've always wanted to take Juve as a team. Plus, you are in for a real treat with the manager that I will choose. Plus, I'd like to have a second save/story to relax with good players :P

Who will be leading Juve to Glory?

Well, I'll edit this after I release who will lead Juve to glory :P. Just to make it more interesting. Though, it will be a Juve legend. The list goes long, so start thinking!

Juve's Ground

Having a 2nd save that is a more relaxed one really helps because you also find more joy in your tough save I think. Looking forward to this story and seeing how far you take them and who you sign! Good luck Jeremy
Good luck Pauker, i will be following to see you win loads of trophies!
Jer's avatar Group Jer
11 yearsEdited

Conte resigns as Juventus manager

Antonio Conte, known as a Juventus manager and player, has decided to resign after his recent ban from the FIGC about the match-fixing scandal two years ago. Though the Italian manager worked at Siena at the time that happened, the former Juve player 'supposedly' approached former Bari player Andrea Massiello and a handful of other Bari players.

The manager posted a formal letter on the club's website saying," I'd like to thank everyone here at Juventus for giving me the chance to manage them. The Agnelli family has been great transfer-wise and very supportive throughout the 2011-2012 season. The reason that I am leaving Juventus F.C. is for the sake of myself and the club, because I would not like to disgrace the club's reputation." The manager also wrote on his letter," My ban is for four months, but I feel that if I take a sabbatical, I will come back to the football world as a better man and a better manager. I would also like to clear up the whole match-fixing issue. I didn't approach Massiello or any of the players at Bari or the other teams that accused me." To end the letter, Conte said," I wish the Juventus board and the club all the luck in the future and I hope to return to the club soon. I leave this club with an unbeaten record, and don't you forget Juve fans! Forza Juve!"

The board of directors quickly responded to the recent resignation of Conte by saying," Antonio Conte has been great over the last year and all of his years that he spent at the club as a player. We'd like to wish Conte all the luck in the world and hope that he will return for a second spell at the club." Both Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved commented by saying," Conte was a great player and is a great manager. This is a very respected decision as he doesn't want to vinculate the club with another supposed match fixing scandal. We will all miss him and hope that he returns swiftly back."

Juventus fans all over Turin have been chanting Conte's name outside the Juventus stadium and will want to know who will be the new replacement for Conte. Many former players are known to be applying at the job. One fan said," We hope the best of luck to Conte. Certainly one of the best managers that I have ever come to see and one of the best at Juve. Forza Juve! General director Guiseppe Marrota has 'tweeted' by saying,"
Conte has been one of the best Juventus managers in their history. We all will miss Conte and we hope that he will return for a second spell An announcement will be coming soon over the new replacement. I think that everyone will be surprised and happy with the new appointment. Forza Juve!
Former players such as Lilian Thuram, Roberto Baggio, Fabio Cannavaro and current Director at Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane. All of these players are former players of the clubs and are considered legends. Weird rumours around the internet are also pointing at both Pavel Nedved and Alex del Piero, who plays at Sydney F.C., after joining them from Juve in the summer. Nedved also holds a seat in the board of the directors, which points at Alex del Piero to rejoin their former employers.

Antonio Conte

Conte about to let some tears out on the Juventus Stadium after announcing his resignation to the board.
What a wealth of potential managerial options to choose from! Excellent update, will be following :)
K1rups: Thanks for the early support. I am nervous for this story and save, as it could prove to be difficult. Nevertheless, thanks.

Marcus: Thanks, I hope as well to see you as a constant reader and commenter! I want to win butt-load of trophies as well!

Neal: Thanks mate! I have chosen my manager already and I love him myself (no homo). He's a great player that even Milan or Inter fans can't hate. The update took me about an hour to do and my hand ached after it!
Nice update right there! I'm looking forward to seeing the new manager coming in and watching if you can keep up the recent success of the club in the league
My guess is that Buffon retires and becomes a manager.
Thuram or del Piero? hmm..
Good luck Jeremy :) you already know it'll be good!
Good luck buddy :)
Realy looking forward to this mate. Keep it up.
I think I already know who the manager is.

Throwing your readers off track. Cheeky ;)
Toon: Have all your guesses, but you'll be surprised by who it is.

Arvind: Hmm, who could it be? Drats!

Blue: Thanks mate! Not as good as yours!

Matty: Thanks for the early support mate!

Beany: Thanks for the support!

Glenn: Makes it better for the reader and for me, watching all the readers guessing and guessing!
Ok, It'll be someone really vague then.

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