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FM Scout F.C. - The Family Story

Started on 1 June 2013 by STFCDan
Latest Reply on 5 August 2013 by Stocke
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STFCDan's avatar Group STFCDan
11 yearsEdited
So it's finally here, F.M Scout F.C (again)

This is our journey from the Bottom to the Top!
I will posting on behalf of myself as i am the manager, but it will also include new articles from various sources.

Also, as this is a family story, anyone involved in encouraged to contribute to this. Be it as a Diary entry or a news article about themselves! This truly is a family story!

Alright let's get this started...I can already see it, Mikhail Amod - Top Goalscorer
STFCDan's avatar Group STFCDan
11 yearsEdited

The Team

Daniel Abbott - (tokenginge)

Jorge Alejandro - (dykie567)

Mikhail Amod - (mickzter97)

Matt Ashton - (yuttra52)

Corey Briggs - (corzo2727)

Paul Bolsens - (caelis)

Dagorberto Corbracho - (jasonvilla4ever)

Liam de Haas - (zaons)

Theo Diemus - (diemus)

Danny Kakkonen - (fmgunner00)

Konni Legönd - (konni)

Gabe Milne - (gabe)

Rian Murphey - (murph15)

Vasil Nedialkov - (TheStyleR)

Kevin Parada - (couragesand)

Maxi Rodriguez - (max22EFC)

Josh Sleighton - (TCO)

Benoit Tejan Sie - (westhamFC)

Chad Thackeray - (CThack9)

Zdenyak Zebroski - (TheCzech)

Mark Zet - (ztrike)

Ziechael - (ziechael)

Coaching Team

David Beckham - (93:20)

Paul Bolsens - (caelis)

So here i am, FM Scout's new manager. Was a a bit of a shock to see that they had a player called Daniel Abbott (no relation), but the squad looks in good order. I guess i shall go and introduce myself.

Me - I know not many, in fact, none of you will have heard of me before, but i just want to take this time to introduce myself.
Bolsens - Hellp gaffer, i'm Paul. I'll be your assistant manager and a regular player should you want me.

I look around the room, happy at the impact my introduction has had, when suddenly out of the corner of the room chirps up a squeaky Scottish voice.

Diemus - Gaffer, where do you see us finishing this season?
Me - What's your name son?

The lad voice was trembling, as if he was nervous.

Diemus - Theo sir.
Me - Jeus Theo, did you escape from you Primary school to get here? How old are you?
Diemus - 16 sir.
Me - You can drop the "Sir" Theo, this isn't school now. Call me Daniel, Danny or Gaffer.

The lad seemed to relax a bit.

Me - Anyway, the answer to your question Theo, with the right training, the right passion and if you play the way i want you too, i don't see why we can't go up this season.

The faces around me perked up, i had sparked a fire in each of their bellies. I'm just hoping that it last for the entire season.

Me - That's the reaction i was after! I'll see you in the training pitch in an hour. I've got a chairman to meet with.

The players, young and old, leave the room taking the buzz i had created with them. "I've done well here" i thought.
Hmm should have edited my post, didn't realise 2 other people would pick keeper... d'oh, straight in at backup lmao, nice speech though boss :)
2013-06-01 13:32#107535 ziechael : Hmm should have edited my post, didn't realise 2 other people would pick keeper... d'oh, straight in at backup lmao, nice speech though boss :)

Well i figured, the keepers are about the same ability and have the same potential, so to keep the harmony i'll just rotate keepers :)
Interesting concept, I may be back for more :D
Let's go!! nice updates mate.

ps: I'm such a bad player. :D

FM Scout vs FM Scout Reserves

First game of any type in charge of this lot, time to say something inspirational.

Me - Okay, so we go. First game in charge of you lot, i've seen you on the training pitch and i know that you're more than capable of beating this lot by at least 4 goals. I am fully aware this is only a minor friendly, but i will be judging you on this performance. If you can't perform against the reserves, you don't deserve first team football. So impress me, there are places up for grabs.

Nothing specific was noted by any of them, but i could tell they were eager to show me what they are made of.

FT 6-0

2013-06-01 13:47#107544 ztrike : Let's go!! nice updates mate.

ps: I'm such a bad player. :D

Thanks! You have Blue Square premier ability, with the potential to be a decent championship player :P
I have the aggression of Benteke :D
Not such bad stats for Blue Square :P
Not a bad performance from my part - 7.0 but why was I so anxious??
Where was Peter Ridsdale's mention?!
No update today, too busy!
Hello gaffer,

I hope i'm not to late but i forgot to go over some tactict that might be interesting to use. The first is my personal favorit: (i do not have the screens so i can not post them)

its a tactic if we use it wise its a 433 in attack and 451 in defence this give us a lot goals without conceding to much. You can make the poacher a complete forward but i would only recommend that if you find someone fit for it
for the rest you might wanne put the focus passing to mixed instead of one flank or center so we can keep them confused (the oppostion i mean)

also is it up to you to decide if you want to use a target man and or playmaker i personaly recommand you do not use.

The 2nd tactic is bit the same but other roles on the midfield

I do not realy have a third tactic because im more someone with an attacking mentality.

I hope this info get's to u in time.

Kind regards

your assitant manager/captain (i hope i'm still it).

Paul Bolsens

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