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Toon Army

Started on 27 February 2012 by retrobeaver456
Latest Reply on 4 June 2012 by patrick1
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#45952 patrick1 : i reckon maximum wins in that group though olympiakos might put up a good battle and perhaps genoa but newcastle have a superior squad and should win the group with ease but i truly am loving this memorable story :)

I am hoping for all wins and as many clean sheets as possible and Thx pal your comments are very much appreciated and thats the kind of comment that keeps me goin with the story and I'm gonna proper bash the game tonight so more updates to come :D
September Update:

Premier League -

West Brom 0 - 0 Newcastle
Newcastle 2 - 1 Bolton - Rodriguez(2) - Armenteros
Liverpool 1 - 1 Newcastle - Gerrard - Rodriguez

Europa League Group Stage -

Olympiakos 1 - 3 Newcastle - Evandro - Muniain, Tiote, Sturridge

Carling Cup 4th Round -

Newcastle 2 - 0 Hull - Tiote(2)


A great month overall, my league results were ok because I am still unbeaten after 6 games but I think I deserved wins At West Brom and Liverpool but I haven't won away yet which is worrying but I'll battle on. I was very with my result against Olympiakos because they are probably the 2nd best team in the group so good things are ahead in Europe hopefully :) and a good result against Hull means I am in with a chance of winning the Carling Cup for a second season running.

Premier League table September:

October Update:

Premier League -

Newcastle 2 - 2 Arsenal - Jones, Chamberlain - Sagna, Mollo
Man City 2 - 1 Newcastle - Auguero(2) - Muniain
Leicester 0 - 3 Newcastle - Greene(og), Mills(og), Niang

Europa League Group Stage -

Newcastle 2 - 0 Genoa - Sigorsson, Moretti
Sheriff 0 - 3 Newcastle - Niang, Cabaye, Chamberlain

Carling Cup 4th Round -

Newcastle 3 - 0 Ipswich - Niand, Diakite(og), Jones


A poor start to the month with a draw at home to Arsenal and a defeat at Man City saw some players question where the club was going but it was just a minor blip with 3 back to back wins following including my 1st away win of the season against Leicester :D Also some great stuff in Europe with a good win aginst Genoa and a good win against the worst team in the group Sheriff :)

Premier League Table October:

November Update:

Premier League -

Newcastle 2 - 0 Stoke City - Hamsik, Cabaye
Newcastle 2 - 0 Birmingham - Muniain, Rodriguez
Sunderland 0 - 0 Newcastle
Newcastle 2 - 0 Wolves - Hamsik, Muniain
Blackburn 3 - 2 Newcastle - Rochina, Kelly, Ter Stegen(og) - Alex Chamberlain, Rodriguez

Europa League Group Stage -

Newcastle 7 - 0 Sheriff - Muniain(3), Rodriguez(3), Tiote


Overall I think this was a great month for me picking up 10/16 points in the Premier League and 7-0 demolition of sheriff life dosnt get much better, apart from the defeat at Blackburn where I shouldd have come away with somthing but we'll keep going :)

Premier League Table November:

Did you do anything to instigate that takeover or did it just happen?? I fancy a bit of that budget!!
#45982 Sundown82 : Did you do anything to instigate that takeover or did it just happen?? I fancy a bit of that budget!!

it just happened because mike ashley put the club up for sale and the 3rd person to try and buy it was the rich arab :)
December Update:

Premier League -

Newcastle 1 - 0 Everton - Rodriguez
Tottenham 0 - 1 Newcastle - Sigorsson
Swansea 1 - 1 Newcastle - Delfounso - Hamsik
Newcastle 5 - 0 Chelsea - Terry(og), Hamsik, Sigorsson(2), Alex Chamberlain
Newcastle 1 - 1 Man Utd - Rodriguez - Rooney

Carling Cup Quarter Final -

Exeter 0 - 2 Newcastle - Niang, Zaha

Europa League Group Stage -

Newcastle 2 - 1 Olympiakos - Alex Chamberlain, Varane - Taarabt
Genoa 1 - 3 Newcastle - Granqvist - Rodriguez, Cabaye, Sigorsson

Premier League Table December:

Europa League Group Table:


A great end to the year :) Deceber was a great month for me with a fantastic result against Chelsea and to make the win sweater John Terry scored an own goal LOL!!! I was dissapointed with the result agains Man Utd because Cabaye missed an 86th minute penalty that would have put me top, but oh well. A good result away at exeter means that I host Birmingham in the semi finals so I should get to the Carling Cup final ;) Two great wins in the Europa League means that I was the only team to have won every game in the Group Stages :D So I will now look on at 2015 which can hopefully bring me more success to the Toon :D
January Update:

Premier League -

Newcastle 2 - 0 Burnley - Cabaye, Sigorsson
Aston Villa 1 - 1 Newcastle - Defoe - Clark(og)
West Ham 0 - 1 Newcastle - Muniain
Newcastle 1 - 1 West Brom - Muniain - Olsson

Carling Cup Semi Finals -

Newcastle 4 - 0 Birmingham - Niang, Cabaye, Vermaelen, Ljacic
Birmingham 0 - 2 Newcastle - Hamsik, Jones

FA Cup 4th Round -

Newcastle 2 - 0 Charlton - Sigorsson, Sturridge

Premier League Table January:


Overall not a bad month, the only problem that I currently have is drawing to many games and I feel this might stop me from winning the Title, but I'll have a look at tinkering with my tactics to try and take more of the chances that we are getting. 2 good results agains Birmingham means that I will be in the Carling Cup
Final for the second season running but Man City will be standing in my way :( and good stuff against Charlton means that my hopes for success in the FA cup could be made reality :)
February Update:

Premier League -

Bolton 0 - 3 Newcastle - Muniain(2), Simpson
Arsenal 2 - 1 Newcastle - Van Persie, Chu Yung - Jones
Newcastle 5 - 1 Liverpool - Cabaye, Sigorsson(3), Muniain - Afellay

Europa League 1st Knockout Stage -

Stade Renais 1 - 0 Newcastle - Petersen
Newcastle 4 - 1 Stade Renais - Rodriguez, Hamsik, Niang - Feret

Fa Cup 5th Round -

Newcastle 3 - 0 West Ham - Niang, Sigurosson(og), Sigorsson

Premier League Table February:


Overall a good month for Newcastle, 2 good results in the league against Liverpool and Bolton but poor finishing let me down at the Emerites :( After a scare in France I manged to pull through and beat Renais at home comfortably to get through to the next roound of the Europa Leage :D And finally a great win in the FA Cup against West ham means that I'm still in with a chance of winning the cup :D
Hey mate, nice story! Youve been getting some good results and things are going well for you. Could you post a screenshot of your squad please, and a screenshot of the player stats (like top scorer, assists etc).

Some of your signing have been great, especially Sigorsson and Niang, but Varane for 77mil?? Seems too much dude. It might be an idea, and this is only a suggestion mate, to not sign anyone for a while, and maybe get rid of the deadweight, because you need your team to gel. Then you will achieve top results. But at the moment, it seems as if the team is finding it difficult because there are always new faces, and people leave...theres no stability. I suggest maybe keep 2 players for each position, and get rid of the rest. So ideally youll have a squad of around 22 players. Maybe even less.

Also have you considered looking at Hazard or Felipe Anderson for some real creativity in the middle. They both work phenomenally well!

But yeah, keep up the good work mate :)
My suggestion would be have 22 senior nakulp said "2 for each position" in your first team...all senior players or one or two youth if they are good enough...and then have another 11 players in your reserves made up of your best youngsters that you haven't loaned out or can't break into your first team just yet as extra back-ups :)
I'm glad your both enjoying my story :D I'll definatley take into account what youve both said and at the end of the season I will be moving alot of players on but I would have thought my team would have gelled by now because I've used the same squad all season as I dont really buy players in January. I'll post screenshots of my squad when I finish work tonight :D
March Update:

Premier League -

Stoke City 0 - 0 Newcastle
Newcastle 4 - 1 Leicester - Kalou, Muniain, Sigorsson(2) - Albornoz
Newcastle 2 - 1 Man City - Muniain(2) - Nasri

Carling Cup Final -

Man City 2 - 1 Newcastle (AET) - Cavani, Martinez - Muniain

FA Cup 6th Round -

Newcastle 4 - 0 Chelsea - Rodriguez(2), Sigorsson, Kalou

Europa League 2nd Knockout Stage -

Olympiakos 0 - 2 Newcastle - Cabaye(2)
Newcastle 1 - 0 Olympiakos - Rodriguez

Premier League table (as of april 1st after i beat sunderland 3-1 which will be in next update :) )

My 1st team squad:

My team stats (premier league)


Overall a great month :) Man City had some bad results and with me beating them 2-1 I went above them in the league but Man Utd are 9 points clear but I have a game in hand with 7 games left so the title wont come to the toon this season probably :( Great results against Olympiakos in the Europa League means that I have an easy Quarter final tie against Sporting Lisbon and if I get through I will face Liverpool or Valencia so happy days :D
April Update:

Premier League -

Newcastle 3 - 1 Sunderland - Muniain, Sigorsson Rodriguez - Viatri
Newcastle 4 - 1 Blackburn - Sigorsson(2), Muniain, Rodriguez - Rochina
Wolves 0 - 0 Newcastle
Birmingham 1 - 2 Newcastle - Bentley - Muniain, Sturridge
Newcastle 3 - 1 Tottenham - Muniain, Rodriguez, Sigorsson - Doumbia
Everton 1 - 1 Newcastle - Benitez - Howard(og)

FA Cup Semi Final -

Wolves 3 - 1 Newcastle - Hunt, Popov, Fletcher - Ljacic

Europa League Quarter Final -

Newcastle 3 - 1 Sporting Lisbon - Sigorsson, Chamberlain, Cabaye - Sanogo
Sporting Lisbon 3 - 1 Newcastle - Sanogo(2), Capel - Sigorsson (Sporting Lisbon win 3-1 on penalties :( )

Premier League Table April:


League wise it was a good month as I played 6 games without loosing but cup wise April was a dissaster. I am devistated to be out of the Europa League and FA Cup as I hate loosing and I love winning any kind of trophy but at least I can now concentrate on securing 2nd place and automaticaly qualifying for the Champions League next season :)
May Update:

Premier League -

Man Utd 0 - 1 Newcastle - Sturridge
Newcastle 4 - 1 Swansea - Chamberlain, Ljacic, Jones, Button(og) - Delfounso
Chelsea 1 - 2 Newcastle - Cleverley - Sturridge, Varane

Premier League Table May:


An excellent month and hopefully signs of what to expect from the toon army next season with 2 fantastuc result away from home especially the away win at Old Trafford, I think that showd that next season we mean buisiness. The board have given me 106m to spend andd I'm goin to spend it a bit wiser than last time and use the advise that you readers have given me :) So roll on next season :D

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