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From Armenia to the Top of the World

Started on 3 July 2013 by HamoudiLFC
Latest Reply on 9 September 2013 by Walter
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EDIT: This post wont let me delete it so, its just here for nothing :/

Varazdat Haroyan Will Leave Pyunik, Says Agent Grigor Tonoyan

"Star defender Varazdat Haroyan will not be a Pyunik player come July the 1st. He will leave mid-season to join Russian Second Division outifit Volga Nizhniy Novgorod, as they met his release clause fee, claims Grigor Tonoyan; the agent of the 22-year old."

"Varazdat Haroyan has been causing an uproar by saying he wanted to leave the club, but Fayad had tried for months to sign a new contract, until Volga decided to pay up to the fee of 375,000 Pounds."

"Fayad was shocked, and we have comments from him, Captain Artak Yedigaryan, and Vice-Captain Ghuka."

Fayad:'I'm very disappointed that Varazdat has left but even though he was one of my favorite players, I am happy that he is happy of where he is... but Pyunik are a much better club than Volga, and when you see us as European Champions, you'll all get on our bandwagon.'

Artak Yedigaryan:'Varazdat was one of my closest friends here at Pyunik and it is sad to see him go, I love this club and unless they decide to sell me, I will not leave. I wish good luck to Varazdat in the future, and hope one day he comes back.'

Ghuka:'It is tough to see such a good player go, but we all have to say our goodbyes anyway. I wish good luck to Vara at Volga, and hope he does well and moves on to better things as he is still only 22.'

Other News

"In a bid to replace Haroyan, Fayad has confirmed the signing of 200cm tall central defender, Robert Fatikhov from Banants. The 18-year old will join Pyunik on the 28th of June for an undisclosed fee, and will hope to prove worth the undiscovered outlay."

Looks like a decent signing, already got an U21 cap for Russia so hopefully he'll be good :) Keep it up! :D
2013-07-09 03:08#118838 Rablador : Looks like a decent signing, already got an U21 cap for Russia so hopefully he'll be good :) Keep it up! :D

Thanks! :D
HamoudiLFC's avatar Group HamoudiLFC
7 yearsEdited

April: A giant step forward for Armenia?

We had 5 fixtures this month, 4 in the Premier League and 1 in the Independence Cup. I wanted an easy progression to the next round, and 12 points out of 12 in the league, but if we lose or draw in a game I won't be surprised, because this is the part of the season where my player start to become inconsistent.

Premier League

"I knew that we would slip up in one of the games, but I cannot blame my team. Also, we did win 1-0 in all the other games, but a win is a win. Especially against Shirak, Ulisses, and overachieving Banants (4th place)."

Independence Cup

"A good win against Impuls, with all of my new signings scoring. (Andrey Pavlov was actually signed on a pre-contract before them), and now we are on to the Quarter Finals!"

Player of the Month

Andrey Pavlov

Games: 2
Goals: 2
Assists: 0
Avg Rating: 7.2

"He may have not had the best average rating in the 2 games, but in his first two professional games he has scored two goals for us, both goals that set-up wins in 2 respective games. He also got a red card, on his second professional game. Although I will not be too harsh on him, because I know the lad, and he is wonderful. One for the future!" -Hamoudi Fayad

Armenia's World Ranking


Sky Sports:
"2 wins in the European Qualifiers, against Switzerland and Estonia, has seen Armenia rise to #49 on the FIFA World Rankings! In an astonishing way, they have risen up the rankings in bizarre fashion, is this the rise of Armenia? Or is it temporary?"

May: Goals Galore

"This month we had 4 fixtures, all in the league. I expected a minimum of 10 points to keep our 10 point gap intact. Or close to it. I do believe 12 points is very much achievable though."

Premier League

"Goals Galore. Each game had 4 or more goals in it, and I am happy to see that we won 3 out of 4 games. Ignore the Ulisses game, as it was in April. Anyways, we lost against Gandzasar which wasn't too bad, our defence was tired and well, not every team is perfect. We went up 1-0 in the 3rd minute, went 2-1 down by the 22nd minute, and went 3-2 up by half-time. Then, they scored two late goals to win the game, their star striker Yamadou Keita giving us a tough time."

Armenia's World Ranking


Player of the Month

Mkrtich 'Mkrtii' Nalbandyan

Games: 4
Goals: 4
Assists: 0
Avg Rating: 7.80

"This player, has been one of my favourite 3 players that I have worked with. He has been here for 4 seasons and has already scored 63 goals for us until now, the closest person to Arsen Avetisyan's (Pyunik Legend) goalscoring record of 89 all-time goals. He will definitely eclipse that, as he is only 26. He was a joy to behold this month, scoring 4 in 4 games. He is on his way to become a legend for Pyunik!" -Hamoudi Fayad

June: Game of the Season

"We had 4 games this month, 3 in the league and 1 in the cup against second-division team Kilkia Yerevan. I expect at least 3 out of 4 wins."

Premier League

"Scoring 3 and conceding two, 2 wins out of 3. It was a good month, a loss against Ulisses was unexpected but you always lose..."

Now for the game of the season...

Independence Cup - Quarter Final

"8-1. Yes, even though they are a second division team I was shocked, our biggest ever win with Mkrtii getting a hat-trick, and Mkhitaryan, Ghuka, and Dashyan getting two assists each! Great win, we have been drawn against Banants in the semi-final, we should be booking our ticket to the Final already."

Armenia's World Ranking

3 months in a row at #49

Player of the Month

Eddy Mkhitaryan

Games: 2
Goals: 2
Assists: 2
Avg Rating: 8.5

"A fantastic player this month, contributing to so much in only 2 games. He's only 19, therefore I do not want to much pressure on him. Again, one for the future..." -Hamoudi Fayad

Mid-Season Update

I will update you on the Club, Competition and CoEfficient Rankings as we are in July, where European Football will begin.

Competition Ranking

We are up there with the Blue Square Premier, the Turkish Second Division and the Belarusian league. I expect us to close in on #100 in the next 2 seasons.

Club Ranking

We are up there with Austria Wien, Israelian Champions and Dutch and French mid-table/second division teams which is fantastic for us, we are way in front of any Armenian club, with the closest being Ulisses at #375.

CoEfficient Ranking

Our league is ranked the 28th best, in CoEfficient points. We are close to Scotland and Croatia, which excites me.

Our possible CoEfficent Ranking for the next season is:

We are getting closer to Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia and others. Great for the future of Armenia.

League Reputation

Has just been updated from 1 star to 1 and a half stars.

In the coming updates there will be: July, possibly along with a story. August, also possibly with a story. The same with September, and October, then we have the Youth Intake and the End of Season Review.
HamoudiLFC's avatar Group HamoudiLFC
7 yearsEdited

July: Europe

"4 games in the Premier League this month, and then we have the UEFA Champions League Second Qualifying Round games after that. Hopefully, all goes well this month. We usually start to have a drop-down in form from here on, I wonder why..."

Premier League

"3 wins and a tough home loss to Shirak. Scoring a lot of goals while keeping the defence in balance was key this month, except in the Shirak game."

By the way, Shakhtar became our parent club and we signed this guy on loan:

We were drawn against Icelandic Champions "FH".
A loss = We end up in the Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round.
A win = We go to the 3rd Qualifying Round of the UCL.

15.7.2015, UCL 2nd Qualifying Round, Leg 1 vs. FH

"A nice and easy 2-0 win at home that makes it all for us to lose in the next game."

22.7.2015, UCL 2nd Qualifying Round, Leg 2 vs. FH

"A 3-2 loss away from home. I am not too concerned as I told my players to play without pressure, therefore we could have done better but I chose to let them play freely and rest."

Armenia's World Ranking


A huge drop. What is up with the Armenian National Team.

Player of the Month

Artem Gabelok

Games: 5
Goals: 3
Assists: 2
Avg Rating: 7.8

"I am very pleased with our new loan signing as he has made an immediate impact! Hopefully he wil help us out in Europe when we need him." -Hamoudi Fayad

UCL 3rd Qualifying Round Draw

A tough 2 legs against FC Kobenhavn is what is in our way to get to the Play-Offs. Can we do it?

August: A Terrible Month

"We had 6 games this month, along with the first leg against Kobenhavn which happened on the 29th of July, but I decided to put it here. We start off with the league."

Premier League

"2 good wins and a poor draw which meant we were one step closer to the title. A point from our next game against Ulisses means we win the title!"

Independence Cup

"A game against Banants is all that is i our way to face Shirak or Gandzasar in the Final. Could we win?"

"No, we didn't win. A poor, poor performance by our attack which meant the board were VERY disappointed that we only reached the semi-final. Poor performance which let everybody down.

We were drawn against Danish Champions FC Kobenhavn.

If we lose = We go to the Europa League Play-Offs
If we win = We go to the UCL Play-Offs

29.7.2015, UCL 3rd Qualifying Round vs. Kobenhavn

"A poor 2-0 loss away from home, we should have conceded less... but nevertheless, we can stil turn it around at home..."

5.8.2015, UCL 3rd Qualifying Round vs. Kobenhavn

"Argh, we lost, but we went out in style! We were 2-0 down in the first 17 minutes, as if it was all over. We scored 2 in 5 minutes, and we need 2 more goals to win. They score, but we score 2 minutes later and there is still hope. We scored, but that was not enough to take us to the next round. A great win, however."

We now go into the UEFA Europa League Play-Off Round against:

Polish League Runner-Up, Legia Warszawa

If we win we get to the Group Stages, if we lose we are out. Hoping all goes well.

20.8.2015, UEL Play-Off vs. Legia

"A 3-1 loss at home to all but end our hopes of reaching the Group Stages. Our defence was appalling and I am hoping we can pick up, we are starting to lose games which is never good. We are really missing Varazdat Haroyan."

27.8.2015, UEL Play-Off vs. Legia

"We couldn't do it. We tried but our attack was poor this time, we need a new striker soon, we only have 1 senior striker, Mkrtii who is 26 and is aging. Hopefully all goes well next season, but for now we have been eliminated."

Armenia's World Ranking


Player of the Month

Artak Yedigaryan

Games: 8
Goals: 2
Assists: 2
Avg Rating: 7.3

"Sure, he did not have the best of stats but he was a real rock at the back, helping our defence the whole time even though he was a defensive midfielder in all of our games."

September: Youth Intake

"We had only one league game this month, against reigning Cup Winners Ulisses. If we tie, we win the title."

Premier League

"We win the league, and Andonian gets a hat-trick too! That's TWO center backs who have got hat-tricks in a game this season, 3 times in a row, Pyunik are CHAMPIONS!"

Youth Intake

"A poor, p*ss poor Youth Intake. Vardan Abrahamyan is the only one who I signed on a contract, the rest were rubbish. Total rubbish. Anyways, I will train him to become a BBM, it is one of the best positions at this club, with Bazanov, Dashyan and Mkhitaryan being the players who occupy this role."

Armenia's World Ranking


Player of the Month

Who else besides... Gael Andonian

Games: 1
Goals: 3
Assists: 0
Avg Rating: 9.80

"A hat-trick against the 2nd best team in Armenia to win us the league, definitely the winner of the POTM. Also, he has broken the record for most Player of the Matches for Pyunik in a season, racking up 7, beating Mkrtii's previous record of 6."

October: End of the Season

"We had 3 games this month, all in the league, but I will only put weakened squads as it doesn't matter."

Premier League

"A poor win against Martuni, an AMAZING win against Gandzasar and a poor loss against Banants. But who cares, we've won the league! Up The Pyunik!"

Armenia's World Ranking


A BIG drop-down for Armenia, will this result in the sacking of Vardan Minasyan? We will find out next week.

Player of the Month

Kamo Hovhannisyan

Games: 2
Goals: 2
Assists: 1
Avg Rating: 8.1

"A fantastic month for the lad, scoring 2 and assisting one." -Hamoudi Fayad

End of Season Review, and a change in the Armenian National Team coming up next!

"The end of the Armenian Domestic Football Season comes to and end, as Pyunik Yerevan win the league, Ulisses win the Supercup and Banants win the Independence Cup! We will give the results, league tables, and our Player of the Season, voted by players and managers themselves. We will also comment on the situation regarding the management of the Armenian National Football team, who will become the next manager?"


"We will start of with the league, where shocks have happened everywhere this season except for the title-winners and the relegated team. The title-winners were Pyunik, who have now won the title 3 times in a row under Hamoudi Fayad, an incredible feat for the previously unknown manager. Rumours are coming in about how Pyunik received 170,000 British Pound Sterling for winning the title, an increase from the 100,000 Pounds in 2012."

"The league table was as follows:

"Mika were the overachievers, coming in 2nd... while Impuls were the underachievers in 7th, they finished 3rd last year! Shirak finished 4th, although they did not get a European spot, because Banants won the Independence Cup. Martuni were relegated, but again, but they bettered their score of 1 point in 28 games 2 seasons ago."

Independence Cup Final

"Banants defeated Gandzasar 3-1 in the final to give themselves a European Spot for next year. Davtyan was the star of the match, scoring 2 goals on the rout to win. Rumours are that Banants earned 50,000 British Pound Sterling for winning the trophy, a decent amount for a team like theirs."

Player of the Season

"The player of the season for this season was a tough one, but the player who came out on top wasn't a stiker, it was star defender, Gael Andonian. He had moved from Ulisses to Pyunik for 675k at the start of the 2015 season, and my goodness what a player did they get. He had won 85% of his tackles, scored 6 goals, assisted twice, and had a 76% succesful passing rate. Pyunik won 74% of their games while he was playing, he averaged 3.5 tackles per game, and finally he won 8 player of the matches (a record) and had an average rating of 7.76."

"A fantastic player, definitely Pyunik's Player of the Season too. I loved managing him and he's only 20, he is a big part of our project, along with a new signing, who I do not wish to reveal the details of." -Hamoudi Fayad, Pyunik Manager

"Gael. What a player, he did not know how to speak Armenian when he first came here, but the way he matured and grew up over the season was absolutely amazing. He's always having a laugh and smiling when we lose, telling us cheerfully: 'Hamoudi Fayad has put his trust in us for this project, and he told us it would not finish overnight. He will definitely not be angry at the way we lost, so let's cheer up and scream Pyunik!' He definitely deserved this award!" -Artak Yedigaryan, Pyunik Captain

Armenia's New Manager to be Unveiled

"There have been many rumours flying around about who will be the next Armenian National Team Manager, it has been 2 weeks since Vardan Minasyan has been sacked, so hopefully the Armenian FA have thought deep and hard on who will be the next manager, here is a statement from Armenian FA President and founder of Pyunik, Ruben Hayrapetyan:"

"I am pleased to announce that the new manager of Armenia is Arkadi Yepremyan. The former Shirak player will begin his duties immediately, and as President of the FFA I want immediate results from Armenia, and would like to see us rise above #100 in the rankings very soon. We have considered many candidates and hope that you will be happy with the new regime of Armenia. Thank you very much."

"We have a few comments from managers in the Armenian league on the new manager of Armenia:"

"This is unbelievable. I was expected to become the new manager of Armenia yet they did not even consider my application! I am the current best manager in Armenia, and you bring somebody who has never managed a team in his life before!? This is appalling and I am embarrassed. I hope there is a matter of change very soon, as I will lead Armenia to glory." -Hamoudi Fayad, Pyunik Manager

"Well, what can I say? I am baffled too. I did not go for the post but my very dear friend Hamoudi Fayad did, and I feel he was cheated out of it. He has done wonders at Pyunik, and part of the reason the Armenian league is rising through the rankings is because of his magical Pyunik team filled with youngsters. Hopefully it will change soon." -Andranik Barikyan, Mika Manager

"It beats me to why Fayad thinks he is the best one for the Armenian National job, Yepremyan is a Shirak legend and I know he will do wonders for Armenia. This Fayad manager is a poser, thinking he is the best of everything. Andranik Barikyan is not far off from him." -Vardan Bichachkyan, Shirak Manager

"So there we have it, the Armenian Season Review of 2015. The new manager of Armenia has been unveiled, with a few managers hitting out on the FFA, and Shirak's manager hitting out on Fayad. Will fines be handed out? Will we see a new Champion? Will anybody get past the Group Stages in Europe?"

Announcement about Updates

From now on I will be doing the updates as follows:

Pre-Season and Transfers: 4-6 Stories/News Articles
League: Every 7 Games
Cup: Every Game alone
Supercup: A single Update
Europe: Probably games alone

Hope you guys will like it, and thank you for almost 1000 views!

Kobakhidze signs for Pyunik, Yuspashyan leaves on a Free Transfer

"Hamoudi Fayad has brought in what is said to be a replacement for Varazdat Haroyan in Mamuka Kobakhidze. The Georgian central defender wanted out of Russian outfit Alanija Vladikavkaz, after being placed in their reserves. He said he was very happy, claiming that Hamoudi Fayad saved his career from going downhill.
'I am very grateful to Hamoudi for signing me up, my career was going to end soon enough if I was kept there, rotting in the reserves. I hope Pyunik will go forward and I will be there to help them.' -Mamuka Kobakhidze

"Star defensive midfielder Arthur Yuspashyan - who's contract was finishing up in the last month of 2015 - has left Pyunik after a lot speculation about his contract. Fayad clears up the story for us during an interview on"

'Arthur Yuspashyan has left the club on a free transfer and will now play for Austrian club SKN St. Polten. It was my fault for him leaving, I left it too late to offer him a contract and by that time he had in his mind that he is moving to Austria. Nevermind though, as we will move on, we have much bigger plans; no player is bigger than this club.' -Hamoudi Fayad

"In the final pieces of transfer business at the VSH, 3 teenagers have been told that their future deemed away from Pyunik, along with Arthur Karapetyan has left Pyunik on loan to Martuni. Finally, Fayad did one of the most bizarre type of transfer business, as let Gor Malakyan leave to Mika for 60k. Gor was supposed to be moving to Banants - where he had spent the last 2 years on loan - but Fayad did a turnaround, selling him to Mika."

Gor Malakyan being told by Fayad that he is leaving to Mika, not Banants

"Stay tuned on the Armenian Football Gazette as we complete each and every bit of news on every team in Armenia, up next we have Shirak, who..."

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