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Genie Scout 09 Problem

Started on 20 December 2008 by Jonny_Toon_Army
Latest Reply on 1 March 2009 by Sanvean
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Hey all, just downloaded the new Genie Scout coz i havnt had the net for a couple of weeks. Was used to 08 version had no problems. Just checked this one out nd it seems to be lacking.

For example the layout seems far to complicated and the screen to check players PA stats out isnt right. I was Newcastle when i didnt have the net nd Steven Taylors Positioning went to 20! It may be that i am an awesome coach but i doubt it.

Also the sale value of players seems to be wrong. It says Wilson Palacios' SV is £1.5mil (I thought it was quite low too!) but i bid that, rejected, bid 3mil, rejected.

Anyone having similar problems? Think i will download the Immuners Scout see if thats any better while i wait replys.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
well ye the new layout being complicated is your opinion.. personally i hate the ribbon too.

and im afraid immuners doesnt show the right sale value either at the moment.. atleast i thought so

PA´s are probably right though and it was probably indeed your awesome coaching that made steven taylor get 20 for positioning
Yeh Immuners is just the same, anyone know when this will be updated or if its going to be?
Deleted's avatar Deleted
i dont, but

trust your scout when it comes to sale value until its fixed.. i know you still cant use SV to filter searches but im just giving tips
Can anyone post a link where i can get the Immuner scout? Genie doesn't work with the new patch unfortunately
Immuner scout doesn't work with the new patch as well. Kostas will work on a 9.3.0 compatible version next week. The link to that scout though is here.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Well i can't find anywhere the link you had sometime ago that was an unofficial patch that went along with genie scout, i remember it was an italian made patch but i uninstall my game and don't have this one so, can someone give me the link?

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