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[FM13]The Adriatic Adventure [Hajduk Split]

FM 13
Started on 12 May 2013 by tbendis
Latest Reply on 10 August 2015 by tbendis
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2013-07-20 07:40#121133 edu1878 : Defy bendis and beware. Another great update, but surely you could have stretched for him. In terms of the squad, as I haven't noticed it in a while, how is it going in terms of nationality. Is it nearly all croatian or does it have a few? Also, what about the age of the squad? Good to see the team climb out of the trap that is debt, although what is the projection for the rest of the season?

I tried to stretch. The only thing I didn't offer was "Match highest earner", and I refuse that under all circumstances. In my opinion it is a terrible idea to give that clause to anyone. But, other than that, I offered every dime I had.

My projection, (without any CL earnings) is 15.98 M € (down from 18.1 M €) at the beginning of the season. Although, I can pretty much blame loan repayments on that.

With nationalities, one of my Italians retired, the other I just sold to Pisa for 60K. Other than that, all I have is Erik Janža, the Slovenian. The rest of my squad is Croatian, and it's looking to stay that way. All foreigners basically want to milk me dry. I was in the position to buy a Dutch left back, but his wages were much to high. At least the locals have some financial respect...
Is that 15.98m in the black? I get the point about match highest earner, although to be honest I refuse to give in to most clauses. Good to see that the squad is nearly entirely Croatian, but is that detrimental to your European hopes at all?
For the record, the squad is:

1. GORAN BLAŽEVIĆ - GK - 28 - Split, Croatia
2. JOSIP BAŠIĆ - DL - 18 - Split, Croatia (One club man)
3. MARIO MALOČA - DC - 25 - Zagreb, Croatia (One club man)
4. GORAN MILOVIĆ - DC - 25 - Split, Croatia
5. GORAN JOZINOVIĆ - DR - 23 - Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (declared for Croatia, home grown at Hajduk)
6. ANTONIO MILIĆ - DM - 20 - Split, Croatia (One club man)
7. MIJO ČAKTAŠ - ML - 22 - Split, Croatia
8. MIRKO OREMUŠ - MR - 25 - Trogir, Croatia (just down the street from Split)
9. TOMISLAV KIŠ - STC - 20 - Zagreb, Croatia (essentially a one club man)
10. FRANKO ANDRIJAŠEVIĆ - MC - 23 - Split, Croatia (one club man)
11. IVAN DŽONI - STC - 19 - Split, Croatia (one club man)
12. IVAN BANIĆ - GK - 20 - Split, Croatia
13. TONČI MUJAN - ML/R - 19 - Split, Croatia (one club man)
14. STEVEN LUŠTICA - DMC - 23 - Canberra, Australia (dual nationality w/Croatia)
15. TONI TOPIĆ - MRC/STC - 17 - Split, Croatia (one club man)
16. TEO PESIĆ - MC/STC - 17 - Split, Croatia (one club man)
17. IVAN MILIČEVIĆ - MR/STC - 26 - Osijek, Croatia
18. MARIO LJUBIČIĆ - STC - 17 - Koprivnica, Croatia
19. DANKO RAVNIĆ - DMC - 16 - Novalja, Croatia (near Split on an island) (one club man)
20. ANDRIJA FIORENTINI - DC - 17 - Sinj, Croatia (one club man)
21. ERIK JANŽA - DL/DR - 21 - Murska Sobota, Slovenija

So... not only do I have a very Croatian squad... it's very local as well... in my first team squad, I have 5 one club men, (6 if you count Kiš). We might keep, say, 3... but for one generation, that's pretty good...
2013-07-20 08:03#121140 edu1878 : Is that 15.98m in the black? I get the point about match highest earner, although to be honest I refuse to give in to most clauses. Good to see that the squad is nearly entirely Croatian, but is that detrimental to your European hopes at all?

Yep. 15.98 IN THE BLACK! Still need to buy the stadium though. Board isn't open to that until we get rid of the loan though (I assume)
oh snap. Bendis almost murdered that guy, I thought he might drown in the water after all of that. Still you gotta love the reaction of the police, quality. I do hate agents though, they always want more and more, the way to silence them is too up the agent's fee a little, but I still don't like doing that. Great update mate. I need to read this more often.
2013-07-20 08:28#121145 The Special one : oh snap. Bendis almost murdered that guy, I thought he might drown in the water after all of that. Still you gotta love the reaction of the police, quality. I do hate agents though, they always want more and more, the way to silence them is too up the agent's fee a little, but I still don't like doing that. Great update mate. I need to read this more often.

Notice the "emotionally broken" part at the end, as well. The agent hurt me *down here*
7 One club men played in Hajduk's first 11 as Tomislav Kiš ALONE scored 7 goals to lead Hajduk to victory in one of the most explosive starts of the season yet.

Yes, only days after the "agent fiasco" in Split, Bendiš, visibly emotionally stressed, took to the field again to try to bring the club back to the Champions League. Even with his performance last year, it was going to be a challenge, but Bangor City? Well... that was supposed to be the easiest step.

But then, the chaps from Wales decided not to concede. Hajduk had wave after wave after wave of attacks, only to miss everything until Antonio Mili? showed that he in fact could replace Josip Radoševi? with a stinging drive into the top right corner just before the first half. That opened the floodgates really, as Ivan Džoni got in on the action before Tomislav Kiš scored three within 13 minutes of each other, and then finishing the game off with 4 in the 88th minute.

6-0 in Split, but Hajduk kept going.

Antonio Mili? opened with TWO goals in Wales before Kiš got into his groove, scoring three on either side of half. Josip Baši? scored goal #6, while Kiš's 4th got ruled as an own goal on the keeper.

Hajduk go into the next round where they face Dinamo Tbilsi. Although, if it's going to be anything like this, Kiš is going to have one hell of a scoring record in the Champions League. Shame the goals in qualis don't count for the top scorer award...
Notice the "emotionally broken" part at the end, as well. The agent hurt me *down here*
Show us on the doll, little Timmy.
Nice update there mate.
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10 yearsEdited
HAJDUK 3-0 CELTIC - ATTD. 34 448 (capacity crowd) - I. DŽONI, M. OREMUŠ, T. KIŠ
CELTIC 4-1 HAJDUK - ATTD. 60 355 (capacity crowd) - I. DŽONI
Double capacity crowds watched an intriguing game, where the home team always won, but it looked a lot further apart then it actually was.

Hajduk had an extra man in the first leg, where they turned on the style. Mirko Oremuš started the second half with a glorious goal, assisted by Tomi Kiš, who took the final goal in the first game after a dazzling run up the middle, leaving two defenders for dead.

Then, it turned to Scotland, where Bendiš immediately took the lead. And, by the end of the first half, Celtic needed 5. It wasn't happening.

Not to say they didn't try. Celtic Park was brutal on Hajduk, and it eventually managed to tire out enough players before an injury forced Hajduk down to 10 men. Neil Lennon tried to make it up there, and with a couple cheap goals, managed to make it 3-1 at the 89th. But it was too little, too late, and, even with a 4th goal, Hajduk still went through to their 2nd Champions League group stage appearance, making the transfer season, and contract renewals SO much easier on Bendiš

Hajduk have been plopped in the group of death. Real Madrid, the reigning champions, kick it off as the #1 seed, before Ajax brings in at #2. Then, Basel, who lost to Hajduk by an enormous margin, managed to stave off Partizan to make it to the #3 slot, ahead of the eternal underdogs, Hajduk Split.

Here's to hoping that Radoševi? won't be too amazing on his return to Poljud.
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10 yearsEdited
For the first time in 3 years, Hajduk fans were treated to their manager making nearly hourly reports to the press on deadline day. Until then, it had been all a one way street: all out, no in.

To be fair, it had paid off. Andrea Mei, the free transfer from Inter last season had just moved to Pisa, with Bendiš pocketing 60K, and Ivan Graf, who absolutely no one thought would work out moved to Wisla for 70. The happiest person from all of this is definitely Ivan Graf. At 25, it looked like his career had bottomed out, but an optimistic young manager brought him in, handed him two Croatian league winner's medals, a cup, and then a move to one of Poland's biggest club. Happy days for Krakow's new #6 (rating last 5: 7.28. Lucky bastard is on a 4 year contract).

But, when Bendiš had invited the press to his café for the first time during a deadline day? Everyone's nose perked.

And with good reason.

On August 31st, Alberto Paloschi was the first person on Hajduk's radar. Bendiš didn't need a striker, he had Kiš and Džoni, but Paloschi? This was supposed to be Milan's future #9! And for 2.5M, he was a steal.

Unfortunately, 1.9M a year plus add-ons was not (in salary), and by 5 AM, the deal was done... before it came back again as a loan. Milan had accepted, and it was all set in place, before Paloschi decided he might as well fight it out in Italy, rather than play in the Champions League. All done by 7 in the morning.

Bendiš quickly turned to Alen Halilovi?. The 18 year old from Zagreb was young, fast, and had good technique. He didn't want to move from his home town, though. Perfectly understandable. There hasn't been a deal where a Dinamo player goes to Hajduk in years...

But then Bendiš really went to town. For 6 hours on deadline day, the ambitious manager pulled all the stops to try to sign Mateo Kova?i?. Not really for the fact that he needed Kova?i?; even Andrijaševi? was beating out Dinamo's midfielder to the national team. But, he wanted Dinamo not to have him.

10.5 million euros later, there was no deal...

Bendiš was seriously on his last legs. He was linked with signings throughout Europe. The Hajduk manager was going to put a fight against Real Madrid and Josip Radoševi?'s Ajax. These were his hours of glory. HE NEEDED SOMEONE.

And then he found him. At 10PM. On deadline day:

With a rating of 8.29 in the Croatia U19 leagues, and 7.59 in the Croatian first division, playing for the super unfashionable Šibenik, Bendiš found his gem... no, his diamond.

Bendiš paid a huge amount by his standards. An absolutely freakin' colossal 650 000 € to secure the player's transfer... But after having so many negotiations thwarted when he came to the player and his agent *shiver*, Pero Baši? threw Bendiš a curveball, and asked for 7 500 € a year.

And Bendiš gave him that so fast that Baši? nearly wondered "should I have asked for more", just as the clock chimed midnight on September 1st, as the jazz flowed freely below, while Bendiš took a break from the piano.


Meanwhile... on the other side of contract negotiations, Bendiš is in the process of renewing three of his player's contracts, which reminded Bendiš how much he hated agents. Although, these guys were much better than Moscow's newest citizen...

Mijo ?aktaš held Bendiš for ransom, as he pulled a massive 350 000 € a year from the club, while Goran Blaževi? did nearly as well, with 275 000 €. But, the kicker was that Bendiš had them both on 6 year contracts (5 + an extension after 5 games) meaning that, no matter the circumstances, Bendiš was keeping his key players. Blaževi? was his star goalkeeper, and would stay until he turned 34, which, unless he is sold, will be more than plenty of time for Ivan Bani? to steal his spot.

Mijo ?aktaš, on the other hand, will be able to negotiate a new contract when he turns 28.

Ivan Mili?evi? finally understood his squad status, and accepted a 6 year contract as a back-up on a wage cut, while the highlight of contract negotiations is Josip Baši? hugely undervaluing himself. He isn't perfect, but he has in excellent form for an 18 year old... Mirko Oremuš nearly doubled his salary, but it could have been worse. From 100K to 175K.

Anyway, next year, Bendiš and Hajduk can look forward to renewing Franko Andrijaševi?'s contract. The midfielder used to be the best paid player until now.

HOPEFULLY, Bendiš's finances haven't gone kaput. But he isn't a banker... So he won't know. Milovi?'s sale to Spartak, and Radoševi?'s panic sell to Ajax should be more than plenty to finance the rest of the team's salary...

At least no one else is leaving
Brilliant update bendis, you made deadline day incredibly exciting!
What a player that kid could be, hope he lives up to his potential! :D
Oh, and how dare you beat Celtic like that! ;)
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10 yearsEdited
HAJDUK 4-3 BASEL - ATTD: 28 161
T. KIŠ (38, 66, 90+3 (pen)) M. OREMUŠ (56) - M. JONES (18) L. KEUN-HO (52, 86)

Basel thought they had it. They got off to a fantastic start, and opened the scoring up early, and it looked like they weren't turning back. Even Tomislav Kiš's goal was against the run of play, and, as the second half opened, it was no surprise that the Korean, Keun Ho got the first goal quickly. Especially since the bookies had Hajduk losing in Split, despite the fact that the Croatians had dismantled Basel only one year ago...

But Hajduk weren't having it. This was a reenergized Hajduk. This was a Hajduk which the fans finally trusted, one which finally filled out the glory of Poljud. But this was also a Hajduk without last year's star, Josip Radoševi? AND his replacement, Antonio Mili?. Not to mention the absence of Mijo ?aktaš. Still, Hajduk's boys weren't having it.

Mirko Oremuš grew up with the club, and continued his fine form that got him the contract in the first place. Franko Andrijaševi? lofted a ball forward to Oremuš who dashed through to the keeper, before Hajduk FINALLY took the lead, as Tomi Kiš brought home number 2. Hajduk lead 3-2.

Then: disaster. Keun-Ho went for a cross that somehow ended up in Blaževi?'s net in the 86th. Bendiš had just adjusted tactics to hold for the result for 3-2, so he had to change it all back. But time, as usual, was rapidly running out. A 3-3 draw looked imminent.

Leave it to Kiš then, who, at the edge of the box, forced Schönbähler to make the foul, and concede a penalty. 4-3 for Hajduk, as the penalty went in off the post at the death, to culminate one of the most exciting matches this season.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, throttled Ajax 3-1 at Bernabeau.
Very dramatic :D Good win you're doing really well I like the different writing style.

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