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Newton Heath FC - Back To Basics

Newton Heath FC - Back To Basics
Started on 28 June 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 2 July 2013 by Jozef
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Love the story and the style, may take a few aspects of the style of writing if you don't mind. Good luck, I will follow despite being a blue!
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10 yearsEdited

Cantona Announces Base Squad

Eric Cantona has now taken over as manager of nPower League Two side Newton Heath FC, and today, during his first press-conference as the manager, announced the 18 players he had managed to get to join. Cantona and Glazer decided on something that will shock many fans, but now the reasons to why Glazer made the team has become obvious. Newton Heath will act as a reserve side to start with for Manchester United, but playing in the big leagues.

Eric Cantona was delighted to unveil the following 18 players as part of the set up for the 2012/13 season:


Dean Santengelo - CA PA - 18 years old - £75k
Jonny Sutherland - CA PA - 17 years old - £18k
Pierluigi Gollini - CA PA - 17 years old - £14k


Donald Love - CA PA - 17 years old - £30k
Guillermo Varela - CA PA - 19 years old - £775k
Ben Barber - CA PA - 16 years old - £14k
Charni Ekangamene - CA PA - 18 years old - £35k
Luke McCullogh - CA PA - 18 years old - £35k
Nicholas Ioannou - CA PA - 16 years old - £35k


Ben Pearson - CA PA - 17 years old - £5k
Mats Daehli - CA PA - 17 years old - £100k
Davide Petrucci - CA PA - 20 years old - £300k
Andreas Pereira (c) - CA PA - 16 years old - £35k
Jack Barmy - CA PA - 17 years old - £50k
Kenji Gorre - CA PA - 17 years old - £24k


John Cofie - CA PA - 19 years old - £220k
Sam Byrne - CA PA - 17 years old - £30k
Ashley Fletcher - CA PA - 16 years old - £14k

All eighteen players were from the Manchester United reserves and under-18 squads. Could this be a costly move for the club, or could it benefit both Newton Heath and Manchester United?

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Varela looks epic!
Not a bad squad... ;) Varela will for sure be the star of the team!
Epic start Kane, this can beat Moyes' Boys in no time :P
Petrucci's the star player for me. I'm really excited to see how some of these guys do- got high hopes for them in real life :P Great start- will follow!
93:20: Sure, go for it, I only used it for the start of this, format will change soon.

Glenn T: Because he is epic!!

gambit84: Thanks, I really hope he performs this season!

Louis O: These are totally different stories, you can't compare them!

Okikos: I agree, a key player for sure. Hopefully they can perform in both game and real life.
Kane's avatar Group Kane
10 yearsEdited

Club Signings

With just 18 players in the team, signings will certainly be needed, to improve the squad depth, and possibly quality, with injuries sure to affect the team throughout the season. Although some friendlies have been played, they featured the new signings, so lets see the newest players for Newton Heath FC.

Signing #1 - Dong Fangzhou
Free - Hunan Xiangtao
Wage: £500 p/w
Contract Type: Full-Time

Signing #2 - Kleberson
£100k - EC Bahia
Wage: £3,500 p/w
Contract Type: Full-Time

Signing #3 - Reuben Hazell
Free - Free Agent
Wage: £850 p/w
Contract Type: Full-Time

Signing #4 - Rory Boulding
Free - Free Agent
Wage: £1,500 p/w
Contract Type: Full-Time

Signing #5 - Wes Fletcher
£9k - Burnley
Wage: £825 p/w
Contract Type: Full-Time

Signing #6 - Georges Ba
Free - Free Agent
Wage: £1,200 p/w
Contract Type: Full-Time

My Guidelines:
  • Every transfer window one former Manchester United player must be signed. - Both Dong Fangzhou and Kleberson have previous playing experience with Manchester United.
Dong Fangzhou and Kleberson will be key signings. They will feature regularly, and bring experience to the side, something they lack at such a young age. The other players are to back up more than anything, but easily have the ability to still play regularly for the side.

Previous Update: Cantona Announces Base Squad
Next Update: Pre-Season and Tactics
Kleberson will be beast! :P
Dong Fangzhou looks really impressive! Good luck :D
Justice: Can't wait to see him going again!

Okikos: Yes, everybody loves Dong :P

Mvan12: Thanks :)
Love this story already. Wanted to do something like this myself. Great idea. You will make it to the prem in no time.

Pretucci is a God. I had him on a Mansfield save, I signed him for around £10K and he was immense. H ewnt up to £1.5M after 2 seasons.
Kane's avatar Group Kane
10 yearsEdited

Pre-Season and Tactics


Three friendlies were to be played, all away. First, non-league side St. Neots, and then two very tough trips to play League One sides Hartlepool and Walsall. These are the results:

Pre-Season was very successful. 3 wins out of three, with two teams playing in the league above, showing our strength already. Some excellent displays as both individuals and a team, especially Davide Petrucci. Both Rory Boulding and Dong Fangzhou are also showing a lot of potential too.


This season I will be using three different tactics, giving variety for the players, but also how they play, meaning they know how to play against the very hard teams, or the very easy teams.

Tactic 1 - 4-1-3-2 Control

Tactic 2 - 4-2-3-1 Dominating

Tactic 3 - 4-2-2-2 Wonder Tactic

So these are the tactics I hope can guide me to victory this season. The tactics worked well in pre-season, but the league is what matters most. I will vary both the tactics and players every week, with results posted soon!

Previous Update: Club Signings
Next Update:
Good pre-season, you'll do well this season :)

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