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From Armenia to the Top of the World

Started on 3 July 2013 by HamoudiLFC
Latest Reply on 9 September 2013 by Walter
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You know someone is enjoying a save when you start signing players as coaches. Great story, great progress :)


“This month, we finished off the Premier League Season, played in the Independence Cup Final and we had to play 3 Champions League Group games. Let’s see how we do.”

Premier League

“2 wins and a draw, and we win the league by 23 points.”

Independence Cup Final


“We played PSG 1st, Dortmund 2nd, and Roma 3rd. Away, then Home, then Away.”

Matchday 1

“Unlucky! We were winning one-nil until the dying seconds! 2 points lost, but I definitely feel we can do better at home.”

Other Scores

Matchday 2

“A 1-1 draw against Dortmund, which is very good for us. Two vital points against two strong teams.”

Other Scores

Matchday 3

“A poor 4-0 loss, I expected SO much more. What an appalling display.”

Other Scores

“I do not have the table as I forgot to snapshot it before the 4th game, but we are in 3rd place. That is my aim.”


“This month, we only had Champions League games. Let’s see, would I get 2nd, 3rd, or 4th?”

Matchday 4

“We lost 3-1 at Home, we need to beat PSG to have hopes of getting 3rd place.”

Other Scores

Matchday 5

“Edicleber going from zero to hero, and making us need a win at the Signal Iduna Park. Not just that, we need to win by 4 goals, because our head-to-head with PSG is the same (two 1-1 draws), therefore we need a better goal difference. One can dream.”

Other Scores

Matchday 6

“A 1-0 loss, we couldn’t do it. Although we didn’t do as good as last year, I am pumped up for pre-season. I am ready to fix the team and do better next year.”

Other Scores

Final Standings

"I expected better, but with the morale around the squad, it ruined it. Hopefully next year everything goes well."


‘Hello and welcome to Sky Sports News and today we have BIG updates on Armenian football, and, as it is shown in the title, we have Hamoudi Fayad claiming he is the “Special One”.’

‘8 years, 17 trophies, multiple records broken, and the Rise of Armenian Football is what his arrival in 2012, has caused. After recently completing the treble, he claimed in a press conference that he is “The Special One”. What will Jose Mourinho have to say about this? First of all, let us see what Fayad clearly said:

Reporter: ‘So, Hamoudi. You have won the Cup for the 4th season in a row, along with the League title 7 times in a row. What do you have to say about your fantastic managerial career?’

Hamoudi: ‘Well, what can I say? 17 trophies in 8 years? I am the Special One. Of course, people will hit out on me now. They will claim that I “only did it in Armenia”, when clearly they don’t see how the league has risen to number 46 in Europe! 46th, from around 350! Our club is also in the top 100 and they will still claim “only Armenia”? Well, then listen to me and know that we will come back this year in Europe, better than ever!’

‘Jose Mourinho had something to say about what Fayad said, but a day before he spoke, this photo went viral AGAIN. Directed towards Fayad, obviously.’

Mourinho: ‘Well, if you’re asking me, then I say Fayad is a very good manager. I remember, I used to be friends with his dad, I met him in Dubai along with my very good friend Falcao. I was close with his dad, but I never really got the chance to meet him. It’s funny how my current team, Fiorentina, faced Pyunik a season ago or so. Sadly I wasn’t the manager, as I really want to face Hamoudi. He is not the “Special One”, although he is an up-and-coming manager. I want to face him one day before I retire, and we will see who is the “Special One.”

‘Into other news, considering the Armenian National team. They have risen up in the rankings from 97th to 64th, due to an amazing Euro Qualifiers run:

‘Although, they lost to Ireland in the Playoff, 5-1 on aggregate... ruining their chances to go to Turkey in 2020.’

‘In other news, Henrik Mkhitaryan has retired from International Football at the age of 31. The Liverpool captain has said that he wants to focus on his club, and that he hopes Hamoudi Fayad will provide the right players for Arkadi Yepremyan for Armenia to succeed in the future. Who will replace Henrik Mkhitaryan as Captain of Armenia?’

Former Pyunik Captain, Artak Yedigaryan

‘Speaking of youth, a very exciting 18-year old from Pyunik Yerevan has earned his 1st cap for Armenia in a 4-1 loss to Ireland. “I am delighted to get my 1st cap for Armenia, and this is all with the help of Hamoudi Fayad. Without him, I would be struggling to get games for Pyunik.”

‘That is all we have on Armenia, and be sure to check us out for The Armenian Pre-Season in a month! Thank you very much, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!’


‘Hamoudi Fayad has claimed that there are to be changes around Pyunik. Players, facilities, and more will be upgraded. Aram Melkonyan announced that he will be giving Fayad around 8M to spend on transfer budget. The club’s financial status is said to be very secure, due to the prize money they have been earning over the past few years.’

‘The first of many acquisitions for Fayad, on a pre-contract. DR Congo International, Lema Mabidi. The 26-year old rejected the chance to continue his stay at AS V.Club, ending his 7-year stay at the African club. The midfielder has claimed that he will do everything he can, to help and fill the void of the players who will leave. Does this mean that Valter Poghosyan or Stefan Dimic will be leaving soon?’

‘The second acquisition on a pre-contract is Goalkeeper Pascal Kone. He made 107 league appearances for ASEC in Ivory Coast, conceding 120 in all of those games. He kept 40 clean sheets, as he was touted to be Africa’s next star. Will he now prove his worth in Europe? Or does he have to wait a few years, as he could be 3rd in line to replace Tigran Kandikjan?’

‘Two Youngsters have been released, and Vardan Abrahamyan leaves to Impuls Dilijan for a fee of 1.5k. The Pyunik fans are saddened to see him leave, as they thought he was a future star.’

‘Vyacheslav Chumak’s loan deal has expired which means Pyunik are looking out for a right back with Oladapo Peters from Kano Pillars being scouted, as reports have been saying. Ivan Pavlov’s loan deal has been expired too, but with his amazing performances in almost every game, Fayad immediately struck a deal with the young Ukrainian for 1.5k.’


‘Pyunik Yerevan also top the sponsorship table in Armenia. Also, they have announced a few new sponsorships.’

‘Their profits have been announced too:’

‘Very good news on the financial side of things as things are getting much better for Hamoudi and Pyunik Yerevan. Now onto other news, does anybody remember, 5 years ago when Alexandr Bazanov signed for Pyunik Yerevan? Unlikely, although, he has completed his citizenship and is now an Armenian Citizen. Now, he hasn’t been called up for Russia yet which means he still has a chance to play for Armenia... will Arkadi Yepremyan seize the chance to take one of Russia’s upcoming stars into the Armenian National Team before it is too late?’


‘Finally, before we go off into the friendlies section, we have the story of Pyunik-2. They were invited to the NextGen Series for the 3rd time in a tough group with Chelsea Reserves, Rennes U19s and Atromitos U20s. They finished 3rd in their group, although they were one of the best ranked 3rd place teams so to the next round they went. They defeated Man City Reserves 3-1, in a big shock. They went on to the next round to face Bayern U19s, here is what happened.’

‘Impressively they reached the quarter-finals before getting thrashed by Bayern. Their youth did exceptionally well in the tournament, does this mean that Pyunik’s future will be even brighter?’

Friendly Announcement:
26/12: Viktoria Plzen
12/1: Igdirspor
17/1: Igdir Universitesi Spor
20/1: Yerevan United
27/1: Shirak Gyumri
31/1: Kilikia Yerevan

‘Viktoria Plzen have agreed a friendly with Pyunik Yerevan in a transfer deal, and the rest of the friendlies are the same as usual.’

‘That’s all we have for today, be sure to see us in a few weeks.’


‘Flamengo Director of Football, Paulo Pelaipe, has claimed - on behalf of club President Jose Cherman - that an offer has been submitted to Hamoudi Fayad. In a press conference this week, Paulo Pelaipe has said that he would love Fayad at the club.’

“He is… a fantastic manager, up and coming, as they say in Europe. I believe with the squad we have here, and the budget, he would be very happy to join. I hope he doesn’t reject, because after former manager Americo Gallego has retired, we wanted a new man. He was at the top of our list, he can speak 4 languages, although he cannot speak Portuguese. That wouldn’t be a problem though because he is a very understanding man. Hamoudi Fayad, I hope you join us here at CR Flamengo, Obrigado.”

‘Flamengo Captain Adryan Oliviera Tavares, commonly known as Adryan, has also spoken out about Hamoudi. He is only fluent in Portuguese, therefore we will put the Portuguese and English transcripts.’ (Yes I used Google Translate :P )

"Agora, as pessoas estão me perguntando." Você gosta Hamoudi Fayad? ',' Você quer ele no seu clube? ', eu digo que sim, é claro. Ele é um grande homem e como Paulo disse, ele é muito compreensivo. I espero que ele tem a chance, mas eu não o culpo, se ele quer ficar no seu clube. ele tem feito maravilhas por lá, e também seria bom vê-lo terminá-lo."

"Now, people are asking me. 'Do you like Hamoudi Fayad?', 'Do you want him at your club?', I say yes of course. He is a great man and like Paulo said, he is very understanding. I hope he takes the chance, but I do not blame him if he wants to stay at his club. He has done wonders over there, and it would also be nice to see him finish it."

‘Finally, let’s see what Hamoudi had to say:’

“It’s an honour, to be honest. Honestly, it’s about time I did get noticed, but that doesn’t matter now. As much as I would LOVE to manage in Brazil, my heart is here in Yerevan. I speak the language, I eat the food, I live the lifestyle. I have no plans on moving, even though I would love to be there with Adryan, one of my favourite young players in the beautiful game. Peço desculpas (I apologize), but I am not moving. Obrigado.”

‘There you have it. Now, back to the transfer business, friendlies and other dealings. Let us start off with the transfers.’


‘Oladapo Peters has secured a big money move to Pyunik Yerevan, costing around 900k for the Armenian outfit. The 20-year old has already played 3 times for Nigeria and is known to be held in high regard among the less reputable leagues in Europe. FMScout have compiled a scout report on him, showing his best stats to be: Heading, Marking, and Tackling. That is very good for a 20 year old who can play as a right back and centre back, with his Positioning and Pace having good stats too. Arnold Blanco has claimed that there are too many right backs in the team, when it is only him, Peters, and Reynaldo Mejia (who is barely used at right back). Will Arnold Blanco be leaving after only 6 months at Pyunik?’

‘Another transfer dealing done, as Pyunik turn to Serbia again to sign Brazilian attacking midfielder Deretti.’

‘Deretti can play on the right wing, or down the middle. He seems to be a very good finisher, who can take long shots too. Fast, can cross a ball, agile, a brilliant free-kick and penalty taker, could Fayad use him as a striker who can finally be consistent?’

‘Finally, before we move on to the friendlies… Thierry Kasereka has had his release clause activated by Barcelona (ECU), the amount is rumoured to be around 3m which is a very good fee for the centre back. With him leaving soon, and Kobakhidze and Karakulian who have left already, will Fayad be in the market for a new centre back?’


26/12: Viktoria Plzen

Arnold Blanco
Omoh Ojabu
Rony Caceres
Viulen Ayvazyan

12/1: Igdirspor

Christopher Watson x2
Alexandr Bazanov
Ramazan Bayar
Osmar Carcamo
Viulen Ayvazyan

17/1: Igdir Universitesi Spor

Christopher Watson x2
Omoh Ojabu

20/1: Yerevan United

Lema Mabidi
Christopher Watson
Alexandr Bazanov
Viulen Ayvazyan


‘Pyunik Yerevan’s star player Ghukas “Ghuka” Poghosyan has claimed that he is leaving Pyunik Yerevan. Hamoudi Fayad said that he gave him permission to hold contract talks with clubs like Panathinaikos, Al-Ahli (KSA), and many other European, Asian, and South American Clubs.’

‘He is rumoured to be leaving and right now, we have an announcement from Hamoudi Fayad concerning Ghuka’s future, he will reveal if he left, where he left to, and for how much. Please welcome, Hamoudi Fayad:’

“Thank you for welcoming me to Sky Sports, and now I have good, and bad news. The bad news, is that Ghuka has left the club for a fee of 3.5m. Al-Ahli (KSA) met his wage demands, therefore he will be leaving to there. He said he had fun playing in Europe and now he will try his chance in Asia, and hopefully he will have a great career there. The good news is, we have found a replacement for Thierry Kasereka. 20-year old Emmanuel Muntari has joined for 4.3m. The Ghanaian was bought from Javor in Serbia. Hopefully, he will have a bigger impact than Kasereka.

‘Finally, as Stefan Dimic, Tigran Kandikjan and Victor Kulik leave, Pyunik acquire one more player for 250k, Chukuwonsu Opara:’

‘Pyunik’s Transfer Deals in full:’

‘6 million in, 6.5 million out. Nice business.’


‘The new kits of Pyunik Yerevan have been announced, with a totally new brand, sponsor and style.’

‘Sponsored by Emirates, Adidas as the new brand, and a Norwich City kit style. Pyunik have been raising eyebrows of many kit brands, but Adidas have signed with them.’


27/1: Shirak Gyumri

Christopher Watson
Viulen Ayvazyan
Alexandr Bazanov
Arnold Blanco

31/1: Kilikia Yerevan

Omoh Ojabu x3
Christopher Watson
Carlos Lopez

‘100% in their friendlies, the attack and defence is looking very good for Pyunik Yerevan!’

The Squad

‘Can this squad do better than last season? Go further in Europe while winning the treble?’


‘We start the season with a game against Ulisses Yerevan at Hrazdan, and end March against Ulisses Yerevan too, although at home. We had a Supercup Final against Mika in February too. At the start of the month, we had good news going forward that we have paid for the Training Facilities, and they will be done in 4 months, while the Youth Facilities are being planned.


Ulisses Yerevan: Premier League

Mika Ashtarak: Super Cup

Gandzasar Kapan: Premier League

Impuls Dilijan: Premier league

Mika Ashtarak: Premier League

Banants Yerevan: Premier League

Shirak Gyumri: Premier League

Ararat Yerevan: Premier League

Ulisses Yerevan: Premier League

League Table

‘Top of the table, no losses and only 3 goals conceded. We also won ANOTHER trophy, this doesn’t get any better. I am not too happy with the draws, but at least we are unbeaten. Our players have been fantastic, but these players have been the best 4:’

Omoh Ojabu - Coming back from injury, Omoh is now fluent in Armenian. Let us look at how he improved:
2018 - 4 league goals, 18 league games
2019 - 4 goals, 16 games
2020 - 6 goals, 5 games
This shows how he is understanding with the team, which means he will be more lethal now. I can’t wait for him to be lethal in Europe!’
Rony Caceres - He was always amazing, and I sent him out on loan last season only because I had too many midfielders and I thought he wasn’t as good as them yet, but with 5 goals, 1 assist and 1 POTM award, this player can be our future captain. He also scored a hat-trick in the Super Cup!’
Alexey Kharitonov - This player is world-class, he has never been off form. Mallorca keep contacting me for his services although I will never let him go! When I signed him on a free, I never expected him to do this well.’
Oladapo Peters - The right back, only 20 years old, and coming back from injury, has done extremely well in the space of 3 games. He has thanked me publicly for trusting in him even after he injured, and I have to admit he has declined a little bit overall, but he is only 20 and he will improve!’

‘Finally; thank you for 10,000 views! Thank you all and I hope I can get better and better with this story and complete my journey in Europe. If you guys like this layout, please tell me :D

Some really great updates I just went back and read, and I can say with certainty, those 10000 views are well deserved. Great work :)
10,000 Views!!! Well deserved for one of my favourites stories on here :D
Thank you very much :D I'm glad you like it

Likewise with your Bilbao story :D thank you


‘Henrique Aparecido Honorio, commonly known as “Peruibe”, has seemed to spark interest from clubs like Pyunik Yerevan and IFK Goteborg. Although, somebody seems to be a BIG fan of Peruibe, he goes by the name of Hamoudi Fayad. Hamoudi Fayad has been constantly talking about the young Brazilian, and not just in press conferences. “Peruibe is being wasted at Spartak ZV. He should come to a higher reputable club like Pyunik Yerevan. We are in desperate need of a left winger since the departure of Ghuka, and Ivan Pavlov has no competition in his position, therefore Peruibe would fill all our needs. We will welcome you with open arms here at Pyunik.”, Hamoudi said in an interview with Eugenio Salvezimi.’

‘Peruibe has replied a few times and claimed he would move to Pyunik Yerevan, although there seems to be a relationship of hatred between Izo Dos Reis - Peruibe’s agent - and Pyunik Manager Hamoudi Fayad. The reason Peruibe has not signed with Pyunik until now was due to Izo Dos Reis. “I am Peruibe’s agent, therefore I will be taking the decisions. For now, there will be no talks held with Pyunik Yerevan officials until I receive a better offer for Peruibe.”, Izo Dos Reis said in an interview with Sky Sport Italia. There is no news on whether Peruibe agrees with his agent or not. Fayad has tried his best to convince Dos Reis but he does not seem to budge.’

‘Reports from inside the Vazgen Sargsyan claim that Fayad will use Vardan Minasyan to convince Izo Dos Reis as Peruibe is using his next match to impress Hamoudi Fayad, as he seems very interested in moving to Pyunik.’

‘Now we will give a round-up of news around the Armenian League, all concerning Pyunik Yerevan:’

The Touchline - Sunderland are interested in Honduran defender William Garcia, although Pyunik Yerevan are not letting him leave for a low price. - Sources at Aarau believe that Pyunik Yerevan’s star attacking midfielder Viulen Ayvazyan could be on the top of their shopping list.

Zum Runden Leder - Pyunik Yerevan’s highly rated midfielder seems to be on his way to Lausanne, according to whispers around the club. - Hammarby IF will approach Carlos Will Lopez, according to reports.

‘That is all we have for today, hopefully we will gain more closure on the Peruibe deal soon.’
Very good!
2013-08-20 14:35#129788 HamoudiLFC :


‘The new kits of Pyunik Yerevan have been announced, with a totally new brand, sponsor and style.’

‘Sponsored by Emirates, Adidas as the new brand, and a Norwich City kit style. Pyunik have been raising eyebrows of many kit brands, but Adidas have signed with them.’

More of a classsic Birmingham kit style, Norwich have only had it for this season :P
Toon: Thank you!

Louis O.: Yeah you could say that, but I meant for it to look like Norwich's kit :P

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