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Huddersfield Town AFC - UTT

Started on 8 April 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 25 June 2013 by gambit84
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Why Huddersfield Town AFC?

One of the main reasons for taking charge of Huddersfield Town, affectionately known as The Terriers, is that it is my home town; born and raised. Despite my first love being Liverpool FC I am always in hope that one day The Terriers can reach the heights of yester year. If I am 100% honest, I rarely remember to check the Huddersfield Town score and have no idea where they are in the league right now. I have limited knowledge about any of the players currently at the club so it is as if I am taking control of a club at the other end of the country.

Nevertheless, the 2012 Play-Off Final against Sheffield United was one of the tensest and incredible games I have ever watched. For Huddersfield Town to be promoted to the second tier of league football was a huge achievement. It was an achievement that should have been Lee Clarke’s instead of Simon Grayson’s, who was in charge of the club at Wembley. This match and the proud history of the football club has inspired me to get them back to the very top of English football. However, I can honestly see it as being slow progress.

A Brief History

Information taken from the Huddersfield Town website

Huddersfield Town is one of those clubs, that in my opinion, holds onto the past. Sound familiar from my Liverpool FC story? The fans of the club like to make it known that they won the league three times in a row before any other club. As someone who is straight to the point, my question is, who cares? It is more important for the club to be focusing on the challenges ahead which is to consolidate their place in the Championship, which is described as one of the most difficult leagues in the world, and then to move onto better things.
You cannot knock the team for winning awards such as ‘Family Club of the Year’ and ‘Best Matchday Programme’ but is this really all the club aspires to achieve (I really hope not!). It is my intention to change this lack of ambition and have the team aiming for the top.

Game Set-Up

Just a brief note on the set up of the game. I have decided to upload all the top leagues only from Spain, Italy, Germany and France (all the leagues from England are being used). The clubs will be allowed to conduct transfers in the first transfer window but I doubt many big signings to take place.
Great start mate! I'm hoping that this is as good as your Liverpool one! I think that you already got a loyal reader! *EDITS* FIRSTT COMMENT!
Great start James, can't wait to see where you'll end up! :D
Good luck mate, if its half as good as your Liverpool save it'll be a gem :)
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Good luck mate, is Lee Novak still at Huddersfield?
Love huddersfield! Good luck pal will be following!!
Surprise surprise Pauker being the first to comment. I am hoping that it ends up being a successful journey. Thanks for staying loyal!

Thanks for the support Madrista. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the support neal. Here’s to hoping it gets a few views.

Thanks JK! Lee Novak is indeed still at Huddersfield and I’m hoping he can be a big success. To be honest, I already know how he does in the first season.

Thanks for the support Liam. Stay tuned for the long journey.

Looking forward to this James, your Liverpool story was great!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Another James story :D, if this is even 25% as good as your Liverpool story then i personally cant wait!, loved your Liverpool 1 and i will surely love this :D you have a loyal reader :D
I'll be following! :D Good luck Jamie!
Why thank you. Great to see the support coming over to the Huddersfield Town story.

Haha thanks for the support there Mark. I am hoping it becomes a successful story as I have had some success in the save. Thanks for staying loyal.

Why thank you Glenn. Updates will be coming soon as I have already written the whole first season.

I think Huddersfield are no where near one of the best teams in the Championship. But with you in charge they might end up in the Premier League in 2 seasons time. Good Luck :D
2013-04-08 10:30#90653 Monkee Man 222 : I think Huddersfield are no where near one of the best teams in the Championship. But with you in charge they might end up in the Premier League in 2 seasons time. Good Luck :D

Thanks for reading Monkee. I didn't quite know what to expect going into this season but I was hoping for it to be positive and for us to avoid relegation. Time will tell.

Club Setup

Backroom Staff

Huddersfield Town don’t possess the best backroom staff I have ever encountered. However, changing the backroom staff would be a silly mistake as they know the club much better than I do and I cannot see many more experience and let’s be honest, better, backroom staff wanting to join the club. I will oversee the majority of the decisions made at the club apart from I will be relying on my assistant manager, Darren Robinson, to instigate opposition instructions when it comes to game day. I will also have hardly anything to do with the reserves or under 18 squad and they will be left to the relevant staff members.

Playing Staff

Key Players

Alex Smithies

Peter Clarke

Oliver Norwood

Jermaine Beckford


These tactics are not the final article. I think it is extremely difficult for me to find the winning formation when I know next to nothing about the players, especially what they are capable of. I have to take what my backroom staff so with a pinch of salt as their attributes in determining player potential is next to non-existent. It will be interesting to see who Darren Robison (assistant manager) plays during the pre-season as I won’t be taking charge of it. All I am thinking at the moment is that it is essential that Jermaine Beckford and James Vaughan form a good understanding so they can get us the goals we will desperately need, especially at home (John Smith’s Stadium).
Peter Clarke doesn't really look that 'key' to me :P

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