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Rensie FM20 Skins // Dark & Purple

Rensie's Football Manager 2020 skin in Dark & Purple versions with the DF11 player profile and several other tweaks.

By Updated on Nov 29, 2019   15101 views   13 comments
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Downloads: 5271 / Size: 10.8 MB / Added: 2019-11-19
Football Manager 2020 Skins - Rensie FM20 Skins // Dark & Purple
The main idea, same as in the previous years, was to create simple skin based on default skin but with some small changes.

I was able to remove many useless and not needed small panels as default skin has no issue with the secondary colour and the title bar height this year. That means I was able to make the skin even more simple and cleaner.

Same as in the previous years, this is mainly my own skin and I’m happy with how it works right now. There will be no adjustments and edits just because of feature requests. Save your time and energy before you will want to edit something.

The default skins and panels etc. are available to download and everyone is able to learn and make his own custom skin. There are many guides and useful tips and hints around the internet, mainly on SI Forum.

If you don’t like something, don’t use this skin and don’t ask why this, this or this is not included in the skin or if I will add it. This is the only one version I will release for FM20 (except some critical issues).

I decided to put each skin version separately. You can just select if you want to download dark or purple version, no need to download both in the folder on Mediafire.

Rensie FM20 Skin Preview



What was edited?

  • Manager Home Screen
  • Player Profile with the main aim to use DF11 facepack and make it cleaner thanks to removing one line of small widgets
  • Player Comparison Screen
  • Mentoring – Add player panel adjusted with a custom view to make it easier to set up the mentoring groups
  • Human (your manager) profile
  • Non-player profile
  • Club Overview
  • Match: In-Between highlights, full time review & post match review
  • Competition Review Screen – League Table adjusted with more info/columns
  • Stadium(s) Overview Screen – edited slightly to be able to see the stadium picture and basic info.
  • Schedule – edited the width of the right side + stadium picture and more info about the match added
  • Instant result

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won’t be supported by them.

How to install Rensie FM20 skin

If you’re in the game just quit eliminating crashes or issue with the game.
Download the .zip archive and unzip it.
Move the extracted folder “FM20 Rensie skin Dark” or “FM20 Rensie skin Purple to your skins folder:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/skins
Run Football Manager 2020 and go to Preferences and you can select “FM20 Rensie skin Dark” or “FM20 Rensie skin Purple” on Overview screen.

FM20 Rensie skin new popup profile

A week later after I released the original version of the skin, I started to edit the player and staff popup profiles. I just wanted to include pitch with positions and the option to select and show & highlight the important attributes for all roles.

IMPORTANT: If you have the first version, be sure to quit the game, delete all the previous version and clear cache before you will use the new one.

Skin Credits

Thank you to all who helped me in the past with the skin and thank you all who gave me permission to use or modify their panels.

Gaz / wkdsoul, Wannachup, CFM skin, TCS skin and everyone on SI Forum including Michael Murray for his long-term work.

Dan Gear and James FMPressure deserve a big thank you for their help with the issues.

Download Now
Downloads: 5271 / Size: 10.8 MB / Added: 2019-11-19
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Discussion: Rensie FM20 Skins // Dark & Purple

13 comments have been posted so far.

  • AH1N1's avatar
    Can you add the scout report (the old procon), too?

    Please, please, please!
  • Den1s's avatar
    The match panels seem to cause some stuttering on 3d engine i dont know the exact reason but it doesnt happen with the default skins.
  • Den1s's avatar
    Great skin so far that's my choice, one thing you can improve is to add player pictures on the tactical screen pitch.
  • keysi's avatar
    You can edit the sidebar, try to find the guide on SI Forum, there surely is at least one.
  • DemonSoul's avatar

    What i mean is this : the left blue part should be the same color as the entire panel,just leaving the top side blue

    How can i change it? is there any way? i think the skin would look much better lke that
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    I have a tip, when you see a player profile the left side goes "Black" when you go back to the squad page it changes to the color of the team color, i dont like that much, i dunno if its just me but for example TCS skin does the way i think its best i dunno if im explaining properly
  • keysi's avatar
    That's weird, you should go to the SI Forum. Maybe there will be something about it, many people for sure play in Portugal. I didn't have it in Spain when I had B squad with Bilbao.
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    Ok, from what i understand is on Portuguese teams, if you go into Porto info and clubs don't you get the error? I tried with other leagues it doesn't do any sound but if i pick a team like "Porto" Benfica" i get the sound

    Edit: Any team that looks like having an "B" Squad gives me the sound from what i understand
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    It's defenetly not your skin issue, it's happening to me even on the default game skin and it's driving me nuts, I need to do what you said and say if it stops, I can't figure out why it's happening, but thanks for the reply
  • keysi's avatar
    @DemonSoul - I have no clue what sound you mean, just tried to go to Club/Affiliate clubs and there was no sound despite I have speakers at maximum.

    Try to quit the game, delete all other skins from the Documents/.../Football Manager 2019/skins, clear cache and reload the skin. I'm using it from beta and nothing like that appeared to me.
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    Well when i go to the partner clubs on the club's page i get always the sound of error...
  • necjeff's avatar
    Thanks for the great skin Keysi!
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    What i wanted my skin from 2019 :D thank you sir!
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