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[FM13] Roma - Conquering Europe Once Again

My attempt to bring European success to AS Roma
Started on 21 July 2013 by Nathaniel
Latest Reply on 6 June 2014 by Jer
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Awesome Update! Roma's Joe Kinnear :P
2013-07-23 14:32#122087 P-KIDDY : Awesome Update! Roma's Joe Kinnear :P

hahaha, yeah I suppose he is tbh!
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel
10 yearsEdited

A Private Meeting Gone Sour

Fabio Cannavaro sat in his office, dreading what was about to unfold. He wasn't looking forward to it at all. This made him wonder why he had became a manager. He had always hated being reprimanded by the gaffer in his playing days but now he would be doing the reprimanding.

His telephone rang.
"He's here Mr Cannavaro"
"Send him in Linda" Cannavaro said into the speaker, as he prepared himself mentally and emotionally to berate the player who was about to walk in.

Pablo Osvaldo strode into the room, a certain swagger about him as if he owned the place. Fabio had always hated that about him.
"Take a seat Pablo" growled Fabio, clear anger etched across his features.

Osvaldo sat and suddenly the swagger was gone, the look of fear on his face was evident, he was terrified.
"Boss, please..."

"Enough" shouted Cannavaro, "You have completely gone against everything that we, AS Roma and myself stand for. You have assaulted a fellow team mate and lost the trust of your team mates. Your girlfirend now also wants to leave you, man your life is a mess. So my question is, what triggered it?"

"Right this is going to sound stupid but please hear me out" said Pablo, his voice trembling, tears glistening in his eyes. "Somebody, who is anonymous, is blackmailing me with information regarding my bad past. He said he would release it to every media outlet in the world if I didn't punch Erik I don't even know why he wanted me to punch Erik. I just had to do it. Please boss you have to believe me."

Cannavaro burst into laughter as he heard this pathetic excuse. "Ive heard some bad excuses in my time but that is the worst of the lot, leave this office and never return again, i am placing you on the transfer list effective immediate."

Osvaldo got up, the emotion had changed from grief to anger, raging across his face as. Fabio quickly pressed the button under his desk that alerted security that he was potentially in danger. Osvaldo attempted to grab Fabio by the throat but Fabio swatted his hand away nonchalantly. His body guards stormed through the door and grabbed Pablo, taking an arm each whilst he struggled.

"I will be back" screamed Pablo as he was bustled out of the room and dumped in the lockable room next door to Fabio's office.

What an idiot thought Cannavaro as he went back to his word search in the paper. The word was loony. Well I know where to find that he thought to himself. Right next door.

A couple of kilometres away a man watched on through binoculars. He was happy with what he saw. Pablo was gone. No way would he ever be back at Roma. His plan had worked. Who would he go for next? He didn't know yet. He would strike swiftly and remove another enemy from within the club. Another player who was getting to big for his proverbial boots. Yes he knew who he would go for. He began to draw up his plans as he prepared to take out someone else, maybe more permanently this time.

Next Update : Rome Wasn't Built In A Day But It Can Be Destroyed In Less
I love the twist you've added, that visit and stuff, but maybe you shouldn't have been so cruel and looked in his mails, but anyway I'm very excited to learn about what's going to happen next, keep up the good work
Quality update mate! Very in depth I enjoyed it :)
@Mohammed - Maybe! Thanks!

@Beany - Thanks mate!
Pretty nice update man, very...controversial haha. Fucking blackmailers eh :P Keep this up!
Nice update!
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel
10 yearsEdited

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day But It Can Be Destroyed In Less

Currently AS Roma is in meltdown. Rumours of disharmony amongst the players, punch ups and a confrontation between Osvaldo and Cannavaro that resulted in the striker being transfer listed. The club is currently screaming out CRISIS as tempers boil over and arguments are had. Fabio Cannavaro is thought to be the catalyst for all of this. A former Juventus player managing Roma?! Unthinkable!

Yes, Fabio Cannavaro. A former Juventus stalwart. Leaving the club only when he found out that they had been cheating and were demoted to Serie B. A player who every Roma fan hates and despises. A player they would never, ever want associated with their club. But there he is as manager no less!

If the Roma fans hated him before he got the job, they completely detest him now. Banners appeared with Fabio Out - We don't Want No Juve Player emblazoned across them and as aforementioned YouTube clips of Roma fans vocalising how much they hate him hate him and wish he would just get out of the country. Facebook pages such as We Hate Fabio - Keep Rome Pure have appeared and insights show all the likers are people from Rome except 2 from Malaysia and 1 from Burundi (No I didn't know they had internet there either!)

But then the tipping point that has made the Roma fans even more furious is the fact that Cannavaro slated Walter Sabatini in the press. Sabatini has been at Roma for over 2 years and despite having been at Lazio for the 4 years prior to that he has endeared himself to the Roma fans and they now adore him. Cannavaro should be trying to emulate what Sabatini has achieved and attempt to have him as an ally inside Roma! Berating him in the press will not achieve this!

Despite the crisis the chairman has remained eerily silent. It seems strange that he wouldn't say anything and we feel that he is either scared of the fans or Cannavaro has locked him in a dark room with Andrea Pirlo and Marco Matterazzi acting as bodyguards. Probably the latter...

To make matters worse on the blue side of Rome everything is perfect. Morale is high and a new manager has come in from Croatia, so there is no controversy with him being a former player of a rival club whatsoever! Also one member of the Napoli team said that the club are "Thriving on the apparent demise of Roma."

And in all honesty why shouldn't they be? The Lazio fans have always remained loyal to the club no matter who the manager is, even former players of Milan and Inter. Whereas as soon as it happens to Roma there is crisis, anger and betrayal.

To conclude the only way Cannavaro can redeem himself is to win trophies and bring success to Roma. Winning the Italian Cup and Qualifying for the Champions League would be a good start. Then most Roma fans, except the die hards, would forgive him and the board to a certain degree. However right now there are no trophies and, understandably, the Roma fans aren't willing to give a former Juve player a chance at managing their club.

Not since the great fire has the Red half of Rome been in such disarray, panic and confusion.

By Antonio Malnesta

Next Update : Pre-Season
Kane's avatar Group Kane
10 yearsEdited
What the hell did I just see!?!?!? But a great update :)
Sweet article. Hopefully Fabio can pull Roma out of this disarray!
Roma fans yo! Rome wasn't built in one day but it can sure be destroyed in less than 24 hours. They Angry!!!
2013-07-24 00:42#122298 P-KIDDY : Roma fans yo! Rome wasn't built in one day but it can sure be destroyed in less than 24 hours. They Angry!!!

Paddy mate, I am going to steal that and make it the title of the post!
2 seasons later: WE LOVE FABIO ;) great update
2013-07-24 01:57#122308 JL00 : 2 seasons later: WE LOVE FABIO ;) great update

Hahah Hopefully! Thanks!

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