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Football Manager 2016: Fallen Giants To Be

10 fallen giants you should consider starting a save with on Football Manager 2016 and try to bring them to former glory or beyond.

By on Sep 19, 2015   32462 views   4 comments
Club Insights - Football Manager 2016: Fallen Giants To Be
As we all know it's that time of they year were all us Football Manager fans keep our eyes peeled on social media for the unveiled screenshots of the next installment of Football Manager in this case FM16. Well in typical fashion there will be a lot of articles on who you should manage on your next FM crusade and we at FMScout have decided take a shot at bringing you some in-depth articles.

The first article we are providing you is in the form of ‘10 Fallen Giants You Should Manage On FM16’. This article aims to inform you of 10 teams that could possibly tickle your fancy for an FM16 save when the game is released on November 13th or September 31st for beta users. But enough chit chat from me let's get into the countdown starting with number 10...

#10: Parma Football Club

So as we all know Parma FC were relegated to the Serie D after financial troubles in the season just gone, but it's not just the money troubles and league position that appeals to the typical FM guru but that Parma F.C are no more and have reformed as Parma Calcio. Money troubles were so bad that the club actually folded and reformed under their new name.

It's no doubt that many people will be looking forward to playing this one, but not as soon as you think as the Serie D is not in Football Manager by default so the Editor will be a must in this one if you're to take over Parma Calcio. So it's up to you, can you revive this fallen giant, or will the financial troubles just keep you in the Serie D?

A Job For: Claudio Ranieri

#9: Nottingham Forest

So we move to number nine and we are of course in England. Now it pains me to recommend Forest as a save because they're just not as good as Derby (Derby Fan) but their history and fall is just too good not too mention. Now Forest were managed by the greatest manager of all time ‘Brian Clough’ known for his arrogance and big headedness he certainly could manage *Cough Cough… Leeds United*. Clough & Forest won the old first division in the 1977/78 season and the League Cup 4 times over his reign but the most memorable will be 78/79 & 79/80 seasons in which Forest won the Champions League back to back.

Now sitting in the 2nd tier of English Football, Forest will now be looking to challenge for the Premier League and who better to help but ‘You’. In this save you will be rebuilding Clough’s legacy, can you win the Champions League with Nottingham and dominate Europe again?

A Job For: Tony Pulis

#8: Deportivo Alaves

Deportivo Alaves are a team that will not be very well known in the UK unless of course you're a Liverpool fan. The team's most memorable moment would be the 2001 UEFA Cup Final played against Liverpool in which Alaves cruelly lost on Golden Goal 5-4 against Liverpool. In what had been a tough 12 years battling relegation form both la Liga & Segunda the club finally got out of trouble claiming promotion to the Segunda in 2013.

Still currently playing in the Segunda Division which is the 2nd Tier of Spanish Football Deportivo are certainly in need of a makeover, however it should be a fun challenge trying to knock Barcelona, Real Madrid & Atletico off their perches. It will be your job to get them promoted back to La Liga, consolidate and then win the Champions League, Lets hope you face Liverpool in the final for some sweet sweet revenge.

A Job For: Roberto Martinez

#7: FC Pro Vercelli

Pro Vercelli are a team not known by many anymore but take a trip 100 years back and you're talking Italian heritage football. FC Pro Vercelli were ranked among the best team in the world during the post war era, the club where at there best between 1908-1920. Italian history is rich and football is a big part of Italy and its benefited from teams such as Pro Vercelli.

A club that won several Italian Football Championships back in the day find themselves in the Italian Serie B which is the 2nd Tier of Italian Football these days. This is a challenge for someone who likes to resurrect the oldest of clubs from the days of your great grandparents. Will you revive the Italian kings of the past?

A Job For: Michael Laudrup

#6: 1. FK Příbram

1. FK Příbram a team reformed from the great FK Dukla Prague with a great history and a sad downfall. Dukla where amongst the biggest teams in Europe and Czechoslovakia. The team was mainly made up of the Czechoslovakian Army and 7 of the players helped the Czech National side reach the 62’ World Cup Final. The club then dissolved again and gave the rights to a new team to carry their legacy under the name 1.FK Příbram.

The Club finished 5th last season in the Czech Top Division and now it's your turn to push these ‘Czech Giants’ to European Glory the one thing the old club could never do. Will you be the king of Czechoslovakia and relive in the name of FK Dukla Prague?

A Job For: Mauricio Pochettino

#5: Budapest Honved FC

Budapest Honved F.C are a very similar story to our last entry ‘FK Dukla Prague’ but from Hungary. The team enjoyed their success in the 50’s and once again made up from mainly army members and of course the legend that is ‘Ferenc Puskas’. The Club qualified for the 2nd ever European Cup and drew Atletic Bilbao in the first round, they lost the first leg 3-2 in Spain. Before the 2nd leg was played The Hungarian Revolution had collapsed and the Soviet Invaded so the 2nd leg was then rearranged to be played in Spain again. They drew 3-3 going out 6-5 on aggregate.

The club later reformed as Kispest Honved FC but still carry the history on their backs. Since then they have made 1 or 2 brief appearances in Europe but nothing to shout about. Can you revive this Hungarian Superpower?

A Job For: Gianfranco Zola

#4: AEK Athens

AEK Athens are a club with a big history but pushed aside by the Greek gods that are Olympiakos, Panathinaikos & PAOK, AEK haven't had much to shout about in recent years. If it wasn't enough that that trophies weren't coming in money problems arose and scandals where in the papers. AEK then decide as a collective group to self relegate themselves and play amature football to pay off there debts and such.

For this save some of the work is done for you the club are back in the Greek Superleague but it isn't going to be easy. Can you knock the ‘3 Gods’ of the top and make a once great Greek Superpower great once more?

A Job For: Fabio Capello

#3: AFC Wimbledon

AFC Wimbledon sponsored by the game we love a team of English history and of course home of the madman that is the loveable ‘Vinny Jones’. AFC Wimbledon’s story is rather incredible as it tells a tale of a club that where top of the English world who fell so far that if it wasn't for the creators of the game we love there would be no AFC Wimbledon. Now as we know it wasn’t always ‘AFC’ Wimbledon as the club used to be plain old Wimbledon F.C. The club after what was there successful years had past fell into non-league football and didn't have a ground nor kit to play in.

*Along comes Miles Jacobson and his merry men* And Bam the club reform under a new brand called ‘AFC Wimbledon FC’ now sitting in League 2 after consecutive promotions the club are consolidating in the 4th Tier but they need someone who can push them all the way back to Division 1, could that be you?

A Job For: Eddie Howe

#2: FC Magdeburg

FC Magdeburg where once a big part of Germany. Winning 1 Cup Winners Cup, 3 East German First Divisions, Magdeburg where certainly a force to be reckoned with. But like most giants it's a sad story for Magdeburg who now currently sit in the 4th Tier of German football after the huge decline, but where did it all go wrong. THE IRON CURTAIN.

Yes that's right, the Iron Curtain falling ruined Magdeburg as as the split communities of Germany came together and the professional clubs formed where all the players left clubs like Magdeburg. But can you resurrect this now small German club and prove that money doesn't buy trophies?

A Job For: Jurgen Klopp

#1: New York Cosmos

New York Cosmos deserve a place on our list but not just for being a ‘Fallen Giant’ but the fact that I have sat here and wrote about 10 other European Teams and not moved to another continent. New York Cosmos where once a top team in the MLS and dissolved in 1984 because the chairman simply pulled them out, although the name didn't die out. The Cosmos ran soccer camps for young people for a number of years before finally reviving themselves as a soccer club.

The first game as a new club was against Manchester United in Paul Scholes testimonial match where Eric Cantona managed the Cosmos. The club then released a statement in 2012 saying they were to play in the 2nd Tier of American Soccer but were still hell bent on playing in the MLS. Of course you will need the editor for this save but can you revive the New York Cosmos and win the North American Champions League?

A Job For: Tim Sherwood

Honorable Mention: Leeds United

Leeds United are a definite honorable mention on this list of fallen giants and need you ask why? Well, as we know Leeds where the biggest team in Europe and England During the late 60’s to the late 70’s you know before Brian Clough kinda ruined them (Haha). Having won numerous First Division titles and even coming close to winning the European final under Don Revie, Leeds were a ultimately the best side in England.

Although called the cheats of the 60’s & 70’s for their philosophy of tough tackles has the game maybe gone a bit soft. Well now it's your turn to revive such a gracious english team and take them back to top flight football but please tackle nicely.

A Job For: Harry Redknapp

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My name is Keiran Caville and im a 16 year old sports enthusiast, football is my life, my passion and i hold a strong bond and emotion with the game, ask me for anything and ill try my best to give you what you want im a gentle soul with a dark mind.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2016: Fallen Giants To Be

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  • cafimartins's avatar
    Liverpool, as always; Oviedo; Milan/Inter; NewCastle; Hamburg; Portsmouth; etc.... plus the ones there
  • ChasingLamely's avatar
    Miles Jacobsen had nothing to do with the reformation of AFC Wimbledon. SI just sponsored the club after the fans reformed it.
  • Mesartic's avatar
    AEK FC is one really interesting save but i have to correct you on some thinns. AEK won the Greek Cup in 2011 and although everyone knows the club self relegated themselves its not quite the official story.You also did not mention the fact that the club is buiding their own stadium
  • jmxc99's avatar
    The info on the Cosmos has some inaccuracies.

    1. The MLS didn't exist until 1993.

    2. The club dissolved in 1985 due to poor attendance.

    3. The NASL was the top tier US league at the time and existed from 1968-1984.

    4. The club was sold then revived in 2009 after the original owner saw the revivals of several former NASL clubs in the MLS.
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