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From Armenia to the Top of the World

Started on 3 July 2013 by HamoudiLFC
Latest Reply on 9 September 2013 by Walter
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‘These 2 months were very important, the Europa League games were mentioned and updated by Eurosport, and I will update the Feyenoord games. We start off with Ulisses Yerevan and end there too, let’s continue our good streak.’

Ulisses Yerevan: Premier League

‘Wow. This was such a bad game. We played very poorly and we deserved to lose.’

Mika Ashtarak: Premier League

Martuni-Alashkert: Premier League

Feyenoord, Away - 1st Leg

‘We lost 2-1 which was disappointing, but an away goal is really good for us.’

Feyenoord, Home - 2nd Leg

‘To say this game was a piss-off would be an understatement. We were leading 2-0! Although, a semi-final was beyond our expectations so I do not mind! Eliminated with our heads high!’

Impuls Dilijan: Premier League

Banants Yerevan: Premier League

Ararat Yerevan: Premier League

Shirak Gyumri: Premier League

Ulisses Yerevan: Premier League

League Table

‘We are 1st, but not by 20+ points. The league has become very competitive again, which will hopefully attract more players. Although, we will still win the league!’

Player(s) who Impressed

Fixtures and Results

COSAFA Challenge Cup

First Group Stage


vs. (Reunion)

vs. (Mayotte)

‘We qualified for the next round with 2 wins and a draw.’

Second Group Stage



‘We qualified for the semi-finals with five points.’



’I immediately resigned after we lost, as they had a crap team and the team’s average age is over 30, and over 7 players are retiring.’


‘Alexandr Bazanov and Garik Krbashyan, both originally Russian, have gained their Armenian citizenships and their first caps for Armenia. Alexandr Bazanov is touted to be the replacement of Henrik Mkhitaryan while Garik Krbashyan is to help Armenia’s goalkeeping woes since the likes of Roman Berezovskiy in 2010. “I cannot believe it, what a day it was for me. Yes we lost to Slovakia, but I am delighted at my first cap. All thanks to Arkadi Yepremyan and Hamoudi Fayad”. Pavel Fomin is another Russian to make his debut for Armenia, and it could have been Andrey Pavlov and Ildar Zainutdinov, but they were sold to Russian and Greek teams. Could Armenia finally rise?’


‘We will give the transfers of Pyunik Yerevan and also some around the league, as many Armenians have returned to the Armenian Premier League!’

Armenian League
Karlen Mkrtchyan (Former Player of West Ham) to Shirak Gyumri
Artur Yuspashyan (Former Pyunik and SKN St. Polten Player) to Shirak Gyumri
Aras Ozbiliz (Former Ajax Player) released by Banants Yerevan

‘Those 3 players made their returns, but Aras Ozbiliz was released after 6 months. Could this attract more players to the Armenian Premier League? Also, Pyunik Yerevan are trying to sign Edin Dzeko, we do not know if it is fully true or not.’

Pyunik Yerevan Transfers


Vladimir Ryzhov - Loan, Kuban Krasnodar
Marvin Morgan Jnr - Loan, Sevastopol
Ivan Pavlov - Loan, BSK Borca
Jose Luis Zavala - 50k
Omoh Ojabu - 95k, Illichivets
Igor Kharin - 180k, Desna
Facundo Teliz - Loan, Kerkyra


‘4 young signings, to complete depth in the squad. "We will see more players go out, in the future”, says Fayad.’

Mid-Season European Update

‘Armenia’s League stays in the same position, therefore their prize money and league reputation does not increase. Still, to be in the top 30 is fantastic.’

‘Pyunik now in the top 40 clubs in Europe.’

‘Armenia have improved their seedings, due to Pyunik’s miracle run to the semi-final of the UEL.’

‘Armenia will now boast FIVE teams in Europe!’

‘Armenia in the top 15 countries co-efficient-wise in Europe.’

‘Finally, Pyunik now have state of the art Youth Facilities.’
Nice work with the youth facilities :D I think me and many others have underestimated how much you actually have done in Armenia :D


‘We had A LOT of games in these 2 months. 15 games in 8 weeks! Let’s hope we can cope. We start off at Alashkert and end off there too, we also have our UCL qualifiers… that will hopefully be the last time we qualify for it, as next year the champions go directly to the group stages!’

Martuni-Alashkert: Premier League

Mika Ashtarak: Premier League

‘For the Champions League Second Qualifying Round, we were put up against Irtysh Pavlodar of Kazakhstan.’

Irtysh Pavlodar, Away

‘A good 1-0 win in the 1st leg.’

Impuls Dilijan: Premier League

Irtysh Pavlodar, Home

‘3-1, into the next round easily. We face:’

‘AIK Fotboll - Sweden’

Ararat Yerevan: Premier League

AIK, Home

‘A fantastic 4-1 win! Loving it!’

Banants Yerevan: Premier League

AIK, Away

‘We go into play-offs, facing:’

’Levski Sofia - Bulgaria’

Mika Ashtarak: Premier League

Shirak Gyumri: Premier League

Levski, Home

‘1-1, we should have done better. But we will do better there.’

Ulisses Yerevan: Premier League

Levski, Away

‘4-1! Into the Group Stages we go!’

Martuni-Alashkert: Premier League

League Table

‘1st in the League! Also, this happened:’

‘We qualified for next year’s Champions League, and most likely to the Group Stages.’

Player(s) Who Impressed

UCL Group Stage Draw

‘I really did hope we did not get PSG or Roma this time… let’s hope we get 3rd and go into the Europa League again...’

Manchester City - England
‘Manchester City have qualified for the Champions League as English Champions, 2 points ahead of Chelsea and Liverpool. They are the team I did not want to face, because I do not want to get battered.’
Manager: Gertjan Verbeek
Key Players: Zika Vrdnic (Re), Mattia De Sciglio, Adam Maher

Borussia Dortmund - Germany
‘Borussia Dortmund have qualified as 3rd place in the league behind Schalke and Bayern Munchen. We have faced them twice before, we drew and lost 1-0.’
Manager: Stale Solbakken
Key Players: Mats Hummels, Marco Reus, Ilkay Gundogan

Bursaspor - Turkey
‘Bursaspor qualified as shock Turkish Champions, but we can easily dismantle them. If we can beat Celtic, Schalke, and Zenit then we can definitely defeat them.’
Manager: Mehmet Ozdilek
Key Players: Bilal Sengul (Re), Fatih Cakmak (Re), Mehmet Ali Ates (Re)

Manchester City

‘So, today we were going up against one of the best teams in the World at home, 5 days after my birthday. They have just won the Barclays Premier League which is arguably the toughest and hardest league in the World, but could we cope? We lost 5-0 to PSG last season, and I want a respectable result this season. I will not use the winning tactic we have used most of the season, I will be using this tactic with this line-up:’

(I took this after the game therefore some are tired)

‘A 4-2-3-1 tactic. Now you may think, how can we play like this? “Their attacking midfielders and strikers will take advantage of that space!”, said my Assistant, Artashes Baghdsaryan. “Come on Artashes, you are underestimating your ability! Our attack is sometimes lethal on it’s day and the same can be said about our midfield but honestly the reason we usually win is because of that tight defence! You have made our defence so good, as our defending coach! Artashes, we have a back 4 but remember Alexey Kharitonov? Yes, he will create chances from deep while he’s helping our defence. Think about it Artashes, the only way we can cause an upset is with a good midfield and attack!”, I claimed. He agreed with me and we went with that formation… today was a day to be proud, even with a narrow loss.’

‘I had to put my faith in Denis Kravtsov, because Gerard Traore was injured. I really wanted a good defensive display.’

‘15,000 fans are here to watch us, now let us play City off the park! Hah, the whole team laughed when I said that, but they also had a look of belief on their faces…’

The Game

‘1: Finally, we kick-off.’

‘20: 20 minutes into the game and we have only 35% of possession, and we have barely got a shot on… Although, Edgar Mkrtchyan is bringing the ball upfield, tries a through ball but of course, their defence intercepts. The ball gets into our half, Maciej Dabrowski on the left crosses it in and Muntari misses the ball and boom. Goal for City...20 minutes in and Zika Vrdnic starts off what could be a planned assault on us… 0-1

‘24: 4 minutes later we get a corner… Honestly, we have not really scored corners since the days of Thierry Kasereka and William Garcia, so I wasn’t too confident of us scoring it. Peruibe whipped it in to the heroic jump of Denis Kravtsov and GOAL! 1 ALL, WE ARE BACK IN THE GAME! What a beautiful header! He’s showing me why he should start!

‘41: 41 minutes into the game and nothing else special happens...They keep passing the ball around our box, before crossing it in to Vrdnic who is about to SCORE! NO! SAVED BY KRBASHYAN! He kicks the ball up front, but De Sciglio gets it back. He gives it to Aguero who dribbles on the right flank but Ayvazyan tackles him and the ball reaches Gabriel. Gabriel and Kravtsov playa one-two before Peruibe chips it to Krieger who is in City’s half, he heads it to Souza just to the right of him… Souza who is 35 yards away from the goal dribbles 3 players and gets in the box and he SHOOTS WITH HIS WEAKER FOOT AND IT GOES IN!!!!! 2-1 PYUNIK AND OUR FANS OUR GOING CRAZY! SOUZA IS JUST SUBLIME!

‘45+1: Half-Time, 2-1 Pyunik.’

2nd Half

‘’45: Kick-Off.’

‘60: It is now an hour into the game and we get a corner: Peruibe crosses it in again and Kravtsov escapes City’s defender to JUMP AND HEAD IT IN! 3-1 PYUNIK! 3-1! UNBELIEVABLE!

‘75: Khartionov intercepts it from Aaron Ramsey and kicks the ball upfield to Francisco Piedrahita, he keeps running and does not stop running before he gives a through ball to Krieger, Kreiger dribbles it and is one on one with the goalkeeper and he CAN’T MISS! 4-1! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! SUBLIME PERFORMANCE!

‘89: City have a free-kick from 35 yards, they cross it in. Barros hits the bar, Krbashyan is about to catch it but Reekers kicks it out of his hands and into the goal, I excpected that to be a foul but, 4-2.

‘90+2: We have the ball but the referee blows the whistle! 4-2, a beautiful win and our fans are chanting their own version of “One Love” by Bob Marley and they won’t stop cheering! A beautiful day for Pyunik and Armenia! The perfect Birthday present for me!

Match Report
Zika Vrdnic (‘21, City)
Michel Reekers (‘89, City)

Denis Kravtsov (‘24, 61, Pyunik)
Souza (‘43, Pyunik)
Santiago Kreiger (‘76, Pyunik)

Other Scores
Dortmund 2-0 Bursaspor
Facundo Ferreyra ('23, '81, Dortmund)

September, October, and November - Europe

‘We had 4 games left in the league, and I will be handing them to my assistant as we already won it. Now, I am just hoping that Impuls Dilijan get relegated, as they are 1 point behind Alashkert in last place. We also have the next 5 European Games, as we already defeated City 4-2.’

Ararat Yerevan: Premier League

Bursaspor, Away

‘Now, I preferred to have won here, but we got 3 points against City so I played a weakened team here. Although, Denis Kravtsov scores from a corner AGAIN, very good.’

Impuls Dilijan: Premier League

Banants Yerevan: Premier League

Dortmund, Home

‘A good one-nil loss, unfortunately we couldn’t cause an upset here but we were by far the better team.’

Shirak Gyumri: Premier League

Dortmund, Away

‘A poor loss… very poor. Surprisingly we are still 2nd, as City lost to us and Dortmund, defeated Bursaspor and drawn with them too. Both of us on 4 points but we lead on head-to-head.’

City, Away

‘A 2-0 loss at the Etihad, if it wasn’t for Aguero’s late brace we could have got a point.’

Bursaspor, Home

‘A fantastic 2-0 win, we were absolutely brilliant.’

League Table

‘We won the league but, Alashkert got relegated instead of Impuls… I really dislike them. Also, for the first time since I managed in Armenia, a team that got relegated didn’t come back straight up, as Gandzasar are stuck in the First League for a 2nd consecutive season, finishing one point behind Champions Pyunik-3 Yerevan.

UCL Final Standings

‘We gained 7 points from 6 games, was that enough to get 3rd place?’

‘Yes we did, and 5 points away from Bursaspor. Into the Europa League we go.’

Youth Intake

‘Since we have exceptional junior coaching - extensive youth recruitment - state of the art youth facilities - I expected to have at least 2-3 star players… what did I get?’

‘One average striker, who we don’t need since we have 5 senior strikers and one fantastic youth striker.’

‘Finally, we signed this man on a free:’
‘Armenia’s top scorer, Yura Movsisyan.


‘Today, we have a special episode on Sky Sports News. It will be about the career of Hamoudi Fayad, and how he has changed Pyunik. Although first, we will just show a list of rumours surrounding Pyunik and Hamoudi Fayad before we move on:’

“Arthur Sukiasyan has been officially announced as manager of Armenia.” -Rupert Hayrutunyan, Head of FFA

-Peruibe attracting interest from Premier League Clubs Blackpool, Hull, Brighton and Forest. (FSN Utah)

-Genoa want Fayad, although he claims “I rejected the offer without thinking twice, I am staying”. (The Armenian Football Post)

-Guingamp are planning a bid on Russian/Armenian midfielder Alexandr Bazanov. (United Press International)

-William Garay seems to be attracting attention from OFI, who are willing to pay 350k for him. (NovaSpor)

‘There you have it and now we will talk about Hamoudi Fayad, who has just completed his 10th season in charge of Pyunik Yerevan. We will now give a brief overview of his career.’

Age in 2012: 25 - Current Age: 35 - Teams Managed: Pyunik Yerevan, Zimbabwe

Nationality(ies): Lebanon, Australia - Languages Spoken: English, Arabic, French, Armenian

Preferred Formation: 4-3-1-2, 4-4-2, 4-5-1 - Coaching Style: Attacking

Games Played: 451 - Won: 290 - Drawn: 82 - Lost: 79

Goals For: 1,012 - Against: 500 - GD: 512 - Win %: 64%

Best Opinion: Rafa Benitez (Bayern), Guide Goddard (Zimbabwe), Dusan Uhrin (Dinamo Tbilisi), Thamqansa Ndimande (Unemployed), Vardan Minasyan (Pyunik Yerevan)

Worst Opinion: Arthur Sukiasyan (Armenia), Goran Obradovic (Unemployed), David Moyes (Real Madrid)

Players Bought/Sold: 76/71 - Value of Players Bought/Sold: 24.5M/16.75M - Players Released: 98

Cup Wins: 10 - League Wins: 9


First Game: Shirak Gyumri, Home - Bardzraguyn Khumb - 3-1 (W)
First Goal Scored: Mkrtich Nalbandyan vs. Shirak Gyumri, ‘7
First Win: Shirak Gyumri, Home - Bardzraguyn Khumb - 3-1 (W)
First Draw: Banants Yerevan, Away - Bardzraguyn Khumb - 0-0 (D)
First Loss: Mika Ashtarak, Away - Bardzraguyn Khumb - 3-1 (L)
First European Game: KFK Siaulai (Lithuania) - Europa League - 3-0 (W)
First European Win: KFK Siaulai (Lithuania) - Europa League - 3-0 (W)
First European Draw: Sherrif (Moldova) - Europa League - 0-0 (D)
First European Loss: Genk (Belgium) - Europa League - 3-2 (L)
First Europa League Game (Official Tournament, Not Qualifiers): Genk (Belgium) - 3-2 (L)
First Champions League Game: Anzhi Makachkala (Russia) - 2-1 (W)

Biggest, Best and Highest

Biggest Win: 11-0, Martuni-Alashkert FC (H) - Bardzraguyn Khumb 2021
Biggest Loss: 5-0, Dinamo Kyiv (A) - Europa League 2014
Highest Attendance: 14935 vs. Feyenoord, PSG, Dortmund, City, etc.
Lowest Attendance: 840 vs. Impuls Dilijan - 2012
Most Games Won In A Row: 13
Most Games Undefeated: 32

The Best Eleven, and the Player of The Season

‘The Player of The Season for Pyunik Yerevan this season, voted by our fans is 34-year old Santiago Ostolaza. He may be ageing but 9 goals and 11 assists in 29 games prove that he still has a few years left in him. A very good player.’ -Hamoudi Fayad

Overall Best Eleven

‘The overall Best Eleven for Pyunik, which contained the likes of Mkrtich Nalbandyan, Ghuka, and more. The players who left the club are: Hovhannes Hambardzumyan, Varazdat Haroyan, Artak Yedigaryan, Kamo Hovhannisyan, Ghuka, Albert Ohanyan, Reynaldo Mejia, Artur Yuspashyan, Artak Dashyan, and Omoh Ojabu.

‘Santiago Krieger has already become a star after one and a half seasons, and Omoh Ojabu is a surprise inclusion. Albert Ohanyan is a surprise inclusion too, but besides Garik Krbashyan, Pyunik have never had a good goalkeeper.’

2022 Best Eleven

‘Emmanuel Muntari had a poor season as Denis Kravtsov took his place as Fayad’s favoured defender, while Marcos Corral seems to be the surprise omission. Gael Andonian, the captain, did not feature as much as Gabriel who had a fantastic and appalling season at the same time. As Fayad sometimes played with only one striker, it was tough between a set of three inconsistent strikers, but Viulen Ayvazyan excelled the most out of them.’

‘There you have it, and now before we finish we have Pyunik Yerevan announcing their friendlies and their Europa League fixtures.’

Friendly Announcement:
’The Pyunik Yerevan Board are pleased to announce the upcoming friendlies, be sure to get tickets ranging from 4-10 pounds.’
‘3/1: Slavia Praha
7/1: Spartaki Tskhinavli
10/1: Pumas
14/1: Metalist Kharkiv
18/1: Gagra’

‘For the 1st time, Pyunik have a range of different opposition. From Georgia to Ukraine to Mexico, will they keep a 100% record against the bigger teams?’

Europa League Announcement:
“Europa League Draw: Pyunik Drawn With Austrians”
‘Pyunik Yerevan have been drawn with FK Austria Wien, a team they haven’t lost to in their past 4 meetings. If they proceed to win, they will face either Rubin Kazan or Metalist Kharkiv. Ticket prices for the Home Leg range from 12-20 pounds, and 16 pounds for the Away Stand in Austria.’

'Well there you have it, soon we will be updating you on pre-season and much more! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!'
Superb update and great achievement reaching 10 seasons with a story. I would love to manage two seasons :P


“Due to having school from tomorrow, I will be doing my old style of updates as I wouldn’t have a lot of time to update. Thank you guys for reading until now :)

‘Pyunik Yerevan have a new start to their season with many different friendlies, and bringing in more depth to some positions in the squad. Let us start off with the Transfers.’



‘Rony Caceres, who impressed very well when he first came to Pyunik, during very limited appearances, has left on a free. Samvel Yeghizaryan was a youth striker, and a striker was the last thing Pyunik needed unless they sold one. The two players who went to Gandzasar had their contracts expired, and compensation had to be paid to Pyunik. The most notable transfers are Gerard Traore and Santiago Krieger. He said that they had too many central defenders and Gerard Traore would have the best future, and Santiago is 27 now, which then Fayad claimed, “When you’re a striker, after you are 27 years old you start ageing and your price goes down, unless you are a sublime striker. We have another youth striker coming in, but most possibly in 6 months.”


‘As Santiago Ostolaza is 34, and Alexey Kharitonov would be leaving sometime in the future, they needed at least one more defensive midfielder now, and Milico looks very good, as he was scouted by FMScout.’

‘This player is more of a panic buy from Fayad, but he is a decent player and Fayad loaned him back out, so he can get more experience and finally leave.’

‘Carlos’s pre-contract was signed when he was 15, and he has been very happy to finally arrive at Pyunik. He is only 18, and a fantastic attacking midfielder already, but he lacks creativity.’

‘Pyunik have always had a good goalkeeper in Garik Krbashyan, but his second choices were very poor. Therefore Fayad has bought a Brazilian goalkeeper who is possibly a year away from his best years. This is a bargain for Fayad in my opinion.’

‘Ahmed Abdel Sadek is also a bargain and he is a very underrated player from Egypt, hopefully he will provide cover for Peruibe while he is injured.’


(Slavia Praha) - 5-0

(Spartaki) - 2-2

(Pumas) - 3-0

(Metalist Kharkiv) - 3-2

(Gagra) - 5-1

‘A 100% no loss record, but a draw against Spartaki doesn’t make it all wins. Although, possession, fitness, attacking, and especially defending have all been doing very good. Can Pyunik finally stay undefeated in the league, and repeat their miracle run to the Europa League Quarter Finals?’
Nice preseason and congratulations on 10 seasons. Your commitment and loyalty to the save is amazing and I envy it :D Keep it up and I hope you can do even better in Europe!


‘We start off the season against Ararat Yerevan, and for some reason we are not included in the Independence Cup again. We are missing out on a lot of prize money, but at least we are doing well in Europe.’

Premier League

‘FINALLY! 8 wins in a row! Better than 7, and we are definitely top of the League.’

*SPOILER: We won the next game too, 9/9 wins*

Super Cup

‘What other way to prove that you’re the best, when you beat the 2nd best 9-1? WHAT A BLOODY WIN! UNSTOPPABLE!’

‘We faced Austria Wien first.’

First Knockout Round

Pyunik 6 - 3 Austria Wien

Austria Wien 0 - 1 Pyunik

‘We did fantastically well to get a 7-3 aggregate win but if we conceded less at home it would have been even better! Rubin Kazan defeated Metalist 3-1 on aggregate, therefore we face them.’

Second Knockout Round

Rubin 0 - 1 Pyunik

Pyunik 0 - 1 Rubin - 5-4 PSO

‘We did it! We should have made it 2-0, had Dewain McCleary not missed a penalty in the away game, but a win on penalties is still good! We face Lille, who defeated Lyon, who defeated Man United.’


Lilly 0 - 0 Pyunik

‘A 0-0 draw. We defended very well but our attack only got one shot on, I’m sure if the attack did better we would have won. The Second Leg beckons in the next Update.

Player(s) Who Impressed

‘Need I say anything! 19 goals already! Our highest scorer in a season is 27 (Mkrtich Nalbandyan) and now he’s already at 19! Also, Viulen Ayvazyan is 2 goals away from breaking the goalscoring record for Pyunik!’


‘We had 8 wins out of 8 in the league and are in the quarter finals of the Europa League, could we do better?’

Premier League

‘Again, we get 8 wins out of 8. We have won 16 out of 16 games until now, and if we keep it up for another 12 games we will stay undefeated! Top of the league!’

Player(s) Who Impressed

‘Dewain McCleary with 22 league goals and 31 overall… and it’s only mid-season now… could he reach 50 goals!?’

LOSC Lille, Home

‘2-1! Into the semi-finals, and who else to save us with a last-gasp winner besides Dewain McCleary! Top stuff, we face Kaiserslautern.’

Kaiserslautern, Home

‘A good 3-2 win at home, even with those away goals I still think we can score in Germany.’

Kaiserslautern, Away

‘And Carlos’s goal takes us into the Final for the first time EVER! Europa League final, here we come! We face… ATLETICO MADRID!'

'We make history and go into the Final of the Europa League, in the next update you will see if we got the better of Atletico Madrid...'

A very nice thing to know, is that 5 of our players have been called up for their national teams, who play in the World Cup this year:
Great results! Good luck for the final ;)
Update Announcement

As school has started and I have a very important year of studying ahead of me, my updates will be limited and will go like this:

League: Half-Season Updates
Cup (if we are in it): Included in the season updates
Supercup: Included with the season updates
Europe: Possibly single updates

If i feel I have no more time, I will sadly have to end this story. Thank you guys for 13,000 views, I hope you enjoyed my journey :)
I know this is very soon but it seems like I have to end this story. Not that I just have school, I'm having personal problems and I would only be allowed time to write on Fridays (rarely) and Saturday. I do appreciate you guys reading the story and I will sometimes update you guys in the chat if I signed an amazing regen, or I won the Champions League, etc. I hope somebody can do a similar challenge as me and hopefully I can finish it, and if possible, when I do finish the challenge on my own, I will update it as the last episode of the manager's career, his trophy wins, etc. Thank you very much for 13,000+ views and I'm very grateful for the people who followed this story. Hopefully before FM14 comes out, I will update you guys. I have never had a save for this long and I'm very happy I did it, and the ups and downs of this story were fantastic. I hope you guys liked it, thank you, sorry and goodbye.

PS: I lost the Europa League Final; 3-1

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