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Once in a lifetime; Road to Dream

What was but a fantastical dream yesterday, can become the beautiful vision of tomorrow.
Started on 2 June 2013 by Okikos
Latest Reply on 2 July 2013 by Okikos
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This is fantastic Okikos, what an original idea. Really hope this works out for you. Can't wait for more. :)
This is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I can't wait for it to unfold.
Awesome start, can't wait for the story to develop :D
2013-06-02 13:07#107942 @Toon: Of course you were :P Thanks!
I actually was, look.
Amazing, especially for your first story!
Okikos's avatar Group Okikos
11 yearsEdited

Cruel reality.

Today I made senior debut. In training before the match I did not expect to play because my teammates told me I am young but Mr Hayford say he wanted me to try. I started the match but I had to come off because I nearly started crying.

There is too much different between playing with my friends and for my school than playing in the Glo Premier League for Ashanti Gold. All of the players around me were men and I could not keep the ball because they are too strong for me. I wanted to score and help my team win but I come off after only 30 minutes because Mr. Hayford called me. He told me that this was a test.

Mr Owusu is an old man. He is the club scout that offered me to the club. He told me that Mr. Hayford see great things in me and that I have big big potential. Mr owusu says I can even be better than Michael Essien! Back at home Kojo Essien is very very famous football player. I believe he is best player to play for Ghana, I love watch him play.

Next time I will try harder to play well. I stay behind after training and I come early than all the rest of my teammates because I am behind. I have to improve well so that I can impress Mr. Hayford so he can let me play. I enjoy playing football, but if I do not work hard my football will be taken away from me. Mr. Owusu said this is the first step. Before a teacher can teach he has to be taught. Before a mechanic can work, he must first learn the mechanics. Before I can play good football for Ashanti Gold, I must first work hard and learn how real football is played.

A fantastic update Oki. I love it.
I think this story is great mate, you did better then when I tried to do a player story.
@Rablador: Almost as fantastic as yours? ;) Glad you're enjoying it!

@Glenn T: Thank you very much! Every comment means a great deal to me.

@Mr.Sir.2k13: Neither can I! :D

@Toon: Great minds, think alike! Pity you didn't follow it through though!

@yuttra52: Thanks a bunch. I try, hopefully it can become even better as time goes on.
@Glenn T: Thank you!

@Toon: You barely even did it!
Very intresting stuff mate good luck :)
A great post! Obed has great potential mate and the story writing is amazing
Okikos's avatar Group Okikos
11 yearsEdited

Getting up again, back on track.

I put all my effort into training and working hard to get back into the team, and it worked. After being not on the team for a month the Mr Hayford see my commitment and put me back in the line-up and I play very well. Before I spent too much time looking at the ball and not aware of what was around me. I now know that to play good football you have awareness of around you at all times. To make the right pass. To dribble when it is needed. We still lose game but they gave me ball because I put player of the match performance. I think my team are very happy for me.

Now, I call Mr. Hayford- 'Boss'. That is what he said I should call him. And he said he was grateful to me for letting him be my manager but I not sure what he mean. I am just here to play good football and enoy get money so I can send it back home for my family. Papa is still sick but he can eat well now and everyone send me letter when I write to them. I am very happy because it looks like good things are coming.

I praise the lord for giving me chance to shine and become important part of Ashanti Gold team. In my first game I play attacking midfield but now I play defense midfield because Boss say I work hard and I a very strong boy. I love play defense midfield because I get more time on the ball to play it, pass or to dribble. And I am always a surprise for the other team when I run into the box. I think this is the position I want play for the rest of my career. Michael Essien also start attack midfield before becoming the legend he became!

@BeanyUnited: Thank you! :)

@k1rups: Thank you very much, I'm hoping this style is alright.
Loving it as usual Okikos :)

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