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Martinez Is Taking Over The World

Started on 12 May 2013 by 93:20
Latest Reply on 1 June 2013 by 93:20
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2013-05-18 21:01#102372 Louis O. : Already? :/
A bit of a harsh sacking in my opinion. I have played on with the game and have no time to update so I will be doing one more big update until I'm up to speed again.
Unlucky mate :( will you be looking for a new club?

Short Reign at Sevilla

Sevilla appointed Martinez in November, at this point Sevilla were bottom of the BBVA and the transfer window shut didn't help Martinez's cause. Key players such as Negredo and Reyes were out injured for the long term which left a poor, out of form squad. No chance for Martinez really.


5 wins against Betis, Espanyol, Celta, Real Sociedad and Getafe is not good enough from around 20 games, but what is expected with the injuries and squad. This was a fight that would always be lost and was more of a unrealistic challenge for Martinez. Matavz was resigned by Martinez, Midel and Dossevi were also brought in, in January but it was too late to make a impact. Martinez was once again sacked in January and is now looking for his 3rd job in a season.


My story is now back up to speed and monthly updates will now occur from being appointed at Martinez's next club.
Sacked again? Doesn't seem like you deserved that at all though :O
2013-05-18 21:13#102378 Louis O. : Sacked again? Doesn't seem like you deserved that at all though :O
The Everton sacking was harsh itself, and for Sevilla the minimum expectation was Champions League despite starting at the bottom and having a poor squad full of injuries. What was I supposed to do, perform miracles?!

BLUE : I guess I am... again.
Ouch, can't be feeling great at the moment! Head up :)
93:20's avatar Group 93:20
10 yearsEdited

Liverpool hire... ex-Everton Boss Martinez

Today, 24/3/13, the Liverpool board have amazingly announced the employment of a former Everton manager Roberto Martinez which has shocked the world and caused a stir among the Liverpool fans. Can Martinez win the fans over or will the kop never side with a ex-Evertonian?
How the hell does that work?
Haha let's hope you succeed this time :P
2013-05-18 21:19#102385 Louis O. : How the hell does that work?
I applied for job out of tongue and cheek and they were flattered by interest! I was so shocked, a couple of days after I delayed the Deportivo job offer to see what happens with Liverpool and they offered me a contract.. I couldn't click accept quick enough...
2013-05-18 21:20#102386 Blue : Haha let's hope you succeed this time :P
The board said they won't judge me on the rest of the season so I will start on a clean slate this time!
Good luck with Liverpool. I hope the results go your way and the board are a bit more giving compared to Sevilla!
2013-05-18 21:30#102393 Jamesg237 : Good luck with Liverpool. I hope the results go your way and the board are a bit more giving compared to Sevilla!
I can only hope. This is the best team I've managed so far, with so much potential as well as experience so I'm hoping I will do just fine!

Starting Team

A attacking side, Coutinho will be retrained to play left wing. Sturridge and Borini will be back up for the striker and winger roles. Coates is a centre-back for the future and Downing will be sold. Jamie Carragher is retiring at the end of the season and will not feature despite keeping the vice captaincy to keep the fans happy. Roberto will be looking for a better center mid to swap with Joe Allen as Martinez is not a fan. A very young but talented side.

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