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Nathan Limior Takes on Everton and the Premier League

Started on 6 July 2013 by shylax
Latest Reply on 1 September 2013 by Walter
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2013-08-16 09:14#128354 The 510 Series : It'll be nice to see Liverpool down aswell!!

Yes please!

April 2020

Europa League Quarterfinal
First Leg: Everton 1 - 0 Porto
What a match! Everton was in control, but almost every time Everton had the ball, a Porto player would foul and concede a Gabbiadini free kick, which is a low percentage prospect even with such a great player. Eventually, the cards would stack up and Jose Brito would be double booked. It would go to 10 on 10 when Juan Jesus was red carded for a deliberate handball. It looked like it would be a scoreless draw, but Serge Ribes blasted a ball into the net from distance to create the winner in stoppage time and create a small lead for Everton going into the away leg.
Player of the Match: Diego Reyes (Porto)

Arsenal 3 - 0 Everton
Yoo Hoon's injury was disastrous for us as it was the Ephraim Mofokeng Show, and that Mofoker scored a hat trick against us. As well, Arsenal kept our attack out of the game, surprisingly.
Player of the Match: Ephraim Mofokeng (Arsenal)

- Yoo Hoon suffered a dislocated shoulder and will miss the rest of the season. Time for the Mofokeng show to go regular.

Europa League Quarterfinal
Second Leg: Porto 2 - 1 Everton
Porto 2 - 2 Everton on aggregate (Everton wins on away goals)
- We just knew this would be a nailbiter. Kevin Mirallas scored the first goal on a nice close-range finish. James Jerley Mosquera conceded a penalty early in the second half and Manolo Gabbiadini came through huge, scoring a goal that counted more than one goal thanks to the away goals rule. Mario Ferreira scored a diving header to tie it up, and despite high drama as Porto was seeking another goal, they couldn't, and Everton were through despite the loss.
Player of the Match: Rob Reddy (Everton)
Yellow Card Suspension: Manolo Gabbiadini will be suspended for the next Europa League match due to yellow card accumulation.

- Everton will play Napoli in the Europa League Semifinal. Their opponent will be the winner of Valencia/Fenerbahce.

Everton 3 - 0 West Brom
Hernan Ramirez got Everton off to a hot start with a brace scored on 3 and 10 minutes. Ricardo Gomez put it far out of reach when he scored a bizarre goal, one of West Brom's players slid the ball slowly towards his goalkeeper, and Gomez was the first one to get to it.
Player of the Match: Hernan Ramirez (Everton)

Everton 3 - 1 Chelsea
Chelsea's John Stones had to look on despondently as Viktor Fischer, Manolo Gabbiadini, and Ricardo Gomez each scored goals past Chelsea's defense, and they simply could not conjure up a sufficient attack to counter it.
Player of the Match: Tarek Said (Everton)

FA Cup Semifinal at Wembley Stadium
Everton 2 - 0 Leeds
Leeds' fairytale run comes to an end as an early brace from Loic Hourcade ensures Everton are on to the final!
Injury Update: Armand Mbock suffered a twisted knee and will miss about 2 weeks.

- Manchester City defeated Manchester United 2-1 in the other FA Cup Semifinal, so Everton will play City in the final, in a rematch of the 1933 final which Everton won.

Europa League Semifinal
First Leg: Everton 3 - 0 Napoli
Hernan Ramirez had a great performance, scoring a brace, sandwiched around Rob Reddy's direct free kick goal, on top of a smothering defensive performance, which put Everton in great position to reach the Europa League final.
Player of the Match: Hernan Ramirez (Everton)

Liverpool 0 - 2 Everton
It was a hard fought battle as Liverpool had so much more to play for, but Hernan Ramirez finally broke through to score. I subbed in Rob Reddy as a second striker because I was out of them and he actually had a pretty decent performance, breaking through the line twice, and he crossed the ball in, Martin Skrtel got to it and headed it into his own net for some Benny Hill-inspired comedy.
Player of the Match: Renato Dall'Oglio (Everton)

- Everton have qualified for the 2020 Champions League and secured a top two finish in the Premier League.

Europa League Semifinal
Second Leg: Napoli 1 - 1 Everton
Napoli 1 - 4 Everton on aggregate
It was a close match possession wise but our defense and goalkeeper played well. Viktor Fischer scored the first goal on a great long pass from Serge Ribas. He beat Napoli's line, rounded the keeper, and had a gapingly wide open net for his pleasure. The goal meant Napoli would have to score 5 to win, and that wasn't happening. Edinson Cavani pulled one back, but it was way too little, way too late.
Player of the Match: Alex Song (Napoli)

- Everton will play Valencia in the Europa League Final at the Stadium of Light. Everton has home country advantage but Valencia are a tough team and we'll have to play well to win.




Premier League Table

We have secured a second place finish in the Premier League, but there isn't any reason why we can't go for first. One of our matches is a home encounter against Man City, if we can win it, we definitely have a chance if we can beat Stoke and Swansea to close out the season. In addition, there may not be a Merseyside Derby next season, as Liverpool is teetering closer towards relegation.


Barclays Young Player of the Month: Pal Sortevik (winner)
Manager of the Month: Nathan Limior (2nd)
Brilliant update mate, Continental football was a nail biter, tough loss against Arsenal but worse is the injury. Keep it up mate.
Great results! (forgetting Arsenal of course :P ) Good luck in the Europa League, could this be Everton's year by any chance? :/
Do me a favour and save Liverpool from relegation, would ya? :(
Good luck in the final! :)
I already know the final result, but I shall not reveal anything! Next year you should challenge easily for the title! Good luck in the EL Final
Haha! Liverpool are going down!

May 2020

- Liverpool's 1 - 5 loss to Manchester United has confirmed their relegation from the Premier League.

Everton 0 - 1 Manchester City
It was a tough day, as despite our successes on the stat sheet Sergio Aguero scored a lucky goal at the end of the first half, and Burdisso committed a foul in the penalty box that went uncalled. Everton had many corners but we didn't take advantage of them.
Player of the Match: Andy Wake (Manchester City)

With that, Manchester City are the 2019-20 Premier League Champions. Wankers.

Stoke 0 - 1 Everton
A surprisingly even possession game that was won when Jack Butland rushed out to meet Hernan Ramirez, who passed it to Loic Hourcade for a rare FM sweaty goal.
Player of the Match: Renato Dell'Oglio (Everton)

- Popo, a loanee to Real Madrid, played 77 minutes of their 3-1 Copa del Rey victory over Valencia!

- Marcelo Luiz came in 2nd in the La Liga Young Player of the Year award.

FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium
Everton 3 - 2 Manchester City
What an incredible match of football! First, Manolo Gabbiadini got Everton off to a hot start with two goals, he was a threat for the City defense. Thomas Muller pulled one back, and Marek Lipinski was fed a nice ball which let him blast the ball past Sortevik to equalize. George Green cut inside and scored late to provide the game winner, an English game winner for an English cup! Everton have won the FA Cup for the first time since 1995!
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

Europa League Final at the Stadium of Light
Everton 4 - 0 Valencia
With goals from Loic Hourcade, Rob Reddy, and Manolo Gabbiadini, Everton shellshocked a very good Valencia side. However, it's good to see that Alberto del Rio's former ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez has found new work as a Valencia player, even if he was comically robbed of the ball by Gabbiadini and allowed an easy goal.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

- With Nathan Limior being successful both in the United States and in England, he can stake an undisputable claim that he is the greatest manager the United States has ever produced.

Everton 3 - 0 Swansea
Swansea were tough to break down, but Ricardo Gomez breaking his goal drought late in the first half, combined with Gabbiadini and Reddy goals in the second half, result in a comfortable Everton win to close out the season.
Player of the Match: Jorge Enriquez (Swansea)

End of Season Firings
Stoke - Michael Appleton
Swansea - Ian Holloway
Reading - Lee Clark

- Everton's Reserves Manager Tony McAndrew is retiring and we will have to hire a new reserves manager.

- Everton's feeder club Numancia have won Liga Adelante, and thus promotion to La Liga BBVA.

- Gordon Greer has been hired as Reading's new manager.

- Juan Manuel Lillo has been hired as Stoke's new manager.


- Everton have signed Juan Miguel Manzanares from Murcia for 450,000 in compensation, since he was on a youth contract.


Premier League Table

About the only thing we didn't do was win the Premier League this year, and I have to give credit to a very good Manchester City team. I think we proved that we are one of the giants of England, and I hope to bring a Premier League and Champions League title to Everton's fans next season.
Promoted: Bolton, Queen's Park Rangers, Leeds


Barclays Golden Boot: Manolo Gabbiadini (3rd)
PFA Young Player of the Year: Paride Lucaselli (3rd)
Barclays Golden Glove: Pal Sortevik (19 clean sheets)
Barclays Manager of the Year: Nathan Limior (winner)
PFA Premier League Team of the Year: Pal Sortevik, Paride Lucaselli, and Manolo Gabbiadini
Best Player in Europe: Ricardo Gomez (2nd)
Barclays Young Player of the Month: Pal Sortevik (3rd)
Ligue 1 Player of the Month: Abdelghani Yahiaoui (2nd)

Also, for a laugh:
Fantastic work on the FA Cup and Europa League double, will you be moving from Everton or do you see a Fergie like period at the club?
Why would I move on? I still have things to win. I want a Premier League and Champions League title, and yes, I plan on making Everton a dynasty.
An FA Cup, A Europa League, second in the league and an amazing prospect signed. What more could you ask for? :P
Goodbye Liverpool! You'll also beat City in the Community Shield.

Offseason 2020

- Pretend Everton have announced some new kits for the next season. The images aren't available yet, they'll be revealed on Monday, but here's the new shirt sponsor:

- Ian Holloway gets to get another team relegated as he takes over Bolton.

- Everton will play against Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Super Cup.

- Paris Saint-Germain is rumored to be offering 43 million pounds for Everton midfielder Serge Ribes.

- The European club rankings have been announced and Everton has moved up to 36th place.

- Everton will hold training camp in China from July 18-28.

- Everton have signed scout Harlem Eddy Gnohere from AA Gent.

- With a year left on his contract, Everton has offered Nathan Limior a new contract until 2025 and a raise from 61,000 per week to 92,000. Only Manolo Gabbiadini (105,000 a week) makes more than me.

- Everton are the fifth richest football club in the world!

- Dave Hankin has signed with Everton as an Under 18s Fitness Coach.

- Dean Ashton has signed with Everton as an Under 18s Coach.

- A big move for a player Nathan Limior brought to Portland, as Maritimo in Liga ZON SAGRES has signed Ryan Cronin from Portland on a free transfer.

- Andre Villas-Boas has left Arsenal to take the vacant Barcelona job.


- Mattia Visani signed from Sampdoria for 20 million, beating out Arsenal's offer of 18 million.
- Ramon Ahlinvi signed from sc Heerenveen for 11 million. He is a AMC but we will retrain him at AMR since he has a very strong left foot.

- Hernan Ramirez sold to Manchester City for 17.25 million up front and 2.9 million upon 10 league goals. The deal was too good to turn down, we already have the next man up, and most importantly, all of it (less loyalty bonus, which is only 65,000!) is profit!
- Erik Lamela has been sold to Newcastle for 5.75 million. Suckers.
- Paco (the midfielder) loaned to Santos for the season.
- Ariel Ruben on loan to Velez for the season.
- Roger sold to Burnley for 925K and 30% profit of next sale.
- Roberto Carlos Ordaz has been sold to Porto for 4.8M, a nice flip for a free player who didn't crack the lineup.
- Moulaye Souabou to Olympique Lyonnais on a season long loan for development.
- Marco Wolf to Derby for 600K up front and 1.5M in installments over 4 years.
- Domagoj Blaskic loaned to Liverpool for the season for development.
- Kamel Larbi sold to Real Sociedad for 4.9 million.
- Keiichi Sakamoto to Barcelona for 23 million. He is still a good player, but we've developed players who are better, and we may as well cash out while we're not using him.
- Juan Francisco Cordoba to Liverpool for 2.6M up front and 10.25M over 30 months. We don't need the money now, it's a great sum, and I'll always be glad to swindle my rivals.
- Paul Sanou on loan to Sheffield Wednesday until the end of the season for development.
- Eduardo Menenses on season-long loan to Mallorca for development.


Euro 2020 Dream Team: Vladan Berisavac (substitute)
2013-08-17 14:48#128714 ebEliminator : Why would I move on? I still have things to win. I want a Premier League and Champions League title, and yes, I plan on making Everton a dynasty.

Good to hear :D I am glad you are staying loyal.

I would never have thought of Everton being on the rich list. Financially the club has changed a lot since you have taken over. Some nice transfer deals done then, looking good hopefully you can build on 2nd!

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