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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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i will need help from psy and neuro psy

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January 2013 - GNK Dinamo

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Dinamo Boss about Dinamo plans before friendly against Viktoria Plzen and questions about tranfers and other.

Hello Diazepam and thank you for press conference.

Thank you.

So HNL starting for about one month. Can you tell us little about what is going in your team.

Well i must say that i am very happy because many important players are recovered from injury's, also... i was kind suprised when i look other team's injury problems, many players especially in Istra and Hrvatski Dragovoljac wants to leave because of lacks of money and its almost everywhere in HNL so it's kind strange, didnt expect that. Players want better salary and some managers cannot pay them off because club does not have good financies. In such circumstances we are the one if not only team which do not have that problem and also we buying few new names which i will save for next press conference. Also i am asking myself what if Beciraj didnt score in 93' against Bukurest... we would probably be right now in problems but not much like others.

There are many you players you take from other clubs, is that true?

I wouldn't say it like that... players which will come to Dinamo are not having 22 years so i buy them for future and for possible injuries which has cost us before season break.

Bostjan is back, how is he.

Well we are all glad he is back, hearth of defence and he started to train, we all missed him in squad and again i cannot wait to see him on pitch.

Many players also sayed that they are happy but also there are some question will he be like he came to Dinamo?

Well, injury was bad, i was going from time to time to see how is hee and i think and hope he will continue playing like before, we have great defense but he is worth double and in that case we can concetrate more on attacking which i will use almost all time till end of season.

So you saying that you will not stop players in any game or competition in HNL till end?

Yes. Even Hajduk, we have more quality and players know that.

Slaven Belupo?

Well i must say they really made something special and of all teams i think they are only one who can fight with us for title but i still consider us favorites.

You were in France watching OM, is that because of interest in some player?

No, i was there because i wanted to see OM with Bilic against PSG. Also i must say that i was wrong, Bilić saved OM and it was like bam! so respect, what to say.

How is moral in your dressing room?

Its great, we are training a lot and players are happy which is great, we only need to careful for injuries till HNL 1 break of season.

Next game friendly against Viktoria Plzen on Maksimir, any comment on that?

Well it's great club currently standing second in Czech competition with more expensive players than we, they won two year won the title and right now fights with Sparta P. with same amount of points. I think it would be a great game but i will not at any cost tell players to for win because i do not want anxious or nerves on my players and injuries, its pre season and i want them to play relax and stand off opponent so that we do not returnn to HNL with injures and Match fit that is primary for me. Players first, score second.

How much you know about them?

Well to be honest not too much, we didnt lose too much time scouting them but we know that we are playing with slightly better team.

After that you are traveling with players to Germany playing against Ingolstadt from seria B. Do you expect there win?

I think we can beat them.

There is also Sesvete and Mosor, i think i do not need to ask but i guess its again because of injury.

Well no, they are weaker and i want win and boost players moral but i will not say them that they can rely on score because they are not our level and second, Sesvete is affiliate so it will be game without injures i guess.

With new young transfers, most AM position what do you intend to do?

Well, nothing is still confirmed but there are place for everyone, so if we hit good players and few will go in retirement next year they will be in chance to show what they can if not than i can loan them because of money crisis in HNL 1. So its advantage for me because i am happy with defense and with attackers ... so i want strong mid. Rotation will not do to much problems because if we went on bad club in HNL and how its going it will be few, i think there will be no risk to give them minutes on pitch. And also we are aiming on sale its crucial that we take title and cup and super cup. Its not going to be easy but it will sure be more easy than before season break.

Ok thank you Mr Diazepam and good luck with team.

Thank you.


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Dinamo Boss is not happy after 2 months coming to club and still there is no nothing he did to wake up players 19 and under, also U21 is not going good too. After few press conference it looks that negative results puts pressure on Diazepamll.

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Diazepam ll before friendly with Plzen.

"Its not that i do not want to see good game and see can we beat them but this match is only for keep players match before Croatian HNL 1 resumes"

Will you attack from start?

"We will try our formation with we had problem, but many new tweaks on which we worked while season break and i want to see is it working against slightly better Plzen who are going very good in Czech First Division, so formation is not too much attack style based but we will try to get out like winners, if we made it, i think players will know that we can beat everyone in HNL 1 and after end take title"

You sayed that you admire Pavel and how he leading club and also noted that you are good with him...

"Yes, he is doing very good job with whole team and i really think that fans can be proud of him, also i have no doubt that they will take title this season"

Bilić going very good, you are going on matches, what do you say know when he bring them back on track?

"Well i can say that i was wrong and that board did a great job to sign him and he showed his ability's to run one of best clubs in France if not best."

What do you say about Maloča turned out latest contract for Hajduk?

Well, i do not know what to say on all what is happening but HNL 1 is drowning because of financie's, its kind a strange to look what was happening, not only in clubs but also with fans. It's sad i think but i do not belive that fans not coming for support, its not only in peoples running clubs ... today we are facing global crisis and that has entered in football as well and in this country nobody gives a shit and that's ok because other country's can do it for us but on stadium with so low price its not respect full to players... so its me, its not board, its players and football.

Look's only Dinamo and few club do not have financial problem, what do you say on that when people saying that HNS destroyed football in Croatia putting Mamić, Šuker and you in front?

I do not want to say nothing too much on that, i can only say that they are losing time for nothing, it is hot it is and if they cannot cope with that its their problem but money move the world and people's, same is for me and players on pitch and same is for fans like people's in boardroom. No one didn't destroy nothing and fans will if they continue.. its over. if you want look great football come and support players not chairman's, boardroom... whole Croatia does not have profit on that... in last four years maybe was so fcking funny that you could get without money in Dinamo EU competition's and fans where there, they pushed players on every game outside but in HNL the stadium low turned. We do not know what fans wants? But me, narco, i do not give a fck and just want good performans from my team and stay cool on pitch like financies which are very good here, so again, i am sorry for other clubs... they made mistakes, in Dinamo all was good but one day if this continue it will not be good.

Viktoria Plzen

for even more information about Plzen go to wikipedia

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There will be no twitch probably... i still need a rest before season continues.
Live only goal's (Right, like awlays... fck) waitining for Bebek and watching is terrain ok for play because of weather and wet terrain.




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GNK Dinamo 2-1 Viktoria Plzen (Friendly)

6. January 2013

GNK Dinamo won a hard fought battle against Viktoria Plzen on a breezy evening at Maksimir.

Winger Domagoj Antolic gave GNK Dinamo the lead with a powerful effort from 21 metres in the 23rd minute. Striker Hilal Soudani doubled GNK Dinamo's lead with an incisive finish from 13 metres on 36 minutes.

Midfielder Filip Twardzik's 81st minute strike proved the only consolation for Viktoria Plzen.

Player of the Match: Hilal Soudani (Dinamo)
Attendance: 1,033


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