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Olympique de Marseille MoneyBall

Moneyball In Football!
Started on 10 August 2013 by Nic
Latest Reply on 21 August 2013 by Nic
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Some really nice updates to read mate. I really like this story and enjoy it a lot. You have a tough group in the CL but you can get through it. If you don't then it is not the end of the world and you can try again in the Europa League :D
Cheers Wellsy, I hope you continue to read.

Up The Table We Go

The Month started For Marseille against a future team mate with a match at FC Sochaux - Montbe with the game at home for OM the fans were expecting a win but that was not what they recieved with a tense game from start to finish. 34,382 people arrived at Stade Velodrome. To watch a great game if you were a neutral.
This game was a major selling point for me to buy Sloan Privat he cut up my defense with some amazing runs. I couldn't stop him. So I bought him. We left it late but thankfully we got something out of the game.

In a dry cold day in Lorient nearly 26,000 people turned up to see the game between OM and Stade Rennais The game had a lot of fouls which in turn slowed down a lot of the play.

We thankfully won. I cannot complain we went to a tough ground and came away with the result. You cannot deny a win when it results with points on the table.
Nice update :)

Giving Youth A Chance

The second half of the month was intense with 5 games space in just under 30 days obviously going to take a toll on a young line up. Rotation is the key, with the matches varying in difficulty the chance to bring in new names will be fully taken advantage of.
AC Ajaccio is the first club to feel the wrath of a refreshed line-up with Franck Leboeuf said to bring in a few under 18’s hot prospects to offer them the opportunity to see first team action with thousands of fans cheering them on.

AC Ajaccio is an affiliated club with OM and they’re hoping to knock off their feeder club. Their performances thus far into the year have been brilliant for their fans with them way up into the top half of the table.

34,370 Fans witnessed a spectacle with OM leaving it later than what their faithful would have wanted but they got the points and they’re showing a high mental toughness to run out matches. 5 goals in any game is sure to make a classic.

The clasico derby between P$G and OM had 43,531 fans arrived at Parc Des Princes to see two rather different views of the way their owner and coaches are aiming for success one club is spending more money than any club in the world whilst OM are aiming for success through the good ole fashion way.
OM set up the game with a clear philosophy to play counter-attacking football. Whilst PSG wanted to play attacking football.

The game was rather intense with goals in the first half then OM attempted to hold on. They parked the bus, some fans may be unhappy but in the scheme of things the fans will come to appreciate the point.

The final game of the month was a chance for Sloan Privat to shine as OM faced ligue 1 minnows Evians TG FC, 33,367 showed up in force to see their respective side attempt to take the points. Franck Leboeuf told reporters that the teams game plan is to dominate possession. Lets see how the teams fared

Sloan Privat had the chance to shine, he took it with 2 hands and didn't look back, scoring both goals in a utter annihilation by OM, The differences in possession is telling and the OM fans will be pleased with how their team played.
Nice results, glad Sloan Privat's doing well :)
Welcome Sloan Privat!
Sloan has been a great buy!
Nic's avatar Group Nic
10 yearsEdited
The captain and spirited leader of Marseille Steve Mandanda has announced he will be joining Arsenal at the start of the January transfer window. The captain has left open a spot for first team keeper after Steve Mandanda departs.
Back up keeper 31 year old Gennaro Bracigliano assumed he would be the leading candidate to become the new first choice but manager Franck Leboeuf has told the keeper he will be sold during January as he deems him a surplus to requirements and considers him dead weight.

Franck Leboeuf has asked the first team to mention names of young up and coming GK's. With numerous names in the hat the team has been given a few weeks to decide who to bring to the club.

New Captain, New Drama
Franck Leboeuf has told the media the staff have stripped Steve Mandanda of captaincy. The former captain broke his silence on the situation claiming he feels unfairly treated and explains he didn't deserve to be stripped of the captaincy. Franck Leboeuf has said the reason for the need for a new captain was simple. He's leaving so I remove the captaincy, it's honestly not complicated. He has just proven to everyone he is a power driven fool and can't handle things that aren't in his control.

The former captain refuses to drop the subject and has been affecting the dressing room with his consistent complaining and trying to undermine the manager and his staff. It seems January just can't come fast enough for both parties involved.
Mr Leboeuf is setting the rules! Will you be on the look out for a top keeper?
2013-08-16 02:49#128280 P-KIDDY : Mr Leboeuf is setting the rules! Will you be on the look out for a top keeper?

I'm considering recalling my 18 year old Keeper on 1st on January. Name (Ibrahima Sy)

But i've also got Jeroen Zoet from PSV but for 6M i'm leaning more so towards Ibrahima due to not being cuptied for CL

Lyon Is Coming To Town

You know you're in for a game when the game is sold out as fast as it was. It's the biggest game of the year for both teams. Why? because its LYON V OM the amount of coverage the game is getting all around the world is astonishing how will the teams fare? will the game be heated like previous encounters? will it be one sided? will it be a goal fest? stay tuned to find out.

The game didn't fail to live up to expectations with a great game for all viewers, the first 10 minutes of the game made the Lyon Fans fearing the worst, but with games like this, you never rule anything out. Unless well you have SLOAN PRIVAT the god mode of goal scorers so far this year, the fans cheering his name the opposition fans applauding his simply amazing ability in the final 3rd. 42,957 People turned up to watch this spectacle and they all left with a smile from ear to ear.


How will OM Fare from such a anticapiated game to playing a minnow in Ligue 1? will it affect them? This is a fear game teams love to knock off the giants. Will they though? They'll try everything they've got. They're playing En Avant De Guingamp

Today...Today the GIANT killers are Ev Avant De Guingamp they had a plan, perfected it and stole the game from OM the fans are utterly devastated, the players are hiding their faces and the coach Franck Leboeuf has to face the brunt of an feisty media. You can tell he is not interested in talking to the media, as he says this simply " we lost blame it on me, you say what you want, just watch out for us next week we'll bounce back, you just watch".

Will They Bounce Back?

OM Will simply be looking to bounce back after a horrible loss to a Ligue 1 minnow, today their up against Toulouse how will they fare? Because the game is set to be risky, no team challenging for a title wants to lose 2 games in a row, and this is one of the toughest tasks in LIGUE 1 danger game for the contenders.

If you bite your nails, well you simply won't have any after this game, rather tense affair with both sides of opponents fearing the worst. A lone goal seperated the teams. With you guessed it Sloan Privat scoring yet again. He scores so many goals! Hes a machine! Thankfully OM are back on the winners list. Next game they face another rival. Lets see if they can string some wins together.

Coup De La Ligue Round 4

The next game is a cup round for Coup De La Ligue as OM face rivals Bordeaux. How will they fare? Franck Leboeuf has told reporters he is set to rest a few first team players due to having to string many games together in a short space of time, How will the game fare?

A thriller which went down to the wire, with extra time needed to split the two sides it took a super sub performance from wonderkid Neal Maupay to split the differences with OM progressing to the next round with a brilliant performances with 5 players under 20 years old taking part in the game. Young players can PLAY!
Sloan is quite the player aye? haha
Nic's avatar Group Nic
10 yearsEdited

Mass Exodus

Football, it's a ruthless business, today the veterans from Olympique De Marseille experienced the ruthlessness first hand. In a attempt to lower the average age of the players the staff have decided to sell all dead weight players. No less than 3 players have been transfer listed. That adds up to no less than 9 players to be sold or sold under the Franck Leboeuf Reign.

The players who have been recently transfer listed is Vice Captain Benoit Cheyrou the 31 year old is clearly no longer in Franck Leboeuf plans hence the transfer list was necessary to remove the players 44k per week wage bill. If you were to weigh the pro's and con's it's not a hard decision.

The next player to be notified their services are no longer needed is Togo Defensive Midfielder Alaixys Romao. The player was stuck with a long term calf injury early in the season which resulted in young gun Lucas Zen taking his place. Alaixys Romao is on 20k pw wages therefore it was easier for both parties for the player to be sold as soon as possible.

The final player to be transfer listed was the toughest to make with Rod Fanni the French International was deemed a surplus to requirements after two under 19 stars developing nicely to become first and second choice wing back. Although an unpopular decision with the fans this is the nature of football.

So who were the players who were apart of Olympique De Marseille who are or will no longer be apart of the club by mid season are - Former Captain and jackass Steve Mandanda , Vice Captain Benoit Cheyrou, Wing Back Rod Fanni , Back Up GK Gennaro Bracigliano , French Striker Andre Pierre Gignac. Star Striker Andre Ayew, Winger Dimitri Payet , Left Back Jeremy Morel ,Alaixys Romao the Defensive Midfielder.

Franck Leboeuf had this to say to the fans "In the long term this will be better for the club, if you have faith this will turn out for the better. Have faith because we have a plan.

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