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Nathan Limior Takes on Everton and the Premier League

Started on 6 July 2013 by shylax
Latest Reply on 1 September 2013 by Walter
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Visani looks excellent, and the younger signing looks like a beast! Good luck for the upcoming season! :)

Preseason 2020

- Fulham manager Paul Robinson has left to manage Arsenal.

Qingdao 0 - 8 Everton
I hope in FM14 they put in an option to play a friendly against 100 kids. I think that would have been more interesting than this match. Yeah, they're ready to go for the season.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

- The board has agreed to a stadium expansion that will see Goodison Park expand to 43,716 seats. The expansion will begin at the end of the season and finish August 15, 2021.

- The board has also agreed to an upgrade to the youth facilities. The work will begin at the end of the season and will finish October 14, 2021.

Crewe 1 - 3 Everton
It was much more difficult to score goals here, especially without both Gabbiadini (minor injury) and Gomez (international leave), but Vargas and Mbock (sub) both got there for us.
Player of the Match: Philip Cartwright (Crewe)

- Estudiantes (LP) have signed Portland player Diego Chara for 120,000 pounds. He is 34, but I'm sure he has enough left in the tank.

Vidima-Rakovski 0 - 9 Everton
90 minutes of running around and putting balls into nets.
Player of the Match: Alexander Vargas (Everton)

- Dentinho suffered a sprained wrist in the Olympics and will miss 2 weeks.

- Wolves manager Mick McCarthy leaves for Fulham.

- Viktor Fischer suffered a back strain and will miss 3-4 weeks.

- Brazil wins the Gold Medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics! Dentinho, Rodrigao, Baby, Ademir, Adilson Jose, and Pituca are gold medalists!

FA Community Shield
Everton 1 - 1 Manchester City
(Everton wins 4 - 3 on penalties in six frames after 90 minutes)
This is the third time these teams have met in a cup final, leading the media to come up with a name for the burgeoning rivalry, the Battle of the Blues. Everton certainly needs a derby, since Liverpool are in the Championship. Anyway, Manchester City opened the scoring with Arturo Vidal's audacious lob into an empty net, the keeper had moved out of the box and failed to make a proper save. It was City's only real chance, and Everton had much more, but could only capitalize on George Green's amazing cross to Ricardo Gomez, which he volleyed in. Pal Sortevik showed off why he is one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, saving three out of six City penalties, and ensuring that even with a mediocre penalty performance, Everton would win the Community Shield.
Player of the Match: Arturo Vidal (Manchester City)



- Moi Gomez to Brighton on season long loan with an option to buy permanently for free. He sucks.
Good work once again, you look set for a good season :P

August 2020

- Leeds man Chris Powell has been announced as the new Wolverhampton manager.

Wolverhampton 2 - 4 Everton
A raucous encounter on the opening day of the Premier League season! Manolo Gabbiadini opened up the scoring with two goals, including one where he was unmarked on the left side. Former Everton player Senne Schoeters countered with two goals of his own, the Wolves were adept at playing the counter attack. Everton struggled, but finally broke through with Gabbiadini finally completing his hat trick, and Alexander Vargas scoring a goal on his debut to secure the victory.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

Everton 0 - 0 West Ham
There were points where we struggled to pass it around West Ham's midfield, and Alan Smithies is a great goalkeeper, but we did everything but score goals. A huge disappointment.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

- Alan Pardew has been announced as the new Leeds United boss.

- As a major part of the festivities leading up to the UEFA Super Cup, this year's Champions League groups were drawn. Everton was drawn into a group with FC Bayern, OM, and APOEL. The full draw can be viewed further down.

UEFA Super Cup
Everton 1 - 3 Paris Saint-Germain
We'll need to play better than this against continental sides if we're to make it to the Champions League Knockout rounds. We were too soft on crosses.
Player of the Match: Mamadou Sakho (Paris Saint-Germain)



- Ramiro Sagarzuzu on loan to Atletico Madrid until the season for first-team playing time.

Premier League Table

A disappointing month but we still have plenty of time, we just need to get our tactics back down. Amazingly, Wigan is on top of the table!


Barclays Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (winner), Mattia Visani (2nd)

Champions League Draw

Group A
Sparta Prague

Group B
Paris Saint-Germain
Red Star

Group C
Shakhtar Donetsk
Newcastle United

Group D
Manchester City
Spartak Moscow

Group E
Real Madrid
FC Twente

Group F
Manchester United
Borussia Dortmund
AS Monaco

Group G
FC Bayern

Group A
FC Copenhagen
A very mixed start to the season, coupled with an incredibly hard Champions League luck, you'll need it :P
Tough CL group but you should get through :D

September 2020

Transfer Deadline Day:
- James Jerley Mosquera from Porto to Manchester United for 30 million. Really? Manchester United gets a discount? I see how it is.
- Denis Vencel from Gladbach to Chelsea for 11.25 million.
- The whopper of the day, Everton signs striker Willy van der Putten from FC Bayern for a whopping 55 million pounds!
- The signing of van der Putten has created some rumors of discontent from Alexander Vargas, Abdelghani Yahiaoui, and Batata, but everything is fine.
- Everton ran the biggest transfer bill in England this transfer window, spending a reported 100 million pounds.

Everton 2 - 1 Leeds United
Armand Mbock scored a flyer from outside the box, after cutting in. He lobbed it just over the goalkeeper, but after that, we struggled to score. Willy van der Putten was very nervous, and almost scored off of two corner kicks. Ricardo Gomez had a poor game, but scored the winning goal from in-close. Sergio Araujo almost cost us by poaching in a cross. I let them know how poor they were despite the result.
Player of the Match: Dentinho (Everton)

Champions League Group Stage
APOEL 1 - 8 Everton
High scoreline, tiny island nation opponent, did Everton mistakenly get put into the CONCACAF Champions League? Nope! Willy van der Putten finally got off the mark with a huge hat trick, and the 7 goal margin of victory should help out with goal differential should we need it.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)

Hull 1 - 1 Everton
A poor result, the only goal we scored was on a laughable mistake by goalkeeper Jason Steele, while Hull actually made a good play and had Ryan McLaughlin unmarked down the right side for the goal.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

Southampton 0 - 1 Everton
Southampton's fans boosted them well as this was a much harder game than anticipated. Manolo Gabbiadini volleyed a corner kick to score the winning goal, though.
Player of the Match: Juan Jesus (Everton)

Everton 3 - 0 Norwich
Gomez and van der Putten were rested once again to prepare them for the Champions League match, and because I was confident we could get the result without them. Alexander Vargas had a great performance, scoring a brace, and Vicente Molinos had a rare goal from the run of play, as after a failed corner kick he scored a goal from just inside the corner of the penalty box.
Player of the Match: Alexander Vargas (Everton)
Injury Update: Tarek Said twisted his knee and will miss about 2 weeks, a huge blow as he will miss the next game and a few more.

Champions League Group Stage
Everton 0 - 1 Bayern Munich
Poor finishing killed Everton as they had more chances but didn't take them properly. Substitute Danny Welbeck scored the winning goal for FC Bayern.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)


- Everton had an offer of 37.5 million to Porto for James Jerley Mosquera but he signed with Manchester United instead. Wanker.
- Willy van der Putten from FC Bayern to Everton for 55 million pounds.

- Octavio Tatlot loaned to OM for the rest of the season for development.

Premier League Table

We're only second behind Manchester United. When Willy van der Putten becomes more ingrained into our team, we'll definitely see more goals out of him.


Barclays Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (winner)
Barclays Young Player of the Month: Mattia Visani (winner), Loic Hourcade (3rd)
Barclays Manager of the Month: Nathan Limior (winner) (achieved Best in the Business)

Champions League Group Stage

With Bayern out to a commanding lead, our best hope is for Bayern to win as many of its remaining matches as possible (other than our rematch) while taking as many results as we can. We should sweep APOEL, but OM is still an unknown quality.

October 2020

Capital One Cup 3rd Round
Everton 2 - 0 Fulham
A very boring victory by the favorites, Gabbiadini had two goals, and almost a third, but it was disallowed.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

Tottenham 0 - 1 Everton
Games like this are ones we must win if we are to be champions. We must finish better!
Player of the Match: Ross Hunter (Tottenham)

Everton 1 - 1 Manchester United
I swear this game rigs it for Manchester United not to lose. Loic Hourcade scored an early goal that seemed like a good omen for us, but Manchester United equalized on a fluke free kick when Pal Sortevik misjudged the ball in the air and the ball fell into goal.
Player of the Match: Chris Smalling (Manchester United)
Injury Update: And to make matters worse, Renato Dell'Oglio tore his hamstring and will be out 2-3 months.

Champions League Group Stage
OM 1 - 2 Everton
In a game Everton had to win, they did their job, but OM didn't make it easy. A pair of Gabbiadini goals got Everton off to the races, but OM shut them down for the rest of the game, and M'baye Niang poached the rebound of Jordan Ayew's shot off the rebound to pull one back for OM, but it wasn't enough.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

Everton 5 - 0 Bolton
Manolo Gabbiadini shows that he hasn't gone anywhere in my plans as he scores an incredible four goals against Bolton.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

- West Brom has sacked Owen Coyle. Michael Appleton is the bookies' favorite to replace him.

Capital One Cup 4th Round
Norwich 0 - 3 Everton
This was a real confidence booster for struggling strikers Willy van der Putten and Ricardo Gomez, as the former scored twice and the latter once to brush aside Norwich.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)

- Michael Appleton has been confirmed as the new West Brom manager.




Premier League Table

4th with a game in hand against Chelsea, not bad. We have to win if we want to stay in the thick of things though, and hopefully the Tottenham and Manchester United results don't bite us in the butt.


Barclays Young Player of the Month: Loic Hourcade (3rd)

Champions League Group Stage

Wins in the APOEL and OM rematches will get us in. If we need points in the final match, we're in trouble, since the final match is against Bayern Munich.
Great update mate.

You can beat Bayern Munich, you just need to BELIEVE

Nice domination against Bolton, 4 goals? wow

I secretly agree with your comment about United.
shylax's avatar Group shylax
10 yearsEdited

New Kits Revealed

Finally, after a long wait, the new Everton fans can finally be shown off.

Everton chairman Robert Cooper announced, "We wanted to have a sponsor that will inspire more youth to support the team, and create Everton fans of the future. Atlus is a video game company looking to increase its profile in the US and Europe with their releases of Persona 5 for the Playstation 4 and Shin Megami Tensei 5 for the Super 3DS, and with the growing coverage and popularity of the Premier League in the US, they will certainly accomplish that."

November 2020

Chelsea 1 - 0 Everton
This damnable game. Thibault Courtois made numerous saves and Denys Garmash fluked a cross into goal during stoppage time to prevent us even getting a point.
Player of the Match: Thibault Courtois (Chelsea)

Champions League Group Stage
Everton 0 - 1 OM
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay penalties!
Player of the Match: Raffidine Abdullah (OM)

West Brom 0 - 0 Everton
Did we forget how to score a fucking goal? 107 million fucking pounds and this is what I get?
Player of the Match: Paride Lucaselli (Everton)

Everton 3 - 0 Stoke
Finally, some goals! The most impressive plays were Vicente Molinos's shot at goal off a corner kick which Jack Butland tipped to Tarek Said for the easy goal, and sub Ricardo Gomez's diving header goal on the counter.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

Champions League Group Stage
Everton 5 - 0 APOEL
Everton did their job thoroughly, with five different goalscorers, and Bayern beat OM 3-0, making qualification look good on our part.
Player of the Match: Armand Mbock (Everton)
Injury Update:
- Dentinho has a twisted knee and will miss 2 weeks.
- Ricardo Gomez has a groin strain and will miss 2-3 weeks.
- Manolo Gabbiadini has a twisted ankle and will miss 3 weeks.

Everton 3 - 1 Reading
Despite missing Gomez and Gabbiadini, the attack didn't miss a beat, holding the ball for over 70%, and only Jake Kean stopped them from scoring more than 3 goals.
Player of the Match: Jake Kean (Reading)

Capital One Cup Quarterfinal
Brighton and Hove 1 - 4 Everton
No surprises here, Willy van der Putten shows off his skill getting a hat trick to bury Brighton and Hove.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)

Everton 2 - 1 Newcastle
The score looks close but it masks a dominating performance by Everton. Geoff Slack scored for Newcastle but it was in the final minute with no chance of getting the equalizer.
Player of the Match: Ademir (Everton)




Premier League Table

We won't have too many opportunities to catch back up if we stumble so we have to keep winning and scoring goals.


Barclays Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (winner), Mattia Visani (2nd)

Champions League Group Stage

Qualification is all but assured, not only must OM win, they must win by at least 15 goals, minus Bayern's margin of victory against Everton. If Everton manages to take a single point from the match, Everton qualifies.
4th isn't bad in the Premier League! 2nd in the Champions League group is brilliant!

Great win over Apoel! Nice Update!

December 2020

Champions League Group Stage
Bayern Munich 0 - 2 Everton
Even though the stakes weren't as high as they might have been, and Manuel Neuer didn't play for Bayern, it was still a confident road win for Everton, and a confidence-booster going into the Knockout Stages of the Champions League. Ademir got off on a flyer with a corner kick volley. Bayern tried to control the run of play with fouls, but ended up conceding a penalty that doubled their deficit.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

- Everton will play Manchester United in the Capital One Cup semifinal. Manchester United fans will be looking for their team to extract revenge for their unexpected third round exit last season.

Arsenal 2 - 1 Everton
Arsenal is hard enough to beat as it is without moronic two-footed hacks and gifting goals with poor defensive distribution.
Player of the Match: Yoo Hoon (Arsenal)

Queen's Park Rangers 0 - 2 Everton
Gomez and van der Putten had good performance, the latter feeding the ball to the former for two goals and a solid road victory.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

Fulham 1 - 3 Everton
Ricardo Gomez shows off why he is one of the best in the world as he gets a hat trick.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

- Everton draws Napoli in the first round of the Champions League Knockout Stages. The two teams played in the semifinals of the Europa League last season,

Everton 2 - 0 Manchester City
Joe Hart was on a streak without conceding, but it abruptly came to a halt when Rob Reddy made him look silly with a laser blast shot outside the box. Willy van der Putten doubled with a close range finish on the counter attack. Arturo Vidal's dismissal via his second yellow put the nail in Manchester City's coffin.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

Everton 2 - 0 Wigan
Tarek Said and Rob Reddy made runs from deep that were topped off with powerful shots to score goals. Said is a center back, so his goal is even more impressive. The defense had a great performance, not even letting Wigan sniff goal, but the scoreline could have been higher.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

Everton 3 - 0 Wolverhampton
An easy victory for Everton, because they do buy our rubbish players. Fininho didn't play, and that might have made it a little closer.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

Everton 2 - 2 Southampton
Live by the goalkeeper own goal, die by the goalkeeper own goal. What a bizarre and frustrating match.
Player of the Match: Rob Reddy (Everton)

- Fulham have sacked Mick McCarthy. Stuart Pearce is the bookies' favorite to replace him.




Premier League Table

We're in control now, but it is not firm. The teams below us won't stumble very often, so we can't stumble ourselves.


Revelacao do Brasileirao: Baby, on loan to Sao Paolo, scored 9 goals in 28 appearances, averaging a 7.43 rating.
World Player of the Year: Ricardo Gomez (2nd)
World XI of the Year: Ricardo Gomez (starter), Manolo Gabbiadini (substitute)
African XI of the Year: Tarek Said
French Footballer of the Year: Armand Mbock
Barclays Player of the Month: Ricardo Gomez (2nd), Vicente Molinos (3rd)
Barclays Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (2nd)
Barclays Manager of the Month: Nathan Limior
CAF Defender of the Year: Tarek Said (2nd)

Champions League Group Stage

I think we showed we belong in the Champions League with this performance.

January 2021

FA Cup 3rd Round
Everton 3 - 0 Burnley
Transfer-listed Viktor Fischer was the star here, scoring a goal and setting up Gabbiadini's goal. Burnley packed the back, keeping things tight through the first half despite only having 23% of the ball. The possession situation improved slightly for them, giving them 30% at full time, but only two outside cracks at goal, and Everton increased their lead to three.
Player of the Match: Viktor Fischer (Everton)

- Everton will travel to Villa Park to play Aston Villa in the 4th round of the FA Cup.

- Nigel Pearson has left the Wigan post. The bookies' favorite to replace him is Stuart Pierce.

Capital One Cup Semifinal
First Leg: Manchester United 4 - 1 Everton
How embarrassing, despite both teams having relatively even statlines, Viktor Fischer gets a hat trick on his debut.
Player of the Match: Viktor Fischer (Manchester United)

West Ham 1 - 4 Everton
Everton scattered their shots but scored a goal in the first half thanks to Ademir, their finishing was much better in the second half as van der Putten scored a brace and Gabbiadini put the feather in the cap.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)

Leeds 0 - 1 Everton
It took 89 minutes for Everton to find a winner, even with John Egan being sent off for a double booking, but better late than never, and Baby had a wonderful goal to secure victory.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

Everton 3 - 0 Hull
Van der Putten and Gomez broke through Hull's 5-3-2 formation by tackling defenders and passing to the other for the easy goal. Van der Putten scored another goal late in the match to really put it out of reach.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)

- Stuart Pearce has been announced as Wigan's new manager.

Capital One Cup Semifinal
Second Leg: Everton 2 - 0 Manchester United
Everton 3 - 4 Manchester United on aggregate
Despite Everton's best efforts, a two goal effort by Willy van der Putten wasn't enough to dig them out of the large hole from their 4-1 loss at Old Trafford.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)

FA Cup 4th Round
Aston Villa 2 - 3 Everton
Aston Villa took the lead to start with a great counterattack and a great defensive play by a striker, dispossessing a defender and running clean on goal. However, Ademir's two goals put Everton back level, and Willy van der Putten provided the winner in the 90th minute when Gabbiadini curved a free kick around the wall and into the box perfectly for van der Putten to capitalize.
Player of the Match: Ademir (Everton)

Everton 1 - 0 Tottenham
It looked like Tottenham would never be broken down, especially after Willy van der Putten had a goal disallowed for offside, but once again, Baby worked his magic, coming in from deep to score the winning goal!
Player of the Match: Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham)

Norwich 1 - 4 Everton
Despite George Green being sent off for a two footed horror tackle, Everton dominated the game, especially in the second half with two Ricardo Gomez goals.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)


- Maurizio Costanzo has agreed to join Everton at the end of his current contract with Inter.
- Dimitri Nowak has agreed to join Everton at the end of his current contract with RC Lens.
- Furth's Emilio Palero has signed with Everton for 7.25 million. He is listed as AMC but will be converted to a box to box midfielder.
- Romeo Jozak suggested I sign Isaac Yeboah from AZ for 2 million pounds. I was unsure but easily convinced. We will train him at AML and inside forward.
- Edilson has gotten a conditional work permit and has agreed to join Everton when his contract with Anderlecht expires. He will help improve our center midfielder depth.

- Batata on loan to Ajax until the end of the season.
- Antonio Rogero on loan to Sao Paulo for the length of the Brazilian season.
- Paco (defender) on loan to Sao Paulo for the length of the Brazilian season.
- Marcelo Luiz on loan to Sao Paulo for the length of the Brazilian season.
- Viktor Fischer to Manchester United for 23.5 million. With Hourcade becoming the man on the left wing, and Fischer's decline, it made sense for us to cash out.
- Abdelghani Yahiaoui to OGC Nice for the rest of the season.
- Juan Miguel Manzanares on loan to Derby for the rest of the season.
- Pituca on loan to Dortmund for the rest of the season.
- Pablo Castro on loan to Atletico Madrid for the rest of the season.
- Popo has been sold to Dortmund for 13.5 million. He wasn't in our first team plans.

Premier League Table

We're three points clear of Manchester City, and we have some tough fixtures coming up, but I think we can beat them all and leave City in the dust.


Barclays Player of the Month: Willy van der Putten (2nd)
Barclays Young Player of the Month: Enzo Iribarne (2nd), Vicente Molinos (3rd)
Barclays Manager of the Month: Nathan Limior (2nd)
Unlucky against United, but incredible results otherwise. The title is coming to Everton this year! :D

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