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FM20 Stadiums Megapack // Backgrounds for Flut Skins

This background pack of stadiums is made to work properly primarily on Flut skins.

By on Nov 19, 2019   219235 views   52 comments
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Downloads: 52667 / Size: 3.6 GB / Added: 2019-11-19
FM 2020 Misc Graphics - FM20 Stadiums Megapack // Backgrounds for Flut Skins

Here is the only pack set to work alongside the superb Flut Skins

The main pack is organised into nations

There is a separate folder called "stadiums overview" these are displayed on stadium overview screens etc

Also a folder of National Stadiums too

Also works alongside the Cities Megapack and the FMT stadiums pack (small stadium pics)

Hope you enjoy the pack and don't forget to download the superb FLUT skin to take full advantage of the pack.





Stadium Pack FM20 Preview

This is a preview of Flut Skin with all packs used

How to install Stadium Pack on FM 2020

Once downloaded open with 7-zip and extract to the following location:
Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/graphics/pictures/backgrounds
If you do not have any of the folders mentioned above then please create them.

(right click on image and open in a new tab to enlarge)

This file structure will help you to keep all your graphics well organised.

(right click on image and open in a new tab to enlarge)




Please download both parts to get the full pack

Download Now
Downloads: 52667 / Size: 3.6 GB / Added: 2019-11-19
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Discussion: FM20 Stadiums Megapack // Backgrounds for Flut Skins

52 comments have been posted so far.

  • DAZS8's avatar
    Sorry but I no longer make this pack
  • AmaroRibeiro's avatar

    can someone make the download available on mediafire?

  • Winny17's avatar
    Wrong thread. Please delete.
  • roan71's avatar
    Hello, thanks for this great work! I want to use these stadium pictures as background image of the teams; how can I do that?
  • Mister Khali's avatar
    Big images of football stadiums for teams in Belgium are missing.
    practically all
  • einherjer83's avatar
    @dazs8: the ID to the stadium i sent you is 761722.
    Just glad to help :) Send me a DM if anything, or you need more stadium pics from Norway :-)

    Btw here is a new stadium (ID=2000001055)
  • DAZS8's avatar

    Could you tell me the id of this please and thanks for the great picture.
  • einherjer83's avatar
    Color Line Stadion in Ålesund has the wrong picture. The picture is the pack is from former Color Line Arena in Hamburg.
    Here is a picture that you can use for next update :)
  • DAZS8's avatar

    Great news.....enjoy
  • DenzelG's avatar
    @DAZS8 It worked! Thank you so much for the help :)
  • DAZS8's avatar

    Have you got your folders set up correctly as in picture.....I put my FMT stadium pack in my stadiums folder to keep them all together.

  • DenzelG's avatar
    Thank you for the quick replies. I must be doing something wrong, because i've downloadet both, cleared cache and reloaded the skin, but even with Ajax there's only one picture.

    I don't get it :/
  • DAZS8's avatar

    In flut skin itswitches between two views automatically to show and outside view and an inside view (where available)
    To have all image possible showing it is needed to have both this pack (outside views) and the FMT stadiums(inside views) pack installed
  • Copywriter's avatar
    @DenzelG the picture on your image is the one wenn there no picture from a stadion available is. Check for example Ajax there are two pictures.
  • DenzelG's avatar
    Is anybody but me whose pictures switch,when they have downloaded this? Every 5 or so seconds, it switches from the picture to the 'normal' screen. I've attached a picture of the normal screen,so you can see.

    How do I always keep the stadium picture on?
  • DAZS8's avatar

    You are missing a stadium pack
    You also need the FMT small stadium images pack with this pack.
    The link is in original post but here it is also.....
  • FakeGlitch's avatar
    I have tried it but somehow its a bit buggy. On the Team overview it doesn't appea: but on the stadion overview it does appear:
  • DAZS8's avatar
    There is no complicated instructions just unzip and place in folder as shown in picture above.
    If your graphics folder looks like that then you have installed correctly.
    The pictures of skin above where taken from an older version of the skin so I need to update then....will do it shortly.

    Check your game settings are correct like the picture below then re load skin

    right click on image then open in new tab to enlarge
  • Bunac's avatar
    Hello, I've downloaded the stadium pack and followed the instructions (as far as i can tell) and put them in the correct folder (and have unzipped them obviously and have the Flut Skin working) but neither the stadiums or the cities are appearing. Any advice? Not sure why or if its relevent, but my skin/screen is slightly different to your examples; the space for my city and stadium are in the middle of my screen whereas your pictures show these in the top left and right of the screen. Thanks!
  • richbell82's avatar
    If you by any chance stumble across anything. Could you DM me please? I’ve been searching far and wide
  • DAZS8's avatar
    No rich not this year so far but I rarely play with sound on these days
  • richbell82's avatar
    Huge thanks Dazs8 for the update. Sweeeet work mate.
    Have you come across a crows sound file to improve the crowd noises during matches? I tired the fm19 files but I don’t think they work.
  • DAZS8's avatar

    Yes its almost the same size but a few extra pics in the mediafire pack.....there will be an update soon anyway though but I would download the mediafire version
  • long's avatar
    Dazs. 2 file for Media file same size mega or 2 file update? Need i down mega?
  • richbell82's avatar
    Thanks Dazs8. Off to download new files now

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