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From Armenia to the Top of the World

Started on 3 July 2013 by HamoudiLFC
Latest Reply on 9 September 2013 by Walter
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4/4, Europe, Independence Cup Semi-Final, and Youth Intake

“Our last quarter of the season. Will we in the league? Will we reach the IC Final? How will we fare in Europe? Will the new batch of youngsters, actually turn out good for once?”

Premier League

“4 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw. It didn’t really matter, what happened in the end might you guys ask?”

“Again. We win the league. It is literally ours now, we won’t stop winning. 362,000 pounds of prize money, in the bank!”

League Winners!

“We were in the Semi-Finals against Impuls Dilijan, an easy game. Or that’s what I think.”

“4-2, we win. Kamo Hovhannisyan with another 2 goals, doing very well during his good patch of form. We are off to the Final against Ulisses, who defeated Mika in the other semi-final.”

Youth Intake

“This season’s Youth Intake had quite an amount of crap players, but around 4-5 outstanding players. They are outstanding because they are the best we have ever got at this club. The player that stood out the most was:

Edgar Mkrtchyan

“At 16 years of age, and especially in Armenia, he looks like an okay player. His potential looks exciting though, and he has “experience” in Europe by playing for our youth team in the NextGen Series. I am training him to become a winger, and his only position is a right attacking midfielder, but I want him to sometimes operate as a wide man at the right of the midfield. He is fast, can cross, and he is very determined. One day we can train him on the left, possibly to replace Ghuka.”

Europe: The First 2 games

“We played Club Brugge at home, and St-Etienne away. I want to win Brugge, and we will definitely lose to St-Etienne, but that’s not how it turned out...”

Recount: Club Brugge

”This game: was tough and painful to watch for 90 minutes. We had possession, we had shots, shots on target too, but the only breakaway came through their striker, who scored in the 59th minute or so... I couldn’t remember, I was focused on other things. We were poor, not only did we not get 3 points at home, yet we couldn’t even salvage a point... “well that’s what you get when you want to exceed expectations too much”, I said to myself as I scratched a piece of paper that had the team instructions written on it. We needed change, we needed players to go forward. I told the players to pass it into space, move the ball upwards. It was the 91st minute, injury time was only 3 minutes. It was our only chance, we had a corner. “Mamuka!”, I yelled to our Georgian centre-back, “get up there, and do what you need to do. I want you to come back to me, happy with your 1st goal of the season. You can do it”. He ran up, panting, as Ghuka took the corner, he took a large jump and bulldozed his head into the ball and almost ripped the net. The whole stadium went crazy, he did it. We got our point. What also put a smile on my face was, opening my iPhone 6 to an alert: ‘Full Time; Spurs 2-3 St Etienne.’

Recount: St Etienne

“We arrived in France on a day that the weather wasn’t even worth recounting. It was horse shit. I was angry. The players trained, they realised something was wrong, I told them this, straightforward: “Why can’t we do it? Huh? Do we really have to be a team that is a punching bag? No. We may be up against one of France’s best, but with TEAMWORK, we can do it. So could we grab a point away from home? Why don’t we do it boys?!” They all smiled, they knew what I wanted, although I assured them that I wouldn’t be sad with a narrow loss. Anyways, we reached there, at the stadium. A bit of a drizzle, did we care? Nah. We wanted it. The French dominated the possession, we were still doing okay and having one shot on target. 24 minutes in, we conceded. Surprise? No. Could we do better? I hope. Minutes went on, nothing happened. I gave them a half-time talk assuring them that they are doing good, with a good response. I had to go to the men’s room, around the 76th minute. I came back, 4 minutes later to witness a mistake by their goalkeeper Ruffier - mind you, he hasn’t conceded in around 280 minutes - to where the ball goes to our handsome Russian midfielder Alexandr Bazanov, who does not stop running before he shoots it calmly, and scores. I was ecstatic, we did it. Well, there are 10 minutes left but my goodness, this kid is a gift from the almighty. We contained them, but they could not get through us. We were strong and proud, we snatched a point away from home. What happened to Spurs? They drew. We were actually higher than them after 2 games. Wow.”

Making History in Bruges, Belgium

“We are now currently at Matchday 5, which means I missed out on the two matches against Tottenham. Let us start, before we talk about the historical day in Bruges.”

vs. Tottenham, Away - White Hart Lane - 26.10.2017

“Away against Tottenham, we were expected to lose heavily.”

“A 5-1 embarrassment, which means we have 2 points in 3 games. St-Etienne defeat Brugge with a 90th minute goal. Lucky!”

vs. Tottenham, Home - Vazgen Sargsyan Stadium - 9.11.2017

“At home to Tottenham, could we do better?”

“3-0! In the last 10 minutes! We were set for a draw, but I so badly wanted to win as we bettered them in possession and shots. Although, we couldn’t do it. St-Etienne scored a last-gasp goal to tie it up between them and Brugge! Heartbreaking for us, although, look at how we are very lucky. Look at this:

1st - Tottenham - 9 points
2nd - St Etienne - 8 points
3rd - Pyunik Yerevan - 2 points
4th - Club Brugge - 2 points

“There are 2 games left, we are against Brugge away, then St-Etienne at home. We need to win our next 2 games, and hope St-Etienne lose to Spurs so we can reach the knockout stages. We tied with St-Etienne already so if we win, we better them on head-to-head. It would’ve been much easier if they lost out on 3 extra points from their last-winners, but, we can do it! I know we can!”

“I will update you of the game in Bruges now, be ready for a rollercoaster ride in Belgium.”

The Game: Bruges, Belgium


“So here we are, in the Jan Breydelstadion Stadium in Bruges, Belgium. Very beautiful weather at 10 degrees Celsius, and it was dry, my kind of weather. This was our day. I informed the players of the plan, we were going to play in an attacking way away from home. The first time we have ever done this.”

“It was 19:42/7:42 PM, the game was about to start. Ghuka and Gael Andonian came back from injury, but we missed Mamuka Kobakhidze. We lined up like this:

“A 4-2-2-2 formation. Attacking and defending. Eye for goal, rock solid at the back, we also played with wingers instead of attacking midfielders. Let’s do this lads, come in: ‘We NEED a win today at all costs and we have to pray to God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, that Spurs win the French tonight. We can do it, this squad has players who believe in their strength. Fight with all your might, and do this for Pyunik Yerevan’, I told them. ‘PYUNIK YEREVAN!’, they screamed, as they lined-up for a big match in Belgium.”

The Match

“The referee - Jean Laperriere - blew the whistle, and we started. An estimate of 23,000 fans were here, whoever won today between these 2 teams would have a chance to get to the next round - only if Spurs win. Although, like I said, we have a better chance because we do actually get to play St-Etienne.”

“20 minutes into the game, nothing has happened. A goal line clearance by Hovhannes Hambardzumyan was the only thing worth mentioning, with the rest being utter boredom.”
“A minute later, we got a corner. The players kept crossing it in, but every single time it would get cleared out back to us. Ghuka took a long shot but it was easily saved... Although after some terrible dribbling, William Garcia got the ball, dribbled it and did a last-gasp pass to Valter Poghosyan who passed it to Alexey Kharitonov, and then lifted it to Hovhannes Hambardzumyan who crossed it... - here, my heart was beating really hard - a mix-up between the defenders resulted in Viulen Ayvazyan scoring! 1-0! We are doing this away from home, bettering in shots and possession and we score! Beautiful play by our players.

Brugge 0-1 Pyunik
St-Etienne 0-0 Spurs

“Half-time, a good first half, many positives to take, and only limited negatives.

“2 minutes into the second half we are passing it around beautifully around the edge of the box. Tried a cross, failed, but it luckily came back to us. Hambardzumyan looked like he was going to pass, but a bullet weak-footed cross came to Ghuka and he shot it beautifully into the open net as the goalkeeper was surprised with that cross... but on another note... WE ARE WINNING 2-0! The only thing that is missing is Tottenham’s goal in their drab 0-0 ongoing draw, let’s hope they score!

Brugge 0-2 Pyunik
St-Etienne 0-0 Spurs

“5 minutes later, they start to attack and as they cross it into the box, 2 of our defenders tackle one player which of course results in a penalty. Van Acker stepped up and scored, a nice penalty, but no time for complacency now. We needed to play defensively and keep our lead.

Brugge 1-2 Pyunik
St-Etienne 0-0 Spurs

“Nothing happens since then, until the 77th minute we defended fantastically, but I felt a weird buzz in my pocket. Ah, my phone. I opened it up, to my delight, this is what it read. Well, I got 3 updates:
‘Eurosport: GOAL: St-Etienne 0-1 Spurs’
‘Live Scores: Goal, Martin Kelly, ‘77! St-Etienne 0-1 Spurs’
‘BR Team Stream: Europa League LIVE: Former Liverpool Man Martin Kelly scores in the 77th minute to bring Spurs 1-0 up, 13 minutes to go!’

“I was delighted. I couldn’t stop fist pumping and screaming, I told my assistant to spread the news to the substitutes and to the away stand (where our fans were seated) just a few paces away from us. They cheered, and started chanting to the song “One Love - Bob Marley”:
“մի սիրո, մի սիրտ
եկեք երգում են միասին, մեր մի սիրո
լսել, որ մարդիկ երգում (Փյունիկ)
կամ մարդիկ վանկարկում. (Փյունիկ)
ասելով շնորհակալ ու գովք Տիրոջը, ինչպես Փյունիկ անում են մեզ հպարտ
ասելով եկեք հավաքվել ու երգել մեր ողջ հզորությունը
one love, one heart
let's sing together, for our one love
hear the people singing (Pyunik)
hear the people chanting! (Pyunik)
saying: give thanks and praise to the lord, as Pyunik are doing us proud
saying: let's get together, and sing with all our might
“A beautiful song by a beautiful voice, sang by our beautiful fans. Rest in Peace to Bob Marley, a legend who has inspired our fans. Now let’s hope all goes well in the last 10 minutes...”

Brugge 1-2 Pyunik
St-Etienne 0-1 Spurs

“The last 20 seconds, the scores are still the same, we still have a chance if the scores stay like this, the referee blows the whistle, YES! WE’VE WON! OUR HOPES HAVE NOT BEEN KILLED! And the fans start singing it again! I jump into the fans group as we sing “One Love” by Bob Marley, European Nights in Belgium, what a scene. Hopefully, against St-Etienne we make history on European Nights in Yerevan!”

“This is how the league table looks now, we have hope.”


Thank you so much!
Beautiful scenes as they sing the Bob Marley song! Awesome result, now to leapfrog Saint Etienne! :)
HamoudiLFC's avatar Group HamoudiLFC
7 yearsEdited
A big update will be out tomorrow, the Europa League game against St-Etienne. I will try my best to do the update very well, hope you guys will like it.

Doing the Impossible in Yerevan

“Today was the day. Well, funnily enough, today is December the 21st, 2017. Exactly 5 years ago today, a few million people thought the world was going to end, and coincidentally, Pyunik Yerevan could put a mark in Armenian Football History on this day.”

“I went for a press conference today, a weird one, although I was confident for today’s match.”

Pre-Match, The Press-Conference

Reporter - Red
Hamoudi - Blue
Artak Yedigaryan - Green

“Hello, Hamoudi Fayad, and welcome to the Vazgen Sargsyan, here with your team captain Artak Yedigaryan, how do you feel today?”

“I am great. Confident, but not over confident. We believe in ourselves and the future of Armenia. I want to show everybody that I am the best coach in Armenia, with the best players in Armenia, at the best club in Armenia.”

“Great to hear, doing us Armenians proud. Will you approach a different style towards the game?”

“Maybe just a few small things to be changed, but I won’t reveal anything yet.”

“Today, we will make history. Mark my words. This manager has made us do impossible things, 4 league wins in a row, 2 cup wins, a couple of Super Cups and we yet have to play the Independence Cup Final. Our best season yet.”

“Ah, Artak Yedigaryan. What do you have to say about you wanting to leave Pyunik Yerevan?”

“It is all fake and made up by the press, I would only ever come personally to Fayad with a tra-”

“Excuse me Artak, with all due respect to you, I do not want any transfer talk. (to reporter) Sorry, but I do not want low morale before the game. I respect Artak no matter what he does, if he doesn’t want to stay at Pyunik one day, we can talk about it like real men. Please, away from that. Now, we need to start match preparations, thank you very much for having us. Armenia, we will make you proud tonight!

Pre-Match - Line-Up

Pre-Match - Team Talk

“Okay lads. This is the day. The day that the world was supposedly going to end 5 years back. We are doing this for us, our fans, and Armenia. We are nowhere as good in depth and quality as St-Etienne, but don’t let that take you down, who tied with them away from home? Us. So we can do it tonight, why? We have chemistry. We are trained. We are prepared. We are at home. We have our fans, and tonight, when we win, we sing our one love with them. We can raise our CoEfficient AND our financial rewards, and hopefully soon we can build the club’s stadium and facilities and to become even more popular. I believe in you, these people do, the Armenian faithful do. So let’s put our hands in, and on 3 we scream Pyunik... 1... 2... 3... PYUNIK!”

“14,200 fans are here to watch us make history. Let’s do this.”

The Match

‘1: St-Etienne kick-off.”

‘4: Throw-in for us, we passed it around in a square before shifting the ball to the edge of the box where Kamo Hovhannisyan is. A few tackles later, our defence dispossess Hamouma easily.”
‘11: Kharitonov is attacking with the ball, sees Kamo to his right, passes it to him. He crosses it to Ayvazyan who meets it with a fierce header but it is saved by Ruffier.”

‘23: Marcos with the free-kick from just outside the box, although its gone wide.”

‘25: A corner for the French, cleared by Kharitonov, Ayvazyan makes a dashing run to reach the ball as it gets closer to the halfway line. The ball goes to Yedigaryan, he runs down the wing, stops at around 40 yards away from goal, passes it to Marcos to his right... Ayvazyan receives the ball just outside the box, passes it to Marcos to the right of him who takes a shot! GOAL! MARCOS HAS JUST SCORED! 1-0! WE ARE ONE-NIL UP! The Pyunik fans cannot believe it!”

‘45+2: Half-time.”

Team Talk

“Come on boys, we are halfway there. We are doing great, we are not keeping the ball but we are getting shots away and our defence is brilliant. Keep it up!”

2nd Half

‘45: We kick-off. The ball is passed around the halfway line, we push up, Bazanov plays a through ball to Ayvazyan who is through on goal but Ruffier saves! Damn it!”

‘61: Corner for them, to be taken by Cristian Rodriguez, cleared. Although it goes back to him, their team try to finish off a move with a cross but it fails as we clear.”

‘73: We have a free-kick, deep in our own half. Hambardzumyan pass it to Kamo who pushes up with the rest of the team, he plays a through ball to Marcos who is too slow to catch up with Araujo.”

‘77: We have a free kick 45 yards away from goal. Our defenders have pushed up, helping out the attack. Marcos receives the ball only for it to be headed out by Araujo. The ball goes to Bacinovic, they try to round off a team move with their striker Aleksic who is tackled as the ball is cleared. Although, they get the ball back. Dja Djedje is in our half, lobs it beautifully to Aubameyang is through on goal - bear in mind, my heart almost stopped here - I knew he was going to score... but NO! KRBASHYAN SAVES IT! OH MY GOODNESS!”

‘90+5: We have a free-kick but the referee BLOWS THE WHISTLE! WE HAVE DONE IT! WE WON!’

“Amazing Scenes at the VSH! We have done it the fans go crazy. The St-Etienne players are tearing up! I jump in with our fans in the Main Stand and we sing:
“մի սիրո, մի սիրտ
եկեք երգում են միասին, մեր մի սիրո
լսել, որ մարդիկ երգում (Փյունիկ)
կամ մարդիկ վանկարկում. (Փյունիկ)
ասելով շնորհակալ ու գովք Տիրոջը, ինչպես Փյունիկ անում են մեզ հպարտ
ասելով եկեք հավաքվել ու երգել մեր ողջ հզորությունը
one love, one heart
let's sing together, for our one love
hear the people singing (Pyunik)
hear the people chanting! (Pyunik)
saying: give thanks and praise to the lord, as Pyunik are doing us proud
saying: let's get together, and sing with all our might”

“A great but breathtaking game.”

“The Final Group Standings.”

“Enjoy this beautiful song as we celebrate. I will update about the draw later today or tomorrow morning. Thank you for your support guys.”

Independence Cup Final, Europa League Draw to be Revealed

“The Independence Cup Final is today, followed by the Europa League draw. We have a chance to get our hands on the treble. Ulisses Yerevan are our opposition tonight, we can win it twice in a row.”


“Come on lads, we have a chance to win our first treble. We did it against St-Etienne so we can definitely do it here.”

The Match

‘1: Pyunik kick-off.”

‘4: Nakis takes a throw-in, passes it to Tadevosyan. Tadevosyan dribbles, Aragoney runs into the box as he receives the ball and SCORES! 1-0 FOR ULISSES YEREVAN!”

‘6: Aragoney has the ball... he dribbles with it before passing it to Lovyan, Marcos intercepts it and gets kicked by Lovyan... free-kick to Pyunik and the referee shows Lovyan a RED CARD! ULISSES ARE DOWN TO TEN MEN!”

‘9: Corner for Pyunik, Yedigaryan takes it, into the 6-yard box and Kharitonov SCORES! 1-1! 9 MINUTES INTO THE GAME: 2 GOALS AND A RED CARD!”

‘19: Another corner for Pyunik, Marcos takes it but it is cleared out. Yedigaryan dribbles it as he gets it from the clearance, passes it to Marcos, who crosses it to Ayvazyan but he misses the header. It goes to Bazanov who shoots! But its saved by the legs of Edvard H but Poghosyan SCORES! 2-1 FOR PYUNIK! A TURNAROUND ALREADY!”

‘24: Corner for Pyunik, Yedigaryan crosses it and Garcia BACKHEELS IT INTO THE GOAL! 3-1 ALREADY!”

‘40: Kamo Hovhannisyan dribbles past 3 players, passes it to Bazanov. Kamo runs into the box and he gets it back while he’s one on one and he shoots! Although its saved!”

‘43: Kamo is at the halfway line, free of space, dribbling it to the edge of the box before passing it to Yedigaryan to his left to who BLASTS IT IN WITH A ONE-TIME SHOT! 4-1 BY HALF-TIME!!”

‘45+3: Half-time. Beautiful, beautiful football.”

2nd Half

‘45: Ulisses kick-off.”

‘49: Poghosyan is dribbling it down the right flank, he crosses it to Ayvazyan, deflects to Marcos who shoots and SCORES! 5-1! THIS IS RAPE I SAY, RAPE!”

‘58: Bazanov dribbles it around deep in Ulisses’ half, passes it to Kamo on the left flank, he crosses it and Valter Poghosyan shoots and SCORES! 6-1! 6-1 I SAY!”

‘68: Poghosyan takes a throw-in, Hamba heads it to Mkrtii who heads it at goal but it is saved by E Hovhannisyan!”

‘89: Marcos takes a free-kick from about 40 yards, cleared. Yedigaryan got it back, passed it to Kamo to find Marcos on the edge of the left flank. It goes back to Yedigaryan who crosses it to Poghosyan and he SCORES! 7-1! SEVEN GOALS TO ONE! PYUNIK HAVE MADE HISTORY! A TREBLE AND THEIR BIGGEST EVER WIN!”


After The Game

“We cheered and celebrated at the after party, although we had to travel to Nyon for the Europa League 1st and 2nd Knockout Round Draws, let’s see what happens.”

The Draw

“The 1st Knockout Round Draw was first, let’s see who we get.”

“Newcastle … vs. … Sampdoria”
“Genoa … vs. … Tottenham”
“Besiktas … vs. … Feyenoord”
“Vitesse … vs. … SL Benfica”
“Pyunik … vs. … Fiorentina”

“Hmm. I honestly do not know if this is a harder game then Spurs/St-Etienne, but still a hard 2 games.”

“Who would we face if we beat Fiorentina?”

“Olympiacos or Lyon, if it was Olympiacos, I think we can put up a fight. But definitely not against Lyon.

Season Review

“We start off our Season Review with the Premier League.”

Premier League

“Winning the League again to win one of our 3 trophies.”


“A 4-0 battering of Ulisses Yerevan to win trophy number 2.”

Independence Cup

“Winning all our games with 2 or more goals. Very happy, especially with the Final to complete our treble.”

UCL Qualifying Rounds

“Reaching the Play-Off Rounds again before losing to Basel. Still did well though.”

UEL Group Stage

“2 wins, 2 losses, 2 draws. We could’ve got a draw against Tottenham in the 3-0 loss (we conceded 3 in the last 8 minutes) and should’ve defeated Brugge at home. Still, we qualified for the next round.”

Future UEL Fixtures

“Our best season yet, a spoiler for the next update: The Board gave me 2.65m pounds to spend! Last season they only gave us 600,000 pounds!”
Great season, hopefully will get even better :)
Thank you mate, hopefully we can put up a fight against Fiorentina :D


“Welcome to the Armenia Soccer, where we welcome you with “Pre-Season”. Where all the transfers, friendlies, and other news happen. Some people love this part of the season, others don’t.”

“We will start off with our current treble winners, Pyunik Yerevan.”

Friendly Matches

“First of all, their friendlies. They were confirmed on their website as follows:
Pre-Season Friendly Announcement:
Pyunik Yerevan are happy to announce the pre-season schedule for the season:
18/1: Igdirspor
22/1: Igdir Universitesi Spor
27/1: Prometey Yerevan
30/1: Ulisses Yerevan

“The Results were as follows:”

vs. Igdirspor (H)
Gael Andonian x3
Viulen Ayvazyan

vs. Igdir Universitesi Spor (H)
Kamo Hovhannisyan x2
Gael Andonian
Garnik Adloyan

vs. Prometey Yerevan (A)
Garnik Adloyan x2
Viulen Ayvazyan
Alexey Kharitonov

vs. Ulisses Yerevan (H)
Gael Andonian
Viulen Ayvazyan

“4 out of 4 wins, they did very well to adapt to their tactics and fitness levels were good. Hopefully, this continues for them during the season.”


“There are rumours that Pyunik Yerevan Manager Hamoudi Fayad has received a transfer budget of 3 million pounds! That is very high considering to the 600,000 pounds they had last season! Anyways, you think Fayad would use it on lots of players, but he was very smart by doing these transfers:


Rony Caceres - Real Espana, Honduras (Free)

“He only brought in one player until now, Rony Caceres on a free. The Honduran, 22, was very happy to be part of the plans here at Pyunik.”


12 Players Released
Karen Muradyan - Martuni (Loan)
Zhora Grigoryan - Banants (Loan)
Hovhannes Grigoryan - Impuls (Loan)
Arsen Mkrtchyan - Ararat (Loan)
Samvel Grigoryan - Impuls (Loan)
Vardan Bakalyan - Wiener SK (12k + add-ons = 55k)
Ararat Arakelyan - Impuls (45k)

“He offloaded 14 players, only 2 of them being transfers. 5 of the others went out on loan. Fayad has done very wisely, free’d up the wage bill and saved money so when his big players leave (if they do end up leaving) he will have money to back him up. Very smart move by Fayad, who has had a 50-60 player squad, with 15-20 of them being deadwood.”

“Tune in for the rest of the transfer window in February, but now we will go on to 2nd placed Ulisses Yerevan's pre-season...”

Pre-Season Round-Up

“ArmeniaSoccer presents to you today, the pre-season round-up of all the clubs in Armenia. We start off with Champions Pyunik Yerevan.”

“They did not have anymore friendlies, but they did have more transfers that have happened. The biggest two transfers in Armenian League History.”


The only other person to be sold was:
Albert Zarubjan - 21 - Shirak Gyumri (800k)

“He was a very good young player, the future striker of Pyunik, but an offer we cannot refuse.” -Hamoudi Fayad
“He is the most expensive player to be sold by Pyunik after Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Time will tell if he is a flop or not.”

Olexandr Goncharenko - 19 - Shakhtar Donetsk - (Loan)

“Pyunik signed him on loan from their parent club Shakhtar Donetsk for the 2nd consecutive season, but only for 4 months.”

Omoh Ojabu - 25 - Dolphins FC - (850k)

“Pyunik’s most expensive buy ever, this player was bought from one of Nigeria’s best, Dolphins FC. Will he become a flop like Hovhannes Hovhannisyan (more on him later), or will he be the answer to Pyunik’s goalscoring woes?”

“Their transfer deals in full:”

Staff Addition
“Pyunik Yerevan have a full Armenian backroom - with the only exception being Goalkeeping Coach Joao Brigatti - but they have brought in a very popular scout, a young one, who is known in the Barclays Premier League. Henri Camara, the former Wigan, Celtic, Wolves, Southampton, Stoke, and Sheffield United player, is delighted to be a part of the Pyunik Yerevan backroom. He has 99 caps for Senegal, scoring 29 goals. This definitely means Pyunik’s scouting will be going to the depths of Africa, France, Scotland, and even England. Will we see a more foreign approach from Fayad?”

New Kits

“Pyunik Yerevan’s new kits for the year have a new style, and a new sponsor. Reebok is their new sponsor, an upgrade from Lotto. They have a new Melbourne Victory kit style, chosen by Fayad, where Victory are very close to his heart.”
Henri Camara!!! What a legend!!! Great results :)
Ojabu looks decent, hope he can live up to his transfer fee.

Hopefully you can continue your European run by beating Fiorentina, they're a good team but hopefully you can do well!
Nice update! :)
Good luck in europe!
Some good transfers, good luck next season!

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