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From Armenia to the Top of the World

Started on 3 July 2013 by HamoudiLFC
Latest Reply on 9 September 2013 by Walter
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The Champions League Play-Off Round

“We were drawn against CFR Cluj, the Romanian Champions, as mentioned in the last update and I said that I didn’t know if it was a hard game or not. Anyways, we play at their place first, I want to score an away goal at least.”

1st Leg - Away

“...We went into the game, with a strong squad, not really knowing what theirs is like. We have never come up against Romanian opposition therefore it is quite weird for the lads. I told them to hope for the best and just play like a team and we can embarrass this team at their own ground and put it in the media’s face. They can get a good score. I know it. What did the score end up being?”

“Wow. 6-0. 6 freaking nil! WE WON THEM 6-0! AWAY FROM HOME! 6-0! The players were ecstatic and Cluj had no chemistry whatsoever! We battered them and humiliated them away from home and they come into the Vazgen Sargsyan needing seven goals! Over my dead body they will get that... I left the next match to my assistant and here was the score:”

“1-1, but I don’t care. A 7-1 aggregate win is amazing and we make it to the Champions League Group Stages! We have done it!”

“We received an e-mail from UEFA, saying that we gained the 7.47 million prize money! A few weeks later, this happened:”

“The players are so happy! A historical day for Pyunik Yerevan... now onto the draw...”

The Draw

“The Best Teams were drawn 1st in this order:
‘Man City, Bayern, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd, Dortmund, Liverpool’
“Hard teams everywhere... this is going to be tough...”
“They kept on drawing the teams, we were 4th seed. Which group did we get drawn in?”

“Uh.. Ham.. Hamoud.. Hamoudi...”, muttered Viulen Ayvazyan.
“Lads, I know this is a tough task. The least we can do, is not get battered 4-0 each game. The best we can do, is find a way to steal points of Anzhi and get 3rd, which takes us to the Europa League knockout Round. I know we can do it, as a team. Are you guys ready to shock the World?”, I said, they all screamed “Pyunik!” As we went back to train. A good day, I guess... oh and, a challenge. I would rather lose out to big teams than qualify against easy teams on our debut so we can learn from it, it will help alot.”
Wow, tough group, hopefully you can get into the Europa League
Yeah it is tough, but I've played a game already, and it's looking good for now ;)

4/4 of the Season

“We win one game and we win the league. If we f*ck this up I will resign.”

“We win 6 games in a row to win the League, but we almost had an undefeated season had we not lost to Ulisses. Although, we get 504,000 pounds and we get our 13th trophy under my reign.”

“We defeated Banants 3-1 and cruised to the Final to face:”

Mika Ashtarak

“We literally had a very hard group I don’t even know if we could cope. Our first game was against Anzhi.”

(Blue - Pyunik)
(Yellow - Anzhi)
(Red - Bayern)
(Black - PSG)

Anzhi - Away

Omoh Ojabu ‘2
Alexandr Bazanov (pen.) ‘9
Lacina Traore ‘90

“We beat Anzhi 2-1 away from home! 3 points as Bayern defeat PSG 5-2! Bayern at Home next, I’m not too confident though.”
Other Scores
Bayern 5-2 PSG

Bayern - Home

Toni Kroos ‘45, ‘63, ‘90 (pen.)
Javi Martinez ‘65

“I expected an easier loss especially as we went a half without conceding. Unlucky to have lost 4-0 though, Toni Kroos was too much. One of my favourite players.”

Other Scores
PSG 1-1 Anzhi

Viulen Ayvazyan ‘4
Javier Pastore ‘20

“We drew with PSG! I can’t believe it! 4 points from 3 games, we are doing good on our debut!”

Other Scores
Anzhi 1-3 Bayern

Group Standings after 3 games

“Doing VERY well. Now if we go to the knockouts we will easily be eliminated, but still Europa League is very good too!”
Absolutely brilliant so far in the CL! Keep it up :)
Coping very well with the clubs you're facing in the CL. They are strong, strong clubs.

Independence Cup Final


Easy win predicted for Pyunik Yerevan

Pyunik Yerevan: 1-3 (Fav) Draw: 3-1 Mika Ashtarak: 7-1 (Armenian Independence Cup Final)

“League champions Pyunik Yerevan should record an easy win against Mika, according to bwin.”

“Mika defeated Shirak-2, Gandzasar and Impuls whilst Pyunik defeated Alashkert, Ararat and Banants to get this far.”

“The referee for the match will be Arthur Grigoryan. Grigoryan’s last Pyunik Yerevan match was Pyunik Yerevan’s 3-1 Bardzraguyn Khumb win over Banants on Saturday, the 21st of April.”

The Armenian Football Review

Pyunik Yerevan seek consecutive Independence Cup Wins

“Eight-times Independence Cup winners Pyunik Yerevan head into Wednesday’s Final against FA Mika Yerevan looking to lift the trophy for the 3rd time in a row.”

“Should they return with the trophy yet again, the team will no doubt look back at their tremendous 3-1 victory over semi-finalists Banants on September the 26th as perhaps the defining moment of their glorious cup run.”

“Meanwhile, seven-time Independence Cup winners Mika Yerevan will be gearing up for another appearance in the Final.”

Vazgen Sargsyan Hanrapetakan Stadium - The Match

‘1: Kick-Off!

‘2: Viulen Ayvazyan to shoot! But he’s FOULED - PENALTY! Alexandr Bazanov steps up to take it but he’s MISSED! PETROSYAN SAVES IT!

‘18: Corner by Ghuka, headed by Carcamo but a GOAL LINE CLEARANCE BY MALAKYAN! TOP STUFF!

‘24: Stepanyan is running down the wing, Carcamo is out of position, he’s on the right and he shoots! SAVED BY KRBASHYAN! Corner!

‘30: ...Hovsepyan is outside the box, he shoots, it deflects off Carcamo but Krbashyan saves...

‘33: Fomin is 30 yards away from the goal, he lobs it to Stepanyan on the right side of the box, he heads it to Gyozalyan’s feet who has Carcamo in front of him but he shoots and SCORES! Carcamo is scolded by Fayad as he gets subbed off for Kobakihdze, 1-0 MIKA!”

‘45+2: Half-Time.”

“A poor performance. We need to turn it around. We need the treble.”

’45: Kick-off.

‘46: Yellow Card for Kharitonov.

‘53: Kharitonov fouls Fomin, he’s already been booked and Grigoryan gives him a RED CARD! OFF HE GOES!

‘69: ...Poghosyan on the right, he chips it to Ayvazyan who is running into the box and SHOOTS! HITS THE POST! BUT IT GOES IN! 1-1! PYUNIK HAVE GOT BACK WITH ONLY 10 MEN! 1-1”

‘84: Poghosyan on the right again, this time dribble down the wing as fast as he can, he kicks it off one of the defenders before crossing it to Ghuka who SHOOTS! GOAL! 2-1! PYUNIK YEREVAN HAVE DONE IT WITH 10 MEN! THEY HAVE ALMOST DONE IT! 6 MINUTES TO GO!!”


“We did it! The treble comes home to Armenia, we are the best in Armenia no doubt about that! What a day!”

Empty stadium :P
One more! Well Done :)

UEFA Champions League: Part 2

“So we played 3 games and we had 3 games to go. Our aim was to get 3rd place, but now we are currently in 2nd place behind Bayern. We tied with PSG at home, what could we do away from home?”

PSG: Away

“We beat PSG 1-0 AWAY FROM HOME! MY TACTICAL GENIUS WORKED! I knew we couldn’t salvage anything and save it for Anzhi, but I used my tactical genius to just utilise our attack. I gave every player a set of instructions and Corchia scored an own goal! We contained them and their fans booed them off! Hah!”

Anzhi: Home

“2-2! Argh! Lacina Traore ruined it for us, but we qualified for the next round! 3 points ahead of PSG and we are head to head, we have made history!”

Bayern: Away

“0-0! 0-0 at one of the best teams in the World’s ground! We have qualified with 9 points and lost only one game! This is amazing! Really, I cannot believe this. Honestly, it is a big achievement.”

“That was how the Group Finished. A fantastic Champions League campaign!”

Youth Intake

“We had an okay Youth Intake, with 2 stand out players. Although we are currently upgrading our Youth Facilities which is great.”

I have a big update soon before I travel on the 10th, thank you guys 8000 views!”

The Rise of Hamoudi Fayad

“Hello and welcome to Sky Sports, today we have a very different topic to talk about. Many of you may have not heard about him in 2012, but by now, he is pretty popular around Europe and some parts of the World.”

“Hamoudi Fayad, 32, is the current manager of Pyunik Yerevan, and he has been in charge for 6 years, or 7 seven seasons. Now you would think, why are we giving him a review after his 7th season? Why not 5th or 10th? Well, because this has been his absolute best season and the year he burst onto the world scene. Tonight we will also find out who Pyunik face in the 1st Knockout Round of the Champions League.”

“He became manager of Pyunik in 2012, and now we will give you his stats and best matches and campaigns as of 25th of December 2018:”

Hamoudi Fayad

Club Jobs: 1 - Time at Club: 2534 days - Total Career Earnings: (may be false) 250,000 Pounds

No. Of Players Bought: 46 - Value: 5.25 Million Pounds - (Players) Sold: 39 - Value: 3.7 Million Pounds

Highest Fee Spent: 850k for Omoh Ojabu - Highest Fee Received: 800k for Albert Zarubjan

Players Released: 55

Games Played: 304
Won: 197 - Drawn: 52 - Lost: 55 - Win Ratio: 64%
Goals Scored: 673 - Conceded: 343 - Goal Difference: 330

Cup Wins: 7 - League Wins: 6 - Total Trophies: 13

Season 1 - 2012

Premier League: 2nd
Independence Cup: Runner-Up
Supercup: Didn’t Enter
UEFA Europa League: Group Stages
UEFA Champions League: Didn’t Enter

“Pyunik’s amazing run from the 1st Qualifying Round to the Group Stages.”

Season 2 - 2013

Premier League: 1st
Independence Cup: Winners
Supercup: Didn’t Enter
UEFA Europa League: 3rd Qualifying Round
UEFA Champions League: Didn’t Enter

“Their 8-2 aggregate demolishing of Valerenga was the highlight of their season.”

Season 3 - 2014

Premier League: 1st
Independence Cup: Runner-Up
Supercup: Winners
UEFA Europa League: Group Stages
UEFA Champions League: Champions 3rd Qualifying Round

“The highlight of their season was after going 3-0 down against Plzen in the 1st half of the 1st leg, they turned it around with Mkrtii scoring a hat-trick in the 1st leg to make it 3-3, and proceeding to win on away goals.”

Season 4 - 2015

Premier League: 1st
Independence Cup: Semi-Final
Supercup: Runner-Up
UEFA Europa League: Play-Off Round
UEFA Champions League: Champions 3rd Qualifying Round

“In an overall poor season (besides winning the Premier League), there were no highlights to be mentioned.”

Season 5 - 2016

Premier League: 1st
Independence Cup: Winners
Supercup: Runner-Up
UEFA Europa League: Group Stages
UEFA Champions League: Champions Play-Off Round

“Their highlight of their season was defeating Dinamo Tbilisi 5-1 away from home.”

Season 6 - 2017

Premier League: 1st
Independence Cup: Winners
Supercup: Winners
UEFA Europa League: Qualified from Group Stages (they reached the Knockout Round, but it was to played in February, which was the start of their next season)
UEFA Champions League: Champions Play-Off Round

“Their highlight of the season was defeating St-Etienne to reach the Knockout stages of the Europa League for the 1st time in their history.”

Season 7 - 2018

Premier League: 1st
Independence Cup: Winners
Supercup: Winners
UEFA Europa League: 1st Knockout Round (continuation of last season’s Europa League)
UEFA Champions League: Qualified from the Group Stages (Ongoing into their next season)

“They had many good results this season, as it was their best:”

“Demolishing Cluj 6-0 away from home to put one foot forward to reach the Group Stages...”

“Defeating PSG 1-0 at the Parc Des Princes, holding on to 2nd place in the group, ahead by 5 points.”

“Finally, they drew with Bayern 0-0 at the Allianz-Arena.”

”From 2nd place in the Premier League, Runners-Up of the Independence Cup, and failing too get past the 1st Qualifying Round of the Europa League, Fayad has made this team 6-time winners of the Premier League in a row, the Independence Cup 3 times in a row (and won on other occasions too), and reaching the Knockout Stages of the Champions League. Fayad has made the facilities of this club better, and in 2012 people would laugh at him and about his “plan”, but it seems to be doing very well. He will want to get on to the International Stages soon, as his profile on has just been changed, the former Sunday League Footballer with once an obsucre reputation, has now become this man:

“That’s right, he has become a World-Class manager. Soon, he will be updating you on his Season Review for the year on Sky Sports from now on, we are glad to have you with us next week Mr Fayad.”

Champions League Draw

“The Champions League Draw saw all the big teams drawn against the small teams, with Liverpool vs Inter, Barcelona vs Lyon and Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid being the ones to watch. City and United face Benfica and CSKA, respectively. Bayern and Schalke get Celtic and R.Madrid (respectively) while debutants Pyunik Yerevan go up against Juventus.

”Tough Draws for Celtic, Pyunik and Lyon as the Manchester teams get easy games.”
Just read it from the start, great story :D
2013-08-09 15:59#126397 Louis O. : WHY THE HELL DON'T I READ THIS MORE OFTEN?!?!?!?
Just read it from the start, great story :D

Thanks alot! I'm glad you liked it :D

Season Review - 2018

“We had our best season this season, winning the treble and reaching the UCL Knockout Rounds. Let us recap:

Premier League

“We had an amazing season in the Premier League, only losing once.”

“We won it for the 6th season in a row!”

Independence Cup

“We won the Independence Cup for the 3rd time in a row too!”


“We won the Supercup to complete our treble!”

UEFA Champions League

“An amazing run to the Knockout Rounds which sees us facing:



“I forgot to update about our mid-season acquisition of Marin Tomsic on a loan deal, we had a 600k buy out fee which was rejected. It was smart of me as he was put up for 300k a day later but he wa asking for an excess in wages, a 10k payrise! I tried to sign him on a pre-contract but his wages are too much...”

(continuing the departures:)

“Our best transfer was Marin Tomsic, a very good player on a loan deal:

Staff Changes

“We brought in a new GK Coach, and a few new scouts. Also, a player retired, becoming our Head of Youth Dev.”

Vincent Angban - GK Coach

Mamadou Diallo - Coach (Shooting)

Abraham Guie Guie - Scout

Jean Niang - Scout

Ibrahima Sidibe - Coach (Ball Control)

Marcos - Head of Youth Dev.

“Marcos was set to retire in January 2019, but I immediately signed him up on a coaching role:

“He has very good stats except for Working With Youngsters which will hopefully improve!”

"In our next season, we will aim for the treble again, especially to raise our club's reputation and country reputation... I'm waiting for the Armenian manager to get sacked so I can lead them to international glory!"
Incredible season once again. Nice update :)

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