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Captain Tsubasa Japan 4-2-2-2 / Won the Qatar World Cup

This is my emulation of Japan's tactic in Captain Tsubasa anime used by Japan during U16 World Cup (when Japan defeated Germany 3-2 in the final) and Olympics.

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Football Manager 2023 Tactics - Captain Tsubasa Japan 4-2-2-2 / Won the Qatar World Cup
Hello guys,

This time I created a tactic from scratch without any tactical analysis available online, so it's completely different from the other emulations of great managers' tactics I posted before.

I guess many of you know the famous Japanese manga-anime Captain Tsubasa by Yoichi Takahashi. It is without any doubts a masterpiece of Japanese mangas, and even if it was written in 1981, it's popular still now everywhere in the world.

Several videogames about Captain Tsubasa have been created in the past years and I recently played one of them, Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions. The third tactic I show on this video is an emulation of Japan national team's tactic in this game.

I used the Captain Tsubasa database with all players from anime and manga available that I found on FM scout. It's a great database and I post the link in the description.

I created 3 tactics, the first one is an emulation of Japan U16 4-2-2-2. If someone of you watched the anime or read the manga, you maybe remember the 4 defenders line (Ishizaki, Jito, Matsuyama and Soda), the 4 midfielders, 2 more advanced (Tsubasa and Misaki) and 2 behind them (usually Tachibana twins were placed in the starting XI but could often have been replaced by Kojiro Hyuga's friend Takeshi Sawada and Izawa) and two forwards, Nitta and Hyuga.

The mentality is positive.
The team instructions are as follows:
In possession: attacking width: wide, passing into space, overlap left and right and focus play down the left and the right (yes, you can choose those two instructions together if you want to let your players exploit the flanks, it's not counter-productive, I saw my team playing the way I wanted), play out of defense to let my players play patiently and not too fast, higher tempo, shorter passing, low crosses, work the ball into box.
In transition: Counter-press, counter, distribute to flanks ( to avoid goalkeeper misses the passes to the central defenders or full backs creating chances for the opponent players if they press high), take short kicks.
Out of possession: high press, higher defensive line, trigger press more often or much more often (choose it wisely, if you press too much your players will be too tired), drop off more (to avoid giving too much space to the opponent when they play a long ball from their defense), stop crosses. The team instructions are the same also for the other two tactics I created.

Let's now examine players roles.

Gk: Genzo Wakabayashi: a simple goalkeeper in defense, pass it shorter.
Rb: Ryo Ishizaki: full back-defend, pass it shorter, mark tighter, sit narrower (when the opponent attacks, he will sit narrower to close gaps in the defensive line)
Rcb: Hiroshi Jito: central defender-defend: close down less, mark tighter, take fewer risks, pass it shorter
Lcb: Matsuyama Hikaru (before Misugi recovered and came back, Matsuyama who was a midfielder, played very well as defender and that was his role during World Cup U16): Ball playing defender-defend: pass it shorter, close down less, mark tigther
Lb: Makoto Soda, wing back-support, he is a more offensive player than Ryo Ishizaki so I set him as a wing-back: take fewer risks, pass it shorter, cross fr post, dribble more, shoot more often (you can remove this, I picked it because Soda has a great shot), close down more, mark tigther, stay wider.
Cm-right: Masao Tachibana (or Takeshi Sawada ): DLP-defend: close down more, mark tighter
Cm-left: Kazuo Tachibana (or Mamoru Izawa ): mezzala-support Am right: Taro Misaki, advanced playmaker-support: close down more Am-left: Tsubasa Ozora: advanced playmaker-attack get further forward, move into channels.
Rforward: Shun Nitta Deep-lying forward: close down less, dribble less, pass shorter, shoot less often
L forward: Kojiro Hyuga, advanced forward-attack: close down less.

Variants: in tactic 2, I tried to emulate Japan Olympic Team tactic, that was a 4-1-3-2 tactic with Misugi playing as a ball playing defender and Matsuyama back to his former role in the midfield (I set him as an half back to let him venture forward and try to shoot too), the 3-men line behind the 2 forwards has Misaki and Aoi playing as advanced playmakers but on the flanks instead of in the center, while Tsubasa plays as trequartista in the center.

In the third tactic, a 4-2-2-2 with 2 wide wingers, we have also a Segundo volante- support in the left and a DM in the right, you can set the left winger as an advanced playmaker to exploit the link with the volante if you want.

That's all for this tactic.

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Downloads: 819 / Size: 132.0 kB / Added: 2023-08-07
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