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[FM13] Roma - Conquering Europe Once Again

My attempt to bring European success to AS Roma
Started on 21 July 2013 by Nathaniel
Latest Reply on 6 June 2014 by Jer
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And World War 3 begins :P
2014-03-07 20:25#164249 Louis O. : And World War 3 begins :P
...starting with the deaths of Neal Cannavaro and Fabio Hasan. What's that? I got the names mixed up? Bollocks.
I can't believe I never noticed this story, you've done an amazing job on this, absolutely gripping throughout! Awesome work man!
The Final Encounter

Fabio Cannavarro walked into the warehouse his brother had told him to come to, saying he needed to meet urgently. The fact he had wanted Mr Hasan to come had surprised Fabio. To his knowledge they had never met. He was on his guard though. Mr Hasan had a security team in a truck across the road in case something was wrong. The first thing that met his eyes was his brother, handcuffed to a chair. Paolo tried to warn Fabio but was too late. The Shade clocked him one and Fabio went down like a "sack of tatties". Mr Hasan was due to arrive any minute, Fabio tried to call out but it was too late. The Shade pointed the gun at Hasan and he obediently did as he was told. Sitting down in the seat to the left of Paolo.


Outside the security team came to the realisation that something had happened to Neal and Fabio. They had lost contact with them. They were preparing to do something when the back door of the truck exploded and 3 men with balaclavas charged in. Five shots were fired as each of the security team was killed in a rapid, concise fashion. One of the men got in the front of the van and drove it into the warehouse. The other two jogged in after him.

The Shade welcomed his team and told them to watch the entrances for "any sign of police or anything like that". He stayed with Fabio, Neal and Paolo. He was away to begin talking when Fabio cut him short.

"Please, do whatever you must to me but let Paolo go, I know you only used him to lure me here so please, release him" begged Fabio.
"No harm will come to your brother" replied The Shade, "as he has done nothing wrong."
"Thank you" said Fabio through gritted teeth.
"I hear the media have a name for me - "The Shade"- I have to say, I kinda like it, however I feel my name for me is better. I see myself as "The Judge". The man who brings justice where nobody else is willing to do so. You see, you have both been deemed guilty of corrupting my club. You, Neal Hasan, pumped millions into the club. Most people would be delighted with this, but I am not. It means the youth of Roma will never be given the chance to flourish due to the multi millionaires who have taken their spots in the team. And Mr Cannavarro. The one we never wanted to be manager. The one we didn't want to come near our side. You are the enemy. You have corrupted Roma. You must die."

"I know the police will be on their way, somebody would've heard the explosion and called it in. So I suppose I should make this quick."

Sirens could be heard in the distance as The Shade picked up his gun. He quickly released Paolo and Fabio told him to run and not look back. He then looked Neal Hasan in the eye, raised his gun and released a bullet into his skull. Hasan slumped in the chair, a lifeless form.

The Shade prepared to end Cannavarro's existence. To terminate his life source. He lifted the gun and aimed it at Fabio's heart, since Fabio had broke his heart by becoming the manager. He pulled the trigger but at the last second, Fabio moved slightly. The bullet punctured his shoulder, just above his heart. The Shade went to shoot again but heard the door of the warehouse being knocked down. He ran, melting into the darkness of the night, a figure never to be forgotten. He had left his mark.


Fabio Cannavarro could feel the life seeping out of him as the blood flowed from his chest. He didn't have any regrets. He had done nothing wrong. His conscience was clear. He felt the fuzziness that was associated with unconsciousness. The inky black cloud of death lured over him. He fell into its grasp. He succumbed to unconsciousness and possibly death as his body stopped functioning.

To be continued...
Oh my God, that was epic, MORE! xD
Nooooooo Cannavarro !!!! :( I-) O:-) @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};-
Well shit, I died.... :(

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