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Nathan Limior Takes on Everton and the Premier League

Started on 6 July 2013 by shylax
Latest Reply on 1 September 2013 by Walter
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Congratulations on the double, in the same month two. Just shows how far you have come! :D Next the Champions League, then USA and the World Cup? Anyway, keep up the trophies!
2013-08-23 06:30#130740 ebEliminator : I haven't had any job offers in one or two years, and I plan on staying for 1 or 2 more years. I really want to get a crack at winning the Champions League. According to Wikipedia (credible source, I know), the double is the Premier League and the FA Cup, so I won an actual double.

Well if you win two trophies, no matter what they are, that's a double, and congratulations on winning the Premier League, although 4-0 to City?!?!?! :O
Everton > The rest of England
Also, I subscribed to your YouTube channel.

Sitdown Interview with Nathan Limior

FourFourTwo magazine presents a rare exclusive interview with Everton manager Nathan Limior, produced by Mohammed Lester.

Mohammed Lester: Thank you for agreeing to the interview, Mr. Limior. Congratulations on your Premier League championship and all of your success with Everton as of late.

Nathan Limior: You're very welcome, and it's nice to relax a bit at the end of a long season, but football never sleeps, and I'll be back in action soon enough.

Lester: You've come a long way from when you took over Everton, going from 20th to 1st in just a few years. How much do you think the squad has improved?

Limior: The squad has definitely improved so much. When I first took on the role, I didn't have that much money so I would look to Brazil because there are great players you can sign very cheaply. I would also look around the world for free and cheap players, and we honestly committed highway robbery with a lot of my early deals. The players who didn't fit the "nil optimum" part, we were able to sell them off for a massive profit. We bought a lot of players, and we packaged them together. We're a trimmer squad than we were, because we sold the players who weren't panning out and used the money to sign the best. Now, we do have the money, and we can be more judicious about who we sign, although we're still trying for the bargain, since financial concerns are still important to the club. The on-pitch side of things, we had these players, they were young, raw, great potential, but weren't fully polished yet. They could get us up to mid table, but it's in the last few years, they've matured and been able to make the right plays at the right times. It takes a while for new players to get fully ingrained into our system. Willy van der Putten, for instance, took a few games to warm up."

Lester: You mention in your early stages at this club you would often look to young Brazilian players as your signings, and have come under some criticism from fans because of your lack of British players. Does this bother you at all?

Limior: That's a very good question. I know that English football fans are so insecure about their country's place in the game. They constantly seek validation by the inclusion of English players in the top English league and success of England on the international stage. When I took this job, as an American, I felt, and still feel, no obligation to develop the English game for the sake of the English game. That doesn't mean I totally turn a blind eye to English players. George Green was a player who was here when I got here, a very fine player, who has turned out to be one of our most important rotation players on the right wing along with Armand Mbock. We signed an English player from Wigan by the name of Tim Irving.

Another thing is, even though the Premier League is by the English, it's not solely for the English anymore. Everyone watches the Premier League. American coverage is getting record numbers. Brazilians should have the ability to watch their best players on what is arguably the
biggest stage in club football in the world. Not just Brazilians. People throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. If they develop players who are good enough for it, they should be seen on that stage.

Lester: Manolo Gabbiadini has been an integral part of your side's attack since your early days in the Premier League, and has consistently popped up with the goals. However, now that Gabbiadini is 29 and undoubtebly entering the latter stages of his career, do you see him staying at the club much longer, or do you plan on selling him off now, as he is one of the older players in your team?

Limior: I've always been a big proponent of youth, but you do have to have someone experienced who others can learn from. Gabbiadini is still getting a good amount of playing time, he scored 11 goals in 28 appearances in the premier league last season, and scored 7 goals in 10 appearances in the Champions League. I thought I would have some trouble with him being relegated to a third choice striker, but he's remarkably been okay with that. He's someone I can trust when one of my top two strikers is too tired or injured to play. I don't know how long he can go for, and the temptation is certainly there to cash out, but I do feel like Gabbiadini should be allowed to see out his career here if he wants to.

Lester: Now that you have established Everton as the best team in England, how do you plan on keeping things this way, with immense pressure from the likes of Manchester City always looming?

Limior: No matter what someone's always chasing you. It gets stressful to chase expectations, and keep them up. You feel the heat of City, United, Chelsea, and Arsenal behind you and you freak out if your team isn't keeping up. It's very frustrating when you know your team has the quality but they just aren't playing well. You have to know when to speak softly and when to crack the whip. It seemed like I could do no wrong as everyone bought into the system last year. Hopefully they can do that again. I plan on bringing in some new names to challenge the establishment, and some of the rotation players who are developing, hopefully they can step up and challenge for starting places. Being in your comfort zone breeds complacency, I am never comfortable at the top of the table until we've secured the title.

Lester: Your remarkable turnaround of Everton's fortunes since day one of your time here will have inevitably attracted some interest in your own managerial services. Do you see your future away from Everton and the Premier League, or is there still work to be done in your current job?

Limior: You stay in one place for too long and everything around you starts to look very green. I'm not about to start any rumors, the rumormongers certainly don't need me to say anything to spin their half-truths and whole lies. Early in my Everton career, when I was just starting to build them up, I got job offers from Newcastle, Stoke, Chelsea, Tottenham. It just wasn't the right time. The thing about the football world, is that it's so big. There's so many places for me to go. I've only conquered two leagues. I could pull a Pep and give some second or third division team a boost. I will say that international management doesn't interest me. I won't be managing the US or any other country. I don't know where else I'd go at this point. I want to see my golden generation of Everton out, I want to win multiple Premier League titles. I want a Champions League. I will say I won't remain in England, I have too much loyalty to Everton to manage another English team.

Lester: In terms of formations, you have used your own homemade 3-1-2-2-2 for large parts of your managerial career. It provided you with quite a lof of success at Portland and for the last few years has been really gelled with the Everton team; many fans believe it is the perfect formation for the squad you have. So, when you do eventually move on, do you plan to mould your next team to use this tactic too, or will you be looking to move on in that sense of the phrase too?

Limior: I think it is a great football formation and tactic, there's no reason for me not to use it when I move on, but it takes time to shape squads, I do have a vast playbook to draw from until then. It's certainly what I'm known for and what other teams will expect if I ever manage for them. It will also be a part of my managerial legacy, so it makes sense to keep using it and keep legitimizing it. People might have seen it as a stupid MLS gimmick before, but you can't knock what works in one of the top leagues in the world.

Lester: Once again, thank you for your time. Good luck next season, we'll certainly be expecting a lot from you.

Limior: Thank you, it'll be good getting to that point once again.

Excellent interview, great read. Hopefully that "stupid MLS gimmick" can help you win wherever you go! ;)
Very well written answers, I enjoyed bouncing them questions off you too! :P
Quality interview, the updates on this story just get better and better! :D

2021 Preseason

Seattle Sounders 1 - 2 Everton
Everton sleepwalked through this game, they dominated possession but should have won by more. Ademir had a nice finish to open up scoring, then Adilton equalized on the counterattack for Seattle. Van der Putten had a goal questionably flagged offside, but scored the real winner soon after.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)

D.C. United 0 - 5 Everton
A much better performance, where we didn't let any United counterattacks go through and goals poured through Ricardo Gomez and even the midfielders. It was nice to get a win at historic RFK Stadium, former home of the NFL's Washington Redskins.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

Crewe Alexandria 1 - 3 Everton
After a scoreless first half, Crewe got on the board first. Ricardo Gomez got his head to several corner kicks but couldn't make them pay off. Finally, Everton's class shone through and Crewe were tossed aside.
Player of the Match: Loic Hourcade (Everton)

Everton 3 - 1 Malaga
Skillful manuevering and ability by Manolo Gabbiadini and Ademir got Everton off to a 3-0 lead at halftime. Wellington Nem pulled one back for Malaga, but by then it was too late.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

Community Shield at Wembley Stadium
Everton 3 - 2 Manchester City
Man City showed some interesting tactical flexibility, shifting from their usual 4-2-3-1 to a 3-4-1-2 look and back again. They pulled back every time we scored, but in the end, it was Ricardo Gomez's late winner that gives us the Community Shield once again.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)



- Ramiro Sagarzuzu to Arsenal for 21 million pounds. He was no longer in our plans, so it made sense to cash out.
Great win in the Community Shield, hopefully you can continue the form into the season! :)

August 2021

Everton 3 - 0 Wolverhampton
What a game van der Putten had! Everton struggled in the first half, only scoring a penalty after van der Putten was fouled in the box, but Nathan Limior showed why he sold off the players he did as a team with so many former Everton players failed to compete against Everton's current squad. Van der Putten had two more goals in the second half to finish off his hat trick, but he was provided great service from Ricardo Gomez and Rob Reddy.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)
Injury Update: Serge Ribes suffered a concussion. He will be available to play in 5-6 days but we'll be careful about his status and make sure not to bring him back too soon.

Bolton 0 - 2 Everton
Bolton played tough defense but they finally broke down late, first by a wonderful goal from Ricardo Gomez, then subs Rob Reddy and George Green doubled the lead when Reddy, marked by three defenders on the right wing, passed back to Green in the corner of the box for the easy goal.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

- Everton's groupmates in the Champions League: Real Madrid, Anderlecht, and FC Vaslui. The full draw is further down this post. Despite Real Madrid being in our group, we should still comfortably qualify, but I think we can get results against Real Madrid, too.

- Everton have drawn Tottenham in the 3rd round of the Capital One Cup. Despite it being at Goodison Park, it'll still be a tough match.

Manchester United 1 - 1 Everton
A shame to not put this away after Ricardo Gomez's goal to kick off things. Bernard equalized shortly after, and despite Simon Pedersen being sent off, Everton couldn't get that many opportunities at the goal.
Player of the Match: Sandro (Manchester United)

Transfer Deadline Day:
- Real Madrid sign Gareth Bale from Tottenham for 7.5 million pounds.
- Everton sign Marek Hamsik from Manchester City for 675,000 pounds.


- Marek Hamsik from Manchester City for 675K. He's 34, but he's still amazing mentally and a perfect backup/rotation to Loic Hourcade, cutting in from the left wing.

- Ramiro Sagarzuzu to Arsenal for 21 million pounds. He was no longer in our plans.
- Alexander Vargas to Real Madrid for 24 million pounds. Also not in our plans.

Premier League Table

As you can see by Fulham currently being first in the league, it is way too early to say anything, but with two wins and a draw on the road against a title contender, we're doing a very good job.


Under-20 World Cup Golden Ball: Santos (Brazil Under 20s/Everton)
Barclays Young Player of the Month: Abdelghani Yahiaoui (on loan at Fulham, winner), Vicente Molinos (2nd)

Champions League Draw

Group A
Paris Saint-Germain

Group B
AS Monaco
Slaven Belupo

Group C
Sporting CP

Group D
Manchester City
FC Copenhagen
Atletico Madrid

Group E
Real Madrid
FC Vaslui

Group F
Manchester United
SK Rapid Wien

Group G
Bayern Munich

Group H
Good month, good to see van der Putten putting in top quality performances. And good luck against the might Real Madrid in the UCL, you can get through that group :)
Nice group for you in CL, nice sells, great to earn that much money for players who are not in your plans.

Group B looks like a fun group.

I have a feeling Real Madrid would love to sign Bale for that much.

As always get update mate.
Good players haven't really been materializing as of late, Sagarzuzu and Vargas are good players but aren't going to be beating out Ademir, van der Putten, or Ricardo Gomez. Big teams are spending lots of money on crap players because there haven't really been any good ones lately.

September 2021

- Reports from the training ground at Everton are that Juan Jesus's tutoring of Mattia Visani is going very well and he has made vast improvements. They also get on very well with each other.

- Unfortunately, Vladan Berisavac tore his calf muscle on international duty for Serbia and will miss 3 months.

Everton 3 - 0 Chelsea
Wow, Leonid Slutskiy's side showed very poor composure today, as they let themselves get beat today. First, two Chelsea defenders get mixed up together, causing the ball to fall loose. Dentinho takes possession and powers it into the net to take the lead. Then, Chelsea concedes two penalties, the first deemed questionable by FM and the second a stupid penalty on a free kick that was going to be a goal kick.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

Champions League Group Stage
FC Vaslui 0 - 2 Everton
Vaslui fought hard and tried to get a result buoyed by a small but passionate crowd of their supporters', but on 65 minutes, Manolo Gabbiadini finally broke through their shape and powered one in. Ademir broke through and doubled the lead.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

- In a shock result, Anderlecht defeated Real Madrid at home 2-1, making Everton first in the group on goal differential!

Everton 2 - 1 Newcastle
Everton fell behind early with Roman Kleric's early goal, and went in behind at halftime. Ricardo Gomez equalized early in the second half, and after van der Putten's headed goal off a free kick was flagged offside, it looked like the game would end drawn, but Rob Reddy capitalized on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's mistake to score the winner.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

Capital One Cup 3rd Round
Everton 1 - 0 Tottenham
Gabbiadini and Ademir struggled today, but strong defensive play meant the only goal needed was Gabbiadini's breakthrough late in the game.
Player of the Match: Tim Irving (Everton)

- Manchester City won't be challenging for the Capital One Cup, as they lost to League One side Rochdale 3-2 after extra time.

- Southampton will travel to Goodison Park to play Everton in the 4th Round of the Capital One Cup.

Tottenham 1 - 2 Everton
After Javier Hernandez's early goal, Tottenham went into the half with a slim lead. However, Ricardo Gomez came out a house of fire in the second half, putting the team on his back and scoring on two powerful strikes to ensure an Everton victory. Tottenham struggled with injuries, having three players forced off and having to finish the match with ten players.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

Champions League Group Stage
Everton 4 - 0 Anderlecht
Edilson will enjoy this one as his new team got a great victory over the team that let him go. The goals came pouring in for Everton as Anderlecht hardly got a sniff of the ball. Tarek Said had a very classy goal to open things, rebounding Ricardo Gomez's miss off a very tight angle. Willy van der Putten further drove a stake into Anderlecht, getting tremendous service from Loic Hourcade combined with his off the ball wizardry for two goals. Ricardo Gomez put the icing on the cake, easily volleying in a corner kick.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)


- PAOK have agreed to sell goalkeeper Thanasis Karandreas to Everton for 1.3 million at the start of the winter transfer window. Pal Sortevik is still firmly first choice, so Karandreas will be given a few loan spells for development until he's needed.


Premier League Table

The kings have rightfully regained their throne, and time will only tell if they can keep it. Fulham is still doing very well in the league, but we'll see how long that lasts.


Barclays Player of the Month: Ricardo Gomez (winner)
Barclays Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (winner), Abdelghani Yahiaoui (on loan at Fulham, 2nd), Loic Hourcade (3rd)
Barclays Manager of the Month: Nathan Limior (3rd)

Champions League Group Stage

Real Madrid's stumble against Anderlecht means that we've taken the hole shot in the race to ensure qualification to the Knockout Stages. Anderlecht is second on head-to-head tiebreaker but Real Madrid looks the favorite to qualify.
That interview update was top notch and you have had some great updates recently! Keep it up matey!

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