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KuPS - The Rocky Road To Glory

Started on 30 July 2012 by The FM Rookie
Latest Reply on 29 October 2012 by Kiwi
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KuPS Ease Through Group


5-2 Win vs JJK (H) - FLC Grp B, 4/2/12
Patrick Poutiainen 19'
Abdoulaye Sylla 25'
Miika Ilo 32'
Antti Hynynen 49'
Abdoulaye Sylla 58'
Fredrik Svanback 71'
Lasse Linjala 80'
Fredrik Svanback (8.8)
Pieteri Holopainen 38'

Heighway - "I believe that we our a strong team and this result showed that. The players showed great character to come back from one down to score five in succession. We sre only looking forward."

1-0 Win vs FF Jaro (A) - FLC Grp B, 11/2/12
Antti Hynynen 29'
Antti Hynynen (7.5)
Johan Brunell 84'
Paul Obiefule 69'
Miika Ilo 90'

Heighway - "Jaro are one of those teams who will never give up. They will hassle their opponents for ninety minutes. I think that their performance today deserves praise because they played really well. Speaking of us, we had tough opposition but we managed to get a relatively early lead and hang on to claim three points."

3-0 Win vs FC Lahti (H) - FLC Grp B, 18/2/12
Abdoulaye Sylla 23, 45+1, 50
Abdoulaye Sylla (9.5)
Tillmann Grove 37'

Heighway - "A good result against a good team. Possession wasn't in our favour today but we took our chances today and that is what matters. Abdoulaye is high on confidence and I think he showed his quality today."

2-2 Draw vs VPS (A) - FLC Grp B, 25/2/12
Jonas Emet 2'
Antti Uimaniemi 63'
Fredrik Karlsson 76'
Steven Morrissey 80'
Steven Morrissey (7.9)

Heighway - "Having already secured qualification from this group, I decided to experiment with players and tactics. Debut sub Karlsson got himself a goal which is always good. Credit has to go to VPS who gave us a tough game and got a deserved point."

3-0 Win vsMYPA (A) - FLC Grp B, 3/3/2012
Jonas Emet 19'
Fredrik Svanback 25'
Abdoulaye Sylla 32'
Eetu Muinonen (8.8)

Heighway - "We played really well here today. We secured a three goal cushion within thirthy-two minutes and we just played our football for the rest of the game. It was a great team effort and a deserved victory."

Final Group Tables

Group Stage Player Stats

Heighway - "I cannot be anything but pleased with the squad's performances over the group stages. They put one hundred percent in to every game and got their just rewards. If we can continue on like this than I reckon that the trophy cabinet at Magnum Areena will be that much more full."

So that was the group stage. I hope that this type of post is nice to read. I will post quarter finals, etc. but when I get to the league stage, posts will be monthly round-ups. I will leave you all with my Goal of the Episode and I hope that you will all stay tuned until next time.

General Update

Hi guys, this post will include the League Cup QF Draw, a major injury to a key player and two future signings.

Finnish League Cup Quarter Final Draw

Yep, you read it right. We have to travel to the Sonera Stadium in what will be the "Clash of the Titans". This will be, with out a doubt, a very difficult game but one that we want to win.

Pieteri Holopainen Injured

Heighway - "Holopainen is a key player in the squad and we will definately miaa him over the next five months. Hopefuly his recovery will be successful and he will return to full strength for the Champions League Qualifiers."

Two Future Signings

These two players are very good wingers and we were lucky to get them on pre-contract deals. They will join the club on 1st July and will add to the squad.

KuPS Slump to Expected Defeat

Losing in a quarter-final is always disappointing but we weren't expected to win this game and HJK got a deserved win.

They scored two goals in a first half where they dominated. A stern H/T Team Talk and three changes in the second half brought a new spark in the KuPS side. Substitute Abdoulaye Sylla scored one but missed the chance to equalise when he missed a one-on-one opportunity.


It was a risky decision to start Joni Nissinen ahead of Tillmann Grove but Nissinen had a solid game. Defending against Gruborovics is always a tough challenge but one that he didn't lose considerably.

Player Ratings

Heighway - "I don't think that you can be too hard on my team today. They gave their all in this match but Helsinki proved to be the better team on the day. Coming here is never easy and it isn't wise to come here expecting to win. We were a tad bit sluggish in the first half but the boys picked themselves up and just focused on their football in the second. We got a goal but overturning a two goal deficit is never easy.

We still have the league, cup and Europe to look forward to this season. We just hsve to move on from this and keep playing to our strengths. I believe in the team and they believe in me. We are always striving to play at our best and our work ethic is one to behold. we have the desire and the ability to win trophies so we will keep trying to do so."

Finnish Cup 6th Rnd Draw

An away trip is unfortunate but it is against a minnow. This is a game that I fully expect to win and win comfortably.
Big Ups man... brilliant consistency!! I mean how many great stories are still running? You have stuck with yours and delivered well! congrats. KuPS for GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April and May Update

I decided to combine the two months and make just one post due to limited hours these days.

So here are the results from the last two months.

1-0 Win vs SJK (A) - Cup 6th Rnd, 18.4.12.
Ilja Venalainen 33'
Tillmann Grove (7.4)

Heighway -"It was a much closer game than we expected but at the end of the day, we won and we are going through to the next round."

1-1 Draw vs FC Inter (A) - League, 21.4.12.
Irakli Sirbiladze 59'
Antti Hynynen 88'
Antti Hynynen (7.4)
Ilja Venalainen 8'

Heighway - "I think that every body knows how good FC Inter are. To come away with a point is a great result, especially in the manner that we did it in. Ilja has broken his elbow and will be out for four weeks plus. Hopefuly he will recover stronger than ever."

p2-2 (3-1 pens) Win vs JJK (A) - Cup 7th Rnd, 25.4.12.
Miika Ilo 40'
Jani Virtanen 53'
Niko Markkula 83'
Mikk Reintam 85'
Tuomas Latikka (8.3)

Penalty Shootout (3-1 Win)
Jani Virtanen _ Jonas Emet
Juha Pasoja _ Fredrik Karlsson
Mikk Reintam _ Miika Ilo
Tuomas Latikka _ Antti Hynynen

Heighway - "Well, I think that that is a game for the record games! When two forced collide, you get an earthquake and that is exactly what happened today. I though that we desrved to go through to the quarter-finals today and Juha Tuomi did really well to save three-out-of-four penalties."

3-1 Win vs Honka (H) - League, 29.4.12.
Fredrik Karlsson 5'
Etchu Tabe 37'
Miika Ilo 62'
Ilari Aijala 67'
Miika Ilo (9.0)

Heighway - "A great result thanks to a great performance. Honka are a very good team but I felt we did well and we took our chances when they came."

e2-0 Win vs Honka (H) - Cup QF, 3.5.12.
Aleksi Paananen 109'
Miika Ilo 120'
Miika Ilo (8.2)
Antti Hynynen 32'

Heighway - "Another exciting game today. I thought that we looked the fitter team after the first half but we couldn't get the goals until extra-time. The players showed great resilliance despite not being able to win before the ninety minutes were up. Credit has to go tthem for that."

2-0 Win vs FC Lahti (A) - League, 7.5.12.
Abdoulaye Sylla 1'
Abdoulaye Sylla 58'
Abdoulaye Sylla (8.8)

Heighway - "Sylla was brilliant here today. He has been called up to the Canadian squad which marks his progress. Being only nineteen, this is a huge achievement for him."

3-0 Win vs Haka (H) - League, 14.5.12.
Fredrik Svanback 37'
Miika Ilo pen50'
Fredrik Svanback 79' (Goal of the Episode)
Fredrik Svanback (8.8)

Heighway - "The pieces of the jigsaw are falling in to place. We have a cup semi-final and we are in a title-challenging position with europe still to come. It really is very exciting. Fredrik was outstanding today. I gave him the captaincy for this match and he shone."

0-0 Draw vs Mariehamn (A) - League, 17.5.12.
Stefan Strandberg (8.0)

Heighway - "Mariehamn deserved a point from this game, truth be told. It was an even game. We had six or seven players either injured or suspended but a point is a point and I will take that from this game any time."

1-0 Win vs HJK (H) - League, 21.5.12.
Abdoulaye Sylla 23'
Atte Hoivala (8.0)
Miika Ilo 90+6'

Heighway - "HJK are the favourites to win the league for a reason. They are a great squad with great ambitions but we beat them deservedly today. Sylla grabbed another important goal today and our defence was at its best."

1-0 Win vs FF Jaro (A) - League, 27.5.12.
Fredrik Karlsson 90+3'
Etchu Tabe (7.9)

Heighway - No comment.

1-0 Win vs HJK (A) - Cup SF, 31.5.12.
Antti Hynynen 3'
Rami Hakanpaa (7.7)

Heighway - "Well, we are through to the final. It was a great game. Antti is a fan-hero after that goal. Another final is great and we are looking forward to it."

League Table

Team of the Month

Manager of the Month

Planned Youth Facility Upgrade

Tero Taipale Retirement Date

Copenhagen Link

SalPa Link

Barclays Premier League 2011/2012 :)

Upcoming Fixtures

So that is that for now. I will leave you with the Goal of the Episode and I will be back with the next batch of matches and details of the Champion's League qualifiers and the cup final. Stay tuned.
#65706 sevannime : Big Ups man... brilliant consistency!! I mean how many great stories are still running? You have stuck with yours and delivered well! congrats. KuPS for GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you. I will continue this story to the very end and back. :)

Finnish Cup Final Details

Would anybody be interested in a full set of highlightsor even just all the goals?
I would go for a full set of highlights for the final. Give it a real dramatic feel.
The FM Rookie's avatar Group The FM Rookie
11 yearsEdited

June Update

Another month, another update. The Champions League Champion's 2nd Rnd Draw was made and we were seeded with a co-efficient of 7.276 and we are now ranked 193rd in Europe, a dramatic improvement from being in the 300s. So without further ado, here are the results.

2-0 Win vs MYPA (H) - League, 3.6.12.
Fredrik Karlsson 26'
Miika Ilo 49'
Miika Ilo (7.8)

Heighway - "A good result for us, a win and a cleansheet. I think that makes eight games without conceding (773 Mins) which is always very good. We just want to keep going."

2-1 Win vs VPS (A) - League, 7.6.12.
Jonas Emet 16'
Riku Heini 21'
Fredrik Svanback 37'
Tillmann Grove (7.6)

Heighway - "We finally concede a goal! I was told after the game that in total, we had gone 794 minutes without conceding, prior to the goal. That is a great achievement and it also helps are title charge. JJK are still a point behind us and I can't lie. It will be a tough season with them on their game."

1-1 Draw vs JJK (H) - League, 10.6.12.
Ilja Venalainen 32'
Martin Toshev 64'
Mikk Reintam (7.5)

Heighway - "That ref is just unbelievable, and not in a good way. We absolutely dominated this game with 58% of possession and 14 shots to 2. We had three goals disallowed when I felt that they should have counted and he gave JJK a lot of the decisions. Anybody care to explain why? Some bribery perhaps?"
Storms out

0-0 Draw vs TPS (H) - League, 17.6.12.
Jarkko Hurme (7.4)

Heighway - "We had 15 shots but only 3 on target. I believe that that tells the whole story. We were not composed enough in front of goal. We must improve on that for the games against Inter and Honka."

2-1 Win vs FC Inter (H) - League, 24.6.12.
Eetu Muinonen 48'
Irakli Sirbiladze 54'
Miika Ilo 58'
Eetu Muinonen (8.0)
Atte Hoivala 77', 81'

Heighway - "A good victory for us against tough opposition. We looked the teaam in control and we won the match."

2-0 Win vs FC Honka (A) - League, 28.6.12.
Miika Ilo 5'
Stefan Strandberg 54'
Stefan Strandberg (8.4)

Heighway - "A very good win for us. Stefan and Miika have been a class above recently and thoroughly deserve their goals. I am hoping to get Strandberg on a permanent deal here and I will do all I can to make that happen."

League Table

Player Stats

Player of the Month

Manager of the Month

Upcoming Fixtures

Champion's League Champions Qual. Rnd. 2 Draw

Barclays Premier League Transfers (for those interested)

So thats it for now. There is now Goal of the Episode this time due to all of KuPS' goals being tap-ins. Stay tuned, like, comment and subscribe. :)

Three New Transfers at the Magnum Areena

I'm really pleased with these three transfers as they were all free and they are all quality players, including a former Finnish star.

Shefki Kuqi (ST)
Free Transfer - Oldham

This guy is past his prime but is perfect for the Finnish Premier League. He is a great aerial threat and off-the-ball movement is unmatched in his native Finland. He isn't a classy player but rather an old-fashioned striker who will take his chances however they fall to him. He has made 62 appearances for Finland, scoring 8 times.


(Missed a season there)
2003-2004 - Sheffield Wed. - League 1 - 7 Apps - 5 Goals
2003-2004 - Ipswich (free) - Champpionship - 36 Apps - 11 Goals

Raymond Fafiani (AML)
Free Transfer - Telstar

Raymond is a very skillful, explosive winger. He can cross, beat a player or two for skill and for pace and he can hit a free-kick. He has played in both of the top two levels of the Dutch leagues and has impressed in both. He has made 5 U-21 Apps for Holland, scoring once.


(As you can see, he has featured in a couple of games for us so far.)

Nassir Maachi (AMR/L)
Free Transfer - FC Zwolle

A more complete winger than Fafiani but does not specialize in one area or another. He is good at everything. He has experience and will add to the team technically, physically and mentally.


I am almost finished the month of July so will post that tonight. Stay tuned.


Former Chelsea star Mikael Forssell is currently on trial at KuPS for four weeks. He is said to be happy to prove that he is good enough to play for the club. Heighway must get rid of at least one striker before he can sign Forssell with Venalainen, Kuqi, Sylla, Karlsson and Sihvola all on his books. - Sky Sports

CL Champion's 3rd Rnd Qual Draw

I am hoping for Santa Columa to be our opponents as Zilina are a good team.

Sihvola Leaves for Free

Sihvola's inability to break in to the first team has lead to his departyre. Kuopion Palloseura had put him up for a free transfer and Levadeiakos of Greece signed him. Sihvola looked to be part of Heighway's plans but the arrivals of Fredrik Karlsson and Shefki Kuqi thwarted that. - YLE
The Ireland job is available. Should I apply?

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