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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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DINAMO Players on international duties..

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To Basel with ICE Train (fckn La mida)

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Dinamo boss before start of game.

How are you feeling being on St. Jakob. Park?

Its great felling, we seen great museums there or at least my players, we were also in Zoo but didnt have too much time because we needed to make tactical decisicions and fitness before game. I can see hunger of my players to do something here. We are slightly underdogs but i wouldnt agree with slightly. Any way there is no pressure on my players, we came here to enjoy and try to take poitns.

There is some key players for this match injured, how they are feeling while they will must watch game from bench?

Its hard, almost all, especially Sammir is shaken and i feel bad about them but thats the football.

You sayed that to get something from this game there must be balance in attack and defense, is that how will you enter a game?

Of course, Basel needs points and want revenge from Maksimir and will sure go to attack from start of match.

There is lot of fans and experts saying that the Dinamo will miss Bostjan in this match and keeping defence at pressure...

Yes, it is really a bad luck. With Bostjan all team can rely om him, he is hearth of defence and player who can be crucial in almost any minute in game. Its like Beciraj who are pushing as forward in this competition and also bring us where we are now.

You keeped Beciraj for this game and everybody knows that, do you belive he can make suprise on St.Jakob.

Something saying to me that it can happen and it will be interesting how Jakin will try to stop him.

Are you aftraid of big lose?

No. I think we are underdogs but also belive in my players.

Some says that this game can be crucial and if in some case your team takes three points there are suggestion that you can stay in competition. What do you think about chances for 3 points.

Hard. Very hard. But again, i think game will be great and looking forward for game. Must go, thank you.
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Slowly fans coming to St. Jakob. Park

Game will be live at Twitch Live about 3 hours from now - Click Here to follow
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Game started, follow on twiter... Basel kicks off.

1' Frei

Yapi Yapo



Match Stats 30'





Soudani has entered the pitch for Duje Cop

52' Begonja!!!

Soudani great finded Begonju who scored!

Login to Twitch for live game


All over here.

Standing in group F

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Past positions


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We get small interview with Dinamo boss after losing game against Basel in Championship Cup.

Fans not happy about the game, how you feel after losing three points?

Well, i maybe i am crazy if i say that we were not so bad. We played against very good team, they beaten Chelsea, OM and we were close to take one point. So of course statistics says that Basel controlled game and i am agree with that but on the other hand they showed their and our fans poor game keeping the ball after third goal but i can say whole game almost. Also if you see chances and our entering into game i think we were just unlucky. Also i must add that i have tired and jaded players from our tight fixtures.

So you look positive on result?

Nah, i cannot say result is positive, i even cannot tell performance was good but i think we can try catch OM and will try to give all i can to get points from that game and will be happy even with 1. But also i must add, i think we can get result in France and will look for it.

Will you save again players for Champions Cup and leave backups in league games?

No, league is priority like Croatian cup so there would be no much rotations till end of year.

Looks you didn't find a new goal keeper, can you tell us something about it?

Yea, i want George Koch and we looking to move him in squad. I want him back whatever the price.

Rijeka is having 2 points more and one game minus. Are you confident in getting three points against Cibalia who are in relegation zone?

We will have the meeting tomorrow and of course this game we must won, we are much better team and i expect win. If we run Cibalia and Zadar then we are in good position for Basel. So you can look on it like risk... if you do not risk you cant won.

So you are looking forward to attack in all games?

Yes, here and in France.

What do you say on Frei and Diaz?

They were great but i think Frei puts us in bad situation in only 30 seconds. I was shocked, players were shocked and even with 90 minutes to play we find net so i am proud on team and i am sorry for them, they were unlucky.

Thank you Mr. Diazepam and good luck in competitions.

Thank you.

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