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England level 9 + real club and competition names for FM13

Unlock English level 9 pyramid for Football Manager 2013, plus awesome extras: 4 new cups, stadiums for all 803 English clubs, full club names for 2,500+ teams, proper competition names for every major competition.

By Updated on May 18, 2012   9384111 views   26 comments
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Downloads: 20940 / Size: 442.4 kB / Added: 2012-11-04
FM 2013 New Leagues - England level 9 + real club and competition names for FM13
This is an essential editor data file for your Football Manager 2013. It unlocks English Level 9 Pyramid, which means you can play 3 more levels below Blue Square South/North. But that's not all this awesome file does.

It also adds 4 extra cups (for the new lower leagues unlocked), stadiums for all English clubs, plus real names for thousands clubs and competitions around the world!

Added here: 4 November 2012 - v1.06
Updated: 18 May 2013 - v1.07


  • This database has levels 7, 8, and 9 activated and playable.
  • FA Vase
  • Northern League Challenge Cup
  • Isthmian League Cup
  • Southern League Cup
  • Stadiums for all 803 English clubs
  • Full Club Names entered for more than 2,500 teams world-wide.
  • Proper Competition Names for nearly every major competition in the game.

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Extract the downloaded zip file. You'll get England Level 9 v1.06.dbc

Step 2

Move England Level 9 v1.06.dbc in your Football Manager 2013 editor data folder:

Win Vista/7: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data\
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data\
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/editor data/

Create the folder "editor data" if it doesn't exist.

Step 3

Start a new game.

In case you have more editor data files: When setting up a new game, do not have any other files ticked on your Editor Data Files screen except this one.

Recommended set-up for your save game

If you skip this part, the level 7, 8 or 9 team you're going to choose will have very few real players in the roster. We recommend taking the following steps when starting your save game to ensure you have all available real players in the database for the English leagues. (Click on the thumbnails for full size)

Select the Custom Database Size option.

You'll get the Customize the Database screen.
Click on the Add button for Nations.

Enable the options Players based in nation and Players of nationality.


Created by erimus1876.
Visit my personal blog:

Download Now
Downloads: 20940 / Size: 442.4 kB / Added: 2012-11-04
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Discussion: England level 9 + real club and competition names for FM13

26 comments have been posted so far.

  • BenFM69's avatar
    when will this come out for fm14?
  • dusty_manager's avatar
    why play with the team colours?! WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT AND RUIN THIS?!?!?!
  • adrikappa's avatar
    got promoted from level 9 (essex league) into level 8 (isthmian), and the only competitions i have are isthmian and ryman cup.
    no FA trophy, no FA cup no anagram no nothing. is this meant to be??
    Last season i had Essex league, Essex cup, anagram, and FA vase
    please help
  • PikachuFC's avatar
    grrr, why does nobody do the Somerset Premier Cup properly??? >.>
  • DanKHFCFan98's avatar
    Can you do a new League update for next season. For example Mansfield Town and Newport County go into the League 2 division from the conference premier.
  • DanKHFCFan98's avatar
    I need help because it keeps coming up with a Log fail error? what should I do?
  • djking's avatar
    any chance u can get the Lower league logos as well?

    would make it much better :)
  • TR3V15's avatar
    Evening all

    I've a quick question, been playing my lower tier league for many years now (got Alvechurch up to League 2, currently top of league (1 point, 1 game behind 2nd place). I've done very well in all fairness, winning a few leagues and cups along the way. My club has a decent amount of money, but for some reason, they won't offer me a contract? I speak to the board, they said no, I challenge, they say "yeah go on then", then nothing happens!! This has been happening for a few seasons now and I'm worried I'll lose all my progress... any ideas?
  • Carlpents's avatar
    Don't work. Wish it would. Can any one help me. ??????
  • ThatGuy789's avatar
    Step 3 doesn't come up when i start a new game? it just goes straight to the nations i want to choose. any help?
  • hitchinlinnet's avatar
    Hi, not working on mine says " Number of teams promoted from regional 1st divisions (0 teams )doesn't match with number of teams relegated from regional premier divisions ( 6 teams ) " Any help with what I need to do would be appreciated.
  • collz77's avatar
    does this have east midlands counties league ?
  • vladsofro's avatar
    Thanks a lot Erimus for your feedback.
    Well I'm going forward with my team.
    It's good that I managed to keep at least 4 good players from my last years squad.
    I will finish the season and if the board does not back me with some decent wages, I will resign and will apply to a new club. It's interesting to see what will happen to a new club a 9th or 8th tier. After a promotion I'm sure I will get a job.....hehehe....Maybe there I will get some decent wage for part timers.
    Anyway it would be nice if FM will work this year to improve contract negotiations for the 7-9tiers as well. More focus on amateurs because they are the root and the origin of real football.
    There is still some work to be done and we look forward to it.
  • erimus1876's avatar
    Those are issues with FM itself unfortunately. SI don't offer much flexibility in the editor when it comes to the way FM handles lower league contracts and the switch over from Amateur to Semi-Pro status. So below level 7 these types of issues arise that can't be resolved.

    I think one of the problems is the game doesn't recognise your status change for about a year, so if you can get through the current season your board may allow you to offer the appropriate semi-pro contracts and free up some wage revenue to do so - no guarantees though.

    The only way around this issue is probably to give all lower league clubs semi-pro status from the beginning and miss out amateur status altogether. Its not very realistic but at least its a way around this issue. Its something I'll consider doing if I make an updated version.
  • vladsofro's avatar
    Hey Erimus.
    I have some problems after playing for two seasons now in the 9th tier. The first problem is that the board decided to turn the team as part timers from amateurs.
    So every player I enter into negotiations asks me for a part time contract and a wage impossible for me to aford. The biggest problem is that I can't use the non contract terms or the amateur contracts anymore. Why?
    Is some bug with the 7-9tiers update?
    Because some players would want amateur contracts and the status of key players and I can offer them only 25 euros\ week as wage and part time contract. All of them refuse.
    From my knowledge you can offer non contract terms (apperence fee, goal bonus etc.) even in the League One. This happens today in English football. So can you help me?
    How can I offer again non contract terms or amateur contracts to a 8th tier team?

    And the second bug. After I got promotion the board continues to keep my objective to learn from the participation in the Hellenic Premier Division. And I am one league higher in the South-West Premier etc..League.

    A third possible bug is that the board decided to increase the wage budget after a meeting with me to....0!! Bonus payment for squad for the final position was 0 no matter what I was selecting low, medium or high league bonuses.

    And another problem is in the 9th tier. We can sign to easily very good players by offering them only a key player amateur contract. Now anyway I lost my whole team after the problems with only part time contracts and only 25 euros per week for player.

    Maybe you have a solution to these problems. Anyway great work with your extension.
    Hope we can improve it by playing a lot in the lower leagues.

  • erimus1876's avatar
    For those having problems loading the database there is a FM13.2 compatible version available here:

    Just scroll down the page a bit, its the v1.07 download.

    The problem was SI released patch 13.2 that has a bug in it that effects some custom databases, luckily there was an easy fix for it, so it should work fine now.
  • vladsofro's avatar
    Works perfect I'm in my second season now and every team who won the league got promoted in the 8th tier.
    So it's perfect. I quit Redhill after 2 weeks and was hired by Witney Town. Now I'm in my second season.
    What is not so good is that you can sign pretty easily young players who were released by clubs on the 31 st of May each year.
    For example I signed players from Swansea, City, Villa and 3 from Yeovil.
    It's not so realistic because it's pretty impossible to persuade these players to play for a team with an amateur contract despite beeing key players.
    This problem has to be fixed next year. It's to easy then to win matches and gain promotions. The game should be more difficult. Or an idea is to have 4 modes of play easy, medium, hard and very hard. After playing FM for 8 years now I want very hard and extra hard challenges. A hard game where the sack loomes over me after let's say 3-4 defeats.
  • The Czech's avatar
    Im getting that aswell
  • vladsofro's avatar
    I started now as unemployed and was hired by Redhill in the 9th tier. So far everything works perfect here. Don't know what happens with promotions, I have just started the season. But so far it's very o.k. Thanks erimus 1876! Your blog is awesome!
  • zkthepoet's avatar
    For the 1.06 and the 1.07 updates the editor starts off with either a conflicting promotions and relegations ratio or with no relegation and promotion between the lower leagues at all. When I try to amend the numbers it always tells me that there is a conflicting number of promotions between Reg. Prem Divs and Northern Prem League. Tried so long to fix this.
  • gwynvyd's avatar
    Go the homepage of the update. The newest version is available.
  • mcmuffin's avatar
    I too am getting this error since the patch, any way of fixing it, this looks awesome
  • bearaab's avatar
    Was it working on the previous update then?
  • clifton14's avatar
    Bearaab. I am also facing the same issue after the latest update.
  • motorsportmatt's avatar
    bearaab - I've had that message as well, with the update to 13.2

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