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Olympique de Marseille MoneyBall

Moneyball In Football!
Started on 10 August 2013 by Nic
Latest Reply on 21 August 2013 by Nic
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Payet has failed since moving, with avg rating 6.20, so I'm not complaining
I knew Gian Nicola Bisciotti was a familiar name, he's one of my coaches at Everton! Neal Maupay is also a good signing.
Good work selling Payet IMO do not rate him at all. Maupay could become absolutely beastly! Are there any positions you are in need of?
@Eb, yeah Gian Nicola is my first coach signing in all my saves. well if I can sign him anyway!

@K1rups, Payet was not in my plans, so out the door once I entered. Maupay is awesome so I had to get him! - Any positions I need? I really wanted an quality wingback. But either they were to old, not good enough, just joined a club, or not interest or other... so.. I'm retraining a young gun to play the position, and using an older fella whilst the young gun trains up.

The Season Must Start Somewhere

At Marseille's press conference ahead of their games for the upcoming season Franck Leboeuf had this to say. " We all know behind our doors that if you are to play an part in the upcoming season it is vitally important to prove you're worth playing your part, it's not about how many goals you score, how flashy you look, it's all about how you buy into our system, I need team players not players trying to get their name in the sky, I know that if they buy into the system they'll be envied by all, in return their name will be in the sky, foremost though is proving to the coaches and I you're worth it, this is why it's paramount they play to the best of their ability.

The results overall were not great, nor bad, not losing any games so with draws, it shows mental toughness to ensure no easy goals for the opposition, the lads are clearly trying to adjust to their new tactics, which is why this is the most important pre season in their entire career, with new signing's joining near the last few games it was important they sponge all they can from what they experience.

Andre Pierre Gignac has spoken to journalists outside OM training facility clearly fuming, what was supposed to be an private coversation has made it's way to national news. Gignac was clearly outraged at being pushed down the pecking order for strikers at the club, with Gignac not agreeing with this, told the journalists he wants to leave and will force his way out if he has to Franck Leboeuf when walking out to his car was unbeknownst to this lashing out to the media and was clearly shook, closing the door to his car and walking back inside the facilities.

Franck Leboeuf was later seen walking out to his car few hours later calm and relaxed, once posed with the question of what the plans are with the star player on his list he calmly responded, " you mean the child who wanted to leave the biggest club in France because of a little challenge? Oh you mean him, he's been sold, AS Monaco have bought him for £5.75M I personally wish him the best but he burnt some bridges on his way out"

Andre Pierre Gignac the former OM player has joined big spenders AS Monaco for an reported fee of £5.75M The OM faithful are clearly worried, losing star strikers under the new reign of Franck Leboeuf but remain behind their new boss. -

OM Target Further Young Guns

Franck Leboeuf has made further signings to his side; Adnan Januzaj and Lucas Zen ahead of the upcoming season, the club are clearly not diverting from their aim to sign young players for the first team, with versatility to both the players going to play dividends in the future, the lads clearly posess immense talent, some are saying they're the future of their national team, they're capable of playing their role to the maximum of their ability. Franck Leboeuf at the press conference to unveil his new players had this to say " I spoke to the lads in-depth before I signed them, they're extremely mature, being so mature in our conversions, they know what is expected from them, that is to expect 10 times more than what to expect, they'll rise to the occasion when we need them to, I'll show them the way and they'll exceed all my expectations, I put that on my reputation.

Franck Leboeuf has said he will only sign 1 more player before the Transfer Window ends, speaking carefully not releasing any hints on his targets, the target will only be bought after the season begins and the coaching staff determine who would be the best fir for the upcoming season and seasons after.

Tough Start To The Season For OM

Olympique De Marseille are facing the toughest start to Ligue 1 than the rest of the competition. The opening game for Marseille was against competitive rivals Girondins Bordeaux at State Chaban-Delmas with the match always physical and heated both fan bases were fierce with some young adults being ejected for provoking the other fan base, Once the game was underway the fans turned their attention to the game on the pitch

The Game Finished 0-0, Although I feel the team is still gelling and will soon convert chances.

Arguably the most important game to start the season is the opener to your own fans, you want to give the fans hope, hope that this their year, they can make the step to become league champions, the next match was against Fierce Rivals Montpellier HSC the fans were vocal, the players showed up and the opposition did also.
The comparison's of possession is telling, although we just got unlucky

The team's third game for OM was another extremely tough test against LOSC LILLE they are a side who possess speed and efficicenty and if OM are to win they'll need to be on their game, the stadium was packed, with OM out in force to hopefully see their team win their first game of the season.
Quite the amazing game, the goals came thankfully and boy did it make the game entertaining to watch!

Olympique Marseille Draw Group Of Death

Marseille Franck Leboeuf The money ball theory will be put to the ultimate test in this years Champions League, The club has drawn some of the toughest opponents in the competition with no guaranteed win anywhere. If they're to go through to the next round they'll deserve it with this stiff competition.

Marseille have been drawn with Italian Heavy Weights Juventus which is the only consensual guaranteed qualifier. Over-rated English Side Arsenal were also drawn in the group whilst Belgian Champions Anderlecht rounding out the group. Toughest group in the league agreed by many.

Franck Leboeuf had this to say after the announcements of the group " To be paired with these teams is quite the task, it's the most almighty challenge with not many people thinking we'll qualify, the team will relish the challenge the games will be on Live TV and the spectators will witness such a spectacle with all the sides involved".
A tough start but a good win against Lille. Try get Sebastien Corchia. He's young and in the first season you should be able to get him for under 7 million. I bought Lucas Zen and he just didn't develop the way I wanted so sold him hopefully you can get the best out of him.

Januzaj looks like he could be class. I started a save with pr0s update and using Man Utd just to see how things are in the save and Januzaj looks excellent
That is an unusual-looking formation. Care to elaborate more on how it works?
@EbEliminator - I've used many formations so I decided to make a new one.

The way it works is simple, no right wing, bring in a Right Wing Back to run down the flank to spread the defense, which makes the defenders responsbile down both sides. But thankfully the Left Flank draws a lot of attention so the wing back runs down, and his side is open like actually won't say that, it's open so he can cut in side, and he'll score or assist or set up a clear cut chance one time a game.

It also leaves DLP with the DM setting up from down back ensuring being him on the counter attack is tough due to always having 2-4 people down back at all times.

I set the players up to either use the over lap by it self, or.. play out of defense, retain possession, and play through the defense, with the first shout for fast players, to build up tempo fast, so it's a much faster movement in the final third ( for older defenders ) but the latter is for younger defenders, test their concentration, and build up play, that'll normally put me up to high % of possessions, I'm still adjusting it though, mainly because a lot of it is in testing mode.

If I missed anything, or you want something in depth feel free to ask.
@K1rups - Cheers, I'm actually targetting him for the January Window due to his versatility! Great young player to develop also.

Lucas Zen has played almost every game so far for me, average rating for him is mid to high 6.80
with 90% passing efficient so he is setting up play nicely. Training him to control tempo, switch ball to flank and train up his tackling, with this his versatility will at the least prove to be a good buy due to being able to play multiple positions. But I'm hoping he'll develop nicely, i'll keep you updated if you wish.

Adnan is a beast, He's so good, able to play anywhere just about. developing him with tackling so I can use him in a wider range of positions, because that is what holds him back. I forget he is so young, but he'll be world class in a few seasons I predict.

Sloan Privat Signs For OM
23 Year old French striker Sloan Privat has become the latest signing for Franck Leboeuf as he looks to settle his squad for the upcoming season. Privat has been in sensational form so far this year with 5 goals in 2 games for FC Sochaux. The player scored against OM in their match and that is what Franck Leboeuf had to say at the press conference. " We played them, he was our main target to shut down. We did our best and he still scored. We then decided he is our X Factor coming into the new season. Signing for £4.8M The investment is a steal considering his potential and the way he has played so far this season.

Privat had this to say at his unveiling " I spoke to the boss, coaches and some ex Under 21 team-mates, the reviews they gave about the club and manager was a major selling point. I love the idea with what the boss is trying to do. I have already started working out plans with all the players and back room staff on how to best help this team win. I will do this club proud and who knows I may be called up to the French National Team. But for now I just want to help this great club win!"

Captain Wants To Leave

Olympique Marseille Day got off to a shocking start this morning after Captain Steve Mandanda handed in an transfer request after reported interest from English Heavyweights Arsenal. Young Gun Dennis Praet spoke to the media after training. He had this to say " All the players including the coaches were deeply shocked to find out this morning that our spirited captain Steve Mandanda obviously we're all upset he's leaving but we must respect his wishes. Coach took us aside during training and spoke to us explaining what will happen. He has kept us in the loop and we're extremely thankful to be treated as equal".

After training the man we all wanted to talk to Steve Mandanda spoke to the media for the first time. He had this to say.

"My Agent Jordan Louis spoke to me after being approached by Arsenal. He told me that they wanted to make me apart of their team. I honestly jumped at the chance because although I love this club with all my heart and will hold a dear spot for the club in my heart I have achieved everything I wanted for this great club".

Assistant Manager Franck Passi spoke to the journalists in place of manager Franck Leboeuf " We were truly shocked to find out our Captain wanted to leave but he has been severely loyal to us for a number of years so accepted his request to leave. We will do our best to let him leave on a high note."

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