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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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67' From one journalist Dinamo boss leaved stadium looking very nerveous and went into office. After that he just went to his car not waned comment anything.

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About Ingolstad

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FC Ingolstadt 04 2-2 GNK Dinamo (Friendly)

GNK Dinamo fans came away from Audi-Sportpark largely in good spirits after their match against FC Ingolstadt 04.

Midfielder Alper Uludag gave FC Ingolstadt 04 the lead with a well timed finish from close range in the 26th minute. Midfielder Dejan Glavica then equalised for GNK Dinamo in the 33rd minute with a deftly executed finish.

Midfielder Sammir then put GNK Dinamo in front after 35 minutes with an accurate finish. FC Ingolstadt 04's equaliser came through Moritz Hartmann as he seized on Ivo Pinto's mistake to score a strong header.

Player of the Match: Dejan Glavica (Dinamo)
Attendance: 2,668

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Tomorrow or today...

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Dinamo Under 19 vs Solin U19

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no video and no too much match information... looks i still need a rest but video is because i cannot log in to my youtube acc.



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Press by Dinamo Boss fifteen days before HNL 1 season continues

Almost half month till end of season break, are you ready for HNL 1 and can you tell us what is behind door.

Well we are working hard on training. We had three friendly matches and will have two more, one with Mosor tomorow and we wait Shahktar on Maksimir which will be last friendly before HNL 1 continues.

You were generally happy about results and fans looks satisfied too.

Well, hard to tell for fans but yes i was happy, not too much with great first half against Plzen and 2:2 in Ingolstad which i do not see as some kind of a too good result but i am looking inviduals and i must say i am very happy with most players and also i can say that i am already sure which players will play and their subs for occasions.

Many sayed that you are very happy with Soudani and Glavica, is that true?

Yes, Soudani showing his quality and i hope he will pass it in HNL competition and also yes i am happy with Glavica, he came to club like Bostjan who again picked an injury and will miss 3 weeks, we didnt expect and it will be a big loss. Also i must note great play by Petar Mamić and also great play by Husajenović who is our playmaker when he is playing and when we will play 4321 formations.

About formation you used against Plzen and Radnik with both Soudani player of match and both games winner, can you tell us why this formation didn't work in HNL 1 before season break and are you afraid that it will not work when season start's?

Well i think it was much my fault on that, not player's, when we talk about that formation which is still not whole finished because every game i am write and after game adding twitches to make formation and tactic to work even more better. Am i afraid, no and it is because we still have primary formation from most used before season break and which was winner when we need it.

Do you agree that you will have easy opponents at begin when season continue?

No. We are playing with team's who are right now not in position to lose from us, they know we are far more quality when you look players and also problematic HNL rivarly so its sure they will not give a risk of losing so we will need to be concetrated at defense and in attack because we must score and they know that, on the other hand if we make mistake or come to game and start to gain anxious which was the case few times and then get goal from that and lose points it can cost us.

On table when we look you already comment that you see only Slaven Belupo as possible threat to take you title. Do you still agree with that?

Yes. If someone can be most threat to us, its Slaven Belupo and Djuricic who is running club above all expectation.

Do you see Tudor in fight for Cup so that they can qualify for EU competition?

I think that is what he want's most, yes, but i watched them and even they were playing great before season break up i think he need's to look more to HNL 1 competition not to get in trouble like it was happen when season started.

What do you think of Rijeka, can Matjaž fight for third place versus Hajduk?

It's hard question but how they standing and last game Hajduk which i saw, yes, with more creativity and belive to squad i think he can stay with rijeka at third place but it will sure not be easy. To be honest i think it will be big fight for third place and i would not throw almost anyone from six to third place.

Do you think there will be more nerves in games before end of season?

Sure, now every game costs more that before and every point will count.

Do you agree that Istra cannot expect to run from relegation zone?

Sure, Krsevic come to club will not change nothing but with 12 points behind relegation zone i think it would be a wonder because, again, everyone need point's and that is why i do not agree that we are having easy job after season continues. There are teams who need every point to keep them out of trouble.

About Waterman and Krešić, there were rumors you will put Krešić on goal and hold Waterman till next season is that true?

No comment for that right now.

How do you look on Štimac when he almost drop Antolić and didnt call Šimunić in squad.

Well. You know my thinking about Štimac and when i didnt seen Antolić on list i made few calls and make best for Antolić because it was out of mind. For Šimunić i do not want to comment.

Šimunić also looks not playing first team anymore, can you tell us more about it?

Yes, he is still good defender but i want new players to step in against big teams and to be ready for big teams for EU competitions next season.

You did arrange Shaktar home 09.02.2013, what do you expect from that game?

It will a final test before season continue and i want to see us against bigger teams and i think Shaktar is great to see what we can do.

Do you think fans will come to see match on Maksimir?

I do not know and i do not thinking about it.

Thank you Diazepam ll for time and good luck. Thank you,

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Mosor vs Dinamo - Friendly




NK Mosor 0-4 GNK Dinamo (Friendly)

GNK Dinamo fans celebrated an emphatic 4-0 win at Pricvic this evening. A brace from Said Husejinovic helped Dinamo to victory.

Winger Alen Halilovic got GNK Dinamo off to a flyer by scoring an accurate finish on 4 minutes. NK Mosor were nearly gifted a goal on 58 minutes through Jozo Simunovic's lapse in concentration but they failed to capitalise on the opportunity presented to them.

Winger Said Husejinovic doubled GNK Dinamo's lead with a glorious lob over the keeper on 68 minutes. Husejinovic added his 2nd goal of the game with a deftly executed finish on 83 minutes.

Midfielder Zvonko Pamic completed the rout with an attempt which went in off the frame of the goal on 91 minutes.

Player of the Match: Alen Halilovic (Dinamo)
Attendance: 244

Dinamo Boss Anwers After Game

"I think first half we didnt look good at all, also maybe i was wrong when i count will there be injury players on pitch... well it was, almost every 20 minutes one of my player was off pitch... I understeand when you play game like versus Hajduk or some games where is score most important so players do whatever they can to win but this was friendly and i did not want injuries after game at all cost so i let Mosor players some space and they didn't take advantage of it but on the other side flanks and near touchline it was chaos, like they were fight for final cup so in 80' minute when i seen Husajenovic down i sayed to Svilokos that he need new glasses, he seen all that no point about it but with only one yellow and so much fouls from Mosor i didnt see him stop doing hard tackles. On the second half i told my players that they played good but also noted them for try more, some reacted good, some not but on the end we take a lead with 3 goals and third was from Husajenovic who was after that out of pitch to get treatment. So what should i needed to do... Lose half players because judge do not punish bad tackles. On the end i think we were so lucky that not even single player who was injured needed more treatment but they will need me for Shahktar and we will need to enter in match with handicap because players i wrote and tactic and all i sayed before match will be how it is. I simply do not understeand why Svilokos didnt react more on this starts and on the end people saying that he had a good day? I mean i do not know what to say.

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**add January

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