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Olympique de Marseille MoneyBall

Moneyball In Football!
Started on 10 August 2013 by Nic
Latest Reply on 21 August 2013 by Nic
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Marseilles Moneyball

"Today we have a special guest here in the studio to discuss the future of Ligue 1"

Franck Leboeuf welcome!

"“Thanks for having me.”

The biggest issue in Ligue 1 currently is the big spenders with PSG and now As Monaco both spending huge amounts of money whilst the rest of the clubs in Ligue 1 and Europe in general have little to no cash to spend

“Yes, you see my problems with this are different to my problems with the ones in England.”

How so?

“Well just recently Real Madrid had a bid rejected for Gareth Bale said to be in the region of 100 Million, what people forget is the world financial market is in turmoil, recessions seem to never be far away”

It seems so

“How can any one player be worth that much? I played with Zidane and he’s the best player of my generation if not all time.”

So you’re saying Zidane was not worth that much either?

“Zidane is the only person worth remotely close to that much if we were going to discuss that yes”

So what are your problems with that other than the fees?

“Well that is rather simple. I fear football in France as well as Spain is dying, all these major clubs are earning and spending all the cash whilst the players are simply losing all their best players and raking in little income”

Well that sounds like a simple explanation of the predicaments in both leagues but how do you combat that?

“I only really worry because my team OM are an top side but are having to depend on youth intakes to keep competing because all their top players are picked off.”

I agree with that

“What I don’t understand is how no one in football has attempted to copy what Billy Beane attempted in Major League Baseball”

Are you making an reference to the movie Moneyball?

“Yes I watched it the other day, and it was like having all my problems fade for a matter of moments”

How so?

“It shows how you don’t need excessive money and signing the world class players to compete for the title and without depending on drafts or in our case youth intakes”

Yeah if only

“Well if only doesn’t have to be the case all you need is the right board and coaching and I’m certain this can be emulated in football”

Are you hinting at moving into management or coaching?

“I won’t say yes or no, you cannot rule anything out”

Well there you have it folks Frank Leboeuf!

Nice start! I'll follow :)
Cheers mate.
Nice start

Our special guest today is Franck Leboeuf who has made headlines throughout France all week for his comments on national radio!
“What can I say? It was a slow news week!”

Well your comments about referencing the Hollywood movie Moneyball have had a lot of managers and pundits alike claiming even in a perfect world it would not be possible.

“People hate change and will find any way to diminish the possibility of any idea.”

Well would you care to explain how a manager or even you would attempt this?

“Honestly after a while of thinking even more about it, my idea would be simple; I’d find that hard worker who will buy into the teams system. The player who will do his role, give his all to win, the player with a point to prove someone who has a chip on his shoulder.”

Wouldn’t that type of player cost a lot of money though which will be against your idea?

“No because if you invest young it will reap the rewards because the funds spent would be rather small”

Frank you’re already sounding like a manager has anyone approached you about this idea?

“No, no one has approached me as yet. This is just an idea I doubt I’ll be approached”

Elie Baup slams Leboeuf's moneyball theory

Elie Baup at his mid week press conference taken a swing at Franck Leboeuf's moneyball theory with an question from a young intern asking about the potential of the theory.

Elie has claimed it is Leboeuf just trying to get back in the news after retiring all those yeas ago, adding he's been away for so long he wouldn't have any an idea on how much the game has changed on all fronts.

"I would with pleasure hand my job over to Leboeuf because there is in no way what he is suggesting, possible
very good start mate :) looking forwar to seeing more :D good luck

Talk Sport

Listener's we have a very special guest tonight. He has been making headlines all over Europe for a number of weeks now, Franck Leboeuf!

"Thanks for having me!"

Your name is all over the place with rumors circulating that a board will buy into your theory?
"Rumors are rumors I can't stop them."

I guess you're right. How do you respond to the comments Elie Baup made about your theory?

"He's my friend has been for a very long time and will be for a long time to come. He has the right to an opinion, we all do".

Now that this has been going around for quite some time now, are you considering entering management?

"I will probably, when? who knows."

Well lets leave it at that then! Your friend Elie Baup is currently thinking about retiring from management due to health reasons, have you an update on his status?

"Unfortunately Baup is currently Ill with a severe case of pneumonia, that is all i'll say"

Well thanks for your time Franck!
Looks like i have a bit of competition with the whole marseille idea haha!
only joking mate, best of luck! would be great if you could take a look at ' the awoken giant - marseille'

OM Manager Steps Down Due To Physical Exhaustion

Elie Baup has stepped down from his position as manager of OM due to "physical exhaustion". We understood he had an illness before he stood down but it has now come to our attention it was far worse than understood. We understand that if the strains of being a manager kept taking its toll he wouldn't ever recover.
Majority stakes owner of OM Margarita Louis-Dreyfus had this to say.
"We are saddened to announce Elie Baup will be stepping down from his post as manager of our club, but we fully understand the reasonaning behind his decision and will continue to support him and his family throughout this stressful time, we thank Elie for his dedication to this job over the past years"
Yeah mate, you to, good luck.

Baup tells Margarita Louis-Dreyfus to hire Leboeuf

According to sources Elie Baup has told his former boss Margarita Louis-Dreyfus to hire Franck Leboeuf with sources connected to Margarita that Elie told her, Leboeuf idea is an superb idea and has backed him to succeed as an manager.

With a sign of respect Margarita has requested Leboeuf come to Marseille training facility for an interview for the vacant managerial position.
Superb start m8. I love the idea, keep it up ;)
Cheers mate, I hope you enjoy, would be great to have feedback for how to deal with Ligue 1 also :P

Franck Leboeuf seen entering The Centre d'entraînement Robert Louis-Dreyfus

Frank Leboeuf As reported has been seen entering Marseille's training facility just two days after he was endorsed by former manager Elie Baup who resigned earlier in the week due to health complications.

It was reported not long after the resignination that Elie Baup requested Franck Leboeuf be considered an candidate for the job with this looking like the first formal interview for the vacant job.

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