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Concerns Over Football Manager by BTFM

BTFM (seabas3) gives their take on the past few editions of Football Manager and the FM23 Beta.

By on Oct 25, 2022   1671 views   2 comments
FM Concerns - Concerns Over Football Manager by BTFM
The following was posted via twitter, original post found here .

Hi all it’s BTFM here - I don’t have a YouTube channel, Twitch or have any real reach on the FM Social Media community, but I do my best to contribute with my guides amongst other things over on FMScout.

You may have read one or two of them or a few of my articles.

I thought I would give my views on the past few editions of FM and the FM23 Beta.

After Zealand’s comments about FM Graphics the community has exploded, we seem more divided. In any gaming community that is going to happen.

I do believe however that frustration has been brewing over a large period and this FM edition is now the flash point of it all.

First on the Graphics, I for one agree on this point – while the point of FM is not to look like FIFA, in all honesty it feels like the Graphics have regressed and the lack of what seems to be any effort in updating any visuals even on low settings or even on 2D screen’s is quite disheartening.

While I have noticed improvements in animations, tactical engine work and other things – the year-on-year grind just doesn’t feel good enough anymore.

The appeal of FM is that you can play it and enjoy it on a crappy laptop – but that should not hold back from graphical improvements which can be an option on a settings slider.

While watching the Feature Release video, I found it cringy how the SI team were over-emphasizing the point that this FM is built by and for the fans – and I don’t see it.

Yes, there are good things that have come into the game; Squad Planner is very useful even though many do it already physically, the Licenses are cool, but the community has workarounds, Supporter Confidence is neat but still feels superficial, and Manager Timeline is a nice touch but very limited with the interaction Managers should have.

It all feels so… useless? Underwhelming?

I understand that on a yearly release basis it is difficult to continuously pump-out new features and revamp the game – but at some point, questions do need to be asked.

Here are a few points:

  • Youth Ratings are NOT dynamic thanks to certain hidden attributes for nations.

  • Managing Youth teams is still not in the game.

  • International Management has all but been abandoned.

  • Women’s Football has been announced but it’s taken way too long where FM could have been a leader, especially the role it plays with it’s “realistic simulations” and “scouting network”.

  • The stalling of additional leagues being added into FM (which I understand is a license issue and could be resolved soon with the EA/FIFA split), but the fact little expansion has been added outside of Europe is extremely disappointing.

  • No adjustments or improvements to a Set Piece Creator.

  • Making use and creating a story with your manager (ACTUALLY MAKING USE OF THE MONEY YOU EARN).

  • Dynamism to income for leagues and tv deals over long periods of time, this includes game importance amongst other things which also ties with Youth Ratings.

  • Not just match engine but other graphical improvements to fans, stands, stadiums, pitches and even improvements to the UI and visual graphics in 2D mode.

  • The newgen faces… don’t get me started there.

  • Majority of the UI needs an overhaul and interaction with the AI across multiple facets.

  • More training improvements and revamp.

  • Manager customization is still concerningly underwhelming.

I could rant and go on further.

But the truth remains that for the first time, I feel like FM has turned more into FIFA and SI is molding into a company like EA. The “upgrades” feel minimal and in truth it feels like that the “features” are not adding much if anything to the game.

When nice things are added like the immersive cup draws, it honestly feels that these features and upgrades are put in but purposely held back and obviously in for an upgrade within an edition of FM.

Maybe it’s time for SI to alter their approach to a biennial release rather than a yearly one?
Maybe a shakeup in approach is needed?
Maybe more communications need to be held with key members of SI and the community?
Maybe SEGA needs to be held accountable and SI are held back?

Honestly who knows, and in truth the people at Sports Interactive work extremely hard.

SI are nowhere near as bad as EA or other game companies, and in truth as a gaming community we have it pretty sweet compared to others – but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a cause for concern from what we’ve seen over the last few editions of FM.

That’s my take on it. I’ll still play FM, but the first time I feel seriously underwhelmed and judging from what I’ve seen in both official and unofficial forums and on social media, it looks like I’m not alone.

That’s all from me, stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy your FM saves.
BTFM (seabas3)

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Discussion: Concerns Over Football Manager by BTFM

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  • Sevrinho's avatar
    Minimal changes are due to the lack of competition in football management games. Why would they make big changes to their game if they are the only one around, they are selling enough so they don't have to take any risk for an overhaul
  • del8boy's avatar
    Hi most of what you have written I would agree with I have been playing this game since 1992 when it was known as Championship manager and has purchased evry version since, including FM 23 and for the life of me, I wish I had not. What an absolute waste off money. Ref woemns foot ball, I would say not to add it to the mens version but to launch their own. Or are you in the woke sector of society. Yes I am a lot older than most of you.
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