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Huddersfield Town AFC - UTT

Started on 8 April 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 25 June 2013 by gambit84
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I'm glad you turned United down. "James wins the Champions League with Manchester United" doesn't have the same ring as "James wins the Champions League with f'ing HUDDERSFIELD TOWN!"
After skimming through a few pages, and catching up on the rest - I have finally caught up, and am I glad I did.


I'm glad you didn't go to United, although it would have been interesting if you did. To be honest, I would like to see you leave after you win a couple of Champions Leagues with Huddersfield though :)
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Very cool way of displaying your decision in an update. A lot of people will be happy with it too :D
good decision that you made there :p
GREAT DECISION! In reply to ur reply to my comment is of course i will carry on readin no-matter wot but i will check a lot more and read a lot more if u r huddersfield! can't wait to see the rest of the story! UTT!
I have to agree with you there Akash. It will be a great achievement if I manage it which I am confident that we can do next season with a bit of investment. Thanks for reading.

Thanks for taking the time out to catch up. I do think I have made the correct decision especially as I am bit ahead of where the story is and I am excited about the signings I have made so far. I do think I will leave after next season as I am confident that we can win the Champions League next season. Thanks for reading.

I am glad that you agree with the decision. Thanks for reading.

I am glad that you approve of the decision but I wouldn’t have expected anything less. Bring on next season. Thanks for reading and as always UTT!

The Rebuild

The current situation is the following:
We have been crowned the Champions of England with a team that is still in the early stages of its development. Throughout my time with the club I have not undertaken a huge revamp of the squad as I have felt that every player has had something to contribute to the team’s progress. However, with the high expectations I have set the team being that they need to retain the Premier League title and challenge even more for the Champions League title it is important that a revamp takes place.

The goalkeeper situation, in my opinion, is one of the areas which does not need any changes made to it. Begovic performed so well last season and has made excellent progress in his abilities as a result of being the clubs number one goalkeeper. It is a credit to Alex Smithies, who had been the number one choice goalkeeper in my first season at the club, for him to still be at the club despite not having much game time in our Premier League winning season. I hope I convince him to stay at the club as I will need him to play in the domestic cup games in order for Begovic to be fresher for league and Champions League games.

The defence situation is the one that I feel is going to need the most work, especially in the full back position. Danny Wilson, Dedryck Boyata, Danny Wilson and Murray Wallace are centre backs for the future and have already performed at a very high level so I don’t want to disrupt the harmony at the heart of the defence and move any of them or bring anyone else in. I am confident that can continue their rich vein of form from last season.

Liam Ridehalgh is a player that needs to be moved on from the club along with the Ryan Taylor and Anthony Gerrard. The players have been happy to sit back and not have much game time but I feel that they will not have any game time whatsoever next season. I do think that I will have to bring in at least three new full backs as I do want to keep Paul Dixon at the club as he has a lot of experience and a wicked free kick which has won us many a game.

The midfield was strengthened last season with the introductions of Defour, Ledley, Sigurdsson, Holtby and Shelvey. This is a team full of players that are young and desperate to play. Each of the players who were brought in were not getting game time at their previous clubs so have thrived at Huddersfield Town. I do feel that Ryan Tunnicliffe is not a player who can perform at the top level so once he returns from his loan that I will want to move him on.

Danny Ward surprised me towards the end of the season with coming up with some important goals so he has earned himself at least another season at the club. Dani Pacheco is in a very similar situation however, he did not settle last season and didn’t perform well at all so depending on performances during pre-season and at the beginning of the league season will determine who position at the club; I may have to move him on during the January transfer window.
Not much change will be involved in the midfield area of the club.

I feel that the club wouldn’t be where they are now if it wasn’t for the talents of Carlos Fierro and Mattia Destro. They are an unbelievable couple of players who have big futures ahead of them. I will be looking to make sure that they have contracts that will encourage them to stay at the club as they will be wanted men.

Lee Novak was a cracking player for us back in the Championship but I do feel that the Premier League and European football is one step too far for him and I will be looking to move him on. This means that there will be an available space in the attacking area which I will be looking to invest in as I do like to have the option of a third striker.

There will be more to come on transfers in the not too distant future.
Great write-up Jamie :)
You took the right decision! Now, it's time to win the Champions League mate! :D Great updates and great writing-up, as always!

New Contract Offer

Recently Manchester United decided that I was capable of getting their club back to the top of World Football. They had offered me a transfer budget of £99 million which would allow me to rebuild that squad from top to bottom. It would have been a fantastic opportunity for me if I hadn’t decided to turn it down to finish what I had started with Huddersfield Town.

I have to admit that I have employed for the position of England Under 20 manager which I would hopefully be able to do alongside my role at Huddersfield Town. This decision seems to have made the board of directors at Huddersfield a bit on edge.

My concern is that I would feel obliged to stay at the club for the duration of my contract even if a more tempting idea came my way. I have never thought that the amount I am paid has any effect on the club so I that will have no influence on my decision whatsoever; the amount I would be paid would be set to the lowest amount possible (£21k).

My intentions are to win the league and Champions League next season and then leave so I don’t think that this contract offer is the one for me but I am grateful of them continuing to have faith in me, especially as I have set the team’s expectations to the board of directors as Europa League qualification. It will be interesting to see if the board reacts when I decline their offer.

You can do it, you can win the champions league for definite. You are an amazing manager and i cant wait to see the rest of the series! UTT!
2013-06-14 17:14#112315 HTAFC_bgol99 : You can do it, you can win the champions league for definite. You are an amazing manager and i cant wait to see the rest of the series! UTT!

I have to admit that I share your confidence in us being able to win the Champions League and I do think we can manage it next season. I can't really do updates during the week but I will try get a few up this weekend! Thanks for reading.
Nice contract offer, Id take it :P
Huddersfield offering 84k p/w to their manager, when will we see that in real life? :P
Glad you didn't take the United job!

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