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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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I was just come to see Šimunić

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OMG - lol

Dinamo Fixtures

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Twitch on:

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Conference on Twitch:

Dinamo Fixtures

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You can find extended on

Estonia - Croatia 0:0

Bore draw here:

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Diazepam interview for Dida Piramida.

Long time you were not talking with jourlanist about situation so thank to for giving me the chance for interview.

Thank you.

So, from where to begin, peoples of course wants Cup and Croatian title but many fans not on stadium. There are few keys injured, specialy Boštjan... what do you think about chances in all competition you are in club?

Well, first, i was not talking with journalist because lack of time. I am traveling a lot, was going to France looking OM few times because i think its our only chance we get something from Champions Cup but it was not only reason, we have tight fixtures and players international traveling, injuries. Also title, which is number one for me. Players getting jaded day by day and with so much of it i mostly working in country or outside, traveling a lot so i can say that i alost get time to sleep and can't wait for holidays because i neeed it like players.

Ok, you were very excited when OM hired Slaven Bili?.

Yea, when you look it you can say that world is small :).

Will you play mind games with him and how are you getting together?

Mind games in football are wider range and can be translated wrong. If you ask me about Slaven Bili? i personally think that he is not a manager who can bring sucess to OM but he is one of the best manager Croatia and what he done was truly proffesional. So i can just say that we are ok and i have good thinking of him but again i think he cannot return OM, not just because of him but because of players to.

Do you think he will need time to adopt to team and team on him?

Well i think it would not be problem for him, maybe month, two. He can adopt very quick but there is lack of France language so yes he will need a little time.

Is that explaining why you will go for win there?

No, we need points and if you compare OM and Chelsea, OM is right now the most bad situation in last few years. The morale is low, they lost Mandana for 3 to 4 weeks and Gennaro is not match fit. Andrew Ayew is not happy because Baup didnt want to tranfer him to bigger clubs, i hope Bili? will let him go. Reason we will go attack there is cleary visible, they are in very bad position and i really hope we can take points because Chelsea will not come here defending and if you look them, they are playing very good with Special One we will need special miracle to get even a point.

How is situation with your team?

Well, they are not fully motivated, i am trying to calm them because we have quality but what can you do if you missing key players and have so much games tight fixtured... Almost after every game i need to rest few of them. We had a team meeting before few days but still it cannot solve everything.

Rijeka lost last game against Slaven Belupo and now again you have chance to run 4 points from them. Will you rest players for OM or will put best players you have on pitch?

I will keep for myself but when you find yourself in this kind of situation you must risk and i think you get a point.

Still nothing of GK while you sayed that you will bring George, can you tell us something about that?

Yes, George will not come to Dinamo. We decided to wait transer open.

Do you have now some other in list?

I must be honest, no. I will wait tranfer to be open because right we will play 3 very important games. I can only confirm that some players will came to Dinamo on tranfer window but they are not GK.

We saw your reaction in 94' after Vasilj scored equalizer, it was sure shocking.

Yes, but i think that does not changing second game.

Are you confident you can get trough?

It's really hard to ask me that right now because we still have matches which are important and they will for sure affect next game against Zadar.

Hr. Dragovoljac. In relegation zone. Who do you fear most?

In this situation its hard to look individuals. Many players there are great. You have Ilija Sivonjic who we loaned to them, Kukavica who is great player but again i cannot look inviduals but whole team.

Where do you see your chance, i mean you are clear favorite and all expecting win?

I dont know who expecting win more than me and players because problem with fans is still going and thnx to all who coming but Dinamo deserve to have stadium full. On question, its visible that they have problem in defence and good attack. We will need to be carefull for sure but i must add, we will play diferent than any game from when i run club.

Would you be satifsied with one point?


Lokomotiva is going to Rijeka, what do you think, can they take points there?

Very hard but i hope they will.

There is big battle on top of table, who do you consider most dangerous to take you title?

Slaven Belupo

Ok, Thank you Mr. Diazepam. I know you have much job too do. Good luck in competitions.

Thank you till next time.

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Twitch on ...

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HALF TIME @ Maksimir - Črni leading 2:0

TWITCH ON for apx. 30 min

All over at Maksimir. Hr. Dragovoljac made big result.

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