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The CM9798 V2 Project - Free Download

The remake of Championship Manager 1997-98. Full rework of the database, graphical overhaul, play with 5 leagues, have colored attributes for the players and enjoy tons of small tweaks.

By Updated on Apr 19, 2023   70899 views   10 comments
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Downloads: 11105 / Size: 136.5 MB / Added: 2022-11-04
CM 97/98 Downloads - The CM9798 V2 Project - Free Download
The release of the CM9798 V2 Project coincides with the 25th anniversary since the game was published. This is a free fan MOD that's keeping the game alive for fans with Championship Manager nostalgia. 90s football all over again.

It's a remake of the popular Championship Manager 97/98 with a full database rework, graphical overhaul, increased limit of playable leagues per save and tons of small tweaks.

OS Compatibility

You can play this game on Windows, but also on Mac and Android using an emulator.

Follow the creators of this free mod on Twitter for the latest updates: @cm9798v2

Updated: 6 April 2023
The first major patch for the remake of Championship Manager 1997-98. Fully reworked database, backgrounds, graphical overhaul, 5 leagues, colored attributes and tons of small tweaks.

CM9798 V2 Features

  • Complete re-work of the teams database.
  • Better quality player load (10-12.000 players in game). Thousand upon thousand of players updated. Cleaned up everything in the original database, creating a better in game player load.
  • All teams updated. They now play in their correct colors.
  • Graphical alterations all over, making the design much cleaner.
  • New set of standard backgrounds, with unique photos for nearly every team.
  • Run the game with up to 5 nations simultaneously, and not just 3.
  • Colored attributes for players.
  • Speedy commentary to be able to play faster.
  • Updated the start up files. So that you can launch both this version, and the original from the same setup.
  • Every money value in game is doubled to give it a more real feel.
  • The game now fights back with improved and tested tactics.
  • Correct teams playing in the 3 European Cups in the first season for all nations.
  • Cleaned up the Player Search & Transfers screen.
  • Replaced news messages with better versions.
  • Correct host nations for all the upcoming World Cup's and Euro's.
  • ... plus lots and lots of small tweaks all over.
This is an ongoing project that will keep on being updated.
You will be able to run the original game from the launcher of The CM 97/98 V2 Project. All in the same file folder, with separate files for save games.
Known Issue: You cannot have both England and Scotland in a 5 nation save, if you want both go with 4 nations. Otherwise this will crash the game when it tries to setup the fixtures.

CM9798 V2 Screenshots

Support the CM9798 V2 Project

Buy a beer
Buy a beer (or coffee) for the two creators of the ongoing CM 97-98 V2 Project so they don't have to be thirsty while bringing you a better, faster and more perfect version of your favorite manager game.

How to play the CM9798 V2 Project


On Windows it's pretty straight forward. Simply extract the contents of the downloaded .zip and double-click CM9798_V2.exe to begin.
Tip: Alt + Enter gives you full screen.


1. Download the DOSbox emulator.
2. Find the DOSbox settings.
3. Alter the DOSbox settings.
4. Then just run DOSbox that will be your start file. Be sure to have the game files in you documents folder.


1. Download the Magic Dosbox emulator from the Play Store.
2. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip to get the "cm9798v2" folder.
3. Place the "cm9798v2" folder inside the MagicBox folder that's on your device.
4. Copy the settings shown below.
5. If all set correctly, your game should load up and you will now see a quick start of the game when you open Magic Box.

Problems with using the mouse buttons? Hit the back button at the top corner, open the menu, find the gestures settings and change them as shown below.


Tip: Hit space when the game starts to speed up the text.
If you want to play with an ultra fast speedy in game commentator. Go to the file folder COMMENTARY within the game files, find the file from the SPEEDY folder, and copy that one into the main game folder. This removes all the text from the games.

Special THANKS

Thanks to @williewrap for teaming up with me, so that we together are on this mission to create the ultimate version of Championship Manager 97-98.

Thanks to Nick & Co for making much of the alterations to the .exe file possible.

Thanks to @ukHollyhill for allowing the use of his enormous player history file in the project.

Special thanks for testing and contributions from @dadepoor, @ManagerOld, @9798Nikolai and @johnmcm04582246.

And basically the whole CM community over at Twitter!

Download Now
Downloads: 11105 / Size: 136.5 MB / Added: 2022-11-04
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Discussion: The CM9798 V2 Project - Free Download

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • unigenitus's avatar
    This is great stuff, many thanks.
  • RJN's avatar
    This is incredible, however I have run into an issue. When paying the classic version the game crashes on 20.8.97 only a few weeks into season 1. Playing as West Ham, with English, Italian and Spanish leagues selected, I think the issue is San Marino. They are playing a friendly and the loading freezes at 24% when moving through the results. I have gone back to my save just immediately before and I find that clicking on San Marino to see the squad also makes it crash. Not an issue that I cannot see the team, as I'll probably never need to, but guaranteed to freeze on an international window. I don't have any idea how to use the editor. Please help.
  • Googolplex's avatar
    I have a similar problem with the mouse pointer. I tried changing to; autolock:true in dosbox settings, but it didn't work. I also tried starting the game in my current dosbox setup, but then the game crashes (except the original game)
    any ideas?
  • gazpotts's avatar
    The problem i have is the mouse pointer disappears behind the menu page......probably a simple fix if anyone has any ideas
  • LugoManager's avatar
    and now we Need Football Manager 2005 and 2006
  • Stam's avatar
    The first major patch for the remake of Championship Manager 1997-98 is now available. Fully reworked database, backgrounds, graphical overhaul, 5 leagues, colored attributes and tons of small tweaks.
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    Works just fine, not slow at all, in fact quite quick
  • mattw123's avatar
    interesting idea, but its just so so so slow. the gameplay is clunky too.
  • Cizzu's avatar
    No multi-language ?
  • crb19's avatar
    This is fantastic!
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