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PSV Eindhoven, 5 Years is too long

Regaining the Dutch powers
Started on 17 July 2013 by Michael
Latest Reply on 15 September 2013 by Stocke
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Decent start to the season. Away form is a bit 'meh' but still unbeaten in the league which is what matters early on in the season. I hope your "trip" to Palestine was nice ;)
Mike you classy lad! The story is freaking classy! Also love the add-ons you have, get one over these Ajax bastards mate :D
very good updates and story .

What happened to mertens?

I did not see him in your squad
2013-07-22 10:39#121661 Caelis : very good updates and story .

What happened to mertens?

I did not see him in your squad

With pr0's update he was already at Napoli
oh ok
do you have a buy option on those loanees?
I actually like his asymmetrical tactic. It utilizes the "false 9" in the front line, by providing room for him on the right...

Josip Radošević as a BWM? Dirt cheap, very young...

October - November 2012 Update

The games in the League

First awaywin in the league, but also first pointloss at home. Just got the first place in the league, not planning on giving it away to the number 2 or 3 for now :)

The Cup:

Another amateur, and another very narrow win. I am very disappointed, should have been 9-0 or something like that

The Champions League:

Having a tough time in the CL, with just 5 points out of 5. no 1 Real is already placed, Napoli has 3 points and +5 goals on me, and I play them in the last match.

It was quite a tough 2 months. Some good results (draws against Real, Napoli and Feyenoord, Wins against Ajax (YES), CSKA, and Vitesse. The tough points where the heavy 5-3 loss against Real, the 0-0 against Twente and the narrow win against the amateur team.

Meanwhile at the Directors office

Headmanager Michael de la Parra sits on his desk, surrounded by some beautiful girls, and is reading some news about a possible terrorrists-cell which would be homegrown in the Dutch town called Rectum. Michael was quite suspicious, after that he had been spotted in Palestina. Luckely they haven't seen me personally, but a stand in, who was leavng the plane there, whilst I flew directly to Egypt, to talk to some rebels. The rebels were happy with the 2 million euro, so they said that they could help me out.

Whilst reading the article, a note was slipped under the door, there were 2 knocks on the door, and the shadow under the door went away. Michael ordered all the girls out of the room, whilst walking towards the note, which was in an envelope which read:

They was a sigh of relieve. Finally those old basterd would get their deserved punishment. It wouldn't be long to my birthday, I hope they do a good job....

Will be continued.....
Hahaha nice results, I personally think this Ajax thing has got a little out of hand ;)
Nice results to start off, at least in the League and Cup. I'm not sure about the story aspect of it, but you're making your story unique and that isn't a bad thing.
Nice update! Also I like the letter, I wonder who wrote it ;)
with our formation. do u change the individual instructions aswell or just team ??
Amsterdam ArenA going to be blown up to bits, eh? ;)

December Update

The Matches in December

Worst thing about this month: the 2-2 aggainst FC Groningen. otherwise we had an almost complete winning month. We are still in 1st position, the only one we deserve to be. Hernandez is getting his aim, with 8 goals this month.

The 4-0 is finally a good result in the cup, But I would like to have a few more.

CL Poule:

Seems the 5-2 win against Napoli did the trick (barely). Through in the Champions League, with the narrowest amount possible.

Dutch Terrorist Attack Claimed by Palestinan Group, suspected bonds with Egyptian rebels

Police are still investigating the ruins of what was before the terrorrists attack the Amsterdam Arena. Hours after the match Ajax-Feyenoord for the Dutch cup, 7 large explosions where until far outside Amsterdam, which caused the Amsterdam Arena to collapse, and having the Dutch Geological Institute measuring an earthquake of 4.7 on the Richter scale. With collapsing buildings due to the earthquake and shattering glass due to the shockwave, 3782 people where brought into hospitals in Amsterdam and Alkmaar, which injuries varying to a broken ego with the Ajax-trainer Frank de Boer, to some minor wounds to some civilians.

Several hours after the attack, videosite LiveLeak reported a video where a small Palestionan group called Palestinian Strike Vorce, who has believed to resupply the Egeyptian rebels in their fight against the government, claimed the attack as theirs, saying that "The jews all over the world should be brought back to Palestina, or should be killed on the spot." In the same video they stated: "We will show the world that you are never save. Not in America, not in Egypt, not in Iran, and not in Holland."


Michael de la Parra smiled when he put the paper aside. "We had fireworks Number one on my birthday, tonight we will have fireworks for the New Year." He grabbed his phone, and started talking to someone in English.

Will be continued.......
Nice story Micheal! glad to see another dutch men! I hope you keep it going
This just keeps getting more and more insane ;)

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